This is The Book, this is your Book, this is the Qur’an, the Gospel and the Torah; this is the Ghita and the Dhamma; for I tell you, your God is One, and He sends one messenger to deliver one message.

If, on the contrary, you believe that the Books are contradictory to one another; or if you believe that the messages are different from one another; or if you believe that only the Book you say you believe is the Book, while the other Books are of less significance; or if you believe that only the messenger you follow is The Messenger, while the other messengers are of less importance... that is because you have neither understood what came in your Book, nor have you understood what came in the other Books, and nor do you understand what has come in those pages herein, do you understand?

The Book is the light of the “lamp in the niche”, its light penetrates the hearts of all men, sparing no one,

Those whose hearts are void, the light enters them and finds nothing to light, thus they remain dark as though no light has been in them;

Those who have stones in their hearts, the light lights up their stones, with their engravings and decoration, those are them who have been bewildered but they suspect they are guided, they have disbelieved but they say they are believers, in their heart is an illness, and The Lord has increased their illness;

As for those who have life in their hearts, their sky lights up with its sun, moon and stars; clouds traverse it, the clouds drop rain, the rain produces the fruit of The Sacred Philosophy, and reminiscence to those who lent an ear as they wintnessed The Truth: unequal are those who have knowledge and those who have none.

This is the Grand Qur’an in its correct reading; or do you think that the correct reading is about the pronunciation? Have you hence wondered how your hearts are meant to read it?  



[The remainder of the Surah’s of the Grand Book will be published as they become ready]


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