A Call

O believers, the Existential Sun has arisen, come out of the cave.

The light in your mind that darkness cannot put out will guide you to the way out.

You are the guardians of the light, you are the salt of the earth, you are Godís children, you are His angels, you are the abiders in Him, come out of the cave.

The time you have long waited for is soon, The Truth will look you and you will look The Truth, this is the greatest achievement of all, and the best reward.

You have no shackles of nothingness, you do not carry burdens of stones, well done O free people, and this is true freedom.

O believers, where are you hiding, I long to see you. Soon we shall be together again, remembering time old days and ways, Godís records perish not, His Mighty Creation is beyond manís comprehension.

Satan has burdened the earth, has stifled life in the man, giving him false life and false hope. The only promise he has kept is that of bewilderment and suffering. His ways do not work; Godís messengers have warned you. It has not been easy to turn away from him in his human look and speech, his tricks are inexhaustible. But now is time for a final severing of every tie that you might still have with him.

You do not need his giving that enslaves you to him, you do not want his cleverness that keeps you doubtful of your light, you do not want his pleasures that suppress the joys of your mind, and you do not have to follow his passions which lead you to your own detriment.

O believers, only you know what true belief is. The liars have a plenty of rhetoric, and hearts of stone; even stones are softer and can be manipulated. But you have a jewel in your heart, a jewel that glows every time The Law hints to you: yes, behold Me like you did before.

So hesitate no more; silence the beast that keeps whispering to you that he knows better, he knows nothing; he wants to drag you deeper down, to precipitate in nothingness like him; silence him, he is much weak and jealous of you, silence him.

His days are numbered now, he is desperate, he will not be short of tricks however, and he will even shed tears on humanityís condition and confess to his sins; he will say that he is now reformed, but you will listen no more to him.

Focus your mind on The Law, love only His Glory, for whatever you love, you love Him, but Satan has told you lies.

Lives come and go, nations come and go, worlds come and go, and The Law is above all and in Him is all, and nothing is sustained without Him, so who is more worthy of your love?

Satanís servants are all around, dressed in all attires, speaking all the languages; they say they know the answers to humanityís problems, and only they can pull it out of its quagmire; but it is them who brought forth the status quo.

What they have is another medicine that fixes some ailment temporarily, to create many new ones; to hell with such medicines.

This is the low world to which you have fallen down; your existence goes way beyond it, before it, after it and above it, so cling no more to it, it is a bridge, cross it with confidence and dwell not on it.

It is a low world which cannot be made perfect, perfection is not a physical nature, physical nature is ever dynamic, this is how it is expressed by The Law, in Time and Image and the Motion that binds them.

What is living now will be dead tomorrow, and what is dead tomorrow will relive again, and The Law is ever Sovereign.

O believers, trust the truth in your heart and mind, the truth that cannot be told in words and symbols and other things; trust this truth that darkness has covered of envy and ignorance.

From before ancient times to present, they have put all the obstacles they could imagine in your way, but you did overcome them all, and you can now.

Remember the inside of a dragonís stomach, where you got caught up, sometimes for centuries, with nothing to fight with the horrors inside, except the power of your mind, and the dragon deflated like a rubber balloon? Remember the straight rail, miles upon miles long, high over water, bridging mountain peaks, which you had to walk or crawl, for years, hanging in the air, with nothing to hold on to, except your trust? Remember the mountains you climbed and the oceans you sailed? Remember the jail guarded by the beasts you escaped?

Trust this truth again that darkness has covered, come out of the cave to remember your selves, verily Godís Creation is a grand thing.


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