The Book of Hamzah

Our Master The Messiah

The Cause of All The Causes

(sabab al-asbaab)


I rely on our Lord The Hedonikos The Sagacious, The Highest The Loftiest, The Sovereign over all sovereignty, Who occurs not in deliberation or illusion, The Memory of Him is Glorified above the description of the describers, and the reach of the dormant ones [the people],

The Dimensions of His Call are the letters/edges of “By The Summum of God, Compassion The Compassionate”,

The Homage is to our Lord for Whom there is no looker [equal] in the heaven, and of Him no one on earth is hearer [knower], and nor is to Him a pointer, and nor is anyone above Him dominant in the two worlds, or capable of Grandeur over Him,

He began The Whole Mind by His Exuberant and Complete Light, and from the Light of the Mind He began the True Self, and from the Light of the Self: the Word,

And He began the Forerunner from the Light of the Word, and from the Light of the Forerunner He began the Follower,

And from the Light of the Follower He began the earth and all that is on it, and the orbiting planets and the twelve zodiacs, the four Elements and the Helium which is the fifth,

Thus all that is created, which the people call the sky, is the celestials serving the earth and what is on it by the Power [Light] that is in them,

And the Manifestation of the Human of our Lord, The High The Lofty, is from it [the earth], and the Miracles of His Divinity are on it,

And He is Sublime over adjectives and language, transcends He, High above what they describe by a far Highness.

Henceforth, it has arrived to us, O pitiful/loving brother, what you wrote, by us, demanding true knowledge, and what the aberrant one has claimed,

And the knowledge of Union is unlike the knowledge of the sophists’ and atheism, and neither is it as was systematised by the speakers and the slaves [those who just go along with the wealthy and powerful], and neither is a solitary jewel like a solid rock,

And neither is Oneness like the One which is beneficent, and neither is The High above reach like the cause of knowledge, by equality,

Nay, Truths are Authorisation from The Causer The Eternity, to His Servant, the Cause of all the causes,

And The Causer is The Oneness, and the One is the Cause who benefits all the knowledgeable ones,

And those are the callers and who are listened to, [they are] those who struggle in response to knowledge from Him, and from what The Lord authorised me, transcends He, by His Compassion and Wisdom,

And that is the One in every era and time, who is the Cause, the Educator of the peoples and their tutelar,

And the populace are of the rank of the boys in an institute,

Every boy of them has no concern but to obey his father more so than he does his tutor, and he [the tutor] loves him more than he [the pupil] does him,

But he [the pupil] is more scared of the tutor than he is of his father, because the father has entrusted his matter to his teacher, and heightened himself from talking to his son,

So the matter totally and truly is the father’s,

But it is the tutor who beats him [the student] and teaches him virtue, and deters him from vice,

So the teacher of the book is the trial of the boys, and the source of their suffering and mercy,

He punishes whomever he will of them and rewards whomever he will of them;

However, the tutor ought not to commit with the boy four abhorred practices:

That he swear not at him obscenely, that he beat him not a beating to break his organs, that he molest him not and that he kill not him,

And when he commits one of those four practices, the father becomes his foe, and the tutor has to apologise, if an inadvertent swear was said by him, and that he would not commit it again,

And he has also to apologise if he beats heavily, and if he breaks one of the boy’s organs, he has to heal the organ and pay the boy’s expenses from his own money, until he recovers,

And the teacher cannot apologise for molesting the boy, and cannot afford an excuse for killing him, unless the father wants to forgive him, of nobility of him.

Thus too is the Aim of Time, he is the Abider/Servant in his Lord, Glorified is The Mention of Him,

He is the Tutelar of the world and their educator by the true knowledge,

The Lord, transcends He, has entrusted all of His servants’ religious affairs to him, and made him a Cause/Reference to them, and by him is their punishment and reward,

And The Lord, transcends He, is Existent Abode, although He is Sublime above engagement [with the people] and speech, and above education and benefit,

For, all the matters of the Callers and those who are listened to, and the strugglers and the respondents, are returned to the Aim, in every era and time,

He isolates whomever of them as he will, and appoints whomever he will, and gives everyone his rightful share of true knowledge, proportionally to what The Lord, transcends He, has enabled him.

He ought not to hide the religion from the respondent and cover it from him, and if he secrets it and covers it from him out of necessity, he uncovers for him another time, and delivers him to the goal and the end [purpose].

And he ought not to refer his matter and education to an incompetent caller, who might break one of his organs, and if he did that before finding out about that caller, and then the incompetency of that caller became obvious to him, he ought to isolate the caller, and appoint another, until the fracture of the respondent is healed.

And he ought not to call him [the respondent] to himself in worship, and this is equivalent to molesting the boy, and it is unpardonable.

And he ought not to divert the respondent to worship any of the created [things and people], and he calls him not to take any of the people in Union, and this is killing in Reality, and he has no pardon from it, unless our Lord will, Glorified is The Mention of Him.

And The Aim is the Prince, and the complement of the Dimensions are of the rank of the soldiers, and the respondents are of the rank of the subjects,

Allegiance to him is due on them and a must to them; for, The Lord, transcends He, has made him Direction (Kiblah) for them and an Aim, until they reach by him to the Knowledge of the Disseminator of the dissemination, The Causer of all and their Beginner, transcends He, High above what they describe. 

And I understand [by] what you have mentioned about yourself, that you request my favour, concerning the favour to the ministry and reforming the logic [ideology] of it,

And you have said that I wrote in the preface of my papers: the Cause of the Causer of the causes [which are] the Adjectives of the Cause, and you requested [to know] its essences,

And you mentioned that the Cause of the causes is an allusion to the Forerunner in every era and time, and that he exists in the world, and you requested [to know] the fallacies of the elderly about him,

And you said that this cause, which is the Forerunner, cannot be known to the intellect/illusion by reflection, and that he is not subject to difference in time, by change,

And that language cannot describe him by expression, being begun in Mind, the senses and the illusion;

And He Who has summed this up knows best that there is only the Cause of Knowledge, and nothing else,

Not a Speaking or Hearing Identity, as some claimers have claimed, and not a person who was seen, as some tellers have told, and nor was [He] a comprehension upon investigation on the spot, as some writers have written,

And you mentioned things about me, which I did not say, I request The Lord that He admonish you not.

And you said that I mentioned in the preface of my pages that there is the Cause of all causes, and another Cause above it, and that our Lord The Sovereign, Glorious is His Capability, is Its Causer and Maker,

And you said that an inquisitive Opposite, or a shadow [thereof] and an adulterine, has realised for me the Cause of all the causes, and the Cause that is above it, and the Adjective that it has,

This is a foul say, and I, by The Will of The Lord’s, show you a response which puts you face to face with the truths, according to what Time has decreed,

Not by a qualification that you have qualified, or any of the entire two worlds collectively, but by The Bounteousness of The Lord’s, transcends He, and His Clemency.

And you mentioned that you set by this correspondence two conditions: being the thrashing of the Opposite, and the second being that the believers’ hearts be not turned away [from knowledge],

And you mentioned that the objective in all cases, and for all the people, is to be in Union with their Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him, and nothing else,

And you mentioned that you had an abundance of clear and rational means conforming to The Book, by which you overcame whoever who spoke, and verified and corrected, that our Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him, is God, Controlling, Capable and Dominant, Giving and Withholding,

And you mentioned that the Opposite said that if you were right that The Cause could not be reached or described or encompassed by vision or place, then your argument about nearness and closeness and speech is false,

And that if you admitted definitions and adjectives and visual verification and encompassment, then what you believe is falsified; and you would conclude in worshipping created things, because this is factual about created things.

And you asked me to inform you of what you built your creed upon; for, if the foundation of the structure is that you say that there is Cause in the heaven, and our Lord, Glorious is His Capability, is The Maker of this Cause, so do hearken and obey, and do not transgress,

And if [what you build your creed upon] has an essence that has escaped you, I shall inform you of it, because you have over-stepped, by your spirit, in writing letters and books that you ascribed to me, and by this (on top of this) you have demanded gratitude for the favour,  

 So I shall explain to you what you asked and answer it point by point, by our Lord’s Will, Glorious is The Mention of Him, and His Support.

And the Holy Spirit reaches me in a glance, without intermediation, spiritual or physical, the Homage is to Him Alone, and the Thanks.

Do know, may God support you by obedience to Him, and avoidance of disobedience to Him, and may He help you attain the truths of His Call:

That I did not want to answer you about it, nor to talk to you about it, because you did not ask me the question from the stand point of an inquirer asking his master,

Rather, you showed your self-proclaimed knowledge and honour by the truth; and this is error itself,

So I returned to what our Lord The Hedonikos, The Knowledgeable, The Lofty The Mighty, Glorious is The Mention of Him, has bestowed on me of His Knowledge, and endowed me with His Affection, and what He delegated to me: of teaching the people and educating them,

So I found out that it was a mistake on your behalf, made unintentionally, and an error that just occurred, so I wrote this Book, by the Blessing of our Lord, Glorified is The Mention of Him, The Liberator of all deity,

I clarified in it the arts and the literature, and made it a treasure for the people of Union and those who have responded, and I titled it “The Cause of All The Causes”;

So if you read what is in it, do discern its essences by your mind, and do rise up to its introductions and climaxes by the fine philosophy (Hikmah), and do know our Lord, The Sovereign The Oneness, in Sublimeness above names and adjectives, and genders and languages,

And do thank Him, by what is due on you of perfection of thankfulness, and in all kinds of its dimensions, to the best of you capability,

And do not utter any opinion or measure, for, the first to utter his opinion, and to measure knowledge by his passions was Iblis, so he was discarded from The Call, and dropped from the Complement of the Dimensions (Hudood),

May The Lord, transcends He, guard you and all the faithful believers in Union, from that.

So the first point you mentioned, may The Lord enable you in constancy, is that you want to reward me, for the virtue of service,

Do know, may The Lord support you in obedience to Him, that you have no say in this matter, neither materially and nor essentially, and nor does any person of the two worlds, entirely,

Because the reward, materially, is what you want for me of money, horses and camels, and glory and fame, and a reaching hand to the people of delusion and bewilderment,

To that you have no capability, and nor do you have for doing it any capacity, except in what you talk by your mouth, and nothing else,

And so too the two worlds altogether, they are incapable of rewarding their own selves, so how can they reward the one who is above them materially and essentially,

But it is a man of high stature who should say this to someone inferior to him in rank, and he ought not to say this to someone above him in any respect.

As for the essential reward, it is what you want of me, of opening the veritable knowledge, and the substance of the Highest Wisdom, and the thrashing of the people of the marginal law,

In this you have no business, and no one in it has a say, this is solely by the Authorisation of our Lord, transcends He, to me, in every era and time, without physical mediation, spiritual or psychic,

It is up to me to reject people’s beliefs, and correct their sayings, and no one of the two worlds can reject mine, because The Lord, transcends He, has selected me and began me from His Exuberant Light, before space and potentiality, [and before] humans, and demons were existent,

And this was before disobedient Adam and forgetful Adam were created [note that the word khalaqa here is used to mean “created”, as opposed to abda3a in the previous passage, to mean “began”] by seventy Orbs, between consecutive Orbs are seventy Weeks, between consecutive Weeks are seventy Years, and a Year is a thousand of what you count;

There has been no era when I did not call the worlds to Union with our Lord, transcends He, The Highest the Lofty, and to abiding in Him in different forms and languages,

Some of the worlds responded to Union with Him and to abiding in Him, and some shunned His Home and darkened to His Providence, and worshipped a statue, and attached [things] to His Godliness,

Thus they earned painful suffering and punishment of what they attached,

And I clarify to you towards the end of this Book the Summa [plural of summum] of our Lord, The Highest The Lofty, transcends He, in every Orb of them,

It is how He manifested to the peoples, in their perspective in physicality,

And His Divinity is Sublime above names and adjectives, genders and languages,

And my name is in every Orb of them, and the dominant ones of the Orbs did not know it [my name],

And do remember the name of the spiritual opposite in each of those Orbs, known as Iblis, so you come face to face with what none of the Muslims have been able to face, nor any of the dominant ones of the early mundane laws,

And thus you face what could guide you to the truths, and deter you from the ways of the fanfares [of falsehood], and you would come to know that I am capable of your reward and the reward of all other than you, in the physical world and the essence of religion,

And you all are incapable of my reward, except by words or the heart’s intent only.

And here is another abhorred point, may The Lord, transcends He, protect you from it, and that is the say of those of the populace who say that I invented this thing from my soul, or that I established knowledge from my Identity and my Power,

And our Lord The Sovereign, Glorified is His Capability, teaches not this, and accepts it not,

So he looks from his [the Mind’s] perspective at words which his mind has not reached, and whose essence he has not faced,

So he says: I have looked and my vision is better than His, and I set words more coherently than His, so I have to introduce Him to what He has not, so He may thank me for it,

And this is attachment [of things to God] itself in His Aimhood, I do guard you and all the faithful ones who are in Union from that.

Nay, you and everyone else, when you read my writings and hear my words which your mind rejects, you ought to inquire about them, the inquiry of someone who is an incapable/needy beneficiary, and a desiring learner,

And you ought to admit that you do not understand those words, and thus you are appreciated for your inquiry, and thanked for your sayings, so you can benefit from me in all your circumstances, and I answer you about all that by The Lord’s Will, transcends He.

As for your saying that I wrote in the preface of my papers: “The Cause of the Cause of all the Causes, the Adjectives of The Cause”,

You have thus mentioned some quotation without understanding it, and you missed some quotations and you did not discern them, and you did  not look into the order of the quotations and what I penned in their lines,

And this is due to known restrictions, it is not allowed for a writer to add to a line or take out of a line,

And if I had wanted that none of its essences be hidden from anyone, I would have written it in one line, from the beginning of a page till the end of it,

But I had it in the middle because it is neither physical and nor essential,

That is because right and left are both bewildering, and the middle way is the way to salvation, and to arrive to the Goal of all the goals, and the Terminal of all the terminals,

And that is the abidance in our Lord Glorious is The Mention of Him, and Union with Him, transcends He.

So the first line of the article was that I rely on our Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him,

The second: and by Him I look/get help in all matters,

The third: The Causer of the Cause of all the causes,

The forth: The Adjectives of the Cause are: by the Summum of God, Compassion The Compassionate,

So, my saying: I rely on our Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him, I meant by it The Divinity of our Lord which is unreachable by illusion, and enters not in the thoughts and understandings, there are none of the two peoples with whom He is not, while they do not vision,

He knows the quivers of the eye and what the chests conceal,

And He, Glorious is The Mention of Him, is Greater than any description or grasp,

Whoever relies on Him, He will suffice him in all his tasks, and no one of the two peoples [can] say that they relied on Him and He did not suffice their needs, transcends He High above the gibberish of the ones who attach things unto Him, and [High above] the falsehood of the atheists, in a Great Highness;

So if he relied on Him by His Reliance on Him, He would suffice him in all his tasks, and He would oblige the two worlds to content him, but he relies on Him by his say, while his heart is apprehensive of those who attach things unto Him,

And he exhibits worship to the world while he worships the damned totem;

By such deeds they earned suffering and they do not discern.

And in the second line: “and by Him I look/(ask for help) in all matters”, I meant by it The Human veil, by which He veiled Himself from us, and the Station from where He speaks, and it is what we perceive in a human image,

[This is how the interpreters of Christianity, and now Druzism, have looked in the wrong direction. And this matter cannot be elaborated. The physical laws do not allow it, because Divinity cannot be in place and time,

So the Hudood of our Lord, transcends He, are His Human, referred to in the Druze Hikmah as Nasoot. And this is His Divinity, transcends He, above reach, although He is Capable of reaching human vision, they cannot reach Him, and this is His Divinity.

And the Opening of the Qur’an is an opening to the “The Summum of God, Compassion the Compassionate” urging the two peoples to beseech a look of His Human, as mentioned,

And as I opened it and read it, those who were supposed to take it rejected it. Because it is obvious they did not read the Hikmah correctly either,

So here I reiterate my call to them all.]

So if a sayer says: “how does it occur that The Creator, transcends He, veils himself in a human and speaks through him, and you have just said that He is beyond grasp?”

We say: the people of the creeds and those in their protectorate have agreed that The Creator of the creation, transcends He, is Beyond grasp, and they said that He dwelt in the heaven, and that He settled on the Chair of the Throne, and that He veiled Himself in an unconscious tree incapable of reasoning, and that He spoke through it to Moses the son of Omran, and that he [Moses] used to hear the voice coming from a tree which would say: “O Moses, do approach Me, and do recognise My Regard, for I am God”, and also that he, if he heard speech coming from the tree he would say: “God said to me so and so”, and if he heard speech coming from the mount he would say: “God said to me so and so”, and his say was not denounced,

So we [Hamzah and his Brothers]  have more right and are in a better position to allow the veiling and to speak and say [His Word], for He, transcends He, has veiled Himself in a person who is a speaker and [who is] knowledgeable, chosen out of His chosen ones [the people of light],

[And I hope that this puts an end to the falsehood that has made its way to the minds of the people of  light wherever they might have been born, so they regard their Lord in Sublimeness above people’s names in places and time, so their hard work of old days is not wasted, and they are amongst the chosen ones by their sincerity to their Lord, The Lord of the two worlds, this is the highest and the noblest achievement that any human can achieve, and this is a reminder they ought to take very seriously, in the time of the prelude to a new flood in which many have sunken already.]

And His successor and chosen one has more right and is in a better position to permit the veiling and to speak than a dead tree or a stone or a statue,

This is evidence of reason that is clear, which the opposite cannot refute, not in any shape or cause.

And in the third line: “The Causer of the Cause of all the causes”, as a predicate to: “I rely on our Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him,”

And we shall elucidate it [the Cause] by The Causer, so it may not be obscured to any of the two peoples, or that their intellect goes to another essence, as the one to which your intellect has gone;

An example of this is your say: “I rely on the prince” in your matter,

The prince is an ambiguous word, so you return to your say and clarify: “the prince of the matter”, thus all the people would know who you meant by that;

And the Cause of all the causes is the Servant of our Lord, Glorious is His Mention, and he is in charge of the affairs of the Dimensions (Hudood), because the Dimensions are the causers of the world,

Because the world has been wondering about them, some have repudiated them, and some have exaggerated their ranks,

They [both camps] are sick in the heart.

And the Dimensions also wonder about the Aim of Time, so some of them [alluding here to the opposites] have doubts about him and underestimate his station,

And some overestimate him and consider him as the Whole Abode [of Worship],

Thus he became their Cause whence they were uncertain about him, and their religions hinged on his Cause,

And whoever gives him his due right, and accedes to his Aimhood and makes him the Abider in our Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him, and [admits] that he [the Mind] has no Reign and no Power except by our Lord, Glorious is His Mention:

All religious ailments of verity will be lifted from him, [ailments] from which eternal death befalls,

And our Lord transcends He, is The Causer of this Cause, that is its Contriver and Beginner, Capable is He over them [the Dimensions] and over it [the Cause].

And in the fourth line: “The Adjectives of the Cause: By the Summum: God, Compassion, The Compassionate,”

They are the Adjectives of the aforementioned Cause which is the Aim, it is in the end of the writing,

Because: By the Summum of God (bismillah) has seven letters/edges [in Arabic], pointing to the seven Callers of the seven Sectors [The Five and the two opposites, who are the Callers to Union and to worldly religions, respectively.]

And Compassion The Compassionate is twelve letters/edges [in Arabic], pointing to the twelve Callers of the twelve Islands [hinting to the twelve islands from which the earth was formed, each island being in a different position around the sun and hence hosting a different culture, still seen on earth, and still sensed in our deep memory of positions of nations on earth] also pointing to seven planetary orbits and twelve zodiacs [respectively] [the zodiacs rule their corresponding islands of the earth, and this is a reality that science is yet to discover, to take a new direction: Beyond Science.]

[Any reading of this along the lines of the letters of the Arabic language is logically unsustainable, for the Arabic language or any language for that matter is on the other end of the chain of creation, while the statement is pointing to the truths by which is all creation,

So it is illogical for any language, Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek or Hebrew, to have in its letters heavenly secrets, heavenly secrets are in one’s mind and can be reached therein, where the languages fade.

Early Moments of Existence have shades of light, which could be “written” and animated by sounds, which translate nowadays to alphabets in our minds,

And the Books, in different languages, have sounds which are of heavenly resonance.

But the books of falsehood, which claim to “reveal the truths”(kashf al-hqaa’iq), have provided lists of letters and what they are supposed to stand for, which was originally stolen from Hamzah and tampered, and  was later ascribed to him, as this Book mentions, and should be rejected outright for its major philosophical and logical errors.]

And all of them exist in the Age of our Lord, Glorious is His Mention, serving under the command of His Aim and before it [the Age],

[The following passage which I have enclosed in a pair of braces {} was inserted into this Book by the same opposite who is the author of “Kashf al-Haqaa’iq”, and I will provide my reasoning at the end of it] 

{Thus they have become his Adjectives, whereby it is said: this is the Caller of so and so, or one of the companions of so and so, and hence they are his Adjectives by this Cause,

They are the letters of “By the Summum of God, Compassion The Compassionate”,

So by this view I said in the fourth line: the Adjectives of The Cause, that is the Dimensions of the Aim,

By the Summum of God, Compassion The Compassionate, that are those Callers to Union with our Lord, Glorified is His Capability, The Causer of all, their Contriver and Beginner, [Who is] without a similar or an image or a looker/equal,

He doeth what willeth, whenever He willeth, without objection to Him, and He is The Highest, The Loftiest, Beginningless and Endless, transcends He above what they describe.}

[The passage starts with “they have become his Adjectives”, when in fact it was stated before that they were begun, and as this very passage states further on, in self-contradiction.

Then it says “whereby it is said this is the caller of so and so”. The truth is that they are not his Adjectives because they are callers, their Adjectivehood is caused by the Effusion of their Father The Mind,

But it is obvious the author does not understand what the Adjective is, so he perhaps meant to clarify and to emphasise that the seven Dimensions mentioned before are the callers of Union, when it is clear from a previous passage that “some of them” who wonder about the Aim call to religions, and those who call to religions are opposites who do not call to Union,

Thus the author thought that he could lead the reader into believing that their Adjectivehood is something that they acquired by being callers, and secondly that the Hudood wonder about the Aim and do not know him.

Then he goes on to say: “The Contriver and Beginner”, which contradicts “becoming” as I mentioned, and goes on to say: “without a similar, image or an equal” which makes one wonder, how can the Hudood have such divine adjectives while being as fallible as ignorant people, in not recognising the Aim and giving him his true regard or value.

The last sentence is only meant to open a road to your mind. This is a tactic opposites use frequently for fortifying their rhetoric and serving their toxins. The Words of Glorification of The Lord, transcends He, make their way to the true believer’s mind quickly, where they belong,

This mishmash of words cannot come from our Master Hamzah the Aim of Time, as it is obvious from the height and the depth of his word in the rest of this text, but I’ve translated the doubtful text anyway, so the reader be alerted.]

The third point: as to your saying and what you wrote in your paper, that the Cause is alluding to the Forerunner in every era and time, and that he is existent in the world, and [that] he is a cause, unreachable by the illusions of thinking, and neither do the times differ about him by alteration, and [languages] cannot describe him by expression, begun from the mind and the sense and the illusion,

And he who summed this knows better that there is a Cause of knowledge, no more no less; not a speaking or a hearing one, as some claimers have claimed,

And neither [is He] a person on whom the eyesight comes, [the eyesight] of those who told about him what they told,

And neither [is He] an encompassment of actualisation in a place, as the writers have written.

[The debate about the Forerunner in this Book and in Kashf al-Haqaa’iq originated from the confusion which occurred in many people’s minds during that time about the personalities who were present, and their spiritual rank,

 Mansoor who was seen as the Imam of the Muslims and the successor to the throne of Egypt, and who was given a divine status by his mother, had a brother, who was an incarnation of whole Self;

One evening, the dignitaries and the elders of high religious status gathered in the Palace to pay homage to Mansoor and to consult him in their affairs, but Mansoor gave meaningless answers and faltered and could not make any sense,

So his brother who sat right beside him took over and spoke wisdom and knowledge, and answered every question from the standpoint of faith and Union, and those present were astonished and confused,

So one of them asked him: where do you get this knowledge from?

He answered: I rule by the Command of God (a7kum bi amr allah),

Thus it was taken by ignorant people that there was competition between the two over the Imamhood and the rulership of Egypt, and those who were faithful saw in Mansoor’s brother truth and knowledge, and asked him in private: who are you? And he answered: I am the Forerunner,

He meant that he was the forerunner in calling to Union,

So the debate spread amongst all people, as to who was the Forerunner, and those who favoured Mansoor said that Mansoor was the Forerunner, without understanding what that meant, and that he was a manifestation of god.

Then Hamzah came to the Palace to be the Adjudicator, and he told all that he was the Messiah, the prayers be by him,

But Mansoor’s son was keen to affirm the divinity of his father, so he  could award himself  some degree of it, and to establish a great kingdom of his sect in Egypt and the whole of the Middle East, and he titled himself: al-dhaahir bi allah (the manifest by god),  

And debates and correspondence took place between him and Hamzah, and also between him and his uncle, and he took some of the writings of Hamzah and tampered with them and wrote some papers and ascribed them to Hamzah, one of which was Kashf al-haqaa’iq.]

Do know, may the Lord support you by His Aid, that all that you mentioned is the fallacies of the early sheikhs, and what they slipped to the respondents and concealed from those of Union,

And you have built your argument on what you read in the books of the philosophers of atheism, and the logicians [sophists] of attachment [of things to the Truth],

Because, those have no idea what is the Cause  and Who caused it, so they pointed to the planetary orbits and the elements, and [then] they made the fifth element, the cause of things and their maker, which is inside them [the things], external to them,

Because all the elements are from the potentiality of the fifth, that they are made,

It is the Helium of all and their origin, external to their numerousness, internal to their activity,

No hotness or coldness befalls it, and neither does dryness or wetness;

By this reasoning, they attributed capability to it and creativity, and they said that it is the cause which is limitless, and capable of all things.

This is faith mixed up with infidelity, and union tarnished by attachment, and wisdom overseen by ignorance,

Because, everything that qualifies to be called a cause inevitably needs a Causer, causing and making it,

So if they are correct in their saying that it [the Helium] is a cause, they were wrong by saying that it is the cause of all the causes, and hence have attached [things] to The Lord, Glorious is The Mention of Him;

Because the Fifth Element is the Helium [Essence] of the four Elements from which the seven orbits were made; and the mothers and the offspring: from the earth is their rise, and from it is their matter,

Thus the earth is an effect of the Cause to which they all have pointed,

Thus the Reference is the Bigger [thing], and the metal [metaphorically] of all earth’s abundance.

[This raises a question which still holds today, as to the “origin” of the universe and hence life.

So although empirical science has been able to identify the smallest particles constituting matter, and recently Higgs Boson, the question that empirical science cannot answer is: where did it come from?
And saying that it is self-starting, as has been suggested, does not answer the question, because a self-starting thing existed before it burst out into the known existent things,

This is where philosophy comes into its own.

On the other hand, the perfect marriage of mathematics, which is purely abstract thought in the human mind, and experimental science, which is about measurement of material things: should have alerted modern philosophers, and indeed scientists, to the truth that the human mind is, in the worst case, made of the laws of the cosmic manifestation, and in the best: the existence which is higher than matter.

So by no means the words of Hamzah can be taken as some theological theory from the antiquity, but indeed a pointer to Truth, inside the human mind,

And the four elements, namely fire, water, earth and air, do not refer to the chemistry associated with these words nowadays, but to the different abstract states that matter can take, under different conditions,

And the word Helium which I used to translate the word Hayoola, is not meant to point to the helium molecule that is known to science today, but to the form of matter/energy which precedes matter/energy,

And although science today does not theorise the existence of such an Element, philosophy does, and the discovery of such a state of matter/energy may well be on its way.]

And the earth is the froth of the water, and water is its life giver, for it and everything on it,

And water springs from the Mountain of the Will, and Will emerges from Intent,

And as it [the Qur’an] said: “that so, His Aim is that if He intends/rules something, He says to it be, and it becomes,”

Transcends He, in Whose Hand is the Ownership of everything, and to Him you are returned;

And Will is the Cause of all the causes, and it is the Whole Mind, and it is the Pen, and it is the letter Q, and it is The Law, and it is the Alpha in the beginning and the Alpha at the end.

[A reminder of the first seen duality is the mountain peak, and the waterfall of light which sprang therefrom,

And the letter alef in Arabic with its hamzah is in the shape of the passage of descent from Wholeness to duality, and so is the letter kaaf, as well as K in the Latin alphabet,

And the letter Q or qaaf in Arabic is circular, with a pending thing, symbolising the capability which is the self-generating life and reproduction in all manifestation.

In Far Eastern tradition, the ding (which can be heard as qonnnnn … ) of a bell is the sound of the letter Q, starting with the strike, and vibrating forever, and it is still a tradition in Buddhist monasteries in the Far East to strike a big bell of bronze and other sacred alloys which produce a sound reminiscent of the Qaaf of becoming, as it begins and resonates to spread its creation.

What the ear filters through, and how the language expresses it is limitless, and letters are not secrets that no one can know, but indeed elementary sounds and the shapes or movements associated with them.

Alphabet characters were set to symbolise philosophical concepts, and their shapes and sounds persisted in Semitic and Indo-European languages,

And every physical thing, whether manmade or natural, is only a reflection of eternal truths, thus The Book of The Creation and The Aim (Kitaab al-khalq wa l-amr) is open to all.]

Thus it has been falsified: what the philosophers have said, and what they believed about those motionless things which are mindless, and of no discernment,

And the model of the orbits is like that of the windmill and the noria, which are mindless and of no discernment: it spreads the flour entirely before the grinder, and it knows not, and around it the dust, and it knows not,

So too the noria, it irrigates a part of the land and knows not, and it sprouts a part of the land and knows not,

So, neither does the beast have a mind, and nor does the machine have a mind.

And cows [metaphorically, humans of no aspiration in life other than to vegetate: the original inhabitants of nature, and the humans who faltered and sank with them] are the fifth nature, because cows are neither beast nor machine,

Their trades and affairs are involved with them [beast and machine], outside them,

But cows are close to beast, or like noisy animals without a spirit,

Because their mind is as big as their motivation, and according to what their nature was nursed,

But they are not similar to the Cause of the causes,

And if cows were made to quit the trade that they manage to another, they would not know it, and would remain confused in it.

So too are the orbits which are of a happy nature, they are incapable of [causing] misfortune in the times of good fortune, and those of a miserable nature are incapable of good fortune  in the times of misfortune.

So I mean that the fifth element is incapable of changing those orbits, to make that which revolves around itself move in a circular motion,

Neither can [it make] what rises at day rise at night, neither what sprouts in summer sprout in winter,

Thus, the incapacity of all of them has been shown, and that they have another cause superior to them, and we see that they serve the humans, serving them in the highs and the lows.

So our knowledge is in that Adam The Whole Clarity is the Cause of all the causes, transforms from one image to another, as our Lord will, The Causer of it, The Sovereign The Oneness, The Solitary The Ubiquitous, The Sublime above partnership and offspring,

Thus, the Cause of all causes is present in every time, existent in every moment, and he is a servant, instructed [by his Lord],

So how is it permissible to you or any of the two worlds to say that thoughts do not reach him by thinking, and that times do not differ about him by change, and that languages cannot describe him by expression,  

And you have testified that he is created, and such is the Adjectives of The Creator, and every created [thing] can be reached, and every reachable thing can be seen and visioned by eyesight.

And how you affirmed and explained by your words that he is reachable, is because you said that he was created from mind, sense and intellect,

And whatever is created by the mind is reachable by the mind, so they [created things] are all created and reachable.

Then you said that this Cause is the Forerunner in every era and time, and it is inconceivable to say that something precedes [all] things, except about things which have no created thing above them, and you did say that the mind is above it, thus the mind is more fit for the precedence than what it precedes,

Then, follows it the sense, then follows this the intellect, as you positioned it in the course of your words,

So how is it conceivable to you to believe that the Forerunner is not an entity with speech and hearing, and not a person which can be seen by the eyesight, when you have admitted to him the precedence?

So if you have admitted the precedence for him without witnessing him by the eye, you have given a testimony of something of which you have no knowledge, and this is a false witness,

And you have given testimony of him without full vision, it is impossibility, because it is not permissible to you to give witness of something of which you have not full vision,

And if you witnessed him in your mind your heart has hence surrounded him, and he is hence a created and a reachable thing,

And if I say that I witnessed by what I have seen of His signs to the world, it is out of necessity, not a proof of truth, or I would have attached [it] to the High above it [the sign] and its creator who made it.

And how come you cannot say that, after you have considered the mind, sense and intellect above it [the signs]?

And all is the creation of the High The Loftiest The Highest, The Sovereign over the residents of the earth and the heaven, transcends He, above the opposite and the equal and the similar, in a High Transcendence.

Do know, may The Lord supports you by obedience to Him: that the seven orbits are the letters/edges of: By The Summum of God. They are the pointers to seven Callers, the rulers of the seven sectors; and the twelve zodiacs are “Compassion the Compassionate”, pointing to the rulers of the twelve Islands. Those are the realisation of the Four Elements, because it is in their hands that the creeds of religion are,

[I find the following passage that I put between braces {} also doubtful.]

{And they are the knowledge of the Speaker, the Base, the Aim and the Proof,

And the Fifth Element, which is the Helium, points to the Follower,

And everything is from the earth and the earth points to the Forerunner,

And the earth is the froth of the water, and Water points to the High Word,

And Water emerged from Will, and Will points to the Whole Self,

And Will is created by the Mind, and that is The Intent; it is the Cause of all the causes,

And each one of them is a cause to his companion, so some people under-value their rank, and some over-value their virtue; thus their religion hinges on the cause of those Dimensions.}

[It is near impossible to express in words a cosmic structure reflecting the Reality of Existence. Books and holy Discourses hint by symbolism, and as this Book puts it, according to what the language of the time can express,

Any attempt to put such truths in precise and scientific terms is doomed to fail, and people of little knowledge, across place and time, have written extensively on this issue: all they have expressed is an illusion on top of an illusion, and bears no value or sense, and does not help the reader transcend the illusion to the Dimensions of the Mind, where everything originates and begins,

And Union is not belief in one structure or another, and many are attempting today to reinvent their theology by giving it a new expression,

When one is in Union with Oneness, the words are erased; and what remains is only Union to those who are capable of it.]

And Chatnil the Wise is the Greatest Aim, manifest in all times, guiding [the people] in every moment,

And he is their cause; for, if they complained about him they have darkened, and their religions ail forever, unless he forgives them, he is forgiving compassionate,

And all the Dimensions that I mentioned are [manifest as] persons, in this time of ours, in the Presence of our Lord The Sovereign, transcends He, highly, The Causer of all, their Contriver and Beginner,

[This last statement is not time and place specific, as some interpreters may have interpreted.]

He, transcends He, is Sublime above all, and all that is in the Qur’an and the Books and what He descended to me of Discriminants, and of the Elevated Summa: He descends unto the Abider in Him, The Aim, according to the capacity of the world, and what their thoughts can comprehend, and their tongues are able to express,

We said He is The Lord The Lofty because they know nothing higher than Him,

And we [as humans] cannot recognise some of His Humanity, and His Divinity enters not in thoughts and illusions,

And neither can He be known by the Essence and the Manifest,

The Sovereign The Oneness,

The Solitary Ubiquity,

Sublime above having a spouse and a child,

Transcends He, High above what they describe, and what the atheists believe about Him, and what those who attach [things] fabricate, in Supreme Highness,

The first part has been concluded, the second will follow by our Lord’s Will,

By Him is Aid in every matter, The Causer of the Cause of all the causes, our Lord suffices us, The Good, The Helper, The Supporter.


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