The Book of John


                The stories we bring to you are recorded, and to demonstrate that God remits the people after their death,

                And when the Day comes, every one of you will remember and will wonder: So how long have we been here? Those who know will say: much longer than you have thought, and The Book warned you all.

                And the young men in the cave were God’s messengers: on a mission to remember and to bring their remembrance to the believers, as recounted The Qur’an.

                When John was bestowed on Abraham, John knew everyone around him and knew himself, and his Master’s Countenance lit his sky.

                He attended the classes of their neighbour Mary of Nazareth, who taught language, religion, arithmetic and basic astronomy of those times.

                She loved John and found him very clever.

                One day he saw at her house a man of a pagan creed, she said his name was Joseph.

                John knew that Joseph was not just a homeless man that Mary wanted to help.

                He noticed that Mary became pregnant, and did not hide his notice from either Mary or Joseph.

                And when her pregnancy became conspicuous, she and Joseph left their town, he learned later that they settled in Jerusalem.

                She had heard of Mary of Imran (or Omran) who was known to a few, that she had given birth to a child, whom she had conceived without a sexual union, and Abraham had known but did not believe.     

                John was bestowed on him without a sexual encounter with his wife, but he did not believe, so he remained silent until he name himself Baha’u’Llah.

                He knew John and loved him but was unable to discern his teaching.

                As a young man John obeyed his Lord’s Call, to abandon the distractions of the world, to seek knowledge, and to pave the way in the believers’ hearts for the grand-coming of his Master, The Messiah,

                And he recognized his Opposite, Jesus, while he was still in Mary’s womb.

                As a young man, Jesus was advocated by his mother as a son of god, of divine power, of healing the sick and knowing what ordinary men could not know, she manipulated naive and simple people to give false witness of his powers,

She said he was the awaited Messiah, the King of the Jews;

                The Jews were sceptic and did not follow him, and neither were the Pharisees,

                The Pharisees had adopted their name as euphemism of Philistines, the outsiders who came from Egypt across the sea and did not complete the holy journey that the other Hebrew people did,

                They had adopted the Torah, and claimed to have the oral law that Moses taught,

                The calamity of the Exodus united the two groups for the sake of their Hebrew national identity they perceived;

                Terminology and definitions thereof is a powerful instrument in the politics, wars and power-play of the servants of darkness,

                They will be very disappointed when they realize that the names they grant themselves and others are bubbles on the surface of the river: they last short and have no control over the flow of the stream.

                Neither did John baptize with physical water, and nor did the Messiah baptize with physical fire or a supernatural spirit.

                The Messiah came to call those ready to fly, he inspired to them, and they flew back to Home,

                Before the new era was about to begin, farther and darker, ruled by Jesus the son of man,

                An inevitable destiny for those who had darkened, an unwarranted experience for those who had believed:

                When the rule is by the laws gleaned from the physical manifestation of The Law, in the perspective of the observer, in the duality, in the verb to be, in The Law,

                The Miracle of Existence: God created darkness in light, duality in one and nullity in existence.

                Those who vision The Miracle, The Unseen (al-ghayb) have fulfilled the purpose of their lives, no fear takes them, they grieve not,

                And those who surrender to the unseen surrender to lawlessness, they dwell in the jail of Satan and his speaker Iblis, willingly despitefully, believing they are guided;     

                A thin screen veils Reality, and can only be penetrated in one’s mind, where it belongs.

                Vain is the pursuit of the empiricists and the supernaturalists to penetrate it, they only delude themselves and the simple who follow them, to keep themselves and the people in the low world.

                They rule them by the laws of causality, of convincing power of rhetoric, and charlatanry,

                They rule them by their own passions of fear and want of a low life, they promise them heaven on earth and earth in the heavens.

                Of what is the mind, can only be known by the mind, to the mind, in the mind. 

                Everything else is an illusion that is convincing, in the Miracle of Existence, so the human journey is actual, and the encounter of oneself is the joy below which all the joy retires.

                The Law has the cosmos in its entirety, all the place in no place, and all the time in no time, above, and encompassing place and time and the activity therein and its manifestation: in the display of beauty, might and eternity, how was this not to occur?

                The eye wants to witness it, by it, from it, in it, in the distance; for, I was an oblivion oublie (nasyan mansyyan), said The Book.

                In this glorious body that man has, the entire cosmos is manifested, and in the body the entire body can manifest; for, creation is self-love,

                Thus The Lord loves His Creation by The Law.

                In this glorious body, people are apiculated (musawwaroon) to certain heavens, in a sector of the Discus; in this glorious brain, this cloud of gelatinous gray and white matter: are the corridors to the entire cosmos for those who tread them, those daring uncaring climb them: the mountains of knowledge.

                And God’s messengers: He sends them to turn the Discus by His Leave,

                The human experience of self-discovery perpetuates.

                He remits them in flesh and blood in place and time, to pour down light, that takes a multitude of colours and nuances of colours in dark and radiant humanity, and an inspiration to all, and redemption to those ready to be redeemed (yutawaffoon).

                The Messiah, the son of Mary of Imran, his Lord’s Will, and his brothers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, around, witnessed their Lord manifest, said He: “take a spark of this Light, light with it the road of those wanting guidance”; the love between them creates the experience of the worlds.    “One day I am here”, said he, “and the next day I am not, yet I constantly am, and you will come back to complete what I began”.

                The Messiah speaks little, and his presence is all, the light of his countenance light up the cosmos, the radiance of his forehead The Pillars of God.

                A New Testament began, God begins the creation and iterates it, God is Capable of all things.

                One is sweet and potable, the other is pungent brine, for the people to choose their aliment and their destinies, hence.

                Thus he was a teacher, a caller to God’s Religion, an announcer of glad tidings and an incandescent lamp,

To light up the niche of the prophets of darkness, lest they and their followers say: we were not warned.

                The believers remembered him, they had abode in him before,

                Those who lost their vision, he restored it; those whose skin had an addiction to sensual pleasures, he healed them; those who were crippled by their burdens of need of material possessions, he emancipated them; those who were ready for flying, he inspired to them and they flew; and those who had a desire to experience the low world, he said to them: ”you are the salt of the earth, if the salt rots, by what can it be salted?”.

                The remembrance of the Christ is light that dims not, and compassion that overwhelms all,

                Follow my guidance, he said, and you will be salvaged in the Kingdom of God.

                Those who were dead, he enlivened them, and those who remained dead, he said about them: “let the dead bury their dead”.

                Two-thousand years have passed; and whence did the Qur’an descend? And the people of the book: the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews, still struggle to understand their life and their death,

                They take the Christ’s say, and the Qur’an’s: “you (the messenger) are dead, and they are dead” as a lesson in man’s mortality,

                Yet, the Jews are still waiting for an immortal man; the Christians believe that the son of man was raised from the dead; the Shiah are still waiting for a man who has been hiding for a thousand years; and all believe their bones and flesh of organic matter and form will be resurrected at the end-of-days:

                Do the people of the book understand the law of man’s mortality? We ask, while they all boast that they do, and ridicule one another.

                Thus the son of man was a preacher of lawlessness, he and his mother told the world that he could break the laws of nature:

                Unless one is an affixer (mushrek), who sees overlapping multiple absolutenesses, one cannot see the breaking of the laws of nature as proof of God.

                God’s Miracle is The Law, those who are deluded by the trinities of monotheism cannot see The Law, they see habitualness in place and time, The Law created in their view; The Law created their view.

                And let it be known, the son of man did not break the laws of nature, the son of man disobeyed his Lord and repudiated His Law.

                And let it be known, neither does the Messiah break the laws of nature, the Messiah is The Law manifest, the Messiah is God’s Will, God’s Will is The Law,

                The Christ dies in his physical body and conquers death, to realize his Reality,

               The Christ twists the thick steel rods of physicality, like a child plaits her locks,

                He carries the cross of his physical body and walks the earth free from it, and tells humanity to do same thing, The Christ is a promise of life, not a doom of suffering and death.

                “I am the Truth” he said.

                Those who failed to see The Truth saw only his physical body, a physical body that grows up, ages and dies by the laws of nature; a physical body that submits to change is not truth; a physical body has a form in place and time, it is not truth;

                But it is The Truth that projects the imagery and the events of place and time.

                And in the Ghita he said: “the fools believe that my Reality is realized in my person, for they do not know that my reality is eternal, high above birth and death”.

                And if an apparent breaking of the laws of nature is a proof of authority, we say, it the authority which creates nature and its laws; as such, authority cannot be a physical actuality.

                The screen separating Reality from incidentalness is thin, but can be penetrated, only in the mind where it belongs, those who darken turn back soon as they reach it , scared by the dog which guards it.

                And how many times did the son of man come to John, whom you call the Baptist, to tempt him, test him and sow seeds of doubt in him,

                He argued with him and demanded a physical proof of his prophethood, answered he his answer, which still echoes on the decimals of time, to come to a few who have ears that hear: “ it is not by bread alone that man lives”.

                His Master’s Spirit was strong in him all the way, in his austere seclusion the world was under his feet.

                The son of man and his master Satan and their followers still ponder these words, wondering: what is the other thing?

                Is it the surrendering of their minds, so the nagging question is muted?

                Is it the rituals and the imagery they worship?

                Is it their helplessness before the might of nature?

                Is it the laws they found on their local definitions of right-and-wrong?

                The Messiah is not tempted or tested by anyone, he is above all, the two beasts walk on either his sides, and stand if he stands, in complete submission to his authority,

                They display their imagery to frighten the feeble-minded, and demonstrate their virility; the displays of physicality and its power of multiplication is the expression of The Might of The Law,

                The Lord said to him: “sit on my right-hand side, and the Opposites are the dust of your feet”.

                What can crucify the Messiah? The Carrier of the Discus and the Mace, the Administrator of reward and punishment, the Holder of the Balance, the acceptor of repentance, the Guidance to all;

                The cosmos reposes in his lap in equilibrium, to the tunes of his flute the galaxies waltz and the planets’ orbits synchronize.

                While John was teaching Baptism, that is the washing of the dirt of physicality, and its ideologies and doubts, and its pagan practices and irrationality, Baptism that is Christianity, delivering his Master’s Word to humanity: he was the incandescent lamp, The Book told;

                To his opposite, the son of man, the charlatan the liar, who demonstrated time after time his inability to discern anything: consequence to his mutiny to his Lord, when he said: “no”.

                He thought he could be better than the Messiah, or equal to him,

                He said: “I can unearth life”, amongst other infamous says he said;

                In the Miracle of God’s Creation, by The Law of Existence, the bright moon eclipsed and turned to a pale brownish colour, and the godly eyes blinded in vision, and turned to a pig’s eyes, that see but see not,

                What he unearthed was death;

                Some were amused by his show of mockery, some were frightened and had doubts about their own existence, they darkened along with him;

                Dark Eve became his adopting mother, she was Mary, the wife of Joseph;          

                As for those who love their Lord and their Master the Messiah, their Way to their Lord, those were saddened; memories of the first tragedy in existence still sadden them deeply;

                But the dark heavens that Iblis spread were soon lit by the Sun of The Law, and the believers rejoiced, and till now, they are certain that their Master is the Bringer of joy and providence to them, the Sustainer of Life,

                In their journeys in the sombre of the evil tree they do not despair.

                And Iblis was expelled from the Okeanos, and cast in a low heaven with his henchmen, they set up an ugly crooked black tower where they gather and plot their evil plots, when their radiant brothers visit them to guide them, they smear them to cover their holiness and dim their light,

                Their grudge and envy are below their comprehension.

                They think they can rule a world of their own autonomously, they know not, that God’s Law encompasses all existence, their darkness is not an absence of The Law, their distance is not beyond reach.

                The time they were given to call their calls and rule on their terms is coming to an end; they have turned the earth to a house of horrors, even they are frightened, forget the ordinary people who followed them;     

                They will ask them when the Lord wakes them: “where are the promises you promised, what is your authority?” they will run from God’s Justice of his angels: the believers who abide in Him; but they cannot run, the world is too small to our knowledge, unknown only in their darkness.

                And as we promulgate this message to you, by this hand that we promulgate it, the hand Satan and Iblis could not amputate, it is resurrected to frighten them, only dark souls are frightened from our Justice.

                They took our teaching from John, that you then called The Christ, they confused the names, they edged the words about their locations in people’s minds, they usurped and desecrated God’s Book, they named Jesus the son of Joseph: the Messiah, then they named him: the Christ, and neither was he God’s messenger, nor was he a Baptist who washed off sin.

                In this discourse we have given you, we will wash off your sins of your hearts and minds once again, if you tread the straight path we pointed to you, if you tread the road of glory and eternity that John the Christ trode by his Master’s Light before.

                This is a call to all believers, before it is too late, and your Lord is two cubits close, and even closer, but you are unable to look, of shame.

                What matters is the teaching descended to you from your Master to his Brothers, the teaching that can walk you out of darkness to the light, the teaching that is the ethic of humanity, so you turn not to dust;

                As for the names by which you know our messengers, we do not recognise them, they are suitable for your recount of linear history,

                For, John, Matthew, Mark and Luke were remitted after, in Greece, where they wrote the discourse of the Master;

                And as John said: “the son of man will be glorified by his death”

                So as we shed this light, you should go back to your Gospels, and read them again, so you can now discriminate between the fresh potable water and the brine that is pungent,

                So if you serve yourselves water from the evil jug, you will burn your stomach with brine; and if you serve yourselves water from the good jug, it is healing and enlivening, it is the nectar of life.

                This is God’s Miracle of His Book, let anyone with ears listen.

                The son of man conjured food and wine, healed physical illnesses and raised the dead, they said.

                Such a bad gift, we say.

                It is a gift that will perish, and as though it was never given and never received.

                So how can a perishable gift bring you eternal life? We ask.

                Unless the light of your mind is put out, and the spirit in your chest is dead, you will not accept such an argument, you will not take such gifts.

                The Messiah and John The Christ spoke to your minds and installed love in your hearts, their gift perishes not, you can carry it to your next life, let anyone who has ears listen.

                They tell you: the son of man worked miracles to show his proof of God.

                I tell you: if you have not seen a proof of God in the consecution of the day and the night, in red rays of the dawn and the blue of the midday skies, in the light of the sun and the shade of a tree... you will not see a proof of God in any miracle.

                They tell you: surrender to him and believe in him, so he salvages you.

                I tell you: surrender to God only who created you and all and the son of man.

                They tell you: Jesus the son of man demonstrated his love to the poor, and charitableness.

                I tell you: charity is a virtue where greed is the norm, and helping of others is benevolence where selfishness is the norm;

                Yearn not to the good which has evil as its prerequisite, and can be seen only through it;

                If you were faithful to the teaching of the Messiah and the Christ, there would not be startling inequality and tragic injustice in the world, and your aid agencies become superfluous.

                And if you were faithful to his teaching in the Ghita, charity would be given at the right time, at the right place, to someone who needs it, and would not be a price for buying favours from the heavens and the earth.

                Damned are those who help the helpless and give charity to the people to turn them to their creed and promote their institutes of politics, business and religion: the institutes of the Tyrannum (al-taghoot), the very institutes which perpetuate division, hatred and inequality.

                They manipulate simple people’s minds, and people of need and destitution, to surrender their minds, and accept their ideologies, and to accept the son of man as god and their saviour.

                They instil fear and sinfulness in their hearts, fear and sinfulness they, perhaps, did not have before,

                They put  out the light of their minds and kill the spirit of their hearts, the light and the spirit that God bestowed on them, so they may know Him and approach to Him;

                Their sins are unpardonable.

                And he told them in the Qur’an: “annul not your donations by obligation and harm” (la tubtilu sadaqaatikum bi al-mann wa al-adhaa).

                Deeds are in their motives, dark motives will return only dark ends, and the immediate material benefit of the deed is wiped out as soon as it is consumed,

                And what lasts is the good spirit: the spirit of a rational reasoning mind, and of compassion, the Spirit that the son of man and his henchmen stifled in their selves.

                So when we said to them: “love thy enemies”, and “turn the other cheek”, they sniggered.

                They took it as an excuse to disobey God, they preferred the law of the lions and the hyenas over the ethic of humanity,

                If only they acknowledge that other people have the same rights they say they have, and share the earth and its bounties fairly, it would be an honest expression of love;

                But the love they know is egoism, and an attachment to their material possessions.

                There is not a commandment in the teaching of the Christ that they did not disobey,

                The world is now an arsenal of machinery of destruction and bloodshed, and the bounties of nature and the labour of man are the possession of a needy handful, the more they have the more they want,

                The suffering of humanity has reached an unprecedented mark, the sins of Sodom and Gomora pale upon comparison.

                Their ritual of baptism does not wash off their sins, neither on the earth, and nor in the heavens, every time they are born,

                It is only a confirmation of the pagan beliefs of their ancestry, and a licence of lawlessness, and a road to death, so they can hear nothing and see nothing, they are told in The Book.

                The son of man bathed in the river and asked John to bless him, demonstrating his failure to discern John’s teaching,

                Ritualistic Christianity was thus born, and its decorations, the lowest projection of the light that John shined to humanity;

                And when he washed his followers’ feet, he did not baptize them: he invited them to the jail of their physicality: once in, the way to the Light is obscure, the Spirit is supernatural and the good is natural,

                In the world rounded over itself, tangibility is the only credibility: dust to dust, ashes to ashes, bones to bones: death is the destiny of those who fall in the deep breaches of hell, by their own choosing,

                This is their sin that they have carried across their low lives in the far distance: only pagan gods create people sinful and punish them, arbitrarily: the gods which do not exist, except in the sombre of their ignorance.

                They have said: your teaching is beyond the comprehension of men, even the knowledgeable struggle to discern it: it takes their minds to their beginnings, and it is hard enough for them to understand their ends: let alone simple ordinary people.

                We say: God manifested His Creation to His Creation by The Law, to install virtue in people’s hearts and truths, it is when people darkened to His Teaching that the way out of darkness became treacherous, the farther they distance, the more treacherous the way  to return becomes;

                And every time they boggle in uncharted pitch darkness, we send our messengers, darkness puts not our Light;

                But those who are honest, they covenanted their Lord when they witnessed Him, wherever they venture, no fear takes them, they grieve not,     

                Those who love us gravitate to our light, every ray of it is like all its rays, from whichever direction they look,

                There is a ray of light for every honest soul in our teaching, and God burdens not the people more than they can carry, God is The Justice of justice.

                But those arrogant and self-conceited, they think they know better, they delude simple people with falsehood, they lie about God and his messengers, they pretend they know things, they set their own laws that God did not authorise, they cover God’s Word with their fallacies...

                They live in constant fear and insecurity, of their own darkness, they want to pull every one down to their abyss...

                Their sins are unpardonable.

                Man’s morality is an expression of his self-knowledge, and his activity is dictated and governed by his morality;

                Those who have turned up-side-down: their low lives are the purpose of their low lives, their activity, hence, dictates their morality; their morality, hence, emphasizes their physicality,

                Those exhaust their hearts of virtue, their hearts are now of flesh and blood,

                God forbade the flesh of the pig, in the Torah and the Qur’an,

                They forbade the consumption of some organic matter, do they not realize that what they forbade was God’s Law?

                So the Qur’an told them, the Qur’an legitimised what the Israelites had forbidden, and so did the Gospel,

                God’s Book is God’s Word, it is the aliment of the heart and light to the mind, it teaches the ethic of humanity,

                Humanity cannot redeem herself until she realizes her humanity,

                And those who dwell in flesh and blood, and measure by matter, in matter they are cast: their bad choice and bad destiny;

                On the fringes of our light they see nuances of colours and light and shade, they are deprived from the Light,

                The physical world exhibits to them models of a grand scale, for those who have discerning minds to admire, those look and say: “our Lord, indeed you created this by The Law (bi al-Haqq)”,

                They are elevated by their love, and in the euphoria of their minds they transcend, the Okeanos suffices them, they say: “our Lord, let Thy Kingdom be on the earth as it is in the heavens”,

                Thus we wash their sins away and emancipate them from the cross of their physicality,

                What they do, God has done it, in their abidancehood in Him, their activity is by The Law:

                Blessed are those hungry for the Spirit, they have the Kingdom of the heavens,

                Blessed are those pure in the heart, they will see God.

                As for those heedless ones, Lord help them,

                We set our verses to enlighten them, they panic, they are more at ease in the darkness, our verses test them, they bring out the content of their deep;

                They will be derisive of our message, and they will deny it, as they did before.

                And when their masters adopt it, they adopt its lowest projection,

                The low life, its hopes and dreams suffice them, its cost is suffering, and burdens they will carry across to their next life, its wrongs are inevitable,

                Its wrongs are overridden by knowledge, that is the ethic of humanity we teach, may those who desire The Good be guided, the Good that cannot be earned by rituals, and neither by the natural law, or the arbitrary rule of pagan gods.

                No book can contain every human activity, to define it and its right and wrong, and to set its rules and laws, in every place and time.

                Those who demand such a book from the heavens: they demand it because they have exhausted their hearts of virtue, and disabled their reasoning minds.

                Humanity has brought forth new activities, not mentioned in the Book, of major consequences, for humanity and the earth, and the life in it.

                Those who say that they go by their Book and Shariah and law, commit ugly crimes, and hide behind their Book, the Book brings out the content of their deep,

                They commit obscenities, they indulge in their animality, they perpetrate acts of cruelty and injustice to man and animal, they despoil the earth... all unscrupulously, the sight of harm and the suffering they cause triggers no compassion in their hearts of stone, the debasement in animality triggers no honour in their minds of dust;

                Those who have reduced God’s Teaching to laws and definitional morality, use their laws and definitions to by-pass God’s Teaching; their laws are only an amelioration of their heathenry;

                The laws and the Shariah have taught darkened humanity very little, and when vice takes a new form in a new activity, you see them hurling themselves onto vice happily, believing they are guided by their laws and Shariah;

                And those who measure by matter, they worship Deus money, they see the laws, mundane or heavenly, as a convenience: if they promote their political and commercial agendas they should be right,

                To reap immediate material benefit, they discredit their humanity, they burden their selves and humanity with sin, they bring on suffering to themselves and others.

                It is not randomly or arbitrarily that humanity was created: random and arbitrariness are intellectual concept: products of man’s ignorance: how can theories of philosophy and religion, and the laws drawn from them be based, in their entirety, on human ignorance? Let anyone who has ears that can hear listen, and anyone with a functioning mind ponder.

                Such theories can conceive only absurdity, deliver injustice and nurse nonsense: the mind has judged it, for what purpose than judgement was a thinking mind bestowed on mankind?

                The son of man had nothing meaningful to say, so he distracted the feeble minds of his followers by tricks and charlatanry, he commanded them to surrender their minds to accept him as a son of god,

                The doors of irrationality were thus wide opened, for his institutes and clergy, and preachers, to numb people’s minds with falsehood, to impose their political agendas, to spread fear and enmity, to justify division and inequality: run from such morality.

                Those who are pure at heart, they are honest, their inspiration is The Law, their morality is of selflessness and righteousness, no matter how imperfect their actions may seem.

                Such morality cannot be exercised or comprehended by those who subscribe to pagan gods and materialistic ideologies,

                Those, their inspiration is  passion, greed, lust, hatred, anger, fear of their own darkness... their actions deliver evil, embellished by an immediate material benefit that is short lived.

                They judge by visibleness, as in sports games and traffic rules; they set limits and definitions, and set their laws accordingly,

                And this is fine, when the aim is to manage human activity and interaction,

                But in the absence of virtue, the rules and the laws become, themselves, the cover behind which evil is carried out: the very evil the laws and the rules are meant to curb.

                However rigorous the wording of the laws may be and however precise, those clever ones will find loopholes in them; and in place and time societies’ values change, and so do their perception of right-and-wrong and their definitions.

                There is an abundance of laws, heavenly and mundane, in the world today, and every group of people claim to adhere to their laws, yet there is more barbarity and injustice in the world than there has ever been;

                If they realize that the laws are meant to point them to the ethic of humanity, they would all concur in their humanity,

                But they adhere to visibleness, in their actions within the constraints of their laws: they fail to see the evil of their own actions,

                They thus see others’ wrongs and do not their own;

                And in their interaction as individuals and as nations, they can never resolve their differences,

                And in their moments of passion, they drop their convictions and beliefs, they break their own laws

                : The have failed their humanity.

                God does not create people weak then torment them by their weakness, God does not create people sinful then punish them of their sinfulness,

                Such is the work of pagan gods, born in human ignorance,

                Such gods, incapable of basic justice, how can they create such beauty and magnificence of the world and life?

                So if you think that paganism has been abolished by monotheist religions, think again, and judge not by the words that the monotheists utter, or the Book they say they believe.

                It is their fault, the monotheists’, that people resort to materialism: their laws have increased humanity’s suffering, their beliefs do not reconcile with the logical mind;

                In materialism, their intellect is set free from the narrowness of monotheist dogmata, to seek explicability,

                The logical routes of the mind were thus observed in natural phenomena, and mathematics casts the how, the then and the measures,

                A new opportunity for the mind was thus opened, to see reality in the mind, above, within and around tangibility,

                And, that it is not for nothing or from nothing that the worlds were created.

                Those who cannot see the Holy Spirit have surrendered themselves to the supernatural, they have found nothing;

                So now they search in the dust for themselves they have lost.

                What can the supernatural spirit and its antithesis of dust teach humanity?

                Those who drink from the evil jug, they intoxicate their minds and bodies, no spirit can dwell in them, they are dead forever,

                Their ignorance feeds their self-conceit, their self-conceit feeds their ignorance,

                My teaching falls on their deaf ears, for the dead hear not.

                Their morality has led them to where they believe they belong: in nothing,        

                For it is the morality of visibleness, it is dishonesty proper: the sky cannot be covered by an arcade,

                And when the sky is covered by an arcade, no star can be seen, no direction can be charted,

                And the beast in the man is fostered, in the darkness of his own choosing it cannot be reined.

                They blame everything else for their misery, except themselves, they hurl themselves on their stones of their pagan rituals begging for salvation, they gaze at their computer screens and re-balance their equations of money and politics, they re-word their laws... all to no avail,

                The Day they have been promised will come, unquestionably; they will be questioned of their deeds.

                Mankind is endowed with the Power of God, to love and multiply, to employ the world and to destroy it, to burn to ashes and to flourish, so where do you want to invest your endowments?

                For, when you invest them in matter, their dividends are paid to you in matter, which you will accept happily, most of the time,

                But other times, you want to turn them down and you cannot, they are yours: lust you do not want, hate that haunts, wrath that you regret, want that settles not,

                The beast in the man cannot rein the beast in the man, only the man can.

                Those speakers of lies: the clergy, the politicians, the academics, the self-proclaimed experts and megalomaniacs of all sizes and shapes, they run not out of rhetoric, it pays them back money, fame and power,

                They shed crocodile tears on the misery of humanity, the potions and lotions that they prescribe have been prescribed before: they numb the pain but provide no cure,

                They quote the Greek Philosophy and God’s Book, to pretend to know better,

                But what they know is their physicality, they comprehend not the Master’s teaching,

                The low life is temporary, and change is its nature, their laws cannot override the sovereignty of The Law,

                Death is their destiny and the destiny of those who follow them, and the life eternal is the destiny of those who have not lost their selves in the world of darkness upon darkness.

                We light a lamp in it, and draw models of a magnitude, to remind those who have not darkened,

                When they wake up to their existence, of giddiness of laughter, they say to their Lord: “our Lord, Lord of the two worlds and the heavens and the earth, care not about us, it suffices us that Thou art our Lord, our Provider, The Sustainer of Existence, The Holder of the Balance, The Beginner The Terminator, The Truth Inepical (not epical), The Kindler of Mind,

                “It is in Thee that we abide, and Thee that we beseech to look”.

                And when in hardship, they counsel one another, they remind one another of the brevity of the low life, they help one another, they flourish in the ethic of humanity, the joy of existence is their reward,

                They abide in The Law, and by The Law they confront the mountain-like swell of the ocean of eventuality and the illusions of darkness and their slavery in matter;

                It is by The Law that matter is broken, not by matter,

                And those who seek wisdom and happiness in the world, they seek knowledge, they live in harmony, they learn to observe the beauty of the manifest and the order inside the seeming chaos,

                They do not wish to change what God created, and they cannot, they want to know it and contemplate it,

                They are in awe of the Majesty and The Might of God, in Him they refuge;

                Their return to Him across the tract of becoming is the triumph of the Truth, nothing can stand in the Way of the Truth,

                This is the existential journey that humanity is to fulfil and complete, to earn the joy of all the joys of the encounter of God, as promised the Book;

                The Gardens of God are of Peace and Fecundation, every petal of every flower is an epic of creation; the Teaching of God’s is pleasure that runs not out.

                But those delusional ones, they are envious of God’s Law and his Brothers, from his beauty and magnificence they turned away,

                Little do they know, when they hide in their darkness it is in him that they hide,

                God remits him and his Brothers in their cave, their light dissipates the granules of the night,

                Fright takes those creatures turned skeletons of anatta (oppositeness to Spirit), the ugliness they bring out is a potentiality in duality, existing in accidental necessity,

                In their stubborn ignorance they suspect that they are the makers, but we are the destroyers of lawlessness, the guardians of the Light;

                By its very nature in impermanence, their aberration has, innate in it, its code of self-destruction,

                The suffering they bring onto themselves and the entire humanity calls for our compassion, so we rescue those ready to be rescued, and a new testament begins.

                They discern not what we teach them, poured out of their jugs it turns to pungent brine,

                The laws and the information that our teaching inspires to them become, and a new experiment of human civilization begins.

                Those who love us, their love is the jewel of life resident in their hearts, it is the virtue of God’s Teaching,

                They are not miss-guided by literality and visibleness, The Spirit and his Brothers are their guide.

                And those who envy us, they dislike us, so they turn up-side-down, our compassion is their avengement, our correction is their punishment and reward.

                So which law will correct them now? And they were given all they needed before, one would have thought;

                Yet, they still bow to stones, they still hanker after perishable things, they worship Deus money, and they do not understand life and death.

                And when we said to them: “everyone who looks a woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart”: they sniggered, they took it as excuse to indulge in their animality.

                So polygamy and concubinage are rife, in some creeds: in the name of religion;

                Also, incestuous marriage between cousins and couples which lived under one roof: they legitimised it;

                And they say they do their gods a favour when they multiply, so the Qur’an truly tells them: “amused you have been by multiplication, until you visit the graves”.

                God needs not man’s animality, He created the worlds and what is yet to become,

                God’s Creation is like a mustard seed, so where do you want to sow it, in clay and fire, or in the Kingdom of God?

                If only they realize that is the content of their hearts that binds them, they should invest Love in their hearts, and no lust;

                And this cannot be achieved by self-torture, self-deprivation, severe austerity or pretentious chastity,

                And neither can it be achieved by the rituals and the chanting of prayers,

                If anything, such practices may lead to insanity and crime.

                This glorious body of clay will let its dweller to read the entire memory of being in a body, and beyond,

                This is a long and arduous journey, not for the faint-hearted;

                But it will also let its dweller to root deeper in physicality.

                Therefore limits are set for the people not to trespass, so the human in them does not die.

                The godliness of man is not a supernatural thing, and his physical body is not a demonic thing.

                Those who adopt the contrary belief live their lives in suffering, torn between who they are and who they are not.

                And those who believe that their existence is an accident of matter have perished already, matter has rewarded them and punished them, and by the morality of matter they fall deeper in a base existence;

                They believe that it is by sexual encounters that they are generated at their discretion, of blindness and foolishness;

                The life they know is only a cell or a body part, that can be bought and sold for money, and planted and manipulated to profit the buyer, the seller and the manipulator;

                In their self-conceit, they believe that they begin life, so now they have granted themselves the right to terminate it,

                The life begun, manipulated and terminated by human foolishness will only express human foolishness, if they had a grain of intelligence, foolishness that can yield only suffering.

                What do they know about life? Even the chemistry they claim to know is far beyond their grasp, and the secrets that it hides are of a magnitude that cannot be seen in their test tubes, cannot be contained in the wording of their legislation, cannot be modelled by their equations of money and politics and the morality of matter;

                And when they fudge their chemistry, they suspect that they are the makers, oblivious of the entire cosmos of their knowledge, how stupid can human intelligence be?

                So why do they not make one tiny grain of existence from nothing, as they claim, and the matter will be settled.    

                But they tell the people lies, so simple people believe them and put their destinies in their custody, so they can play god, and lost will be the slaver and the slaves.

                The permit they have been given will expire soon, and their laws and their shariah, and the chemistry of reproduction, all will fall apart soon, and no pregnant female, of human or animal, will deliver her pregnancy until The Lords decides by The Law, the Book has warned them, but little do they discern,

                So they are certain, that it is not by their laws and shariah, and it is not by chemistry that life is created, but it is by The Law, The Law creates all.

                The window through which they have been oscillating (ya3rujoon), up and down, between the low world and the heavens will be shut, and their illusion of aversion will vanish.

                This is the Day the non-believers of the monotheists, the atheists and the materialists will tremble of their own darkness, and wish they never face;      

                All their labour that was dedicated to their stones and totems will be blown away, as if it was never done;          

                The rule is then The Law, and the small men, and the gods of their heathenry will run away from our might, but they cannot.

                And The Lord did demonstrate to humanity the emergence of life in matter, for those who remember God’s Call to God’s Religion and Illustration.

                When the Geometry is right, and the matter is hospitable, life manifests, spontaneously; the eyes, the mouth... they project their existence in matter from their truths.

                And until today, and in the far distance, some species still manifest in matter, free from the known laws of reproduction,

                And one day, you will be able to see such emergence with your looking eyes, but those doubtful of themselves will always be doubtful of themselves, they never find peace.

                The eels in the deep ocean, and the fish which once schooled in the small pond of Baddawi north of Tripoli of Lebanon, are such models, for humanity to remember.

                The mind that has been disabled by the ideologies of Freud and Darwin cannot see outside the narrow scope of their blinds,

                So now your minds are at ease with the idea that technology will one day be able to teleport you from one place to another, but you cannot believe that the cosmos, which gave birth to your imagination, is capable of projecting itself in place and time? Think about it.

                So to help you free your minds from the fetters of linearity, think of the rainbow: this perfectly circular image appears simultaneously, as a manifestation of certain laws of geometry and physics, when the conditions permit.

                Vain is the pursuit of those who have lost themselves in the dust of the universe they will find nothing.

                Vain is the pursuit of those who bow to stones, places and symbols, they worship nothing.

                They abide in matter, and in matter they are returned: dust to dust, ashes to ashes, bones to bones.

                So if we say it again, we have not said it often enough: that it is what people believe they are created from that dictates their laws and morality,

                Laws and morality to recycle their putrid sins, and root themselves deeper in their physicality;

                And however strong their convictions seem to be: as soon as the zest of Existence calls them, their convictions crumble before its Power, in their physicality hence they commit hideous crimes,

                Their evil prophets dictate to their gods their base morality,

                The world thus is a house of horrors, and a battle field for pagan gods, and a slaughter house for their sacrificial rituals,

                And an incubator to multiply, for the consumption of crime:

                The sins of previous human civilizations were horrible, but they cannot come nigh to the pestilence of modern man, modern man is falling rapidly down the branches and roots of the evil tree, the downfall has not stopped:

                Previously, humanity took procreation in its own hands, when women conceived spontaneously by The Law, without sex,

                In the distance of their aberration, dark prophets became capable of projecting their selves down, in the body the genitals are the body, capable of generating itself, by the nature of existence,

                A potentiality thus materialized and a discovery was made.

                And they had started this devolution a long time before, when this projection downward took place on a filthy rock in front of a grot that previously radiated joy and providence.

                Humanity is constantly being tempted by Satan and Iblis and their agents to distance itself farther from Reality, in an illusion of autonomy and self-sufficiency.

                And today humanity is being tempted to separate sexuality from procreation, to reduce sexuality to a mere activity, and procreation to a choice;

                So monsters can be concocted by madmen in laboratories, and sold to the rich, for money and fame, in defiance to the basic laws of nature, what kind of human will this produce?

                Foul play can only produce error that will bring on more suffering, and will self-destroy by its own error, whether they believe it or not.

                The tampering with reproduction is the last thing that humanity needs to ease its agony, and it serves only the wealthy and feeds the egos of mad scientists,

                Listen not to them when they tell you it is for the good of humanity that they do what they do, and as though this is the emancipation of humanity from the limitations of physicality, when in fact it is only mutiny.

                Only the heedless attempt to override nature, their trickery is in nature, and also are the counter-tricks, nature is ruled by The Law.

                Nature exhibits models of a grand magnitude, for the people to admire,

                And humanity can redeem herself only by virtue, that is the Messiah, the glad tidings to humanity,

                When you can vision him and remember his Beauty there is nothing else that you need;

                Knowledge is the emancipation from all the illusions of physicality.

                The teaching we have given them across the ages has turned to lies coming out of their mouths, of their heads turned up-side-down:

                The invitation to life that we gave them, they turned it to a relentless fight for survival, between one another and against the laws of nature;

                The call to multiply, they turned it to a call to amass money and possessions, and to spread their seed.

                So we call on all the believers, in the hearts of whom the dignity of humanity is still lustrous, to aspire to the life eternal; no glorification of the life in matter, whether of religion or science, can make it last longer than its allotted term by The Law, the glorification that is of the ego: fearful of death it clings to death;

                The glorification of the life in matter is the abidancehood in The Law that is the Messiah, The Life Eternal and the Source of Life;

                And to adhere sternly to the Highest Standard (al-ma3roof) of the teaching of The Christ in the Gospel and the Qur’an, as we read it to you in our discourse,

                To abandon what the people of the book legitimized: of polygamy, concubinage, divorce and re-marriage, incestuous marriage of family members, and friends since childhood brought up as siblings, and the administration of homosexual relations,

                And to abandon what the secular authorities of the capitalists and the communists legitimised in relation to life and death, conception and countering of conception and abortion of conception: for the purpose of political gain and the promotion of business,

                Life cannot be conceived and sacrificed on the alters of money and power, it is life that creates and manipulates things, for the purpose of worshipping her Lord, Who bestowed on her the power to flourish and multiply in Him, in Him is her worth and settlement, and her joy and peace.

                The continuum of life is not an object of human experimentation; The Law is the Restorer of Balance, regardless of human consideration, The Law rules by compassion,

                 The Law has everything, when they begin and when they end, and before they were begun,

                And what do arrogant and self-conceited people know? Do we prejudge them if we say they know nothing?

                For, if they knew anything they would step back, of awe, and say: “our Lord, it is by The Law that Thou created this, bestow on us wisdom and knowledge, it is in Thee that we abide, in Thy Virtue is our faith, and to Thy Might we surrender”;

                Their taking of matter in their own hands is a testimony of heedlessness, their laws, mundane and heavenly, in religion, science and governance, are founded on what they are capable of gleaning in a life time from what the cosmos has projected in their view in place and time,

                That is because they have repudiated The Law that they perceive and experience lawlessness, and their arrogance will not mitigate their self-inflicted suffering.

                What people sow in this world, they will reap it in this world, and the Good they sow in their hearts multiplies, in multiples upon multiples, those are the meek in the earth, they will inherit the earth and all that is on it.

                Life in the low world cannot be perfect and is not permanent, it is a journey for the people, to try their humanity, every challenge they face is a test of their morality,

                It is not by their skill and cleverness, or by their rituals and chants that people survive and flourish in this inferno, but it is by the providence bestowed on them by The Law, and it is their action and inaction that express their beliefs and convictions, from which lessons ought to be learned, and self-examination is due.

                When The Law is their Aim (imam), their action and inaction emancipate them, this is the Baptism that is Christianity,

                And when the inferno is their aim, their action and inaction are scruples they have to carry to their next lives, this is a bad destiny.

                So the thing, other than bread, by which man lives, and the baptism by Water and the Spirit are too far for the son-of-man’s reach,

                So he washed their feet, and pretended to conjure food and wine and heal physical illnesses;

                And when the Messiah and his Brothers paid him and his father Joseph and mother Mary of Nazareth a visit, in the room upstairs they gathered, then came the followers of Jesus upon hearing the news;

                The eyes of the entire humanity, past and present and future, watched the event unfold in those magnamoments of the temples of time, each pair of eyes look from their perspective to one slice of the whole, while the whole is in existence;

                John had been there before, when Prophet Joseph said to his two prison guards: “one of you will offer wine to your Lord, and the other will be crucified” recounted the Grand Qur’an;

                So Joseph offered his guests wine and bread, the Messiah thanked him for his hospitality and asked: “was this beverage and food bestowed on us by nature from God, or was it materialized by Jesus?”

                Upon hearing, Mary ushered, and spoke passionately: “my son is the son of god, what god has given him he has not given anyone else”.

                Said the Messiah: “the bread and the wine are dead, like this body of mine, they rot and decay, what lives on is the Good, The Spirit of God”,

                But his words were a hefty say on the ears of Joseph, Jesus, Mary and their followers, and God’s Miracle of creating eventuality was to the awe of John and his Brothers.

                Jesus must have felt humiliated by not being able to demonstrate the godliness that he claimed, so he came with a bowl of water and a towel on his shoulder, and set about washing and drying his followers’ feet, and his mistress Magdalene was there;

                “I will wash your sins away”, said he, and when he came to the Messiah and his Brothers they smiled and declined;

                He must have been drunk, as he had been most of his time, and since he was a young boy shepherding his father’s sheep.

                While watching every move of everyone and everything, John had the memories of his childhood present in his mind, of his neighbour “aunty” Mary whom he loved, and that he was loved by her, and the literacy she gave him,

                And then, the shock he received upon seeing that she was ZamZam, Dark Eve, and that her adulterine was Iblis the mutineer, and that her partner was Satan, the origin of darkness damned by God;

                This time and other times, he is often torn between his emotions and his duty to deliver his Lord’s message, so he asks his Lord earnestly: “what shall I do?”

                So his Master the Messiah teaches him, sometimes face to face, and sometimes face to face across the corridors of time, so he ponders,

                And when he wakes up to his Existence, of giddiness of laughter he says to his Lord: “my Lord, Lord of the two worlds and the heavens and the earth, care not about me, it suffices me that Thou art my Lord, my Provider, The Creator of my deeds, The Sustainer of Existence, The Holder of the Balance (al-qaa’imu bi al-qist), The Beginner The Terminator (al-aamiru wa al-naahy), The Truth Inepical, The Kindler of Mind”.

                So was his warning to the world of the adulteress and her son, the son of man, and the falsehood they spread,

                And so was the fury of Mary and Joseph, they plotted to drown him in the river, they sent their men, but their plot was foiled, when John survived without taking a breath under the water, for a time long enough to convince them that he was dead,

                Out of the water he breaches, to take the breath of life; life takes not love away, life enhances love;

                The love the son of man and his father Joseph cannot entertain; for, their egos take up their entire souls, and want to usurp the worlds as well.

                How can such base beings comprehend love? Let alone the love of one’s enemies.

                God’s Dimensions (hudood) and centres of gravity, the opposites, gathered in that magnamoment, for the entire humanity to remember where they belonged;

                The Messiah spoke to them, with a voice orotund, and a figure aggrandized, his presence was the Truth manifest in the world, his words were the pinnacles of the mind;

                Those who loved him: every time they looked him, their vision turned, of submission to his Authority, and of the intensity of the zest of Existence, they experienced his Immanence, like the do every time;

                And those who are attracted to the passions of the low world, they get the answers they seek in the uttering of Jesus and his family and their actions,

                They saw the Messiah and asked: “who is this man, how old is he, and what does he speak?”

                Jesus and his family promised them freedom from the Roman Empire, and the revival of the Kingdom of David of the Hebrew people,

                For, Jesus was King David, and Joseph was King Hiram, but little did they want to know;

                Many Jews and Pharisees followed him and believed he was their promised messiah, and once, when Simon was in their company, asked Jesus: “who am I?”, and Simon answered facetiously, by his nature: “you are the messiah, the King of the Jews”; so Jesus answered with, perhaps, like facetiousness: “and you are the rock upon which I will build my temple”.

                But none of their listeners picked up the humour, they took those words as the words of their gods; for, indeed they were coming out of the mouths their King David and their grandfather Jacob, and little did they know.

                John had visited Pilate by his invitation, so he took it as an opportunity to reach his message to the West,

                But Pilate was more interested in affirming his rule; the rebellion that Jesus was encouraging made him nervous, he wanted to know John’s opinion; John’s disinterest in politics was to the comfort of Pilate, his wife listened with interest to John, struggling to express in a foreign language he had learned, teaching to foreign people of universal values; the concurrence of human cultures and civilizations was a long way away, he realized;

                And although he sounded naive to Pilate and his wife, they had an admiration for his presence, which they could not grasp,

                They recognized him as the Baptist who baptised with Water; the teaching of the Greek Philosophers was still being heard, and the triumphs of Alexander were still celebrated;

                Pilate and his wife are naturally believers, it is not arbitrarily or randomly that people feature in any event.

                In the midst of the Jewish festivities, Joseph’s guests received reverence from the many who dropped in to see them, many recognized that this was the Messiah, they gravitated to his Light.

                Breaking a rule of honour and hospitality of the Israelites’, Joseph decided to hand the Messiah and John to the authorities, so he plotted,

                He gave Judas money and said to him: “when the soldiers come, they will ask you, point them to the Messiah and to John”;

                So the soldiers came in the darkness of the night, as the Gospels describe, with torches and weaponry intent to frighten everyone, to where Joseph had told them the Messiah and John were inciting rebellion,

                And the Jews who felt that their institutes and beliefs were threatened by the man who challenged their laws and falsified their convictions, and one day he turned over their market stalls that they set up at the temple, and one day he called them: seed of snakes... were keen to cooperate with the Roman authorities to have him arrested, convicted and killed;

                Those of them who believed the Christ were too frightened of their rabbis to declare their belief, they remained silent to protect their business and social status, although they all knew that John, the son of Zakarya, was one of them and their own prophet, as the Book had foretold.

                As for Jesus, doubt haunts him, and although he receives all the proof that man of insight demands, he fails to arrive to the rock of certainty, his bewilderment feeds his ego, so much so, he suspects he can take the world in his own hands;

                He was able to see the wrongs of his Jewish brethren and their deviation from the way, but thought that their salvation could only be achieved by the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel that he attempted before, independently of Rome, and his mother Mary had been calling for this, before he was born;

                Those of them who were inclined to believe him needed a proof of the messiahood that he claimed, in their minds it was his immortality;

                The many days and nights he spent with John debating him and listening to his teaching, were to no avail; soon after he would revert to his practice of illusion and talk of nonsense, and as though he had never listened to anything before, and never learned, drunkenness was his constant state of mind.

                And the memories of the exodus, and the demise of the Kingdom of David before, were still fresh in the Jewish people’s minds, so the safest strategy, they thought, was their allegiance to the authorities of then, until a messiah fitting their criteria came.

                The news of the soldiers looking for John and the Messiah spread quickly, but the Messiah had already left the scene and headed to Hawran, where the believers of the Imrans (or Omrans) lived; and the Qur’an testified this when it said: “and the Hawareens said to him (the Messiah): we are the supporters of God” (nahnu ansaaru Allah).

                During those moments of materialization of eventuality of a heavenly proportion, along the narrow linear track of time, John was overwhelmed, by the Might of God’s Will, bowed in his heart to Him shaken of awe, said he: “my Lord, bestow on me calm and rectitude to see the eventuation of Thy Will, Thou art indeed The Author of history, The Sovereign over the turning of the world and the deeds of man”.

                Of his human weakness, he was anxious that he might act or speak incorrectly, and time seemed to have slowed down;

                He had had a premonition of him and Jesus being captured, and Jesus being crucified, while he would remain in captivity for a few days, then set free;

                He did not want to give in to the feeling that this would be his victory over darkness; victory occurred in one’s heart and mind, he reminded himself, and the physical elimination of an evil, he reminded himself, was to no avail;

                And if he had to, he would continue fighting the ideology of Jesus and Mary with the power of his word that his Master taught him, until the beacon shone in everyone’s mind;

                And he said to his Lord: “my Lord, let Thy Will be, and if it is my life that Thou will sacrifice, bestow on me the strength of life to give it back to Thee calmly and happily, Thou art my Author and my Maker, to Thy Might and Sovereignty I do surrender”.

                So the grand-coming of the Messiah did eventuate, as John had been telling, and the people came to witness him and listen; the eyes of humanity looked, for every soul to choose once again her destiny,

                Those who were baptized by Christianity recognize their Lord, and in Him they abide,

                And those who are deluded by their physicality, in the low world they will reside.

                And he thought to himself: “what is evil? How does the Lord create distance in one, null from existence and darkness in light?”

                And if one loves The Lord, he thought, one cannot help loving His Glorious Creation, and even the intellect which finds it difficult to love its own contradictions,

                But as the intellect surrenders to its existence, and as its existence surrenders to its Maker: the vision is in focus: there is One: the Compassion of The Lord is All, this is the Miracle.

                In the confusion of the darkness of the night, and the thick smoke of the soldiers’ torches, there was panic;

                John rushed to the scene that he saw and heard from a distance; there were the soldiers in armours and weaponry, as though ready for a battle field; he ran to them and said: “I am the one you are looking for”.

                The rabbis and priests who accompanied them said: “this is the one who has claimed that he is the prophet Elia, we want to question him too”;

                He noticed that Jesus was already with them in shackles, looking angry and frightened;

                He learned later that Judas led them to Jesus and said: “this is the man who says that he is the messiah the king of the Jews”;

                He wanted to decoy them, in order to deliver the Messiah and John,

                And the prophecy that the Messiah had made, while speaking to the believers: “one of you will deliver me” had a double meaning, a hundred or so years later, when the followers of Jesus erased the Messiah and the Christ from the Gospels, the delivery was taken in the opposite sense;

                But the action of Judas was seen by many as treachery, nevertheless, for he had accepted money from Joseph; the spite of Joseph, Jesus and Mary and their followers haunted him, their damnation cast ill-fortune on him in all his lives that were to come, yet his loyalty to his Master and his Brothers never wanes, he accepts the consequence of his deeds, and in his Lord he always will abide.

                As for Simon, upon witnessing the Messiah, he realized that his mock allegiance to Jesus was a mistake, and the hunting of men, instead of his and his brother Andrew’s fishing, was not going to grant him the glamour that he had hoped;

                Neither a demon, nor a human, Simon the Luminous follows his passions when in the company of dark prophets, but as soon as he witnesses his Lord he succumbs of awe and reverence, and in his Lord he should abide.

                As for the other followers of Jesus, they too had doubts about him now, and did not want to support him openly, of fear for their own lives and of humiliation in their Jewish communities.

                Rabbi Caiaphas and other priests and men of influence questioned John, in the presence of Pilate and many witnessed, he told them what he had told them before,

                But Pilate wished that he subdued his answers, so he could have an excuse to pardon him and release him;

                Caiaphas was adamant that Pilate should sentence john, on the Jews’ behalf to death, for their law did not allow them to do that;

                So John said:”so do you have someone do by proxy, something that the law prohibits you from doing? The law is thus broken if you understand”;

                And Pilate did understand what John said, but the Rabbi and his men understood only visibleness; in their stinky breath of grudge and anger, out of their sordid throats, they cried: “kill him”, but Pilate said: “I see no reason to kill this man”;

                Then they brought Jesus forward, and Pilate asked: “who is he?”, for he had not seen him before;

                They said: “he says that he is the King of the Jews and the son of god”;

                So Pilate approached him and asked him: “what do you say, who are you?”

                Jesus remained silent, for if he confirmed, he would provide reason for his conviction, and if he denied, he would let down his followers and abandon his cause;

                They cried: “kill him”, but again Pilate found no reason to kill him, and started to realize that that the rebellion that the Jewish priests and businessmen had been reporting to him was no threat to his authority, but to their religious institutes;

                He did not want to antagonise them, but neither did he want to be unjust; their allegiance to him was a political asset that he could not forgo;

                So he said: “take him and do whatever you will with him”, so John interjected: “take me instead”; they cried: “take them both”,

                So, Pilate, in order to save John, ordered the soldiers to take him away and lock him up,

                While other soldiers, helped by angry mobs took Jesus to the Golgotha, and made him carry a cross, under the weight of which he succumbed and fell down a few times;

                The scene of this crime and the cruelty will not be forgotten by humanity, until humanity has learned that differences can be resolved by reason, and humanity can flourish only by the ethic of humanity.

                By then, hungry, thirsty and exhausted, Jesus demanded water to drink, but they would not offer it to him; and when on the cross, he cried of pain: “Eli, Eli, lema shabaqtani”, he was calling John by the nickname he used to call him, and John’s heart was torn apart of helplessness and sadness.

                There was confusion, as the news spread, as to who was crucified; for, John was not seen after his capture;

                Some said that the Baptist was crucified, which to some people pointed to Jesus, and to many it pointed to John, for Jesus was much less known.

                Pilate told John to migrate after his release, so no more confrontation between him and the Jews could happen again, and while in captivity, John did not stop teaching, and some of the officers of Pilate believed.

                So as John was seen free by the people who knew him, many looked him with amazement and asked: “have you risen from the dead?”, and he answered: “I did not rise from the dead and I did not die”;

                But his answer was taken by some as a confirmation of their convictions, and he realized that whatever he answered, it was not going to change some people’s convictions, and only the believers, whom he had taught, who were capable of rational thinking, who knew The Law and the laws of nature, would believe his recount of the events;

                So he changed his known attire and wore ordinary clothing, avoided public appearances and often hooded his head;

                His disciples rejoiced to the news of his being alive and well, and one evening, when Thomas was with them, he did not recognize him until he removed his hood,

                To Thomas’s mind, this was revelation, of his mind interpreting actuality, taken by the grandeur of the moment, and the holiness of John’s presence, he could only see that John had arisen from the dead,

                John comforted him and told him that this was not the case, so Thomas asked if he could touch John’s body to see for himself that there were no scars,

                So John said: “blessed are those who believe without seeing”,

                To the believers, this means that it is the mind that dictates to the senses;

                To the non-believers, this means that faith is the blind acceptance of convictions, and the complete surrender of the thinking mind;

                And when we tell you that seeing is believing, we do not mean to confuse your intellect with contradiction, but to help you free your minds from the limitations of language and tangibility.

                Magnamoments are the drivers of human history, and the building blocks of people’s beliefs and convictions, people are made of their beliefs and convictions, and people’s destinies are their own.

                And while the blind looks from one point of view, the seer looks from all points of view, and sees a clear vision of eventuation of the laws, and sees events as projections of the first moments of the verb to be.

                So here is a representation of the principle of duality, so when you hold your mirror, know that you are only looking at yourself.

                 And here is a representation of the linear progression of time, so you know that one moment is many moments overlapped.

                Mary’s grief was immense, as it was the first time she witnessed the death of her son, she rejected The Law, she disbelieved, she was in denial of his death.

                Her suffering became the suffering of humanity in impermanence, for it is permanence that is the true nature of existence.

                And having heard of the continuance of John, she perhaps hoped this could happen to her beloved son, and her grief became an ideology of those who followed her.

                The mind and the power that are the cosmos in its entirety, when in self-imposed imprisonment, are tormented and distraught, in guilt and helplessness, so self-deception and illusion are their only sedative: the walls of their imprisonment are the boundaries of the world;

                So we taught them philosophy and mathematics, and scientific discipline, to set themselves free, but Freud and Darwin and others built a new cage for them, to keep them with the apes;

                A new form of self-deception and illusion thus arose, and the mind, in its self-imposed boundaries, projects its reality therein, and sees its own proof therein, but the suffering of guilt and helplessness goes not away, so Freud fomented hallucinatory drugs that are now the epidemic of the world, and prescribed euthanasia and escapism,

                So we say to the believers to abandon all drugs which tamper with the mind, and to abandon the consumption of alcohol and tobacco in any form,

                And euthanasia is an expression of despair, we say, those who think that despair cancels despair multiply their suffering, for they will have to face it again, until they conquer death by life,

                Those who conquer death by life, their Lord takes them in His Compassion, and as though they have not had a wink of suffering, He sends His messengers to walk them to The Peace.

                John accepted the invitation from his disciples to stay with them, and left the olive groves, and he was becoming weak in his middle-age;

                He spent his time teaching and, mostly, writing down the sermons that he had given, and the dialogues between him and the Pharisees and the non-believers of the Jews;

                Sometimes the details escaped him, but the Spirit never did;

                His eyes became tearful of the Power of his Master, who inspired to him, “this is the Master’s Discourse” he said.

                And at that supper, the Messiah told Abraham: “you will father him again, and in his teaching you will flourish and you should recognize your property”, for Abraham wanted to believe.

                And later when he met with Simon, he asked him: “Simon, do you love me more than you do these?”, and Simon answered: “I do my Lord”, so he said to him: “shepherd my sheep”.

                To the believers, it means that Simon would carry the lamp to the niches, to break the darkness and guide those who had no guidance;

                To the non-believers, it means that they have a mandate by Simon the Rock, to establish their institutes and houses of ritualistic Christianity.

                Then he said to him: we quote the Book: “when you were younger you used to fasten your own belt and to go wherever you wished. But when you grow old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will fasten a belt around you and take you where you do not wish to go”.

                To the believers, it means that Simon is a believer who gets lost in the distance, of his passion, dark prophets slave him; and after, he and his brother were born to Jesus, by them he glorified himself. Simon wanted to believe.

                To the non-believers, it did not make any sense other than its physical sense, like most of the metaphors of John’s.

                The good young man who was following him and recording his words was the young Matthew, The Peace, reborn, like he did in Greece, the love between them cannot be told, not by your poets and writers put together, those who suspect that it was sensual cannot look beyond the boundaries of their own sensuality.

                As for Herod, he was being coached by Freud, although a believer, he was treading an erroneous track, his belief became strongest in his racial superiority, the coaching that he received from Freud in materialism and explicability gave him an illusion of superiority.

                In his arrogance he thought he could probe every man’s mind, and explain every phenomenon; he said: “I am eager to meet the man who, the people say, has risen from the dead and of whom Pilate is an admirer”.

                So when they met, Herod and his coach listened to John with derision, and John thought to himself: “how can I teach someone who is convinced that he knows everything and better than everyone?”

                John did not try to change their point of view, but to direct their minds to look above the points of view, but they failed;

                They interviewed him in a dark room, with one window, they sat so that the glare was behind them, and John facing them, so they could see his face clearly, but he could not theirs, to overpower him;

                They did not know, that not only was he able to see their faces clearly, but also their past and future ones, and their alphas and first movement; he realized that his message was coming to a conclusion, and those were his last days.

                And he had asked his lord to sacrifice his life so there is visible equity, and the grudge of Joseph and Mary and their son is thwarted;

                They wanted badly to have him killed, Herod was their last resort, and his mistress Herodias could be easily persuaded, politics, lust and power were the fuel of their conspiracy,

                In an hour of drunkenness Herod ordered his execution, to prove his mortality and to silence him.

                And Matta, The Peace wrote later, that pagan soothsayers told that Jesus was going to be reborn in Bethlehem; upon hearing, Herod ordered the slaughter of the babies in Bethlehem which were born after the crucifixion of Jesus.

                But neither the death of John, and nor that of Jesus ended the spread of Christianity, in both its ritualistic and esoteric calls;

                 John’s disciples took an esoteric path, they kept his teaching and that of John the Christ secret, when both the Roman empire and the institutions of Judaism felt that it was a threat to them. 

                The Existential Sun was setting, the darkness that was about to fall was going to leave many confused: those who forgot what they saw during day time, they would be lost at night.

                Herod made John wear an evening robe and had him sit with his guests at the dinner party, to make him a subject of their mockery, to entertain them,

                They made young women sit in his lap and forced him to eat their food and drink their wine,

                When they noticed his annoyance and disgust of their behaviour, those who had a tiny shred of humanity left in them urged the others to leave him alone,

                He asked his Lord to take him out his suffering quickly, so was Herodias’ request; she had visited Mary after the death of Jesus, and she followed Satan.               

                And Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, of fear of persecution and harassment, for being the parents of the evil priest,

                They felt betrayed by their own people whom they wanted to liberate.

                The devastating grief of Mary’s became a fuel of the religion of ritualistic Christianity, and a haunt of its fit.

                And John’s Brothers took his Book and Matta’s and went to settle in Greece, to deliver the epitome of the teaching to the believers, they were there before, thus the message of Christianity was completed, and a New Testament was begun.

                Their story was told later in the Grand Qur’an in the Surah of The Cave, as we read it to you correctly.

                And Jesus was reborn as Saul, named Paul after; he named Jesus god, and son of god and a mortal yet immortal son of man and a messiah; after doubt and disbelief were cast on these claims, after his death on the cross,

                To give birth to a new monotheist religion, of a new trinity, to bring god closer to perception, and to challenge the exclusiveness of monotheism to the Hebrew people, and their racial and national identity;

                The apotheosis of Jesus put him in a rank above Moses, hence gave him an authority to override him and make new rulings: thus the baptism by the holy water overrides the lineage to Jacob and the circumcision; and the acceptance of Jesus as god and the surrender to him overrides Israel and the nation of the Jewish people, and opens the doors to the gentiles.

                To the believers, this was a new call to lawlessness, to oppose existing lawlessness, by The Law;

                To the non-believers this was the liberation from the tyranny of the Jewish institutes and their ideology of god’s-chosen-people.

                So Semitism, and anti-Semitism, and anti-anti-Semitism are still today, and after two-thousand years a fuel of tribal wars, and the cause of human life on earth, in the minds trapped in the earth.

                And Rabbi Caiaphas, still a staunch nationalist, and as the prime minister of his country, sent his country’s army to war in another country, half a world away, on the premise that it is good if a few die for the whole;

                With his clever rhetoric, his decorum, and his selective view of history, he reached the hearts of his people via the corridors of fear and passion; he told his people that he was defending Christian values and democracy; but he did not tell them that Christian values are guarded by Christian values, not by the ills they are meant to remedy; for Caiaphas never believed in Christianity and perhaps never will; and neither did he tell them that the democracy that he pledged was political correctness for the dominance of his allies; but we have an appointment with him in a future time, to expose his hypocrisy and diffuse his poisonous ideology.

                We have written this discourse in the language of English, born in the intellect, in the time when language has been reduced to an instrument for business communication, political deception and technological instruction, to remind you that language is, above all, an instrument for communication with oneself, one’s beginning and the heavens.

                And as we write it, it is by this hand that we write it, the hand that cannot be amputated, so you know that God enlivens the dead, as said the Book:

                For, John was reborn to write his Gospel and spread The Lord’s message, and so were his Brothers, in Greece, Syria, Egypt and Palestine; while Saul and his followers erased the Messiah and the Christ form the Gospels, so their message could be delivered by Jesus’ mouth,

                Have you read our discourse thoughtfully? Have we baptised you by Christianity?










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