The Glorious World, that was barred from the rest of the world by Atlas, the Holder of the heavens, the Carrier and the Rounder of the Earth,

Out in the ocean, it was unreachable to the rest of the world, which was mainly jin, the low humans, the original inhabitants of the earth, and a long and high wall was built on the eastern side of the island to protect it from possible attacks by the Britannians and other civilisation, to the eastern side of the island.

The Atlantians were the humans, the ones who had passed the toughest test in the preceding cycle, and were salvaged from drowning in hell, when they docked on the Mount Joodyy with their prophet.

So the new world was created, and they migrated from Earth Interior, to build a civilisation of righteous people on this low earth, to be a beacon to the jin and test their knowledge in the darkness of hell: the low world that is ruled by physical laws, and where the Fifth Dimension is hidden, completely, and can only be reached in the mind, in one's own mind,

And where everything is upside-down, literally and metaphorically. 

In the previous posts I mentioned a number of civilisations, those existed simultaneously, and reincarnated at different times. My main aim was not to give a historical narration of events, but to highlight their beliefs and religions which lead to their sinking deeper in the low world.

And there have always been many civilisations on earth, that are impossible to count and name,

Only the great ones which made a mark in humanity's history and reincarnated many times and are now playing major roles in the unfolding of events, and indeed in the development of human thought and sciences, only those ones are really worth any mention.

But Atlantis was different, it was the land of the people of knowledge, who were not supposed to be deluded by the low world and its passions, and were not supposed to abandon their humanity and turn to flesh and blood,

They were not supposed to be taken by the causes of the world, of politics and power play,

They were supposed to know that the world was their temporary residence. Their eternal residence is in the higher worlds, one of which is Earth Interior, and other planets, to which I will dedicate a post in the future: The High Worlds.

But for now, let us just say, that this is a low world of darkness upon darkness, if it swallows you by its passions and its causes and its grudges and its pleasures and its adventures, and if you start enjoying it and wanting it and desiring it, like its original inhabitants do, then, I am sorry to tell you, you will dwindle into a low being fitting this world,

A low being which is deaf dumb blind, although you will have eyes, ears and a tongue.

This is the Law, and not an arbitrary rule of a god of reward and punishment. And if you find that the fact that there is Law means that there is an arbitrary god, I cannot help you.

It is not a question of semantics, it is a question of awareness. When you are aware of the Law, you love Him and want to be Him, and He is the source of your Providence, happiness, well-being, knowledge, awareness ....

And when you are not aware of the Law, you are frightened of Him, and you'd better be.

The last look that I remember clearly that I took of Atlantis, and I said to myself: remember this scene, this is Atlantis, the land of wonders and mystery, whose history, and even existence, will mystify the world in the future,

So I did remember.

I was standing in a plane, looking a huge structure, that was spread out over a vast area. It was a ghetto built for the slaves that the Atlantians used to "import" from other places, to slave them.

They were what you call today the Neanderthals, the low humans, who were savages, by comparison to the Atlantians,

I went and lived with them for a while, and developed good human relations with them. Some of them showed an aptitude and a desire to develop into higher beings, genuinely.

But most importantly, I felt sorry for them, for the condition they lived in. The poverty, the lack of facilities and sanitation.

All the Atlantians gave them was these huge building packed beside one another. They treated them with arrogance and inhumanely.

And the Atlantians were not a pure breed at that point anymore. They had mixed with jin and half-jin, and there were power struggles between those races.

At that time, it was easy to identify people by their looks.

In earlier times, the good people, as I mentioned before, were able to fly when the heavens permitted. This ability was completely lost in the last days.

They were able to send each other messages, kind of telepathically, reflecting them on the moon, believe it or not. That was lost too,

Just to mention the powers that they had, which they exchanged for worldly things: power, wealth, physical beauty, arrogance, pride, sensual pleasures...

Their physical beauty, the jewelry they made, their architecture, their interior designs and artifacts.... are beyond description. The only things that surpassed them was the real worlds.

The Atlantians loved their world and enjoyed it. They wanted to dwell in it forever. And many used to say to their sages who reminded them that this was only a temporary place, many used to say: No, not for me, this world is fine.

They had plenty of everything, and pretty much lacked nothing. All they had to do was to take a step back and remember who they were, so they were not sucked completely into this fake world,

Even that little effort... many did not want to make. They were drunk of pride and arrogance, they thought that things could last forever.

On top of that, their philosophical understanding started to wane, and many started practicing prayers for the purpose of material gain, like today's people who pray to ask for favours, and their physique started to look ... less human, and more on the dumb side, to put it clearly. So, even those superior human bodies that they had were changing to something lower.

Millions of years must have passed. And perhaps they were being given a chance to correct their mistakes. But they were too busy with their power struggles at home, and their wars abroad.

There was a time when they thought that their racial superiority was their guarantee, and that nothing could take it away from them, and this is a bad mistake that many groups of people have made today too, and we shall come to this in a future episode: the Present Cycle.

So towards the last decades of the last cycle, the earth was covered by an overcast of cloud, which was high and thin like Cirrus clouds, but soon it started to get thick, and the temperature started to drop in the whole world, and the moderate climate and sunlight became a thing of the past, and then it was pretty much constantly raining.

And the people started to wonder, was this a temporary stage which was going to go soon? and anxiety started to slip into their minds,

The Atlantians, many of them woke up to who they were and where their minds should have been focused, and were very remorseful, and in their solitudes, they begged forgiveness,

The good ones of them accepted the consequence of their deeds and thoughts, and were happy with whatever destiny the Law was going to give them,

But those who had gone further in their bewilderment, they were in panic, they had no idea what they should do or say.

Funnily, the Neanderthal people were less agitated, and took it as just a natural phenomenon that they had to endure.

But there was more to come, the water level started to rise on the island, and the coastal line disappeared, and water started to go inland.

And there was a kind of power station, built of rocks. For a reason I cannot recall, it had to be underground. I cannot remember how it worked, but I know that it was very important. Water started going into it and disabled it.

And those who were given titles of knowledge and attires of high status were frightened. They knew they were helpless before this natural might.

A good prophet had been telling the people about this and many believed him. But there was somebody of a more sinister intention, a builder of high skills.

He built ships especially to take his people on board, as he was convinced that the island was bound to sink, he wanted to continue the human journey on earth, and did not believe that there was anything else but earth.

And the good prophet was told to encourage him and support him. And many people of all the races and the tribes boarded those ships and sailed to an unknown destiny.

And the Island did sink, totally and in one go. Many who decided to stay on it, felt that it was a punishment that they deserved to have. And many did not believe that this was going to happen and they stayed there and were drowned. 

               The Qur'an mentions Atlantis as : as7aabu l'2aykah: the people of the big tree. Because the island was famous for its giant trees, some of whose descendants are still in America today.


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