Earth Interior

Those who reckon that this is a good writer and a poet who has impressed you, those have not understood anything;

Those who have a shimmer in their minds, and a faint pulse in their hearts, those bow down to their grounds, their earth shudders, their eyes become tearful of the Power of this Word,

They come to us and say: our Lord, redeem us, it is to Thee that we want to return.

We gain nothing if they believe, we lose nothing if they do not, but it is for their selves whatever they do;

And if they have chosen to dwell on the legacy of their ancestors, they have accepted an invitation to the Base.

The Base shackles their minds with stubbornness; this is his base nature that is allegiance to the earth;

A smack is on their forehead, their mark of their sins, said the Qur’an.

How many a nation before repudiated their Lord’s messenger? They thought they were the chosen ones according to criteria they set for themselves, 

They took all the criteria but forgot the Criterion that is Immutable, and below which all their criteria in place and time are subjected to change.

They thought they had everything: they plugged their fingers in their ears and dug their heads in the sand,

Those, they imprison themselves in an imprisonment of suffering, and damnation is brought upon them of their thoughts and deeds,

And today’s wars and disasters are none but the damnation that the people have brought upon themselves, and the examples of the past are too many to count.

And  worse is their bewilderment, and manmade stuff is now their world, and the institutes of religion, politics and business have stolen knowledge and reduced it to objects of trade and disputation,

So the human consciousness is locked up in a thick world, and their vision is trapped in it;

It takes a giant to break out of it, and ordinary people are told to be happy in their holes;

They slave them to sell them a few moments of false happiness, and ordinary people feel that in a world of unpredictability, the happiness they can buy from the institutes is their best bet.  

O people who believe, we tell you no falsehood, we have given you all your Books.

Trust this light that has come to you from all directions, it is light which shreds all doubt,

And when the Guided one will come and be enlightened with it, as he promised, and he takes it to all the people, you will say: indeed the prophecy is now fulfilled.

And those who look to the East will see him again, and will say: joy to us, we have seen now and before.

And if you choose the Base and his speakers you will bring unto yourselves damnation and you will not be supported,

Look around at the people who were given knowledge before you and they exchanged it for earthly causes, and beware of the worst that is yet to come.

This earth was rounded a long time ago, after people sunk in hell, on the cliffs of the planets, which were plane in the Okeanos of the Five Dimensions;

There are no words which can describe the Fifth Dimension now, it can only be visioned in one’s mind, and today’s languages were born in the intellect, born in the rounded world.

The good world is now an esoterikos, inside the earth up-side-down, reflecting the first reflection of the Circle in the Primary Helium.

This is the Paradise the breadth of the heavens, said the Grand Book, the days stream underneath them, and no sun, moon or energy physical of any kind lights it, it is self luminous, said the Grand Ghita.

When its doors were still open many fell down to earth to witness it, and radiant humanity thus mixed with the Gone people of the lower caste.

And many remained in it, attracted to its adventures and passions, and they became emotionally attached to the people.

Now the doors have been closed as said the Book: it is closed off to them, in laid-down tunnels.

But the doors will open again, also said the Book, and those who have retained their humanity of the radiant people will be elevated,

Also the people who have lived up to their human and were not reduced to pigs and apes,

Those, said the Book, will inherit the earth and all that is on it, to live in the justice of The Law,

And the world will flourish, and a lot of knowledge about the earth, the planets, the Milky Way and the entire Cosmos and the history of humanity will become known, to the admiration, the gratification and the exoneration of those who believed,

Those, when they believed the Unseen it was seen in their vision, veiled to those who had lost it.  

They have said: there is more than what we just see, our hearts intimate to us;

Those who did not believe: this is but your illusions, we measure by tangible matter;

And those who followed the religions: it is our god who made everything, he rewards us and if we do not obey him he will punish us and you.

Those who believed: do you truly think that this world… you cannot… is made of the silliness of your small minds? You must be fools.

Those who did not believe and those who followed religions: it is you who are the fools; we are occupied by about our daily problems, while you are dreaming.

But they will find out that it is them who have been dreaming, and our knowledge is beyond their grasp;

And the worlds were not created by what the worlds created in simple people’s minds.

And Earth Interior is inaccessible to feeble minds, whether they are reduced to beast or remained as inferior humans, the tunnels which lead to it cannot be trodden by their feeble minds, and travel is only in the mind,

And the Book said: they are barred from it, and they cannot eat its food or drink its beverage.

And those who are conceited by science, those will say: woe to us, this has not crossed our genius minds;

The world is not the fairy tale of Adam and Eve, and nor is it dust randomly swept.

But Reality is covered by a grand spectacle of physical phenomena,

Physical phenomena that, itself, is a projection of reality in the denseness of matter,

And how many times have we alluded to that hidden thing, by all measures and means, and we still do.

But those who think they got everything, they take samples of our writings to their laboratories for analysis; and they cannot make up their minds, so they decide to dwell where their ancestors dwelled:

Can they not see, if it is the truth that they seek, why would their gods be angry with them if they have peaked to the truth?

But the gods which were born in human ignorance feel threatened by a search for the truth, the two are mutually exclusive.

And if their quest for the truth is honest, truth will grand-show to them, and they will swim,

Then we come to them, regardless of the names they have given themselves, regardless of the names by which they know us,

All the names are ours.



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