Council of the Elders


Every community, big or small, must have a Council of the Elders.

The Council of the Elders is totally independent of governments and their agencies, business and its agencies, religious institutes and their agencies, academic institutes and their agencies, or any other body or entity that is not the Council of the Elders.

In a state, the Councils of the Elders do not belong to the same body of Councils, and neither is there a hierarchy, starting from local Councils and up to a head council.

If any of those principles are overridden, in the world of today’s, the Councils are doomed to turn into an agency of the Tyranny, similarly to the House of the Lords in Britain, the clergy of religious institutes, and the academia all around the world.

The Elders are not in ranks, seek no fame, glamour, money or any worldly reward, they gather around a round table, in a room in a small house built to classical measures of their culture, of stone or timber, sand or ice, steel or brass, on a high secluded spot, away from the clamour, of simple furniture of timber, cotton and wool, and floors of stone or timber can be covered by hand-woven rugs.

Apart from drinking water and uncut fruit, no beverages or food are taken to the house, and the bathrooms are separated.

No one enters the house except the elders.

The house is not for rituals, has no turret, has a flat roof, or whatever the local climate requires and the local classic standards require.

The house has a fireplace, so a fire can be lit, symbolising and announcing the start of a meeting, and a small pond with a fountain.

The purpose is to tune the Elders’ consciousness into cosmic consciousness, and foster a climate of harmony, justice and righteousness.

There are no symbols, ornaments or jewellery or works of art of any kind on the walls inside or outside the house, or on the persons of the elders.

There should be good smelling flowers around and inside the house.

There are no products of technology in the house, apart from a mechanical clock, and white arms (knives, swords and the like), or manual loader firearms, where the situation requires.

There can be books of religion and philosophy, and natural musical instruments (non-electrical).

And when this is not practicable, the Elders can meet in a secluded, clean and high spot in nature.

The Elders meet to exchange opinions and discuss the issues concerning their community, to give guidance and direction to their government and its agencies and their community, on all matters.

Their opinions must coincide, and if they do not, they take a vote, until time sways their opinions one way or another.

The Elders are guided by The Book and The Philosophy, their knowledge of history, their awareness of the spirit of the present, and their self-luminous minds and compassionate hearts,

They work selflessly, shunning from fame, publicity and wealth, they accept no gifts from individuals or institutes or entities of any kind, and must therefore be financially self-sufficient,

They dress modestly and respectably by the standards of their culture, freely: not according to a uniform of religious or any other standard.

They start their meeting with a few minutes of silence, to say in their minds the counsel prayer, or any other prayer they wish; or simply to concentrate on the issues they are faced with, with their vision focused on The Law: that is the Cosmic Reality.

Laws are set, modified and prosecuted in place and time, to direct human communities to virtue, and to help them live fulfilling, cooperative and happy lives.

They forward their recommendations to their local governments, and in local matters, they help: by all the means at their disposal: individuals and entities, and whomever they can help.

They communicate with their local community face to face, and they forward their recommendations to their governments and its agencies by writing; they rarely give press conferences and communicate with the media only by the unanimous agreement of the Council.

They are known to have lived the last ten years, at least, a life free from the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, free from psychological or mental illness, and if they suffer from physical illness they should demonstrate that their spirit is strong, and their physical condition has not diminished their capability to think and act rationally, or affected their contentment and equanimity,

And they have no record of criminal offences, and have practised no religious rituals, and if they are in a relationship, it has to be a stable and monogamous marriage of a man and a woman, by the highest standard,

And they have not held public office or worked or associated with corporations or religious institutes of any kind.

They can be no younger than their late forties, and have no more grand ambitions in life, apart from seeking wisdom and a desire to help others.

The Council of the Elders must not exceed ten members; they are accepted in the Council by a unanimous vote of the Council, from the men and women of their community, upon verification of their character.

And the resignations of the members of the Council are accepted, or offered to them, by a unanimous vote of the Council.

Although a variety of experiences is advantageous, character remains the weightiest criterion; gem characters are divorced from worldly affairs, their moral purity sets the limits,

And at this time and age, when morality has become synonymous of religious understanding of good conduct and behaviour, we say that far from being so, morality is not a definable thing. It is what motivates one to do what one does, and this is not a definition.

In their daily lives, people who go by the words of the law that they adopt are those who are lawless; and in the world today, the ugliest crimes are often perpetrated by those who claim religious belief.

Although the Elders may teach and give advice to members of their community, they cannot engage in promoting their views on the issues being debated at the present, except in rare cases, and by the unanimous agreement of the Council.

The Council takes as long as it takes to reach a decision, and rushed decisions are often ill-conceived. They calmly contemplate the matter at hand from all its angles, they listen to all views, and they consult people of particular expertise if they have to,

But in the end they follow their own good instinct, not seeking popularity, either in their community or in their governments.

In the past, all around the world, such councils were set up, but were quickly usurped by the Tyranny, and became a mere tool for it,

If the Elders have an awareness of Existence and Sublimeness, they are immune against falling victim to the wolves, and it is only by their constant hard work that they can keep their immune system alive: by constant study and contemplation, by distancing from the noise and other distractions, and by their own good spirit that they stay alive.

The Council can be initiated at any level by any individual or group of individuals who agree partly or totally with we have offered.

In a recent past, Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela initiated such a council, but probably due to their circumstances were unable to follow it up.  

But the Elders do not have to be of the stature of those people; actually, a lot of times, you see that people who have strong intuition and a good insight are often very simple people,

Those are the people who seek no glamour, fame, money or publicity: if anything, glamour, fame, money and publicity frighten them; they know that these things bring along a big responsibility and are too weighty on one’s conscience.

Words cannot cover all, thus some are uncovered,

The good people’s mind is honest and simple, and darkened people’s sophisticated,

So the good people know, and darkened ones discover.

Corrupt governments enforce their laws by penal systems and armies of police, proportionally to their fear, proportional to their tyranny.

Righteous governments govern by trust.

And the best representative of the people is their prophets and their rulers.


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