The English reading of the Books in the subpages of this Hikmah page are not authorised by any Druze authority and do not represent the mainstream interpretations thereof. And while this is the case also with our English reading of the Qur'an, it is the secrecy of the Hikmah Books which makes this reading different. 
The Hikmah Books have been kept secret from all, including the Druze themselves who do not qualify according to some secret traditions, 
And in the belief that those Books were once offered to all humanity and only those who accepted and adopted them there and then have reincarnated as Druze and are hence entitled to read them.
Such a view is falsified by the Hikmah Books themselves. The Hikmah is The Philosophy that is given to humanity by the Prophets across place and time, and while humanity is being tried in place and time, the Hikmah is the remedy to her ailments, as those Glorious Books clearly testify,
And those who cannot understand the Books, i.e. the Qur'an, the Bible and the Ghita, cannot understand the Hikmah, but this is not a matter for any human to judge, 
It is rather the duty of those who understand the Books in the light of the Hikmah, to convey their understanding to all, Druze and others.  
And like all the Books, the Hikmah has suffered some tampering, perhaps inadvertently by transcribers, and deliberately by those who had some political purposes. So what we read here is the Hikmah Books which we have been able to access and which we see as authentic. And where we believe there is an error or some addition we point to it. And when we read we do so correctly, inspired by The Book above place and time, relying on The Lord, transcends He, Who has given His Leave for this to happen.
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