A Dream

A man, wearing a dark coloured hat that is not quite black, with a brim extending on the sides, dressed in a white silk shirt, with honey-coloured rims and collar, on top of which he wears a short dark coloured cape, that is not quite black, rides a bicycle.

A new generation, young boys and girls follow him on foot wherever he goes, he loves them and they love him, though they do not know distinctly who he is. He teaches them things, by hardly any speech, they have faith that he knows everything.

They come to a structure in ruins; he stops to hear their opinions. We give an opinion why the breakdown and suggest a new structure, he agrees.

He looks in the far horizon, with big faint blue eyes, staring in the infinite.

He looks and smiles at those who love him most, and shows white large teeth, his power is obvious.

He wears in his left handís little finger a massive ring, made of hard and precious stone that is dark in colour but not quite black, with its top being circular and flat, inlaid in it, with white precious stone, are two Arabic Lís (laam), beside one another.


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