Counsel Prayer


My Lord, The Lord of the worlds,

The Holder of The Balance, The One with the Discus and the Mace,

I request Thy Compassion, I beg Thy Forgiveness,

To guide me with Thy Effulgence to righteousness,

To help me with Thy Lofty Will to take Thy Will,

So my hands commit none that Thou didst not command,

And my mind entertains no thoughts that Thou didst not inspire,

And my heart harbours no emotions that Thou didst not prescribe,

So that Thy Justice, which my weak self is incapable of encompassing, is carried out by Thy Encompassment,

I accept Thy Rule in submission to Thy Lofty Rule,

Even if it looks unfavourable,

It suffices me that Thou art my Lord, my Provider,

Thou hast the Cause of my being,

And I am only a ray of Thy Sun,

Thou art my Liberator and my Redeemer,

Thou art The Knower, Thou art The Good, my Lord, amen,


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