Margaret Thatcher did live long enough to see new countries entering the nuclear club through the backdoor,

The reason I mention her is because I’ll never forget listening to her expressing her view about the positive role that nuclear weapons can play in keeping world peace!

Nothing can be more farcical. As if two world wars, both of which had a prelude of an arms race around the world, aren’t sufficient to disprove the myth that peace can be brought upon by stockpiling weapons,

And why wouldn’t every state want to have lots of them, especially the nuclear ones? If being nuclear means that no foreign states trespass your territorial air and seas, or try to tell you how to rule your own country: then, hello, yes every state wants to be nuclear,

Except for those which are in the protectorate of nuclear states!

The build up of weapons has never achieved peace. To the contrary, and not surprisingly: it achieves war, and more disastrous wars, as military technology and destructive power get “better”,

And nowadays, it is not farfetched to assume that some of the “small” wars which have been allowed to break out were meant to test new weapons, amongst other strategic aims obviously,

Human life has little value in the minds of world leaders today, contrary to what they lecture,

And religious authorities sit back and watch, while pretending to be the messengers of peace.

World leaders are fooling themselves and the world if they continue saying that their aims are peaceful,

War is the business of today’s rulers: it keeps the mobs’ emotions engaged, distracting them from their many issues and needs, which is meant to be addressed by those rulers,

But rulers today have neither the courage nor the knowledge to address these issues,

If you need a road they’ll build it, if you are sick they have the medication for you, if you are hungry there’s plenty of food in wealthy countries, to the point that overeating is a major health problem there ...

If you are unhappy and depressed they’ll tell you it is chemical imbalance in your brain, and they’ll prescribe the antidepressant ...

And all that keeps the businesses of providing these goods and services busy and contributes to economic growth,

But rulers of the world cannot rein the volatile human spirit. They don’t even understand what sets it off,

World events baffle them, when suddenly the mobs go out of control, fearless of any authority that may try to stop them,

How many kings, how many leaders were dragged out of their hiding like prey, how many kingdoms fell apart ...

Knowing what drives the human spirit and what pacifies it is the knowledge of the wise, because they love humanity, despite its weaknesses and its unpredictability,

They love it when it is revelling and when it is revolting,

They see its revelling as its short-sightedness, and its revolt as its hidden wisdom,

People aren’t an asset for rulers, businessmen and the clergy to bargain about and to compete upon,

And when their blood is shed in the wars of the warmongers they are not collateral damage,

Who is meant to play god in this world? No one. Not the rulers, not the wielder of the deadliest weapons, not the monopolist of food and other resources, not the clergy, not the genetic engineer, not the psychologist who has learned a few tricks ...

The human comes to this world to enjoy it and to learn. And when he is very ignorant he is miserable, so much so he thinks that suffering is the purpose of his existence, and searches vainly for understanding happiness, and envies and hates everyone who shows signs of it  ...

Then he wants to force people to be unhappy: his way, because in his frame of thinking this is the right thing,

His source of encouragement would be a religious book as he was taught it from the clergy, or a materialistic argument of someone’s clever investigation,

The traps in which the human mind can fall into are numerous,

On the surface they look different, but their working is the same:

“This world is unpredictable, you need walls to protect yourself from its perils, so you can enjoy being alive. I have those walls for you,”

He hears such calls and he believes them and follows their sayers,

Not knowing that in fact he has been buried,

Hence it was once said about a funeral passing by: “let the dead bury their dead”,

For, if you come to this world and you have not admired it, your life has been wasted, and your preoccupation with your survival has turned you into a lifeless machine: good only for recycling organic matter,

But worse still: those who are passionate about being such machines can turn so hateful of life: they are so fearful of everyone else that they want to kill them, and if they can’t find anything or anyone to kill: they’ll kill themselves,

So, forget the political analyst and the historian, forget the politician who has a preconceived agenda, forget the man of religion who says that he knows the way to god:

This is the dilemma of every paranoid person,

The sense of insecurity and the absence of trust in anything,

They want to see walls around them, they’ll feel secure only if they can’t see, they want to have weapons, and they’ll feel safe only if they are capable of killing,

And what emphasises their paranoia is the presence of many paranoid people like them, who think and act and harbour the same feelings, as them,

Sometimes they see them as enemy, sometimes as friends, but even as friends they don’t trust one another, and can turn to enemies too quickly,

Because the virtuous people of the world have been marginalised and silenced,

Because religion has been hijacked by the religious institutes, and turned into an ideology of earthly interests: wealth, strife, vendetta, procreation, statesmanship ...

And most important of all: the concept of the chosen people,

How many groups of people have made such a claim, under various names and slogans, bringing suffering to themselves and to others ...

But people keep falling in the same trap over and over again, believing that some traps are better than others,

There’s not going to be a shortage of traps soon on earth, and no shortage of people who are too ready to fall in them either,

But the time of pagan and materialistic belief is about to end and a dawn of knowledge is breaking, to allow the virtuous people, who have not fallen in those traps, to acknowledge themselves, and to put an end to the dominance of Tyranny,

And a World Law will disallow weapons of mass destruction to all nations big and small, which are capable of killing and of destruction by pulling a trigger or pressing a button,

And paranoid people who still insist on possessing arms will be allowed “white arms”, such as swords and bows and arrows, so that if war is to break out again, between people who have failed their humanity, it’s contained in the battle field, and war becomes once again the skill of the brave and the daring, not the cowards, who, from the comfort of their armchairs, and while sipping their favourite drink, can play real video games, to kill helpless people, who have done nothing to them, and to destroy their homes: thousands of miles away



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