The Book of David
Mount Light
(toor seeneen)

History needs to be revisited and re-written honestly, for it is the distortion of it and the fabrications that have fuelled wars between the peoples of the world; wars which, today threaten the entire human civilisation of total annihilation.

It is clear that those verses (verses 91 and 92 of Surah 6 of the Qur’an) were addressed to a Jewish people, whose prophet had the Torah in his hands.

The Arabic language in which the Qur’an was written – as descended to the messengers – was a dialect of the language of the people of Moses, who had migrated from Egypt, and perhaps at a later time, from Palestine, after the Exodus, amongst other dialects then.

And the name of Quraysh, has its root in QRSH: to scatter; for, those people were scattered Jewish tribes, remnants of which are still in Yemen.

The phenomenon of language branching and transformation has occurred to the Arabic language itself at the present, fourteen hundred years after the Qur’an; Arabic is spoken in different dialects across the Arab world, where the grammar and the usage of the words differ distinctly. Were these dialects to become officially the written languages, they would be as different from Arabic as Arabic is from ancient Hebrew.

It goes back to the question: who are the Israelites? On other pages of this discourse we have said that they are the “abiders in God”.

Only God knows who the abiders in Him are and who strives in His Way, and this is not a subject of human judgement.

The people of the Book, in all their creeds, the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews, across place and time, have granted themselves names and titles, and gave their foes derogatory names and titles, to fit their political agendas, and to fuel enmity and war.

They perceive lawlessness in the world; hence they fudge their own laws, believing they can rule the world by their laws.

It is only The Law that rules, and the illusion of their rule is only short-lived, so a lesson can be learned;

But no lessons are learned, and humanity continues recycling its sins of early times.

The Law is regardless of their definitions and laws, and when they die we remit them where their destiny fits them, according to their rank of awareness, and the debts they have to pay.

And we remit our messengers amongst them, and direct them to direct their people and demonstrate the Way to them; there is a way out from every cave and grave they dig for themselves, and God’s Light reaches infinite distances unobstructed.

Except those who deluded the people and said lies about God, and killed His messengers and covered His Word by lawlessness, they shed blood and despoil the earth, their sins are unpardonable.

When God commanded His children to migrate from His Country, it was the Exodus of humanity, down the tunnels of hell the gravity is reversed, to establish His Rule in the low world, to be the guides for humanity and the Gone people: the original inhabitants of hell.

This time all look human, except for those who can see the bones through the flesh, as said the Book: of Adam of the broiled clay: a genesis to which the humans could turn, if they darkened.

They are apiculated to the low heaven of physicality, in darkness upon darkness; hell is indeed a frightening world, the first glimpses of it set panic even in the vast minds of big souls, in early times,

And to try their selves, and learn what they could not otherwise have learned; God’s Miracle is The Law which rules all, His Finger Prints everywhere are His Models that He manifested to humanity before.

This is the Exodus,

The reverberation of whose memory became distorted in time, and as humanity’s preoccupation in worldly affairs distanced her from her truth.

And the gates of hell were thus shut, as said the Book: it is shut before them, in laid-down tunnels (innahaa 3alayhim mu’sdah, fee 3madin mumaddadah).

They spread in Egypt and the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America, and mixed with the original inhabitants, and the descendants of Noah and those who boarded his Ark with him, from the lost civilisation known nowadays as Atlantis,

They were meant to guide the bewildered people and the savages, and a new human journey was started by God’s Will.

The sound of the waters exhaled and inhaled was heard in Earth Interior, and will be heard once again, as said the Book.

And when the gates were shut, their thunder resounded in the entire earth; they were a few, perhaps seven, the echo of which can still be heard to those who can hear.

These were the people whom God elevated above the worlds, the people who had virtue and compassion in their hearts, and light in their minds, to guide the worlds, and to rule by justice and compassion, and point the people to the road of Knowledge, the road to God.

Those who believed will be rewarded, and will be elevated to a higher station, the day when some faces will brighten after they have been dark, and some faces will darken, after they have been bright, said the Book.

And those who have lost themselves and lost their lives will suffer severely.

And those who apostatize will suffer the worst suffering, when they wake up to that they traded their existence for perishable stuff, the day when contrition helps not.

In the passions of the Hebrew people, the knowledge of human history became a foundation for the ideology of God’s-chosen-people, and the authority of rulership was reduced to a mandate of tyranny and cruelty.

And their descendants, the Arabs, believe they have a licence from their god to spill each other’s blood, in cruelty and madness never seen before.

Although, the Hebrew people were the descendants of Noah of the last civilisation, of the humans and the Gone people, some had believed and some darkened, said the Book.

And upon mixing with the humans some believed and some humans darkened and apostatized.

In the confusion of nomenclature that historians and self-proclaimed theologians have created, it is impossible today to know who is who by the names they have granted themselves and others, and people will not be judged by such names, people will be judged by the content of their heart.

The message of the Torah spread in Syria, Arabia and Egypt and parts of Greece, the believers adopted it and became Israelites,

But the spirit of Jewish nationalism became, itself, the faith in the hearts of the Hebrew people and prerogative of their race.

Those who migrated from Egypt, across the Red Sea and the deserts, settled in Judah, and some went back to Lower Egypt, said the Book,

And up to Judah came the people from the sea: Hebrew tribes of Egypt, to claim possession of that land, they were named Philistines, they spoke a dialect of Hebrew and were regarded as outsiders for not having completed the holy journey across the Red Sea and the desert.

It was the spirit of nationalism that the Philistines, the Hebrew and the Israelites who had apostatized, it was this spirit, and their abidance by the literality of the commandments of the Torah, and their disobedience and disbelief of Yahweh: it was this dark spirit that presented a narrow perspective of the events of that time and the times which followed, and forbade inquisition.

They reduced the Book of Enlightenment to a narrative of passions and feuds, they wrote it with their own hands, contrary to our advice and warning,

And God has given humanity only one Cause, that is the Way of His Knowledge, the causes of humanity are of humanity’s ignorance, only pagan gods create them and in them they take sides.

And the great Property that was bestowed on Abraham and his descendants was The Book and the Philosophy, no other property would a wise man want.

And what they did to the Torah was not unlike what they themselves did to the Qur’an after, they covered God’s Word by lawlessness and fairy tales, and the new ideology of God’s-chosen-people of Ahlu Lbeit (the people of the house).

And when they spread in Europe, they were commanded to deliver God’s message to the heathen people to guide them,

But no, they lived in seclusion, they looked down on the people, they legitimised deception and dishonesty if afflicted onto them, they made the hoarding of material possessions and money the purpose of their lives.

And they know, they are the people that God freed from the tyranny of the Pharaohs, who enslaved them and slew them, said the Book.

That is because the gods they worshipped commanded them of vice and cruelty, those are the people who reverted to the heathen creeds, they threw God’s Book behind their backs, they have lost their selves and soon they will lose their kingdoms on the earth.

They were three groups of people: the Philistines who were the Hebrew tribes which came from Egypt across the sea; the Hebrew people who migrated across the Red Sea and the desert, in their belief they had completed the holy journey; and the Israelites who were partly Hebrew and partly the ancient inhabitants of Canaan, such as the people of Imran.

And there were smaller groups of pagan faiths, which took different sides in different places in this quagmire.

Every time there is political, economic or social crisis in the world, and every time there are major natural disasters and epidemics and famine: it is reflective of philosophical vacuum and bewilderment, so the people ponder their beliefs and put their convictions to the test, to sift the dust out and keep the jewels, and a new spirit descends to them by God’s Leave.

And came Samuel, God’s Summum, (ismu llah), the Messiah, the prayers be by Him,

The glad tidings to the Israelites and the entire humanity,

To set them on the straight path and to take those who wanted to return to Home.

But many Israelites were too busy with the causes of the low world, they demanded a king to unify them and rule them and help them conquer the Philistines, who had Goliath, a charlatan, who taught them the seximal counting system, using a six-headed star, for counting money and managing pyramid schemes which are still alive today,

And who was cooperating with king Hiram of Tyre, an incarnation of Satan, who knew new techniques of building and metallurgy.

So Nathan told the Israelites that is was allowed to learn new skills and make profit, if they took it by their hands and kept their hearts pure and unpolluted by attachment to material possessions.

So when a showdown was due with Goliath’s army, those who were polluted shunned upon balancing the equations of war strategy, thus they failed their test and lost their fight with their worldly illusions.

And time after time, whenever there is strife in the world, it is The Law that rules, not the military might; this is a lesson the people of the world are yet to understand.

And it was David the Psalmist, whom we call Nathan, who killed Goliath, and not the young David who became a king later; although those who were inclined to David the king saw, or pretended to see, otherwise, we were witness.

For, David the king was an incarnation of Ismail, and another coming of Aaron in such a capacity.

He spent his life building glory for himself, he practised polygamy and concubinage, he wanted to unify all the Hebrew people under his kingdom and entice the Israelites into worldly causes, so he called his kingdom Israel, and revived the worship of the ark of the covenant: a box surmounted by a beast, inside which were holy scriptures, thus, he said, it had the power to grant people’s wishes,

And idolatry was back once again in the name of monotheism.

Every house that followed him had a replica of it, like today’s Christians who keep a crucifix, and Muslims who keep pictures and replicas of the cube (Kaaba).

Samuel was conceived by a holy woman without a sexual union, something the Hebrew people did not want to believe.

They made up stories to embellish their ideology and to portray God’s messengers as dark and sinful people, and to glorify the baseness of the dark prophets, and to attribute human fallibilities to God, transcends He, their sins are unpardonable.

They wasted an opportunity of redemption, if they believed the Messiah they had been waiting, but they chose the Opposite, King David of the self-proclaimed king of Israel.

Samuel remained celibate, he spent his life serving his Lord, shining His Light to His messengers and the entire humanity, to take those who wanted to come back, his countenance light up the Cosmos;

And David psalmodized, and Mount Lebanon swayed to the tunes of his psalms, and the Qur’an said of him: al-hadyy (read wrongly al-hadeed), the tunes of his psalms still echo in Lebanon, longing for the peace and the joy the he brings to the world,

While king David was feeding the passions of the Israeli nationalism, and of a bogus superiority of the race of his people, and a land of which they promised themselves exclusive ownership.

And it was Samuel who identified him, we were witness, like he identified Muhammad later, when he came as Salman The Gold.

Whether the people believe God’s messenger and follow their guidance, or believe the opposites and follow their misguidance, is entirely the people’s choice and responsibility, and not in any judgement an arbitrary ruling of God’s.

Those who believe are blessed by their closeness to the truth, their hearts are replenished be eternal life, their minds are in euphoria of light, they are fit to dwell in the Kingdom of God in higher horizons, they will inherit the earth and all that is on it, they will be eternally in The Peace.

And those who choose misguidance dwell in the low world, in darkness upon darkness, they can see only shadows on the walls of their imprisonment, lost in the tumultuous ocean of relativity they strive for permanence in impermanence, and recycle their pain,

Low-down is what they aspire for.

The human journey of the mind in existence culminates in the joy of the coming back, which makes the joys of the low life shy,

This has translated in the hearts of clay to travel in the earth, and exodus followed by exodus, and migration followed by migration;

Where they settled today in their new kingdom of Israel, their rulers tell them this is blessing from God,

Where their only security is walls of concrete and fire and bloodshed and destruction and insatiable grudge,

So if such a house of horrors is a blessing from God, one cannot but wonder what God’s wrath is like.

For, God’s wrath will come to them unquestionably and unexpectedly, God breaks not a promise.

And they should know better how to treat the weak and the helpless in the world, the Torah told them, and they themselves were wretched under tyranny in Egypt in the past and in Europe,

And they are the wealthy people today, and the skilful, the clever and the educated; they could have turned their homeland into a haven of peace and prosperity for all,

But no, they thought they could build on ruins and live on the graveyards and sleep in peace to the sound of crying of the meek, their short-sightedness cannot break the barrier of blindness.

But thank God that some of them are good believers, their voices will be heard one day, wait and you shall hear.

And thank God that some of the Muslims and the Christians are good believers too, but they too have been silenced by the tyranny of religious institutes, and we are calling on the good believers everywhere in the world, to embrace the voice of reason and the compassion of the human that God has bestowed on them,

Those will rejoice upon reading our discourse, they say: this is what we believe;

The light of their minds guides them, their eyes will be tearful of joy.

We have freed them from the two laws,

They know now that the world and the hereafter are not ruled by the laws and rituals of the Institutes, and neither is it ruled by their equations of politics and deception, and economics and greed, and technology and war,

The world is ruled by The Law that they have chosen to ignore,

This is their bad choice and bad destiny,

And the believers’ choice is knowledge, and their destiny is life eternal.

And neither was Solomon conceived by a sexual union, he was not the son of a man, and named in the Qur’an as the Heir of David, he was The Word of God,

To build God’s House and call on the believers to covenant their Lord,

After the dark one had made a totem and called it a covenant.

And people covenant God because He is their Lord and their Master, in Him is their peace and settlement,

He is their Creator, their Provider and their Superior,

They need Him and He needs none, He feeds them and they feed none.

It is pagan gods, born in human ignorance and passions, which trade rituals for services, and covenant their makers and strike deals with them.

Such are the gods of all the non-believers of the people of the Book, be they Muslims, Christians or Jews.

The passions of mankind can be cast on anything they want,

And the believers relinquish their passions, they want God’s Countenance, when He invites them to covenant Him, His Hand is above theirs, and they are elated, they bow down, humble in awe of His Majesty,

And they are grateful and thankful to Him, and they pay homage to Him, that He neared them to Him, by offering them to covenant Him, this is the best thing that can happen to anyone living on this earth, to be an abider in God, this is the ultimate goal of man’s life on this earth.

So Solomon built God’s House in Bakka, now known as Baalbek in Lebanon, with his design of his Lord’s inspiration, and the building skills of Hiram and his masons.

Hiram ornamented the Temple with engravings, if the texts were read correctly they were described accurately in the texts, and the sizes of the stones of the foundation of the Temple are also described accurately in the texts;

And said the Qur’an: that God’s House is in Bakkah and said that Satan was appointed with his henchmen to build the Temple;

And the Romans took the building style and what is today called the Latin script from Hiram’s masons, after.

The Temple was build in harmony with the cosmic structure, capable of descending Power onto the minds of its believing visitors, if they had the corridors of their minds open to Reality,

The main hall was an image of a highest reach, in it were geometric patterns on the main wall, and the floor was of marble, polished to reflect everything, reminiscent of the Effusion of the First Encounter,

And the onlooker could look to the Circle and remember to beam into,

And when the queen of Palmyra, Zam Zam, was brought to visit the House, she rolled up her dress, thinking there was water, said the Qur’an, but there was no water, except in the perceivers’ ancient consciousness, and she almost fell down of awe and reverence, and her face blushed and was humbled.

Hiram was never given the mathematical and existential secrets of the House, although he claimed that he had them, amongst other things that he claimed.

Such knowledge has no room in Hiram’s small mind or his masons’.

And Solomon called on all the believers and the people to covenant God.

And deep in the dungeons of the Temple there was a room, upon the approach of which the growl of a beast could be heard echoing on the stone walls,

Inside it was a box, surmounted by the statue of a black beast, upon the approach of which the growling got louder and the eyes glowed,

To send shivers of fright in the weak minds,

For, inside the box were tablets and scripts of The Philosophy that had to be guarded from those who were unfit to read them,

The symbolism fits the symbolism, and reality is beyond, in the mind.

And Solomon named the city Jerusalem, the City of Peace,

And King David named his city: The City of David,

And in the House is the station of Abraham, showing his nature and place in the world, people have looked at it and had no idea what it stands for, but as we deliver this discourse, things will start to crystalise.

As for the memorial that he built for himself in Maccah, contrary to our advice, and later his son built his own al-Hateem (the ruin): those, unfortunately, have been sites for pagan rituals ever since, said the Book, and it is known history.

Aaron’s first ark of covenant was hidden there where the Kaaba now stands, after it was brought from Elphintine across the sea, said the Book, after it was bombarded by a shower of meteors, said the Book.

So Abraham and Ismael were given orders to lift the sitters from the House, those who aggregated and circulate and themselves they prostrated, said the Book,

And to call them to the forbidden house where they can sacrifice their lives and sacrifice animal life, in pagan rituals that God forbade.

And God’s Houses in Arabia, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt were thus closed and made forgotten, as the people of all creeds hurled themselves onto their irrationality, and lost their minds.

As for what is today called Jerusalem, al-Quds: Holiness,

You fools, you preferred the stones, hence Ismael built for you a wall to bar you from the Mount of Light, and Abraham built for you a house of rituals, to turn you away,

And that is because before and after, you did not want to look and you turned away;

And Jerusalem is now besieged by pagans, as foretold the Christ.

And Noah cannot fly to it, he did not look before and does not look now, we witnessed him, thus he was spoken to by speech, and he was sent further from the forbidden bowing to the most remote one, during the darkest night, so he can face the forbidden house from a distance if he is not physically there,

The symbolism fits the symbolism.

Al-Quds is the Throne of the believers’ hearts, wherever they are in the world,

How many times did they wake up crying of sadness of the fate of the city of Light, during the dark night of the reign of the son of man,

Those who looked Him and He looked them, He spoke to them, and taught them The Truth of Knowledge of Existence of Sublimeness, and we were witness and listeners of that Discourse.

They were elevated in The Love, The Compassion, The Might and The Beauty of The Truth, they said: “our Lord, burry us” (tuqburna ya mawlaana, a Middle-Eastern expression that has been passed down from ancient times, expressing immense love, and the people use it today, sadly, to express the egoistic love of their children and their spouses. It is mentioned in the Qur’an when it said: “say: ‘abandoned’ ((qooloo 7ittatton))” upon entering the House, leaving the illusions of the low world behind them),

And many martyred, they were returned to The Peace of His Okeanos, the only guidance they need is to have more joy of transcendence in Him,

He takes them to sleep, and when they wake up, they say: what novelty do we have today,

Their existence is pleasure followed by pleasure that never runs out,

The Ghita said: they are not disturbed when the night falls.

Those were forerunners, said the Book.

And those who chose to stay, they had a desire to do the human journey of inquisition, many martyred after,

And some chose to stay.

Those who chose to stay have had a rocky road to travel, many are now lost,

For, the two oceans of humanity have started to mingle once again, after they were separated since the time of Moses, as told the Book,

And now non-believing people are being born to believing people, and vice versa,

For darkness to play its final scene of The Book of The Creation and The Aim (Kitaab al-khalq wa al-amr),

And The Lord will gather the people at the end, each in his or her group; to Him this is all too facile,

Regardless of the promises they promised themselves,

Regardless of the names they named themselves,

And those who love us, we know them by their radiance, and those who grudge us, they grudge only themselves, we know them by their dullness and dishonest eyes.

This is a call to all, who have not been shackled by their physicality, and its ideologies of monotheism, atheism and materialism,

They do not practise rituals of any kind, or bow to stones and symbols of any shape; there is light in their minds which they have trusted, and virtue in their hearts which they love,

To come out of the cave before all its doors are shut, the day when contrition helps not.

And those who apostatise and dishonour their covenant with their Lord, those will suffer the most severe suffering, of their own selves, they will wish if they could vanish, or if the earth open and swallow them, of what they traded their faith for.

David the king did not build a temple in al-Quds, he wanted his followers to forget that place and the people who knew it altogether, and his wall was erected for that purpose,

He and Moses went there and found nothing, and Moses was frightened, and at day time, he was told to strike the rock with a cane, to see that the rock was but a rock, and there were no ghosts or supernatural things in it,

And his strike was a signal of the beginning of the time of the Laws, for those who could not be guided by the light.

And now some hurl themselves unto that wall, despite his warning to them not to worship stones and manmade objects; they believe the wall is a postal service between them and god, and as if god is not the creator of their minds and everything they fancy,

They write their wishes of success in business and victory in war, thousands of years after Moses and Abraham turned them away from pagan practices.

And their cousins the Muslims and the Christians are as irrational, their displays differ, but their ideologies are same.

 The rock cracked, water gushed, and the lights hushed, visible from a far distance all around the Globe, and the fig and olive trees bowed down, reminds the Book,

Of memories that the believers have passed down to present generations,

And they travelled long to witness, although the physical distance was not a bound,

They looked Him and He looked them, and this is the greatest achievement of a life; it is the achievement which is lasting and never ceases to multiply, in multiples upon multiples,

It is the grain which generated seven stems in the past, said the Book, each stem has sprouted a stem, each stem has born one hundred grain, said the Book,

For it has been their guidance throughout their lives during seven tough Orbs of human existence,

And even during the darkest of nights, and the deepest breaches of hell,

And, in perhaps short moments of seclusion and contemplation, or amidst activity and commotion, their hearts and minds whispered to them and without words: I am here, fear none.

And when the day comes, those memories will be immediate, in the acknowledgement of the abider of the abode,

There was their ignorance and there is their knowledge: their ever-lasting love in ever-lasting life,

Their death in the distance was a dream of existence, in the beginning and in the end.

And those who abide in their illusions, in their illusions doubt only they have, they want to see God in flesh and in a book, so they wait for an immortal man, or for a book carried to them by a winged man from the three-dimensional heaven: their god is non-existence: it is a god in place and time.

All the knowledge that was conveyed to humanity by God’s Message has been reduced to physical objects in the dark minds, even the covenant that the believers covenanted, that translated to a manmade thing,

Those who will not believe now did not believe before, their belief benefits us none, and their disbelief harms us yet less,

Their plans will not sway the march of history by a whisker, and history was already written by the Author of history, and their plans are wishful thinking and false hope,

They, in all their sects and creeds, have claimed major claims, all believing they can make their god take their side in their tribal wars,

God is needless of man’s pettiness, He created their guidance and their bewilderment, and to Him is their return,

So we challenged them: bring one chapter similar,

They will bring nothing, although their followers claim that their masters are the authors of the Qur’an and the Torah, and that it was them who taught the Gospel and the Ghita,

So our challenge has not been answered, and never will be,

What they bring to their followers is bewilderment, no one listens to them except those who have lost their minds, the eaters of dross, the listeners to lies, said the Qur’an.

So we say: bring out your books you say you have are better, bring out all your evidence, and we bring our evidence, and let the peoples judge, and God is witness.

What they have is the hissings of the snakes of the rock bottom of hell, and the filth of its deepest swamps.

They will bring out nothing, and their lies will expire as soon as they say them,

No wall of stones, no mountain of rock will cover the Word of God; no swell of oceans, no fire of hell can stand in the Way of God; no gauge of time can fade the Light of God.

But many Israelites lost an opportunity of redemption, brought to them by Samuel and Solomon, they broke their covenant, they reverted to idolatry, and only a few believed,

Every household had a beast on a box, and houses of rituals were erected everywhere, and rituals were practised, and at one point, at the House at Jerusalem, and this was not to happen,

So The Lord gave orders to His messenger Nebuchadnezzar to destroy The House and to close its secrets, humanity was not ready for it, and the name of Jerusalem became forgotten, and the Israelis gave it to the city of David later.

The Jews who had reverted, and their cousins the Philistines, and all the idolaters were overwhelmed by the wrath of God,

Many fled their homes and migrated to Europe and Arabia, the calamity which struck them brought them together: the Philistines and other fighting Hebrew tribes;

The Philistines kept their dialect that was later named Yiddish, and Hebrew was the language of their Books and a symbol of their national identity,

And wherever they settled they isolated themselves, they were not convinced that God’s message was for all, their creed became a prerogative of their race,

And in Greece, it was them who wanted to build a wall, to bar themselves from the Greek Philosophers and their teaching, which saw them even more isolated, said the Book,

They were busy writing down their history to fit their political plans in the future.

And those who spread in Persia and Iraq were given an opportunity to quit idolatry and return to God’s Religion by Alexander the Two-Horned one, when he said to them: bring me the Oracles of the Psalmist, said the Book, which they read: bring me the iron ore.

He tried to free them from the narrowness of relativity in duality that was cast on them by Satan and Iblis, in times before, during their reign of darkness;

But they failed to vision Him and failed to set en route to Him, said the Qur’an,

Those grand verses of Surah of The Cave, which describe a philosophical journey of inquisition, have been read as a crude – and perhaps useless – lesson in mining and civil engineering,

So before Satan and Iblis and their servants start making claims of being the source of the Book or having a better secret one, why do they not try to read it correctly to their followers? Thousands of years have passed, and the Torah, the Gospel and the Qur’an are still being read by them up-side-down.

And then the Messiah came back, the son of Mary of Imran, also came John the Christ who died ordinary people’s death, came out of it, and cried out, and  the entire humanity heard his cry: the Christ has overcome death.

He carried the cross of his physical body and walked the earth free, and the told the believers to do the same,

He was a promise of life, the glad tiding to humanity, and an incandescent lamp,

He healed the ailments of the soul in her cast of physicality, he inspired to those ready for flying and they flew back home, the Book recounts his miracles;

He was a New Testament, to redeem Israel of all the believers, The Lord had forgiven what had passed.

He taught Virtue and destroyed the mosaic law,

But only honest people recognise Virtue, that is the way to freedom in the eternal Abode,

And many martyred upon witnessing the Truth, and those who chose to stay kept their belief secret and they chose the esoteric way, in the millennia of darkness, the Book spoke of them.

The esoteric way does not separate the people, but it gives everyone the load they are fit to carry, and the knowledge they can reach,

The Christ told us not to give our jewels to the dogs, and not to lay our sacred things to the pigs, they said,

And the maimed and the ill in the mind and in the heart were barred from the temple,

And the dead hear not and see not,

Until they are alive and well,

And those who are alive and well must be counsellors and guides for those who need counsel and guidance,

And as we give it to them now simply and plainly, will they understand?

Physicality is rounded on physicality, this is God’s Miracle for those who wonder and admire,

He taught them to walk directly on the straight diagonal, along a number that cannot be counted, and to fly off the sphere along a straight path to its centre, because all other paths are curved and remain thereupon.

God’s trials are not easy, for the joy of encountering The Truth to be such.

The son of man healed the bodied, they said, and promised heaven on earth and earth in the heavens, and told of a supernatural spirit,

Surrender, and the mind falls in the traps of lawlessness,

So the heaven that he promised is thus unreachable, and the earth has sunk deeper in the breaches of hell,

The son of man dies in his physical body hence, and on the cross his physical body dies.

It was him who invented death when he declared mutiny and darkened, he said no to his Lord, in repudiation, this was the first tragedy in Existence,

Those who were amused darkened along with him, they were all expelled to a low heaven, where he set up a black crooked tower, in a display of ugliness and lawlessness is his passion.

Those who darkened have followed him since, and his adopting mother Dark Eve, the carrier of bale, said the Book.

And Mohammad was identified by Salman like David was identified by Samuel,

And when your Master is here everyone else is here, and the people are attracted to their aims.

Salman roamed the mother of all the countries, hoping to find the believers who had not been tainted by idolatry, those who knew The Law,

He found only a few tribes, scattered,

He looked for more, until, lost in the desert, he faced an imminent end,

Said he: my Lord, let Thy Will be,

His Lord manifested to Him: My Will has become.

To deliver a reminder and a warning to those who had not been warned,

That the Hour will come unquestionably,

And to call all to God’s Religion by The Law, to seek refuge in Him, and guidance,

And to deliver to Israel and all the people of the Book a reminder and a warning, that what they were told before was true, may they be guided.

He descended to them the Qur’an, conforming to what they had, and told them not to differentiate between God’s messengers, to believe in all His Books, and to the follow the guidance of the believers,

For, the Hour would come unexpectedly, when no pregnant will deliver her pregnancy, and the mountains of knowledge will be flattened, and the people’s apex is blown into,

And the people will look one another and will recognise one another, from many times before, and will ask: so how long have we been here?

And the believers will answer: how many times have we told you and you did not believe, exactly as your Book has told you, but you followed Satan and Iblis who have covered God’s Word by their lies.

They will look their enemies and say: these are our friends, and they will look their friends and say: but these are our enemies,

And all the causes of mankind vanish before The Cause of God that is The Cause of Knowledge.

The causes of mankind are of mankind’s passions and ignorance, and God’s Cause is Guidance to all,

So the people try their selves, and God creates the worlds by The Law.

Salman was God’s Messenger Gabriel, of a Grand Character, said the Book; he aggrandised and exhibited God’s Signs, the hair of his eyebrow and moustache turned golden fallen, his title then: Salman The Gold, His Countenance light up the cosmos, the prayers to The Lord be by Him.

Pave the way in your hearts for his comeback from the Far East, to put a final end to pagan beliefs and laws, and to rule The Republic of The Wold by Justice and Compassion,

All the Books come through him, the carrier of the Guarded Tablet in all His Comings, said the Book,

But those who have darkened to him read laws of activity and inertial in his Teaching across place and time,

We say: the miracle of the Book is that it is the mirror of one’s heart, so what do you read in the Book?

They said that Gabriel was a winged man and a supernatural being, how many times did they see him in his seclusion, did they see wings or did they see a man who ate food and walked the markets?

And they asked: is he The Law? And we answered: he is The Law, by God he is, said the Qur’an.

They have doubt, and doubt is all they have, and they do not believe their own minds.

And no sooner did Mohammad die than his followers became factions fighting with one another, exactly as the Qur’an told not to do.

If you read the Glorious Qur’an they say they believe, they engrave its grand verses on their palaces, they memorise them, you will not find one single word that they understand, you will find not one single commandment to which they have adhered.

This is the fate of those who darken after guidance has become them.

Then they came out of Arabia and spread in the world, and built one of the greatest civilisations on earth by the inspiration of God’s Word,

And they took time to ponder it, and they learned the Greek philosophy and the geometry and mathematics,

To realise that it is man’s mind the arbiter of interpreting God’s Word and carrying out His Commandments, and it is man’s mind which determines what is the Shariah and its literality,

And although the school of the Mo’tazilah attempted to take a few steps upward, they failed to reach existential awareness, and the others fell miserably in their physicality,

Those, their school of thought, or should we say the lack of it, has dominated the interpretation of the Islamic teaching, in all its colours and tones, be it Sunni or Shi’it, or the many others,

And the Essence of God’s message was covered by a thick layer of dust,

And man, who is the cosmos in its entirety, and before it was begun, is bound by the uttering of a few words, and the practise of certain rituals,

All to guarantee the supply of food, pleasure and offspring in life, and victory over enemies in tribal wars,

And a paradise where there is plenty and more of the same.

The prison in which they thus imprisoned themselves is the eternal hell, from which the Qur’an has deterred them,

The gift of the thinking mind that God bestowed on them to abide in Him, and be elevated by knowledge: they threw it as far as they could, beyond retrieval.

They will be furious when they read our discourse and many will not understand,

They will say it is another chapter of their enemies’ conspiracies and plots, each group blaming each group.

Their system of thought, or shall we say the lack of it, resides In duality, and its domain of operation is in duality,

And this is a thought that has not crossed their minds,

As such, the truth of anything has to reside above duality; for, duality is a created thing in place and time,

And it is not for nothing that the Qur’an said: “by the Unity, by the Duality” (wa shshaf3i wa lwatri), to which they paid little attention,

And said the Qur’an: “Splitter of the seed and the kernel”, and the same the Ghita said before.

In duality reside complexity and multiplicity, objectivity and subjectivity, relativity and perceptibility,

In Unity, the manifest is enciphered in the Simple Truth.

And although they read the Greek Philosophy and carried it to the world, they failed to look through its windows to the heavens of Reality, and the Logos that is above all,

Thus the truth they have taken is conditional and definitional, and recognisable only upon comparison, and when they remember their Creator, they remember Him by comparison, transcends He,

They say He is Greatest, transcends He their description, and it is He who created comparison and comparability.

And their understanding of good and evil is local, not unlike the other people of the Book who preceded them.

And not only are they trapped in duality, but worse still, they are in one narrow spot in it,

They have frozen themselves in the past of their ancestors’, believing it is the only world that can be.

They see the purpose of their lives is to abide by the laws of activity and inertia, so what will they do when activity and inertia cease? This is when the heavens will fall down on the earth, as the Qur’an has told them, and He will be one cubit close and even closer, but they will not have that joy, and fright will fill the hearts of stone.

The world in their view is a theatre of their Shariah, hence inquisition therewith is heretical, and the questioning of their dogma is blasphemous punishable by torture and death,

And this is not their belief in its extreme, this is their belief; in extreme circumstances its extremes are brought out.

The academics, the clergy, the rulers, all contributed to the demise of the human spirit, in a most tragic way, in a part of the world once the cradle of civilisation, the birth of human ingenuity and intelligence.

Entire countries have been devoured by this monster which casts only death and destruction, all with the acquiescence of governments and self-proclaimed spiritual authorities, for the purpose of immediate and petty gain.

This is what they want, and this is what they got.

But wait and you will see the monster self-destroy, by the very laws of its existence, when its dark energy of hatred and ugliness peaks,

And one hopes that the memory in the future will be of a hard-learned lesson.

Not that this ideology is alien to the Judeo-Christian thought,

But it was subdued by the rise of empirical science and analytical thinking after the Renaissance, and hence the understanding of the physical laws and the rejection of the fairy tales of the monotheist religions.

This was a call from your Lord to take a new look at the world, through the eyes of Da Vinci, Newton, Descartes, Spinoza, Kant, Beethoven… the builders of modern human civilisation,

To let the intellect search, free from the narrowness of dogmatic belief,

And if followed honestly, the intellect can guide the mind to leap out of duality into the vast and boundless horizon of Reality, and a new journey in a higher horizon thus begins.

But alas, the intellectual convictions of Western thought have become today the new dogma, and a new imprisonment of the mind.

And the Islamic world meanwhile has been unable to participate in this adventure; stuck in one narrow spot, it resists all invitations to take a step outside it,

And a re-affirmation of the fallacies of their ancestry and their rituals was taken recently in most countries of the Middle East, to which the Islamic world looks up,

Embraced by the majority of the populace, of the fear of an oven in which they will be baked many times over if they do not conform,

And in the hope of a holiday resort, where food and sex are in abundance, and dare anyone question their god:

The human mind that is the cosmos in its entirety can emplode in a black hole, by its choice.

Time after time, humanity has failed to grasp the Golden Thread of God’s Message across place and time,

They opted for a low life and demand permanence in it, they took their Lord’s message as a means of that aim,

They will not believe what we have told them and they will cling stubbornly to their creeds,

They will be remitted in the low world they covet, whether they believe or not, to experience more of what they want,

This is a bad choice and a bad destiny.


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