A Prayer

My Lord, since Thou didst open my eye, Thy eye, we looked and said: “My Eye is Thy Eye”.

And every time Thou openest my eyes to the world, Thy glorious creation, Thou callest me, and the world looks different, and we wonder, is this from within or without?

My Lord, Thou sayest: “come back, I have The Good, I have the Beauty that you long for.”

My Lord, those moments, the fulgor, the essence of reminiscence, inflame in my heart, Thy heart, an older than time love, I want to come back, ay I do.

My Lord, the road has not been easy though, the cliffs wall that mountain high, and how many times do I slip and fall in Thy hands of Forgiveness and Compassion; and we try once again, and step by step, with Thy bare feet, and Thy bare hands, the rugged peaky mountains are subdued, and overcome they become.

My Lord, where are those jewels of stars apparition, where is that lamp? Are they gifts of love: are they a glimpse of the ornate skies? My Lord, the more Thou allowest me to see, the less I realise that I do see, uncover those covers My Lord, uncover them, for I want to see all, I want to see.

My Lord, the love that Thy clear light inflames in my heart, Thy heart, cannot rest, unless it is immensely engulfed in it, let my heart have this joy, please O Lord.

My Lord, I love only Thee, I want only Thee, I see only Thee, I hear only Thee, I love only Thee my Lord.

My Lord, why did I procrastinate my journey in the far distant time? Forgive me my Lord, of Thy Forgiveness I despair not, and of the world of impermanence I do despair. Who would not exchange one’s carriage for one’s home? O Lord, let not my heart drift with worldly distractions, life is tempestuous, this is Thy Paragon, please guide me always to Thy assured handhold, by this grasp I fear none.

My Lord, please look me across the tract of becoming, the light of Thy Glorious Eye is high above the notice of those who are dormant, please awaken me, so I am never asleep again My Lord.

My Lord, Certainty is the certainty of my mind, Thy Mind, My Lord, Thou didst teach me by Thy Word and Thy Messengers, by their radiant countenance Thou sayest: “take something, drop everything, remains one thing”, from times past and times recent,

The clarity of Thy Thought is ever shining, however the history that Thou dictatest abridges thought, Thou art its Author, its Beginner and its Terminator art Thou, O Lord.

My Lord, Thy Memorable Book, alas it had to sojourn on intrusive hands, Thy Promise; let them see O Lord, let them see Thy Miracle beyond their wildest imagination, when Thou givest leave for it to be opened, and its light to effulge, let them see that on those Guarded Tablets are grooves and crests, they saw the grooves, this is their share, and the crests can be read only in Thy Light in Thy Heart; this is Thy Law, Transcendent Thou art, heavens above the pettiness of man.     

My Lord, the gratitude and the thanks are to Thee, O Lord of the worlds, for allowing me a spark of Thy Effulgence, and a sup of the Challis of Essence, I am greedy to quaff it all O Lord, so the periphery gravitates to significance, and the shadows fade in insignificance.

My Lord, the images that Thou createst are delightful, they are the expressions of the circle, those who precipitate in dualism see a mosaic and wander in its mazes, and those who know Thee gravitate to Thee, because they want all.

My Lord, words cannot express my Love, for Thou art their Author and Thou art the Love. A ray of sun is only a ray of sun. I thank Thee and I am grateful only to Thee, for the piercing meteor which guides my heart back to Thee, this is Thy Ray too, and so is my vision and my mind, so is my life and my death; my body rests in Thy Hands holding Thy secret, as it looks back and sees itself motionless, freedom is complete submission to Thy Sovereignty, and Love is only Thou, and the homage and the gratitude are to Thee My Lord, by Thy Will, amen.


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