The Book of Confucius

The Treasures of the Mind


Chapter I

The Miracle of The Habitual

 Think not that the habitual is absolute, so you can perceive the true miracle.

They say that when the habitual is overridden: it is a miracle.

Remember that the habitual is relative, and, hence, so is the perceived miracle.

Every manifestation, habitual or not, is a manifestation of The Law. The Law projects His images onto your vision to remind you of His Beauty and Majesty, to inflame in your heart the love and the longing for his full encounter; and wherever you turned your vision His Countenance is there, yearning to be seen, veiled by the habitual.

So they demand miracles, but the eye that is blinded in the day and in the night, in the red of the dawn and the blue of the midday skies, in the rays of the sun and the shade of a tree... is blinded before the miracle; for, however the image, it is a projection of  The Law.

Thus the division widens, the wall rises, the objects of the senses are taken as truths, the effect as the cause, the One as many: and the ideologies of darkness are established.

He who can see The Law sees only One Miracle.



Chapter II

 Rational Faith


They have come up with irrational arguments.

They say: surrender your mind so you can embrace faith and be embraced by faith.

Say: if faith is the surrender of the mind, how can one choose faith? If faith is the surrender of the mind, which faith shall one choose?

Say: The Law has privileged mankind by the thinking mind, so His Message was sent to humanity only, so why would The Law want man to abandon his mind to accept His Message?

Say: it is in my heart and mind I witness The Law and long for His encounter.

Those who darkened, their hearts are sealed and vision blinded, they echo words from the Book like a wall echoes, and their cognition of The Law is lower than the animal’s.

They say: if you question, you are doubtful.

Say: I am doubtful indeed: my doubt is in your irrationality. I have faith in the light of my mind.

They say: obey god and his commandments.

Say: you understand not what you say. You only want me to follow your false authority.

Say: I follow the light of my mind; the light of my mind directs me to the straight path, the path of knowledge, the path of The Law.

Say: I read The Book in my heart; in it is the light of my mind, the love of my heart and the joy of my soul.



Chapter III

Tri-Radius Magnus


Tri-Radius, a glance from thy Eye lights up the Cosmos; Conductor of the cycle of the ages and the vibrations of the atom, in thy Hands Existence is in equilibrium, a spark of thy blue and violet fire effulges in beauty and philosophy the hearts of those who know thee.

Man’s knowledge: the dust of thy Feet, and so his reckoning of good and evil, virtue and vice; for, whatever he contrives, and however far he departs: he removes not one iota from thy infinite Point Existence; and the darkness of his self is none but thy barred Light, and his remoteness is none but a fabric of thy nearness.

I love thee Existence, and I love thee and I love thee; and the repetition is not confirmation, for thou art the Knower, and neither solicitation, for thou art ever near; rather for the love of thy Music of I love thee.

I love thee and I love thee and I love thee, and I abide in thee, of love of thee and compassion, thou dost direct us to the One, thou dost descend from Him The Book and The Sacred Philosophy, thy Guarded Tablet, and the Quill writes in the authentic script, a reminiscence to the truthful ones, scrolls for the darkened ones’ disputation.

I thank thee for the looking eye and the light, loving Father, of love of thee, in thy vision do collapse place and time in thy Infiniteness, and Existence rejoices, in observing the beauty of itself, to the tunes of thy Transcendence, and in the echo across the cosmii.

Abode of the deity, Sovereign Law, Alpha to Omega, AOM: to those notes revolves the sphere, and to the jingle of the bell of the return Thou dost drive us back, across the tract of becoming, hallelujah, is the time near?

O Mind of Existence, the sages are in euphoria of thy remembrance, thou dost cause the animation of the pairs of opposites, in the procession of the point of accumulation of time, in the fabric of the strings of the harmony of the laws, so the creation rejoice as they move in thy encompassment, as they manifest as thou didst express them, and they sing along, proud of their glorious genesis, longing for thee, for the love of thee.

We shed tears, Carrier of The Discus and The Mace, every time thou dost bestow on us thy Providence, so our hearts remember thee, like a lover yearning for his loved one, like a child needing his mother, like the drunken one in the soberness of his mind; for the dense has turned transparent, the stone soft, the many one, and crumbled have the known and the unknowns.

Lord O One, Manifestus Ubiquitous, Cognizance Cognition Congnizer, The Eight surround Thy Throne silent, for the words retire before Thy Effulgence, a remembrance of Thy Encounter lifts us to the freedom of ourselves, and we prostrate, not because it is our will, but because it is Thy Will, and like the fig and olive trees prostrated in Town Sanctuary.


Chapter IIII

The Proof of the Proof


What you give as proof is needy of another proof.

You must understand that what you give as proof is of the intellect, it hence calls upon another proof.

Those who believe that only matter exists, their evidence is the impressions that it makes on the senses,

And those who believe in an unperceivable spirit say that you have to surrender your mind, they hence recognise the existence of matter only, obliquely.

What you perceive is The Law, the images of form and colour, their dimensions and numbers, the impressions of softness and hardness, brightness and darkness, hotness and coldness, dryness and wetness... in place and time.

Your organs of sense are themselves products of The Law, and they function thereby.

Your mind has been educated by its only Master, The Law.

Matter is ruled by The Law, matter is darkness, illuminated by The Law, animated by The Law, expressed by The Law.

Life is the self-love of The Law; consciousness is the eye of The Law looking at itself.

Those who perceive matter perceive nothing, they are in a constant pursuit of a proof that is lacking of a proof, they are in doubt of what they perceive.

Say: The Truth is worlds above its low projections, had you seen it you would have been satisfied in its Certainty.

On the sphere of the intellect, from every point there are an infinite number of directions that one can take, no point is a dead end, and there is only one path to the centre, it is the only straight path, there you encounter The Proof of all the proofs, in your cosmic memory: the source of your intellectual concepts, and seeing is believing.

So do not boast to us your belief and evidence and proof: move one step in any direction that you can see, then look back, you will find that, in fact, you have not moved at all; and when we reflect to you the light that has been shed on us, we see that you are still on the periphery.



Chapter V


If you examine the world to admire, you have achieved the purpose of your inquisitiveness.

If you examine the world to find its origin, and hence yours: vain is your pursuit.

The creation is recounted in The Book, those who say that they believe a particular Book took the recount as a fairy tale; and those who say that they do not believe The Book recount their own fairy tales.

The creation is in your cosmic memory; it is reachable if you can erase in your mind the illusions of the tangible world.

Your envisagement of the creation, whether based on The Book or on science, is in your intellect, it is a reflection of your self-cognition, and your objectivity is the illusion of your intellect of duality.

If you had an eye that could view every point in the cosmos from every point at every time, simultaneously, duality then vanishes, and so does the concept of objectivity.

Glorious is The Law’s creation and its nuances in the observing eyes, who is to perceive it wholly and truly except in Him?

Say: By The Eye is the whole image, I abandon the illusions, they appear only in darkness.

A human eye will recognise the equilateral triangle and the properties of its altitude, wherever and whenever, and even if illiterate; they are present in her mind instantaneously; but the intellect needs to set the postulates of plane geometry, its definitions and theorems etc, to arrive to the same convictions via the routes of logic, from start to end.

And this is fine, but this is not how the cosmos created these concepts, and the logic, and their projection on the mind; else, there would have to be that higher layer which did not.

And logic itself is the law of applying the projections of The Law on the intellect, onto their models in The Law, which is reflected on the self proportionally to her clarity.

And the compass would not be able to trace a circle, one point at a time, had the circle not been a law, and had the compass not been a materialisation of this law.

And The Law remains Whole, the cause of all manifestation.

It is said that it was said: “be”, so everything becomes, and nothing comes not from nothing.

Chapter VI

Random and Arbitrariness


If you can identify all the factors involved in an activity, then in theory the outcome thereof becomes predictable, and what was once random can now be foreseen.

The theory is weightier in truth than the actuality, for it is the former that creates the latter.

A sharp knife’s edge is as rugged as a rugged mountain, and the straight line traced by your best technology is as winding as a path through the bush, but the concepts of sharpness and straightness are sharp and straight and crystal clear in your mind.

It is in the shady areas of physical phenomena which are inaccessible to the intellect that unpredictability resides; there, human ideology germinates and thrives; for this is where certainty belongs not.

Human ideology is fascinated by uncertainty, both empirical and religious thought see the world as a product of it, they even see the certainties of their mind as product of it, turning existence up-side-down.

That is because they can attribute whatever they want to it.

In Reality: there is no absence of Law, and neither is there divine intervention in the shady area, as if the laws are absolute and self-contained elsewhere, where they are identified.

Think not that what you cannot foresee or control is your enemy. Your true enemy is your desire to subdue what cannot be subdued, and hence being distracted from what can and should be subdued, and that is your own self, and that is The Law.

This lesson has been being taught by Him in all His messages, but most of you have chosen to block your ears.

The world is not governed by an arbitrary power; attribute not your dark attributes to the glory of The Law, The Law transcend your human attributes.

Those who worship arbitrariness are those who have been distanced from The Law.

And neither is the world governed by lawlessness of randomness, attribute not your ignorance to the sovereignty of The Law, The Law transcends your human attributes.

Those who worship randomness are those who deny that they exist.

Random and arbitrariness are the products of the intellect, if you choose to dwell in them you dwell in fear and doubt, this is the hell from which all His messages have warned you.

Say: The Lord’s Will is The Law, and The Law is The Lord’s Will. The Law is Compassion, from Compassion virtues radiate, The Lord’s Will encompasses all.

Every actuality is a cause and an effect on the round of time, until the sun is surrounded, and your apex is blown into, and you remember what you have forgotten.

Order comes not from random, justice comes not from arbitrariness.


Chapter VII


Existence is Whole, Existence is All, Existence is One Existence.

Existence encompasses all is encompassed by Existence.

Cognizance Cognition Cognizer, your I is a radius of the Cosmic I is a radius of the Whole Self is a radius of the Whole Mind is the Mirror Cognizance Cognition Cognizer.

Hail to the self joyful in self-knowledge, for this is true knowledge.

Hail to the I joyful in looking across the tract of becoming, for this is the knower and the known.

Hail to the cosmii, singing their eternal tunes to the Glory of their Lord, The Lord of the Magnificence, transcends He His creation, transcends He.

The Halo longs for Him, point nullity begs for His Sustenance, that so, when He rules “be”, they become.

Everything becomes, and nothing comes not from nothing.

Creator, Liberator, Retractor, Iterater, Capable of all things is He, to Him all return.



Chapter VIII


Vain is the search for the truth in the variables, for the truth is constant.

Vain is the search for the truth in the measurable things, for it is from the truth that all the measures are expressed.

Vain is the search for the truth by the senses, for the truth is essence.

To the truth the laws of physics submit, they are helpless in the absence of its light.

Duality creates subjectivity, objectivity and relativity, and the truth is one.

Relativity submits to the truth, for relativity is an effect, and the truth is One Cause of all.

If relativity can be expressed by mathematics, it is the mathematics that is above relativity.

Harmony is the submission of the pairs of opposites to the truth; if harmony can be reached in the mind, the mind will realise its own essence, and is euphoric in this realisation.

For when The Truth illuminates the alleys of the physicals, bent routes straighten, stones shrink and stretch, relativity succumbs, and those who have witnessed this Glory will remember, and those who never cease measuring their doubts never will.


Chapter VIIII

The Power

What are the physical laws? Where are they contained? How are they called upon to act?... are questions that you have been evading since the birth of empirical science, and the methods of its investigation.

When you study a physical phenomenon, you observe and identify the manifestation of certain natural laws; this enables you to re-describe that phenomenon in what you call scientific terms, but it does not answer why it is the way it is.

Your mind tells you that it cannot be otherwise, and this a sample of certainty. Then the mathematics steps in to prove things beyond doubt, and mathematics cannot be otherwise, and that is certainty: certainty is in the mind, the mind has everything and everything is in the mind.

Mathematics proves by the abstract means of the mind, beyond any doubt, in certitude, this is a sample of reality.

The line of real numbers is infinite, and every section of it, no matter how “big” or “small”, has the same infinite power, as any “section”, and as the “entire line”.

This is certainty that is built on reality, the reality of the mind, and not on tangibility; for tangibility is needy of reality as its foundation, it is needy of the laws of reality to manifest its tangibility; and tangibility would not have existed had there not been a reality that defines its scope of activity.

In the end, it is your mind that interprets tangibility, if you say that you believe only in what your senses can detect you only fool yourself, and cause agony and despair to your mind, the master of your senses.

So tell Francis Bacon that certainty is in the mind, before doubt steps in: the certainty of certainty, and the certainty of the doubt, and hence the certainty of empirical science.

All displays of the cosmic activity can be explained by mathematical or other forms of abstract reasoning; this is the mind, the mind which extends far beyond the reaches of man-made instruments, the extension of the senses; rests The Power, which manifests the various types of forces of activity: that is The Light of the cosmos.

While tangibility is at the bottom of the chain of causality in the universe, The Power is at the top of this chain.

The Power is in the mind, it maintains the universe as a continuous flow of activity from potentiality.

So take what you perceive in yourself by Power, The Power binds the many in one.


Chapter X


Man lives to worship, and all men worship.

But darkness has told you that worship is the practice of rituals.

Every action that you do is worship.

You worship what you love, and what you do is an expression of your love.

Love is like gravity, you gravitate to your own nature, seeking peace and permanence.

You gear your thoughts in its direction, you carry out the actions that you believe near you to it, you rejoice when rewarded by it, this is your god, whether you admit it or not.

The world does not run by your skill and expertise, and neither by the skill and expertise of the institutes to which you subscribe, the world runs by its natural laws, and these are projections of higher ones, everything eventuates by them.

Your worship of these laws brings you closer to them, to increase your knowledge of them, you become them.

Watch the hands of a craftsman, or the brush of an artist in action; watch the athlete doing what he does best; this is nature expressing itself by itself in itself for the love of itself.

Watch an engineer drafting his designs, watch his constructions at work.

Action is worship; it is the endeavour for perfection of expression of some law.

When action is carried out in this mode, it charges its doer with its consequences which far-eastern religions call karma.

When action is carried out with The Law of all the laws in mind, and The Aim of all the aims in sight, it becomes true worship; it frees its doer from karmic entanglement.

Darkness prescribes rituals; rituals are in the mode of irrationality: the worshipper does not question how they work or why this ritual and not another one.

They surrender their minds, giving themselves a false sense of security that bears no truth, rather fear and narrow-mindedness.

Rituals of different creeds appear grossly different to their practitioners; in reality they are same: they are an attempt to change the direction of the wind by the waving of one’s hand.

Humanity has been practicing rituals for thousands of years and yet sinking deeper in misery.

And worse still, they tell them that rituals wipe out sins; they did not tell them that irrationality is the grossest of all the sins.

The wind gusts for a purpose, the birds flock for a purpose, only man’s irrationality is void.

What brings man closer to the truth is knowledge, and in ignorance he is in a far distance.

They say: god tests the people, this is his will; if you believe you must obey and must not question his will.

Say: so which commands shall I obey: the ones which you have come with, or the ones which the other creeds have come with?

Say: you say you have evidence that you know the correct commands, and the other creed also say that they have the correct commands, so show all your evidence, and let man’s mind: God’s Mind, judge if you were honest.

And those who manipulate the routes of the mind by The Power in meditation, and by the sounds of the letters, they take their consciousness to the beginning they believe that is. Thus they prove what they want to prove, and they miss The Proof of all the proofs.

Those who want to see the truth in an image, and those who want to see the truth in the void, they all have forgotten Existence: for, the void, as well as the images alike, are needy of existence to become known.

Existence is absolute certainty, of self-consciousness, of joy of existence, and the words and the images and the concepts are below the light that is brighter than the brightest light, and brighter again than that brighter light.

The Master has left mile-stones along the way, they can be seen there; must people take them as are.

And the dark one has built temples of hollowness and images of stone, to bar them from what is real.

He takes The Master’s words and echoes them, he has not experienced them, therefore they turn to lies.

The nature of truthlessness is a necessity in duality and oppositeness, and is eager to express itself.

Darkness exhibits its innate darkness, in its mind out of self-love and a desire of self-expression; in reality it is an actualisation of The Lord’s Will, and humanity has to try herself in the tumultuous ocean thus created.

The wise keep The Law in focus, so the opposites become a necessity of activity, but do not abide in them.

Affix nothing to The Lord, be not attached to the world, admire the creation and its beauty, but let that be only a pointer to The Cause, anticipate no fulfilment in the low life, perfection is not a nature of change, fulfilment is in the realisation of the truth, do your duty free from hope, keep your heart and mind pointed to direction and not to passion, rejoice in The Peace that is all.





Chapter XI


If man’s advance is to be measured by his self-knowledge, and hence the knowledge of the purpose of his life, and hence his morality, then man today is as backward as his ancestors were, ten thousand years ago.

Man today would like to think that paganism was a creed of the past, only because his present rituals and stones differ from his ancestors’; and in reality they do not.

Man today would like to think that the ritualistic sacrifice of life is a thing of the past, but in actuality many still sacrifice animals to appease their god, and many still sacrifice human life: in wars that they ordained for themselves, believing that it buys them prosperity in this life and the hereafter.

Darkness distances you from The Law that is sovereign over all, to give you the illusion of arbitrariness and randomness in the cosmic manifestation and the events of your lives.

In such a world, there is no justice, there is no sense: there is fear, anger, helplessness...

Whatever argument monotheists present, it precipitates on draconian rule, and whatever argument atheists present it precipitates in the void.

Ask Charles Darwin, for he knows both disciplines: apart from the physical cause of the death of his beloved child, does his theory point to the cause?

For, in the end, it is his mind that observes these events, and it is it which perceives sense or nonsense, and the perception of absence of sense is not provable, as much as the perception of arbitrariness is not; so, Charles Darwin thought that he had moved forward, when in reality he only took a different perspective.

Man’s convictions are mere stepping stones, but sometimes he makes the mistake of all the mistakes of dwelling on the stepping stones, limiting his scope of view.

Over the thousands of years, man has taken convictions and discarded convictions, which were easy to take or discard, as his survival necessitated; but those convictions which are core convictions are the contours of his mind, within which he entraps himself, those take great souls to break.

Whether you choose to make sense of the cosmic manifestation or not, there is one thing, only one thing, which makes make this making.

The truth of the cosmic manifestation cannot be proven by scientific investigation; scientific investigation is a human activity, based on observation, founded on the laws of logic which are in man’s mind, which is made of the cosmic laws which create the cosmic manifestation.

The minds needs tools to see itself as much as the air needs a box to take a form, and the mind’s tools are as good for proving the mind as a block of ice can serve as a boat to sail across the oceans.

Shed off all your uncertainties remains what differentiates between certainty and uncertainty; shed off all you certainties, remains one essence.

So which one comes first: consciousness or the cosmic manifestation?

Both, atheists and monotheist say the latter, because to the observing eye life begins with conception and ends in death; but conception is an event of the cosmic manifestation, and during a life time the ants build their ant-hill, seemingly without choice, and man builds his dwellings, seemingly by choice; in reality both build by The Law, in different modes of consciousness of the cosmic manifestation of The Law, rests The Law only and only the Law.

So which comes first, existence or awareness of existence? For, The Law is Existence.

The dualists say the former, only because they draw the past upon a present moment; but an event from its beginning to its end is expressed by The Law to the observing consciousness, on the track of space and time, The Law has the beginning, the end and all the potentialities, in a unit, a unit that human awareness – which is restrained by duality and the consequent perspective view – cannot grasp: man has to view the cosmic manifestation from every point, in every direction, at every moment there is, simultaneously, this is when awareness becomes confounded with existence, beyond the tracks of space and time, for existence is self-awareness and self-awareness is existence, beyond that there is void, and void needs existence to think it.

Have you read those pages thoughtfully? Have you broken some chains? The rock is solid and the lamp glows only in the mind.

If you have, you have jumped a wall, to join the blessed ones who have before you; the routes were trod by the Masters, they left mile-stones, and this is only the start of a long and arduous, yet joyous journey that will take you many lives to complete.

Ignorant people cannot see that life is a continuum; they demand a man made device to detect the spirit as it come out and goes back in: and even then, they want to apply the methods of induction, so perhaps they should investigate man’s mortality first, because by induction it is not provable.

And this demand for a proof is not a demonstration of rationality, but indeed the lack of it; for, the proof is in their minds, had they accepted it.

They will call an accountant to tally the number of those who have died and those who have been born, to use the inconsistency as a counter proof of reincarnation.

Can they reconcile the number of drops of water in their local lake with the number of drops of rain in the clouds which replenish it?

Accountancy cannot grasp reality like a measuring tape cannot measure the dimensions of the sky; such tasks ought to be left to the mind.


Chapter XII



What is real is the thing that has the power to determine what is real.

They tell you it is the brain.

We say: in their own belief, this brain is a product of physical laws, physical laws which existed a long time before any brain was conceived,

And so are the sense organs, they feed the brain of physical laws,

And one day, both the brain and the organs of sense will turn to dust to be recycled, that matter that once composed them by the laws will have to decompose by the laws, rest the laws, regardless of their perception, convictions and ideologies:

The place of the laws of organs of sense and the brain seems thus mediocre upon examination of the cosmic structure,

And the place of the laws of sense and the brain seem thus higher and immutable therein,

And as they read this, they will start to realise that the senses and the brain that they talk about are not individual finite ones, but rather their knowledge of them, consisting of the information they have about their anatomy, and the laws of their functioning etc...

Knowledge that is, albeit, incomplete, and that may well prove in the future to be a scratch on the surface of a huge thing;

And, whether or not their knowledge is, so far, correct and complete; and whether or not there is a future time at which it will be, its objects – in this case the brain and the organs of the senses – can continue to exist or cease to do, to re-emerge at a future time perhaps, independently of their knowledge,

This is Reality, being above actuality.

So if you consider the duality of the knower and the known, knowledge is the law which binds them in one,

Call it The Mind, call it Knowledge, call it Reality, call it whatever you may,

We start it with a capital letter to point to its station.

Reality is not a supernatural thing, Reality is the real thing, and actuality is its materialisation in place and time, materialisation that can take many forms and nuances.

So if you have tiptoed on this delicate path, over rocks barely visible in the bed of quicksand, you can now extend your perception of “existence” beyond sensory data,

The unfit and the clumsy have fallen down, right at the first step;

 This is the realm - in their narrow-mindedness, the materialists do not want you to approach,

As for the monotheists, they have covered it by their fallacies of the supernatural.


Chapter XIII

The Republic of the World


The short-sightedness and narrow-mindedness of the Tyranny have brought suffering and destruction to the world, in the past and the present; and in its heedlessness the Tyranny today is clinging ever more stubbornly to its short-sightedness and narrow-mindedness, ignorant people learn nothing from their mistakes.

The Tyranny’s physical understanding of justice is this: what I want is right because I want it, what you want is wrong because I will not give it.

By this principle, and amidst this jungle, the world has been driven to the threshold to total self-destruction.

The Tyranny creates massive states and empires, to build up massive economies and armies, and time after time, past and present, its plans are foiled and hopes frustrated, but in blindness the examples are unseen, lessons are not learnt, and in deafness the sounds mute.

Tyrannical governments believe that they are clever because their weapons are more destructive that their enemies’, so at which level does this put them against the monkeys?

Intelligent man needs no destructive power, and man’s destructiveness is the failure of his irrationality.

Tyrannical governments build on the ruins and the dead bodies of their enemies’, they are ignorant that these ruins and bodies will rise one day to haunt them; the wheels of karma revolve, oblivious of their wishes.

But ignorant people will not believe until the day comes when they will look around and recognise themselves and their enemies who were once their friends, and their friends who were once their enemies, exactly as they were told in The Book, the day when contrition helps not.

O people, the suffering of hell is severe, look around and rejoice not if your karma has given you a respite, help those whose fortunes are lesser than yours, dedicate all your actions to the truth, freedom from  hell cannot be achieved by other means.

O people, the low life is short, will end soon, those who have not exchanged the life in their hearts and the light of their minds for the dust of nullity will be the victors, they will inherit the earth, to live in the peace and the justice of The Law; and those who have precipitated in irrationality, intoxicated with rancour, sunken in animality, will return to a lower world, this is accountability.

O people, the forces of darkness are all around, insinuating evil deeds and thoughts, pulling humanity down into a denser world, some of you go along happily of stupidity, and some: their hearts intimate to them, but they feel helpless in the Tyranny’s reign, the Tyranny has been allowed to reign, to try yourselves, but this time is about to end, and the selves will be reconstructed anew, each fitting their station.

O people, the world does not go by your understanding of the world, the world goes by The Law, of which very little do you know, so no matter how mighty you may think you are, a puff of wind that you cannot foresee can blow your plots away, so harbour love and compassion instead, so when you face one another you have no regrets.

O people, every time you engage in an activity step back a bit, and notice the baton of the greatest conductor of all the conductors, the activity and the words are projections of pure thought, the scene is set to materialise some spirit, this realisation is the aim of the creation and your perception of it, it is the euphoria of consciousness.

O people, the world cannot be made perfect, in duality activity is constant, the full moon lasts short, the geometry clips it to conceive a new moon, religion is meant to be the essence of observation from beginning to end, if your vision is not focused on the essence it is focused on place and time, this dualism, The Lord’s Teaching frees you from this narrowness, so you have a full vision of The Law.

O people, the Tyranny’s systems of governments and its ideologies have failed, whatever is still standing up is castle built of playing-cards, that will crumble under the weight of a fly, and the “values” that the power-players claim to have are a facade hiding the ugliness of the beast, in this jungle no one is safe, antagonism counter antagonism, and the vicious cycle is being accelerated by the physical laws, when its speed reaches a certain limit a break-down becomes inevitable.

The earth’s bounties are in the hands of a handful, they usurped it by the lawlessness of the Tyranny, and now a handful can gluttonise, and the rest starve, and the world has to be grateful to their aid and charities, many of which have dark agendas, of spreading dark ideologies, setting up statues and houses of rituals, preaching irrationality and attachment to a low form of life.

The Tyranny has divided the world into first, second and third worlds, so it can control, like it divided communities of the past into three social castes; the first world sets the laws to allow itself the exclusive rights of superiority, and the other worlds have to submit, or  the super powers will activate their press-button savagery; the wars of the social classes are vicious, history shows that the low classes often win, to build a new form of Tyranny, the beast of injustice rises from the grave once again, so long as there are dark people who can survive only in darkness.

O people, while democracy is being hailed by the world as the remedy for human misery, it is not being practised in the United Nations’ Security Council, and this is the council which decides who can live and who should die, which nation is to flourish and which is to be stifled, which children should be pampered and which should be maimed... not unlike medieval rulers, today’s rulers believe they can spread peace by war, establish justice by oppression,  rule the human community by the law of the beast...

O people, every time there is conflict in the world, on both side the leaders tell you that they want to rid the world of evil, in fact on either side they want to rid the world of their like, tyrannical leaders hate to see like tyrannical leaders, they read each other’s minds, they decipher each other’s every move, this is menace and threat in the protocols of the lions and the hyenas, and should be dealt with swiftly by bloodshed and destruction.

Do not believe them when they tell you that there has to be wars in the world, tyrannical rulers, modern and old, in the west and the east, monotheist and atheist: have no truth to convey, no knowledge to communicate, no joy to share,  their physical needs are the major cause of their lives, such base beings sleep in hatred and breath fear, if they cannot find an enemy they will make one, if they cannot make an enemy they are their own enemies, until the crunch comes, and they tell you that they defend your rights and freedoms?

Tell them: I have no rights that other people have not, and I have no freedom if other people have it not.

Tell them: you quote the Book and The Philosophy and your actions are of heathenry, you are as fit to rule the peoples of the world as a donkey is capable of reading its loads of books, had you seen a shimmer of light in your minds your awe of it would have raised you above your animal, so you can help your people rise too, instead, you sink with them down the abyss, frustrated will be all your deeds.

O people, the ideologies of nationalism and patriotism, and the principle of :”my country’s interest above all” have never worked and never will, whether you want it or not they translate to conflict, but when the weapons were swords, clubs and sticks, the damage was limited, nowadays the race is about who can destroy the world quicker, and the scientists and the leaders who drive you to your detriment are hailed as the most genius and greatest leaders of humanity, can you believe such stupidity?

What has happened to your minds? Your minds which love logic, see beauty, resonate to the music? Look at the faces of humanity, the eyes tell you who you are, the cosmos’s faces are glorious, his eyes are everywhere, the eyes love the eyes, if you cannot experience this you must be ill, very ill at heart, and we are not sorry to tell you.

O people, the Tyranny conjures new terms and new definitions of terms, to cover up its evil intentions, they talk today of globalisation, and the world has always been global, or is it just now that they became aware? Their globalisation in fact means: unfettered corporations and political dominance, so they can lay their hands on every natural resource, scoop every labourer’s labour, enslave every child and mother...

Say: true globalisation is when you drop your narrow vision of your national interests and have a full view of humanity’s interest, this is where your own interest truly lies; if in this time and age you still cannot see that there is only one interest in the world: that is humanity’s, and only one cause in the world: that is the world’s, you must be ill, very ill in the mind, and we are not sorry to tell you.

The Tyranny’s globalisation means also unfettered  first-world media and propaganda, insinuating their beliefs and ideologies, imposing their way of life, advertising their merchandise, because they feel less threatened if every people of the world looked like them, behaved like them and thought like them, diversity frightens narrow-minded people, by the animal’s instinct: “different, therefore predator”;

But they have not made up a term and a definition yet for this type of control, because it does not fit in their political rhetoric, and they lecture the world on the evils of totalitarian regimes?

Tell them to leave the peoples of the world alone and free to live however they want to live, and to change to whatever they want to change to, at their own pace, tell them that not by every measure are the first-world nations role models to the world, role model nations are those which have not made their fortunes from the misfortunes of other nations, or built massive armies to appease their paranoias, they give more than they take and they do not want to turn every nation of the world into a replica of themselves; O people, refuse to burry your cultures to please global gangsters and global salesmen, refuse to exchange your values for money, accept criticism and praise from one another, learn from one another, and teach one another, the diversity of the human cultures is of the wonders of the world, and it sheds light on your own culture, so you do not fall in the trap of place and time.

O people, while personal freedom is everyone’s natural need, it is not always a good thing to have; unless paralleled by wisdom, direction and education it can drown one, and the lines are not easy to draw in the oceans.

Religious institutes have failed to educate in virtue and the ethic of humanity, their superstitions and the law of their arbitrary god have no inspiration,

And governments have no interest in guiding anyone, their focus is on legislation to affirm their control,

An individual is thus stranded in a vacuum, vulnerable and receptive to every input, thus commercial advertisers, entertainers, politicians and the media, businessmen and megalomaniacs of all sizes and shapes have been happy to exploit this vacuum, all of whom operate under the cover of freedom, O people, such a tragedy is not freedom.

O people, the fact that an opinion is publically accepted does not necessarily make this opinion good; public opinion is being constantly manipulated by powerful individuals, institutes and corporations which have political and commercial agendas, public opinion is seen as mere capital in the power-play of the power-players, such a status is not freedom, such a status is anarchy.

Governments pride themselves in the freedom that they grant their subjects, corporations and institutes, but they fail to mention the ethics; for, their laws have gradually replaced the ethics, laws which can be twisted and by-passed by the wealthy and the powerful, and by legal professionals, virtue and the ethics have thus become fallacious, and the natural law of survival-of-the-fittest, which the atheist have made up, is the only law upon which atheists and monotheist alike have based their ideologies.

Say: tell us not how much freedom you have, tell us rather how you practise human virtues, the jungle is a haven of freedom of power-play in the framework of physical laws, only the human community is guided by virtue.

Survival is the last thing on the minds of those who survive.

Even by a Darwinian view, it is sad that this consciousness that developed to see that the sky is the limit limits itself in its physical survival.

But darkened people have lost their intuitive cognition, and they are derisive when intuitive cognition, such as the cognition of virtue, is called upon; Socrates demonstrated that justice could not be defined, but the mundane authorities, as well as the spiritual, of the past and the present, under-valued the significance of his demonstration, and in modern cultures, monotheist and atheist, virtue has become an unknown.

They rely on definable concepts and written laws, only because their minds are void of reality, their intuitive faculty is therefore dead.

They confuse intuition with estimation, hence the shortcoming of intuition they perceive.

Francis Bacon and the empiricists who followed want to measure measurable stuff, and this is fine in the realm of empirical science intended at creating technology and the like, but the realm of reality is far above empiricism, it is the former that projects the latter.

And today we have those who believe they will one day understand the “wiring of the brain”, they experiment on monkeys and pigs, they think they will one day flowchart the human “operating system”, and hence tell us how to live, and their knowledge of the brain and its working is as good as a computer’s knowledge of its programs, their over-simplification of this major philosophical issue and the physical laws which surround it is a sign of ignorance, they still do not know how they see, hear, talk, move... they think they can tell the world where the switches and wires of morality are? They say lies; they give ordinary people the impression that they are only a few years of research away from making a breakthrough; if anything, they are distancing themselves further from knowledge,

Their looking into the monkeys and the pigs to understand themselves will only draw them back to their animal.

O people, self-proclaimed experts in human nature, looking from different angles, have given daunting views of it, because they have narrowed their scope of vision to the animal in the human , disregarding completely the entire cosmos which is it. Misguided by their beliefs, two major schools of rule emerged in modern times: one is called totalitarian in the first-world terminology, and one is called, loosely, freedom, in the same terminology; both of which promote their ideology and form of rule as the remedy for human misery, both of which enforce their ideology and form of rule upon their people, and try to enforce them on the world, although by different means, and both of which want to control every aspect of your lives and every corner of your heart and mind, although by different means: so that the volatile human spirit is restrained, and those who love to be powerful and to rule can do so unrestrained;

But what matters is not by which labels do the nations of the world label one another, what matters is whether mistakes are acknowledged, lessons are learnt and change is hence introduced; for, those who cannot change are the statues of the future, which, however glamorous, cannot shake off the dust that settles on them by themselves.

O people, the end does not justify the means, and when you play a game of sports, for example, the aim is to demonstrates the game by its rules, else your activity makes no sense, so you ought to apply such an understanding to all your undertakings, and remember that every action that you carry out has consequences which you will have to bear, whether your classification of your action is that of an end, or that of a means; and what you perceive to be an end may be the start of yet another chain of action and reaction, and what you perceive to be a means may be an end to those who are harmed by it.

 It is in difficult times that rules and laws are most needed, and in the comfort and security of a house of rituals, or a conference room, at peace time, evil leaders can inundate you with their rhetoric about justice, world peace, human rights... but no sooner does threat come to their door step than the lawlessness of the end-justifies-the-means is put into practice, virtue and the ethics are matters of affordability to tyrannical rulers, not matters of reality, their minds are void of reality.

O people, do not follow your leaders when they tell you that they have to wage wars to bring you peace, or that they have to invade others’ rights to protect yours, it is when vision is narrowed to selected physical images that such blindness prevails.

O people, the build-up of mighty armies has never enhanced the prospects of world peace, and never will, to the contrary, it creates fear and a relentless arms race; and if a nation expresses fear and anxiety you should ask yourselves: what wrong have we done? And lend a hand to help them with their difficulties; but what you do instead: you demonstrate counter fear and aggression, you take resolutions in your non-democratic Security Council to stifle their families and punish their children, you besiege them by mighty armies and machinery of destruction and death, and you expect them to abide by your laws and submit to you? So before you do something onto others ask yourselves: were this done to us, how would we feel and what would we do? The human spirit is one in all, the pride that you have others have it too, man’s spirit cannot be crushed, if driven to the edge it edges its drive, and a genie comes out of the bottle capable of miracles;

O people, fear is appeased by an honest demonstration of good will, the rights that you believe you have others believe they have them too, share the earth and its bounties justly, there is no other way, do not exploit other nations labour and resources, do not try to subdue other nations by force and fear, do not create inequality in the world, then try to remedy the inequality that you created by your aid and charities, most of your aid and charities are mere campaigns promoting your creed, ideology and political systems, better that you abolish injustice so everyone have their natural right of living free from your dominance, aid and charities, this is honest freedom if you truly value freedom.

O people, the human experience is every human’s experience, it is a paragon of The Law that the abstract is projected in actuality, so you should regard every human’s experience as a sacred thing, not only does this build bridges between you and others, but also between yourselves, to bring yourselves closer to the abstract, this is the purpose of being that you are to fulfil; in the quagmire of relative good and relative evil the wise is capable of walking every man’s walk, and experiencing every man’s experience, so he can lead them all to where all the walks meet and all the experiences are fulfilled, such a man is the honest leader of his fellow  men, the only reward to  which he aspires is to see them there recognising each other.

You were created different to learn from one another and love one another, it is darkness that preaches bogus superiority and hate, hate distances you from The Law, love brings you closer to Him and you are meant to love even those who hate you, you are told in The Book,

Those who are trapped in the trap of hate will be contrite when their apex is blown into, they will recognise each other, and will understand why they are told in The Book: “love thy enemies”, and what is really meant by: “love your lover temperately, maybe your hater latently, and hate your hater temperately, may be your lover latently”, the Word of The Law is nothing but truth.

The gratitude is to Him Who permitted that His Word be uttered to you, to guide you from the darkness to the light, His Compassion encompasses the worlds, His Light reaches infinite distances unobstructed, only in blindness is it unseen.

O good people, take this time to come back to The Light, this better for you, and may you remember,

Darkness has swamped humanity in falsehood, its promises have been broken, it is driving humanity deeper in the suffering of hell; The Law is the True Promise and your eternal abode.

When He manifested His Summa you did not recognise them until your Father Adam told you their names, the Summa come to you with His Light, those of you who trust themselves do recognise them and follow the torch they have been handed, they hold it high so those who look up can see it, His Compassion encompasses the worlds, a distant ray of His Effulgence dissipates the darkness of nullity, He is Capable of all things.

The manifest is an illusion in duality, only you O good people can hover above it, be not trapped in it, this is your trial of yourselves, the pleasures of the low world pass fast, its glamour perishes, the dust of nullity cannot be captured, it escapes between your fingers, so hold on to the assured handhold that severs not, the certainty of your mind and the clarity of your love are true, this is just a hint of what is yet to come.

Darkness has inundated you with information about the physical world, every time they tread a road on the cipher they say they will culminate in a decipher, only to find that they have come back to where they started, the roads on the globe are infinite, only the winged ones can break off.

O people, the creation is so you know The Law, other aims are dualism.

Human civilisations are so you cooperate with one another to render your survival less tumultuous, the wheels of karma are blind and the elements have to play their play, all disregarding your wishes, this is the nature of the physical world, a truthful self, aware of her infiniteness, is not shaken by incidentalness, and the fruit of forbearance is a rise above the worlds, so put no obstacles in each other’s way, help one another in hardship, the earth is for all to share, what you possess today will be someone else’s tomorrow, and those that you help today will be your helpers tomorrow.

Darkness wants you to be fearful of random and arbitrariness, because darkness sees only lawlessness; in its Tyranny the cries of the suffering of children have reached afar.

Darkness wants to hide in its castles, built of playing cards, it learns no lessons from its mistakes, so it repeats them many times over, until the day comes when the rule is The Law and contrition helps not.

O people, the Tyranny has set up massive states, only to build up massive armies, in proportion to its paranoias, in proportion to its tyranny.

How do they know who will win their wars? Can they make a mosquito bite one man, leaving out another standing right beside? Press-button savagery is helpless before the might of The Law, the might of The Law creates eventuality beyond their wildest imagination and expectation, and their plots vanish as quickly as the writing on the surface of still water, darkened men’s intelligence is minute.

How do they know which civilisation is meant to survive? Are they the authors of history or are they recycled organic matter?

O people, what the Tyranny is mustering of armies, brewing of rancour, plotting of destruction: will not swerve history off its course, not by a whisker, history has already been written by The Author of history, and when He descends to their battle fields bad will be their morning, and worse will be their night, those who continue to laugh of their own stupidity, until they have exhausted their laughs, the time they were given is now over and the rule is The Law,

To rule The Republic of The World by justice and compassion, this is the day the good people have been waiting for, to direct them to the way of The Law, and the world is a haven of peace and prosperity, and no man or woman grieve, and no child is orphaned and animosities are past.

Your Master Gabriel has come before to direct human civilisation and thought and will come again: Amenhotep the Hermes of all the Hermii, Pythagoras The Numerator, Krishna The King, Buddha The Light, Samuel The Dimensioner, The Messiah The Master, Salman The Gold, Hamzah The Invested Monitor... and many other glorious comings, and his future coming is near, The Law is in him, blessed are those who recognise him every time;

The houses of rituals will be torn down; the filth of the pig will be incinerated, wherever he planted it on the earth;

The giant empires will be broken up, and the huge armies will be dismantled, they served the arrogance of idiots, they spread ruin and fear, and all the weapons will be destroyed, the weapons of cowardliness and ill-intent, and reason and a spirit of cooperation will prevail, and the world of small states will have a Council of Representatives which makes decisions on world matters, not by blind democratic means which disadvantage minorities of, perhaps millions, and neither by dictatorship, it makes decisions by consultation, and the laws are for the people to guide them in difficult times, they are not an aim by themselves, and where there is honesty and good will and the aim is the welfare of all no obstacles are unsurmountable, and the good Prophets will at times be there to guide The Council of The Elders, they have the foresight and the selflessness, their guidance and recommendations are taken seriously, and the Legislative Council is guided by them, and The World Supreme Court of Justice,

And the borders of greed and grudge will disappear from your maps, and the communities of the world respect each other’s way of life and culture, they learn from one another and teach one another, intelligent and civilised peoples are those which are virtuous,

And a new breed of states will emerge, the states which are not bound by a geographical land, but just like any other states in all respects, of the people with intellectual inquisitiveness, they explore the worlds, they develop technology, and knowledge is for all who want it, and some states choose to be technological, while some live a very simple life.

And for those who still have insecurities in their minds, let it be law, that only the World Army can have a manual-loader fire arms, the army which only the two councils of the Representatives and the Elders together have the power to mobilise, while the states may have only “white arms” (blade arms, bows and arrows and the like, incapable of mass-destruction), and remember that tribal wars are the failure of irrationality.

O people, competition does not deliver the best, it delivers the fastest, and this is often the worst, embellished by speediness, hastiness is the nature of the bull, his vision is narrowed to selected physical images, so he fools himself and tries to fool others; competition condones destruction to build on ruins, let it be known, what is built on ruins is doomed to ruin, humans build on correctness, what is built on correctness delivers life.

Competition is the nature of the beast which has not a purpose other than its own survival; man has another nature which dark ideologies cannot see: the nature of cooperation: does man not want to the save endangered species – some of which competes with man on the resources of the planet – from extinction? Does not man help his own enemies in times of natural disasters? So where does this fit in the ideologies Darwinism, capitalism and communism? Cooperation is man’s true nature, eager to be unleashed.

Governments of the affluent nations and the nations which submit to them use competition to accelerate the spin of money, but the fact that competition transforms human physical and intellectual labour, and the natural resources, fast into money: does not necessarily say that it is a good thing; those governments want you to believe that economics is the major aim of governance, and this is because after two thousand years of Christianity they still do not believe that it is not by bread alone that man lives, and those who think that they know the other thing will go to their houses of rituals, believing that this is the other thing;

Man’s spirit is fuelled by inspiration, the inspiration that fuels in man the love of the truth drives him to the straight path, and the inspiration that fuels in man the passions of the ego is evil, it traps him in an endless cycle of suffering, its fruit is void.

Human civilisations, great and small, are inspired by religion and philosophy.

Modern civilisation, despite the teaching of the radiant prophets of ancient and modern times, worships money, and money is a man-made thing, when man worships what he makes he is a prisoner in a dungeon of his own making.

Freedom is freedom of the mind from paganism, of whatever shape and form.

A free mind is capable of reaching the ubiquity of the cosmos, and this is where it feels at home.

A fettered mind can see only its own fetters.

A fettered mind is in agony, it cries out for help, the echoes of its cries are heard in the cold and pitch black darkness, and dark prophets tell you that these are the responses of the deity, so it cries out again and again, only to despair.

Why does man choose to suffer?

Money has stolen every value from man’s heart and mind, rests the flesh, and the flesh devoid of values is forbidden to the good people, it is not arbitrarily that The Book termed it “the flesh of the pig”.

Let it be known, that dues money and all pagan gods are going to be burnt, so man’s activity is an honest expression of himself and a fulfilment of The Law.

Darkened people cannot believe that human civilisation can survive and progress free from the dominance of the military and monetary deities, they will say: so show us by which laws will such a world be ruled.

We say: despite all the money that you have amassed, there is more poverty in the world than there has ever been, despite the armies that you have mustered there is more insecurity in the world than there has ever been, despite all the laws that you have been given there is more lawlessness and injustice in the world than there has ever been, so do you want to continue applying your potions and lotions to the body that you have rendered rotten to the bones? So lecture us not on matters in which you have not an experience, the Existential Sun has arisen, in its dazzling light all the lies expire, and if you cannot capture its radiance, the elements will: they will burn, blow, flood and shudder, to make you wonder and measure asunder.

We are the authors of your laws and their inspiration.

O people, men of worldly passions are not fit to govern the human communities, they want to take you down their way because they can only look down, they want to keep you occupied with wars and matters of survival and consumerism, all because they have not a nourishment for your minds and no inspiration, they cannot give what they lack.

Governments in their present form and scope of control do not need to exist, and they are aware of this; communist governments lean gradually towards capitalist systems, and capitalist ones privatise public services, in a discrete admission of their superfluousness; but if the public services were in hands of their users, they would deliver better services, but they are nowadays in the hands of shareholders, residing, perhaps, in foreign countries; those, their sole interest is profit.

Governments control education, and this is critical for the progress of individuals as well as communities, they have reduced education to skill training and information delivery, disregarding personal development, health and well-being.

They also control the health system, on the back of which the business of pharmaceuticals flourishes.

They have turned the communities into a nightmare of insecurity, and now their armies of private and governmental police have become indispensible, and in the ever accelerating race between criminals and the police, in the most affluent cities of the world: people are not safe, homes are electronic bunkers, children cannot play in their own homes unguarded, friendliness is required by the law in public places... indeed, the poor communities of the world have a lot to teach to the wealthy ones.

O people, if only you could eavesdrop on the closed meetings of governments and corporations, you would be horrified, but soon you will, the facade is going to breakdown, and the honest people will feel free to exercise their honesty.

And they will call you anarchist? Tell them: if the state of the world today is not anarchy, what is?

So take not those words as a persuasion of rebellion or revolution, rebellion and revolution replace tyrants by tyrants, and dogmas by dogmas, they build on ruin and their justice is avenge; take these words to free your own mind from the Tyranny, you do not need it, the sun rises without it, the trees bear their fruit without it, and the world can be a just place without it, when your hearts and minds are free the world is, this is true freedom and true victory and it will come.

The world needs honest men in whose hearts the mighty words of The Master inflame the love of justice and virtue,

Dishonest men have libraries of books of law, they have awarded themselves heavenly titles of all kinds, yet they do not understand what justice is and cannot practise it.

O people, the matters that we have brought to your attention are major matters, but tyrannic leaders want you to have a simplistic intellect, so you see the world through their black and white lenses, and the politics of war and economics, they distract you by trivial issues and their bickering, they numb you be senseless entertainment, and everything should be alright if it conforms to their laws and rules, because they cannot give you guidance, and  neither do they want you to be guided, or you become dangerous: you are no more an element of their capital: the crowd that follows whomever advertises louder.

O people, the wars of the twentieth century were a demonstration of savagery and a failure of irrationality, and should have urged you to review your international politics of hypocrisy and deceit, and your principle of “my countries interests above all”; instead, no sooner did the war end, than your build-up of more destructive arsenal in preparation for the next round had started, so if none of your past wars have brought peace, why would any future ones do? This is a reasoning that you ought to be teaching your children at early age, as for your leaders, political and spiritual alike, the engraving on the hearts of stone is too deep, your only hope is not to allow such idiots to rule your lives anymore.

Those who win a war say: had we lost, things would have been bad; and those who lose say: had we won things would have been good; politicians use such hypothetical argumentation to justify more wars and hide their lack of a real argument; how can anyone say by any degree of certainty how things would have been, had they been other?

Whether at war time or in a time of peace, in the midst of political contention, the wise man steps back and sees only a superficial pictorial difference if the tables were turned around; human civilisation and thought are not driven by tribal wars and political bickering and their outcome, although world leaders would like you to so believe.

Moreover, if we were to judge countries by their deeds, and so we should we are told, the dropping of atomic bombs on Japanese cities and the devastating bombardment of German cities were as evil as the atrocities which were committed by the Japanese and the Germans; and the massacre of indigenous people in the Americas and Australia, and the enslaving of Africans... were as evil as the holocaust in Germany; but the victors of war have the power to dictate their measure of right and wrong to their historians and their media.

This, and bearing in mind the atrocities and injustices which were committed, and perhaps are still being committed by the victors of the two world-wars after: in Asia, in the Middle-East, in Latin America, in Africa, why would not one say: the world would not have been a worse place, had the outcome of the two world-wars been reversed?

Such hypothetical argumentation makes more sense than the one used by world leaders today: the former seeks an exit from the endless cycle of relative right and wrong, and the latter aims to stagnate therein.

They will jump of fury, and will say: so do you want us to give up our freedoms to the invaders and surrender to them?

Of course not, the right of self-defence is everyone’s natural right.

Every argument gives birth simultaneously to its opposite by the laws of nature, whatever argument you bring forth, its opposite lays within it by the laws of nature. It is this interaction that must be controlled in people’s minds, before conflict flares.

O people, your leaders glorify the wars of the past only to sustain the evil spirit of war, so more wars can be justified, when such dark pages ought to be turned over and forgotten; even in countries which consider themselves secular: new rituals are being choreographed at new pilgrimages, what purpose do such acts serve? To dig out old animosities which have been long buried? Darkened leaders want you to cling to your bigotries and fears, they use them as corridors to your hearts and minds; many of you have forgotten these animosities and have now friends and family on the side that was once enemy, why do you need to be reminded of an ugly and dark chapter every year? The best service you can do those who died in those battle-fields misguided by warmongers is to look forward to a future in peace, where wars are regarded as failure, from whichever side they are regarded, so such tragedies occur no more.

If any people can truly say that they were aggressed and wronged and attacked unjustly, it is the good people in various parts of the world, in the Middle-East, the Subcontinent, and Europe, in past times, they were the meek in the earth, and the wise and knowledgeable, their only fault was their righteousness and their refusal to submit to religious institutes, they have been brought almost to annihilation, only a few of them have survived in those parts of the world, so they have resorted to esotericism and pretence, in order to hide their wisdom and good nature, in order to survive, if some of them have deviated from their way over time, after centuries of pretending to be what they are not, although it is bad for them, it is much worse for the rest, for they will get no guidance anymore, but only wrath.

The renaissance in Europe was championed by them: Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Moore, John Smyth, Rene Descartes, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, Isaac Newton, Benedict Spinoza, Emanuel Kant, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Leo Tolstoy, and recently Pope John Paul II, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and in America Abraham Lincoln,

The Magna Charta was written by them,

And the world in the last century slid down to anarchy and barbarity only because they had been silenced.

In India the Sikh people have survived as a community despite the attempts in the past to exterminate them, by their heroism.

In the Middle-East, the Druze have survived miraculously, despite many attempts to exterminate them, and the Middle-East can only settle if they are united in their spirit, they are the salt of the earth of that part of the world, if they rot it will rot,

And one of them did meet with Adolf Hitler, and tried to persuade him to abandon his evil plans, but Hitler’s ideology of a chosen people was too strong, at a time when world leaders were scavengers fighting over every inch of the earth and every swell of the oceans, his response was: “do you have blue eyes?”, 

And although the preachers of hate and enmity in the word today do not all spread hate and enmity by the same criterion, yet, they all in fact do, but they know not.

And he also met with some senior members of the Zionist movement, and told them that the emigration of the Hebrew people to Palestine should turn that part of the world into a haven of peace and prosperity for all; they turned their deaf ears, and their ideology of a chosen people gave them a blank cheque from heaven, they thought;   

And he also did meet with a nationalist leader in Lebanon of that time, and tried to convince him that the glory that Lebanon and the neighbouring countries once had, could not be rekindled by nationalism, but by education, after the long centuries of ignorance, and by their adherence to the teaching of the good Prophets; his response was: “how can this help us?” referring to a Book of The Sacred Philosophy that we opened to him.

And now they are desperate to understand what The Sacred Philosophy teaches, but it is too late for the minds that have chosen death, the only thing they can understand is the visible laws of nature, and the morality of the lions and the hyenas.

And in recent times, and after the end of the Cold War, a glimpse of peace was seen, and a great opportunity was opened to the world, to extend their arms to one another: ideological differences should not lead to conflict, and the mentality of fear should fade; and Sheikh Bahjat Ghayth of the Druze of Lebanon visited the Ambassador of the United States of America in Beirut and urged him to urge his government to take this great opportunity to promote world peace, and to defuse existing tensions, and to work on a just basis to resolve the conflict between the Hebrew and their Arab cousins in the Middle-East,

But no sooner did the Cold War end, than the media of the West, the political analysts, the retired army generals, the self-proclaimed experts... started looking in every corner of the world, blatantly and openly: “who is going to be the next enemy?” they asked, and as if one has to have an enemy, in the same way as one has to have food and water to survive,

And enemies did they make, and the world spiralled down once again to war, can anything or anyone drive it out of this quagmire now?

Only when people’s minds are free from enmity, greed and grudge can tyrannical leaders stop leading them to their detriment.


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