Adam and Eve (1)

A letter dedicated to her Holiness Eve,

Any recount of history, whether eventual or existential, is presented in words, which follows a linear pattern,

Hence any recount of history is a mere representation of it, and history can be seen in one’s own vision of one’s mind,

And if it is said that the words convey one’s subjective view, it must also be said that History exists independently,

So perhaps the understanding of the working of one’s mind is the best approach of understanding history.

For anything to exist: it has to follow a model,

And if the big bang theory, and hence the evolution of life on earth, is to be adopted, one has to keep in mind the working of the physical laws, which have been directing all this eventuation,

I have argued on a number of occasions, that these laws have to pre-exist any eventuation,

And if they did not, then there must be an agent which creates them as the “circumstances arise”,

Hence, the existence of an abstract which precedes eventuation has to be the basis of any thought concerning anything, whether actual or theoretical.

What this abstract is exactly cannot be the subject of any discussion, and once is has been made a subject of discussion it ceases being an abstract, and becomes an event.

And if the Abrahamic religions’ track of thought is to be adopted, one has keep in mind the existence of models in the “mind” of the creator,

Not surprisingly, the theory of Intelligent Design was considered briefly in the last decades, and immediately dismissed by the materialists,

Because it assumes divine intervention, albeit obliquely:

This calls into question both creationism and evolution:

For, ever since the dawn of history, there have been two opposing views:

That it is god who makes the sun rise and set,
Or: that it is a physical phenomenon which can be explained,

My opinion is that while both views are correct in their own right, none of them is the Truth


Adam and Eve (2)

When I mention Absoluteness, it has to be understood to be Solitary Oneness,

For, if “another” Absoluteness is to exist, it can be only the Solitary Oneness, and if the human mind can envisage a number of them, then none of them are absolute, because their numerousness is suggestive of their inconsistence, and hence a shortage of Absoluteness,

But we all use the word “absolute” as an attribute of some existing things and concepts, and this is not to be confused with Absoluteness,

So what is Absoluteness, if we are to drop all absolute things as being different in their absoluteness?

Perhaps the question itself is self-annihilatve, if the Absolute is in mind, because once fathomed and expressed it is Absolute no more,

Hence it is also said: The Essence of the Essence of all the essences,

Or equally: The Cause of the Cause of all the causes.

But why do we “need” such mindfulness?

The problem is that nothing exists if there’s no mind aware of it,

So to suggest that there was a universe before life began: this universe has culminated in life and consciousness:

Consciousness which is aware of its past and present, and possible future,

Hence the past of the universe that is in the sombre corners of the universe is being revealed by science and thought,

And thus from a practical point of view: the view that there is no universe without consciousness: is true from a physical perspective,

And hence, we can say, albeit with difficulty, that consciousness is synonymous with existence,

Difficulty which can be overcome by striking a delicate balance between the significance and the insignificance of one’s individual consciousness,

So if we say that nothing exist without mindful awareness of it, it can also be said that mindful awareness is existence,

This is not alien at all to empirical thought, nor is to the religious one,

And knowledge, hence, becomes self-knowledge, even if it makes physical phenomena as its subject, or even if it makes the understanding of the Books and the works of philosophy as its subject


Adam and Eve (3)

Study occurs in the mind,

As for the material provided to the mind, be it natural, manmade, or of divine source:

It is to the mind that it manifests itself,

It is also the mind that assumes its source,

Such an assumption is subjective,

So if a carpenter makes a table, and the table is given to a group of people to say all they can about it: one might say this is a table made by a carpenter, and one might say this a table made by a carpenter by god’s permission, or one might say this is a table made by a carpenter who knows practically some laws of physics, or one might say this is organic matter assembled by organic matter in place and time ...

All such statements are based on assumptions which have been adopted by the individual who assumes them,

Moreover, such statements do not tell much about the maker of the table,

So one might say this is the cosmos re-made by the cosmos, or one might say this is God’s creation all together:

Whether the carpenter has or has not a degree of awareness of his cosmic existence:

If he does not, he and his work are closer to a physical phenomenon which lacks self-awareness,

If he does, he is the cosmos remaking the cosmos, or equally God’s creation, proportionally to his degree of awareness.

So all the perspectives of awareness exist simultaneously, while the universe is turning its planets and galaxies, and creating events and beings,

Hence, when we say that Existence, or History that I mentioned earlier, is independent of individual awareness: we mean to say that individual awareness is none but a projection of Existence in its instance,

It is when individual awareness coincides, even for a moment, with Existence: that individual awareness becomes cosmic, free of place and time,

Thus we can once again reconcile existence and awareness of existence.

All this, my dear sister Eve, is to introduce to you the memories of Existence of the Self, as is allowed to her to recall in place in time, for it is not for nothing that selves remember, but for a good purpose: that is to remind others,

Because there is freedom in remembrance, and freedom brings on joy, even in the harshest of eventualities, so do forgive my loose language forthcoming,

When I’ll try to recount some History since Existence,

The History which generates models for events, images and their motions,

Also the perception of them, in certain points of existence,

Perception which sets the self in modes, which we all experience as feelings,

Those are as real as the models are and the perception thereof,

Their problem: they cannot be captured and described


Adam and Eve (4)

When you learn a language, language is sounds and images and their motion or inertia: the sounds and the images are coincidental, although this is less noticeable in modern languages, born recently and developed intellectually,

But the creators of sound effects of movies and musicians are aware of this fact,

And in his dialogue with Meno, Socrates mentioned that knowledge could be broken down to the first three letters of a word, but did not elaborate much, which earned him a lot of criticism across the ages, and his theory is perhaps completely dismissed nowadays as a basis for the knowledge of knowledge,

But what he said makes complete sense; I see that any word in Semitic languages or Hindu European languages can be traced back to a root of three letters,

This is the known basis of Semitic languages, as for the others, one can take the consonants or two consonants and a stretched vowel, after discarding prefixes and suffixes, to filter out a sound which can be taken as a root,

If you take those “roots” of those languages, you’ll find them similar, although the usage might differ between languages,
Similar in their sound and the image and the motion or the inertia that they convey,
Different in the magnitude and the elevation that they point to in their usage,

And this is a science that needs to be explored, so that perhaps the Language of all the languages can be approached,

As for Mandarin, the language of China, and its cousins and descendants: the concept still holds, whereby a sound represents an elementary image or state of motion or inertia, then sounds are assembled to constitute a complex concepts of images of motion or inertia,

So when one learns a new word in a language, a new concept is born in one's mind,
(This is not to be confused with learning a new word of a second language)

One can see that: either as a result of knowing the new word, or as a result of revealing the concept in one’s mind,

In the first instance, the learner believes that concepts are born in observation, and in the second the learner believes that concepts are in the mind, and the language can only reveal them,

Those two standpoints have been a subject of debate between philosophers over the ages,

Science has stepped in, and the theory of evolution, to favour the first one,

But recent studies are beginning to reveal the factualness of the second one


Adam and Eve (5)

Let us assume that concepts are born in observation,

I really struggle to see how observation can occur in the first place: in the absence of preconception,

One might pass by an actuality completely oblivious and incapable of observing it,

That’s because one didn’t have a preliminary preconception of it,

And let’s assume that eventually one can conceive a concept without any preconception,

I see that this can only happen after training, in a gradual sort of process, which would have to start by some elementary preconception as well,

So let’s go further and say that all elementary preconceptions are gleaned by observation starting from childhood,

This, of course, involves the learning individual and his/her environment,

So the observer is observing physical phenomena and human and animal activity,

Human activity is done according to physical laws, and according to the belief of humans, and this one is based on concepts ... which can be traced back to physical laws as well, or to the understanding of them and their causes and effects, in place and time,
As for animal activity, because of the lack of an underlying belief, we can comfortably say that it is just an aspect of nature,

In the oversimplification of this complex process, we start to see that the evolutionists are perhaps right,

So a new born, with a brain wired by millions of years of evolution, is capable, step by step, to perceive image, motion, size ... and to hear sounds and sense things to conceive temperature, softness and so on ... and to go on formulating more complex concepts from preliminary sensory data,

I don’t want to sound like a writer from the Antiquity who has a bookshelf which has all the books of the world of his time, none of which has mentioned those things, so he embarks on writing about them and becomes the pioneer of “developmental science”,

But to get to the point: all this occurs in the brain, which has been developed by the physical laws of nature, and evolutionists wouldn’t argue against that, although they wouldn’t be too comfortable with the wording of it,

So it is not farfetched to say that this brain is hence designed to conceive the aspects of nature, which are critical for its survival, upon its interaction with nature,

This allows a lot of room for “preconception”, and thus à priori knowledge, or innate knowledge becomes conceivable.

In the future Artificial Intelligence will be very advanced, and I’ll tell you about it in the next post


Adam and Eve (6)


It is only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes actual, and science fiction becomes fact,

Those machines will be capable of managing aspects of our lives that humans cannot,

And we shouldn’t be surprised, don’t we have machines which fly us, move earth for us, go deep under the water or far in the space: where no human dares?

Those machines are none but the extension of our consciousness,

The dependence of human life on technology is thus becoming as real as its dependence on nature,

The two go together now in parallel and hand in hand,

After all, technology is only an aspect of nature that human intelligence has been able to reveal and utilise, and machine is a theatre of physical laws,

It is neither evil nor immoral to be dependent on nature, it is a part of us and we are a part of it,

The question: who is the master and who is the servant: is pointless:

I see that neither is neither,

But when our belief tells us that one is master and the other is servant, a balance is broken, and this will lead to misery,

Moreover, our lack of knowledge of nature’s working resulted in the past and still does today: in the introduction to our minds of a supernatural element: the gods and the demons which rule nature and hence our destiny,

Such gods and demons are not real, therefore they can deliver only misery to us, wrapped with colourful attractive wraps,

So while our minds have been developed to observe and conceive natural phenomena, our beliefs warn them of some mystery lurking behind the scenes,

On the other hand, technology has introduced yet a new aspect to our lives,

Not that it has not existed for millennia: for, one can conceive that the making of tools and the skills of agriculture and building of earlier times: were none but a basic form of technology,

So one can say that technology, altogether, has opened new windows in our minds: windows which were not innately open,

So again, striking a balance between our dependence on technology and our mastery over it: is another key to maintaining healthy and happy minds


Adam and Eve (7)

The theory of evolution begins to fall apart upon logical investigation,

And nothing gives it more momentum than the fallacies of religious beliefs,

The scientists who’ve adopted it have dishonoured their scientific integrity,

And the clergy who’ve contradicted it with their theology have dishonoured the Books they say they believe,

While evolution per se is factual, and evidence pointing to it has been identified: the proof that the beginning of life was in an accident of chemistry is nowhere in sight,

Evolution does not prove neither logically nor practically that life began accidentally,

And even if it did, the laws which made it possible are completely ignored: laws which pre-existed life and caused the accidents which created it,

But this seems to have escaped the evolution enthusiasts,

Now they are keen to create artificial life in a laboratory, starting with an artificial protein, because the consensus now is that in the beginning was the protein,

If they succeed in that, and they may well do, they will tell the world that they have outsmarted god,

But no one will question them: where did you get the molecules of that protein from? And using which laws of chemistry and physical chemistry?

So they think they can take the credit of 14 billion years, so they say, of cosmic evolution to declare themselves creators of life,

And when they will develop the machine which will mimic human intelligence and consciousness: it will be loaded with software, which will never mirror the “hard code” of the human brain completely: every now and then they will be let down, because some million more lines of code will be discovered to be have been missing ...

They are keen to play god, only to set themselves at liberty from The Law of the world,

Little do they know, that their illusion of liberty is also from The Law of the world


Adam and Eve (8)

False beliefs cannot be corrected by the edge of the sword, or through the barrel of a gun,

However intelligent and pious the people who wage wars against their ideological and religious enemies may believe they are: they have failed to realise this basic fact,

Those ideologies and beliefs exist in people’s minds, and can only be combated there, and this is a long and painstaking process, which might take a few generations before it is fulfilled,

But on both sides of every conflict in the world today, the belief is one,

Although it appears grossly different to those in its midst,

The belief which dictates that one has to destroy everyone who disagrees with one,

Because everyone who disagrees with one must be evil, by the natural understanding of the working of the world,

False gods require from their servants to sacrifice life, to grant them their wishes,

Under the same law, and by the same morality: they are equal,

The Law of the world goes not by their definitions of good and evil, and cares naught about the manner in which they commit their crimes,

False beliefs have their roots in people’s self-knowledge,

To put it plainly, if people believe that there was a world, and they were put in it, in whichever way they phrase it: they are on the wrong track,

This makes a trinity of separable components of their existence in their minds, in whichever way they phrase it,

This trinity is reflected onto their morality and hence dictates their activity in the natural world: where everything has the seed of its self-destruction and regermination


Adam and Eve (9)

The belief that there was a world and people were put in it is as old as the creation,

Because some people were born in the low world,

Not because god wanted to punish them for his creating them low,

They do not take their being as a punishment except in as far as their beliefs tell them, and their reward that they believe is also being in that world,

There is no world without the human and there is no human without the world,

And it was said in the Hikmah, that the human was the fifth element of nature,

But there was also the human that was born in the higher worlds,

This is the one which was challenged by the lower human, which had a better understanding of the linear laws of nature, when The Law brought the two worlds close, by turning the planets in positions predetermined by the geometry of the heavens,

Frogs and lice and rats and snakes ... come out of their holes, because the consciousness dictates the image under different heavens,

Sheep and other cattle and lions have basic language skills and this makes the Self sorry for them, in her human image,

The Law ruled that all selves capable of speech took a human image and intermixed, for both humanities to learn from one another,

The Law does not scorn either of the worlds, and does not want anyone to suffer, and neither does it want to punish its creation, these are all human concepts, born in the ignorance and the arrogance of some humans,

If people who believe they are clever and well-informed were shown a glimpse of past times, they would think it is a fairytale,

They have turned the stories of the good prophets and their assistants into fairytales, in lawlessness devoid of spirit, because they do not want to know who they are,

As long as they are happy with some fantasy given to them by their clergy and their scientists The Law is happy for them, but the time comes when their illusions fail to shelter them


Adam and Eve (10)


The world as perceived by the humans only by the humans,

The Law is needless to its beauty and mystery and majesty, because The Law is self-sufficient,

The human perceives the world so they are reminded of the Beauty, Mystery and Majesty of The Law,

They hanker after things, until they can drop their possessions and perceive The Law,

The Law can be perceived by the human as a complete luminous circle, like a brightest sun shattering the darkness of human vision,

Or in a human form, to rediscover the cosmic image, in its might, beauty and seductiveness,

But no image can fully describe The Law, and when The Law manifests in an image humans are oblivious of Him,

The earth and skies call upon him to manifest when there’s imbalance,

People cannot grasp how The Law can reside in a spatiotemporal form, but if they realise that their bodies are the cosmos in its entirety it becomes easier, and if they realise that the man is the cosmos and the cosmos is the man it becomes easier, the separation fades in their awareness,

Hence the search for the origin of life, whether in the fairytales of religion or in the dust of the universe: is a vain exercise,

In both cases humans seek to justify their ignorance, arrogance and selfishness, because their understanding gives them an illusion of knowledge, and bogus independence from The Law,

And The Law furnishes the world for them to have the pleasures that they covet, until the linear time is over, by their own understanding,

Their lives had better be spent in admiration of The Law, in whatever pursuit they have; this gives them true pleasure, bestowed on them by the ubiquity of The Law


Adam and Eve (11)

The God humans are capable of knowing is The Law,

They can describe His Might, Beauty and Ubiquity, because humans want to express their states of mind,

And when the Books spoke it was of Him,

As for The Absolute, it is not to human reach by any of the powers bestowed on them by The Law,

If they have known The Law and are one with Him, The Law delivers them to His Manifestation,

It cannot be known to humans how The Law is self-sufficient,

He is the Complete Horizon from the Centre, which cannot be reached by human intellect or vision,

When The Law was begun Existence was begun in Completeness,

The pleasure of Existence is unreachable to human consciousness except in quanta,

As Existence swayed backward and forward like a pendulum around its pivotal point,

The mountain peaks and the clouds and the deluge of light thus became vision, within a sector of the circle,

This was the light created from The Light of Existence, which surpasses colour,

And a triangle thus was conceived: of vision, viewer and a viewer: from which is human vision,

You can say that everything in existence is a projection downward to some level of this Reality,

Nothing exists, or has ever existed or will ever exist except according to the Model of Existence,

So in the distance The Law is eager to view its wealth and abundance,

And in love and loyalty to its Beginner it also wants to be close,

Which projection of The Law is now taking such action? 

The Law is infatuated with the view from the distance of a human form,

Human form because it is the expression of the Geometry of Existence, born of self-love in duality,

The seduction is intense and the twin faces flare the heat of love,

Until the love is consummated when a sperm forces its way through to the beginning, and the Okeanos of Helium is thus effused,

In it are the reflections of The Law, this is the Self


Adam and Eve (12)

So the Self sets herself free, and is falling in love with the images of beauty and their motion and sounds and aromas and textures,

In the zest for existence she wants to experience everything, so she discovers the pleasures of the senses,

Whether people want to see this as disobedience or just as an actualisation of the Law’s Will, is a matter of their choice,

Those Events of a beginning of existence float over linear time and are simultaneously present, and they shape the events of the cosmii and the worlds within them,

What feelings and thoughts people attach to them is people’s choice, and these change in linear time, without the Events being subjected to change,

The Gardens of Existence, Lake Placid, and the Tree: which has roots going downward and branches going upward ... are all images of the Law in incompleteness,

The incompleteness of images makes it impossible to absorb the Complete Beauty and Wisdom of The Law from them, hence looking at them once flares in one’s heart more curiosity about them, and more needs to be seen and experienced,

The Self observes her image in the Helium: the Water from which everything animate was created,

This is her Brother the Word: or the Expression,

Image and Expression/Motion are intertwined; they perceive Existence facing one another: hence the Triangle of The Mind is thus existent,

It matters little which names and expressions are used to recall Reality, as long as people’s vision is directed straight into their minds, they can perceive them,

If one tries to write the story of creation one would be a complete fool, 

What the Books brought forward was only hints to certain images of certain events, expressed in the language of the time,

For, Existence remakes itself every Time, and new destines are generated,

As for religious and scientific stories and theories: those are none but entertainment for the general public


Adam and Eve (13)


Perhaps I’m being loose with my language,

I mention things that I assume have existed,

This is not an attempt to build a philosophical or a mathematical edifice, starting from basic concepts, by defining them, or by admitting their existence,

Whether one considers such concepts of mathematics and philosophy as self-evident or needing logical evidence: is perhaps immaterial from the perspective of one’s observation,

Plotinus and Spinoza is the master of building such edifices,

Being Pure Intellect, he is capable of building foundations from the ground, going all the way up to the heavens, where he can witness Reality,

The memory of which is ever present in one’s mind,

Where do existent things come from?

Perhaps the Self, upon witnessing them first hand, was mainly attracted to the pleasure of witnessing them, more than anything else,

The Hindu mythology makes the senses as aspects of the status of Nature, which, in this recount is the Helium (هيولى),

Thus vision is an aspect of fire, hearing of space, smell of air, taste of water and touch of earth,

Those five Elements must not be taken in their modern chemical sense,

They are the status of existence of the first Substance, which is not material yet, as in being made of atoms and molecules of matter, or as a form of energy preceding the big bang,

They are rather statuses of existence of Substance, generated by the statuses of consciousness of the Self, upon existence in duality (شفع),

To say that it could not have been other: bears a degree of inevitability, which is an intellectual concept,

These things are best remembered, because the pleasure of remembering them erases all questions and suspicions about them,

So the Self now is aware of direction and distance and capable of comparison,

When she looks her Father’s Countenance: she perceives a full luminous circle, which engulfs her with satisfaction and pleasure of knowledge,

But the distance and the direction evoke in her a question: what lies “behind” that circle,

So she moves, until she comes face to face with unknown: thus darkness was first conceived,

In it she is bewildered, frightened, and anxious: thus negative feelings are conceived,

So she goes deeper in the darkness: this is not something that exists outside her, although it can be now taken as such: hence two schools of thought are already conceived,

So she calls upon her own light she absorbed from her Father the Mind, she shines it in the darkness, thus Faith is conceived,

As she lights up the darkness, a face has to be perceived, this is her only knowledge of existence,

The face has been uglified by the fear and the anxiety,

But her light softens it, and the monster is tamed,

Thus Satan, or the fatherless one, was born,

Now he is independently self-conscious, like her, this is her light bringing existence to non-existence


Adam and Eve (14)


Non-existence is not an alien thing to Existence, and is not its opposite,

Existence transcends oppositeness,

For anything to exist or to be null: it’s under the reign of Existence that it can assume such statuses,

Non-existence needs a mind to think it, and if we can discuss its non-existence it is implied immediately that it is a product of existence,

If the Books have warned of the evils of Satan, they have also taught the way to protect oneself from him,

All the commandments gear one into striving for moral excellence and the pursuit of knowledge,

But when things like moral excellence and the pursuit of knowledge are given specific definitions, the wording of which has loopholes by the laws of nature: the evil of Satan thrives under the guise of piety and religious practices,

On the other hand, the evolutionists reject the concept of evil on the basis that chemistry is neither good nor bad,

But these have yet to see that human values are not necessitated by the struggle for survival, but indeed survival and the pursuit of excellence are motivated by human values: human values which pre-exist any written moral code or legal system,

In this freedom of mind, the challenge that one faces in the pursuit of knowledge and moral excellence is not evil: but indeed the Good, exposing the consequence of complacency and ignorance,

The interpretations of the Books and the Hikmah have instated evil, and little wonder why the religions and the sects cannot combat it: but indeed, every attempt to combat evil in their understanding: results in the creation of more it: it is a vicious cycle,

As a matter of fact, they do not believe they can combat it: as long as they see it as the opposite of good: who on earth can challenge god’s will?

It is philosophic failure to see that Satan is the opposite of the Whole Mind: not only does such a belief deprive the Whole Mind from Sovereignty, but also makes Satan an equal force in the world,

If any book has made such a declaration it should’ve been questioned before it was adopted,

Evil can stop in the world only if people stop believing it


Adam and Eve (15)


Books and ancient mythologies have all recounted stories of the early emergence and the early actions of evil,

Perhaps the “first” encounter of Wholeness and oppositeness is in a “previous” beginning, when Wholeness witnesses Its Existence in a duality resulting from self-love and self-admiration, in a drop from Complete Needlessness,

How Wholeness “arrives” at such beginnings can never be discerned by human consciousness,

But the Mirror is thus conceived, and upon mutual admiration a tunnel leading to a “low” form of existence manifests, in it is an unhappy face, of brownish light,

He manifests activity, and goes on to make crooked lines that are not straight or circular, as in parabolic and other curves ...

Why such an existence emerges is explained by the Capability of Existence of re-existence: upon setting a model of existence,

Hence, from there down, everything is capable of projecting itself: a projection which would have to be inferior, so the original maintains its superiority,

Thus all potentialities exist simultaneously, and it is by conscious choice that they actualise,

I should hasten to say that not all self-mirroring happens downward, it can happen horizontally, the four quadrants of a circle offer the model,

And “direction” is an immediate consequence and a of form of duality,

How people in the world now conceive those images and their reflections is their choice,

The concept of evil is perhaps justifiable by the concept of the survival of the fittest,

But if human existence and civilisation are capable of conceiving another concept: survival by cooperation, for example: then the world can change accordingly,

No one needs to adopt a new religion or philosophy, if it is recognised as a practical solution to a very old problem,

The world will continue furnishing causes for war and competition, and those who believe in evil will consume them happily,

But the world also sheds light on other possibilities, by the boredom and the suffering that it causes to all those who experience them


Adam and Eve (16)


I’ll continue bringing snapshots of Events of Beginning, hoping this will help free those memories from human dogmata,

If people believe they can measure the age of Existence by earth years they are just completely out of their minds,

The cleverer they believe they are the more digits they put on their numbers,

Worst are those who predict an end to it, by some doomsday prophecy or some physical law that they learned at school,

The cosmos is spread and folded,

And while a new one is brewing, we all wait above linear time,

And the new one is a reflection of the previous one, hence has its memory,

But the souls seem to exist in time and in Time,

In one beginning, the souls were liberated ... left alone,

The closest thing to it is perhaps a “traffic jam” of lit objects in the space, of various brightness and colours, which, at close distance are capable of manifestation of a human face, and of speech,

They discovered that they could make formations, using forces between one another,

Planetary systems and geometric forms, were thus first conceived,

Then there was a Monolith,

Although I should be careful with choosing my words, because many are just too ready to jump to conclusions, based on the terminology of their dogmata,

So people gathered around, to checkout,

Some were saying: this is where we came from,

Some were saying: we’ve always been here,

Time is capable of creating past and future immediately in people’s memories, for every present moment,

This is only a projection of the Eternity of Existence,

People aren’t aware that every present moment is on its own,

So when the Monolith lit up it re-established with some of them the connection with their Eternal Being,

The Knowledge was thus in Union with Him, that can never be broken,

If they break it they suffer a lot from their own distance,

This was the Covenant of the people who chose to be people of Light, above spatiotemporal existence,

If I pick a Beginning, I say this was a Beginning to remember,

Although I’m describing the main theme of it in a few words, it lasted thousands of years, by our measure of time today


Adam and Eve (17)

The Absolute is indiscernible to human consciousness; I have not repeated it enough,

But people have a need to witness their Source of Sustenance,

So they make up things and attribute to them the attributes of their source of sustenance,

Those things thus occupy the divine corridors of their minds,

And become their source of inspiration,

But such deities are limited by the beliefs which created them,

And so is their inspiration,

And in their pursuit of knowledge, the wise emancipate themselves from delusion and suspicion,

They attempt to approach the Absolute in the purity of their minds and the unconditional love in their hearts,

When a glimpse of the Light of the Absolute is witnessed by them: they are in euphoria of existence: the Cosmos has recognised the Cosmos,

The Law thus manifests Its First Image in their vision,

The Ghita recorded this,

This is the Image they witnessed when the Circle broke open, and their Father Adam manifested his Human Image,

They all gathered around in awe and wonder,

Of the Beauty and the Might and the Aromas of Him, lying down and standing up naked, displaying the Glory of the Image,

Satan was jealous and derisive; the Qur’an quotes him saying that while Adam was made of Substance, he was made of Fire,

Little did Satan know, that the Fire which lit up his darkness and give him life: was none but the Light of Adam reaching him upon reflection on the Self,

A few hundred years ago he painted this memory on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in a kind of apology for his earlier error, unaware that it was from his memory that he painted,

If one can recall this memory: it is a place where the lust for images is sacrificed at His Lotus Feet,

Blessed are those who have gone all that way


Adam and Eve (18)

The eating of an “apple” happened many times and at different levels,

Perhaps the highest one is when the Self is left alone, to feel deprived,

At such a close distance she can only experience immense emotions of longing and love, which promise peace of mind and satisfaction,

Until Satan comes to her carrying the “apple”,

It is a part of him that he has dipped in the pleasure that is effused by the First Encounter,

Upon seeing it the Self realises how much pleasure she would experience, instead of sucking her own thumb to satisfy her need,

It did not take much persuasion; the Self took that apple and swallowed it down to her throat, which is not manifest yet,

The apple is thus stuck in her neck, and awareness of her lower body started to take shape: the stomach and the genitals: which are none by the projection of her consciousness downward,

But the pleasure is immense, 

However, it falls short of the pleasure she remembers from the First Encounter, and does not culminate in a downpour of Light,

So guilt consumes her, and she feels ashamed of the extent of her body down, and upon calling her Lord she feels embarrassed and expects forgiveness,

So she was told to give birth to the material world, and to endure the discomfort of labour,

So the world rumbled beneath her, 

And again, whether this was disobedience or an actualisation her Father’s will is up to humans to formulate


Adam and Eve (19)


I have to clarify that the First Encounter that I mentioned in the previous post was that of Existence and his Beginner,

As for the world that I said was created, this was not referring to the world that we know today,

This was a manifestation of the Law in the Helium, the Primary Substance from which the helium that we know today was created at a lower level,

This can now be said as a great grandfather of our universe,

This was a universe for all the souls to descend to, as mentioned the Qur’an: “fall you all down from it, some preceding some, and you have in it leisure for a term”,

Which was read as “some being enemies of some”,

The wording is a reflection of reality, and that can have different projections and interpretations in people’s minds across the ages,

However people perceive those events and those declarations: their perception is the guideline of their destiny,

So the souls descend into the world of duality, conceived and given birth to by the love of perception and conception,

The first adventurers in it were the Self and her brother the Word,

When perception and conception are the mode of consciousness: forgetfulness becomes inevitable, and remembrance is the wakeup call,

Lost in its mazes, dazzled by its imagery, tired by its activity ... the soul experiences boredom, anxiety and fear ...

The more she is absorbed by perception and conception, the more bewildered and frightened she becomes


Adam and Eve (20)

All the Events I recounted before are taking place above the Water,

But under the Water from here on is the world of mystery, beauty ... and fear,

But this has to be experienced,

Its gravity is strong, and the witness of the details of existence is irresistible,

It can only be witnessed and experienced by its own kind,

So the Self and the Word dive in the water, to get drunk, and to focus their consciousness onto imagery, sounds, colours, aromas, textures, temperatures ...

All of which come from the modes of consciousness they experienced above the Water,

But their reflection in it is ... less real: hence convincing to the senses,

The senses are none but the consciousness of the Elements, capable of recognising itself,

Whether this is mutiny and sinfulness is a matter of human belief,

Had it not happened they wouldn’t have been enjoying their existence the way they do,

The Word falls deeper in the Water, and by singing songs he would create worlds of gardens and mountains and waterfalls ... simply by invoking the deepest Light of his consciousness, 

This can only be expressed in such imagery and sound of beauty and majesty,

Now this is inevitability:

Where human consciousness can conceive something then observe it, 

While believing that it can observe something then conceive it: if it wishes to conceive this conception,

Then boredom and bewilderment would overwhelm him,

He felt he needed someone to appreciate the worlds that he created,

His passion thus created from him a companion: the Books call her Eve, created from the rib of his chest, where emotions are experienced,

The two fell in love with one another; this is the first love story,

He toured her around his world and she loved it,

She visited the Tree: which is the potentiality of the Self in duality: with roots going down in lower existence, and branches and shoots and leaves greeting the heavens,

And Lake Placid around it: the sound of the water, the air ... echoing in the space was an invitation to the pleasures of the senses, and a mystery to be awed by ...

But knowing that she was the Rib of the Word, she was aware of the Cause of all the causes above it,

The tree thus spoke to her, and enticed her to experience it, and she was entertained and enchanted by its speech,

Above the Water, the tree was perceived by her as a giant serpent, lurking in the sombre rooms of her being, where she, the Self and the Expression met, many times, each to enjoy and question their own reflection,

Why does the sombreness of the Self assume the image of a serpent?

Perhaps its simple shape of a curved line, with eyes in the head, and a tongue which splits in two, and canines ... and the geometric patterns on its skin, and a pair of horns on the head is some cases ...
All these are truths of existence, but they did not assemble themselves in a human image,

Hence the fright they inspire, and the beauty of ugliness ...


Adam and Eve (21)


From there on the dense worlds started to manifest,

The worlds which were manifest in the helium which is known today,

And perhaps the dark matter that is also known today will be proven in the future to be the precursor to the helium,

Once its gravity is strong enough: it will suck the “images”: and the universe dies and is reborn by reflection,

I’ve told some of the stories of the past worlds in The Narrative of the website, and some are scattered in the stories of the early messengers and prophets.

For any world to manifest, it has to be conceived first,

The Law creates the worlds and the living beings which create them, it is hence The Cause of all the causes,

Also the perception of them and the conception about perceiving them: all is created by The Law: by the conscious beings, which perceive and conceive them,

If people want to believe in creationism: it will be true in the contours of their consciousness, and they will find evidence in the Books that they believe,

If they want to believe in the big bang and evolution it will also be true in the contours of their consciousness and they will find evidence pointing to it in the memory of the universe,

Although, in both cases the evidence is flimsy and incomplete,

And as I’ve said on the page, the unknown is dictated by the beliefs of people.

All the cosmii circulate around the Horizon of The Law,

Will people be able in the future to discover those cosmii?

Perhaps they have to discover the other planets in their own universe first,

This requires a quantum leap in belief,

The people are captive in the jails of their beliefs, the religious and the materialist alike,

The jail of Satan and Iblis,

The good and the evil, the known and the unknown are made by those two,

Those who can break out are very few



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