O people, the sins of humanity bring upon humanity suffering and pain, and we are to guide you out of hell, but many of you have burdened themselves with the passions of a low world;

Human civilisation was given permission to flourish many times in past times you do not want to know, despite the warnings in all our discourses,

You prefer the tales your institutes of science and religion tell you, you find comfort in them because they answer your passions, and numb your fear.

The Creator of this Grand Existence is not a object of your intellect or your passions, but it is He Who made your intellect and your passions.

This is the human journey in the distance and the experiment of human consciousness, so that you may know, and knowledge is the joy of all the joys, and before which all the joys retire.

But every time you fail, you fall deeper down the roots of the evil tree, and if you make no attempt to climb up, your salvation will be impossible,

That is because you enjoy what you have, and have completely forgotten the real thing.

You are the makers of your destinies, not by detail but by context. But New Age prophets have found a new way to trap you in the never-ending cycle of the day and the night, by telling you that you can tailor the events of your life, to choose the favourable ones and dismiss the unfavourable.

They tell you lies; and they cannot make a feather, blown by the wind, land on their shoe.

The Manifest is run by its laws, even what seems random is ruled by its laws, and randomness itself is a law.

If the world was generated by randomness, it could never have created the mathematics that you have.

The mathematics is not taught to humanity by an inductive process or by observation, but it is brought out of your mind, and it is in everyone’s mind,

And it is manifested in every physical phenomenon, so you may question: whence does this come?

Here is a spirit for you to see, that is neither supernatural, and nor invisible, but indeed real.

Socrates demonstrated this, but no one takes much notice. And modern technology has given many a licence of arrogance, and an illusion of being in control: “we can send rockets to the moon, and one day we shall chart the wiring of our brains, like we did our DNA; who needs a philosopher from the antiquity?” Say many of you.

But rest assured that very little do you know about the space in which you swim, and nil do you know about your brains.

You think that space is three-dimensional; although you did introduce time as a fourth dimension in your equations, in your vision space is still three-dimensional.

The vision of space and motion as the Relativity and the General Relativity put it is daunting and frightening. It is a jail sentence, from which you have no way out: you will never be able to travel anyway near the speed of light, and even if you did, it will take you hundred or millions of years to make a trip.

The General Relativity tells you that your destiny is to be devoured sooner or later by some black hole, or perhaps like other doomsday prophets put it, that the entire universe will vanish by the third law of thermodynamics: that is when all the energy which makes it up will just dissipate.

Such is the destiny a dark soul seeks: a soul that never knew who she was.

However convincing our discourses were in the past and however convincing they may be in the present, those who have lost themselves will continue to search for themselves in the things that they have created, and will return to darkness and null as their final abode.

But we have to teach what we have to teach, because it is to our pleasure that we do, and discovering a way out of the cave of pitch darkness is our triumph, and the triumph that we bestow on those who believe us and have trust in Existence and Sublimeness, and the language that we speak is comprehensible to them,

This is their station in the Cosmic structure.

And your knowledge about your brain is similar to your knowledge about the machines that you make, and many of you think that one day you can take control of it by medication and other technology;

If we are to agree with the knowledge that you have about your brain, the knowledge you have about your brain is what your brain has created upon your conscious observation

: Can you see the philosophical mistake that you have made?

Professor Stephen Hawking: William Shakespeare has told the world recently that philosophy has become redundant, and that experimental science and mathematics are the roads to knowledge.

Hawking’s observation is indeed correct, because philosophy has lost its way: it has become itself a body of information, gleaned by observation,

When it should be a directive, and before information has been gathered.

Such was philosophy in ancient Greece, and such is The Philosophy taught by the Books, ancient and recent, if you read them correctly,

All of which have paved the way for the advance of mathematics and sciences, and hence today’s technology.

Those who see darkness as their destiny resort to supernatural spirits or to materialism,

In either ideology they seek safety in a physical world:

The religious ones see their god a third party: a saviour who will install them in a perfect physical world; this is their triumph that they perceive;

And the materialists believe that mankind’s triumph is to be in control of the physical world, by science and technology; this is their triumph that they perceive.

Both will be disappointed, like many human civilisations and many orbs of human existence before them.

And both will be disappointed, when they find out that neither their god, and nor the matter exist, except in their illusion.

And as you try to decipher the signs of nature in “climate change”, you wonder but cannot settle on a theory.

It is sad to see such an issue turn into an issue of politics and business; and this is about the future of the human civilisation, as you say you see it.

Ordinary people cannot be expert in such a complex subject, but the information given to them by the self-proclaimed experts and the politicians and the business people and the media cannot be trusted,

Each of them has self-interest in the issue,

And as if the future of human civilisation can, itself, become an object of their greed and self-interest.

Thus your morality: that is your character: that is what constitutes your self-knowledge and belief: is brought out and expressed in times of crisis.

And the events of your life, big or small, are a test of your morality, whether the monotheists and the materialist see it as such or not:

The monotheists can find nothing in their interpretations of the Book which mentions climate change; it is hence not an issue in their pursuit of salvation;

They see natural disasters and other mishaps as punishment from their gods, or as a test of their allegiance to them; they hence are driven to extreme irrationality,

They practise their rituals, they sacrifice life to appease their gods, but the gods which do not exist hear none.

And the materialists see natural disasters as random events, and hence an opportunity for business.

So let us remind you where the people of Eden found themselves.

After they were given a bountiful garden on the earth, reminiscent of their earlier home in the five-dimensional universe,

They were given the Ghita, as their guide in the world that is bound by the physical law, the law of cause-and-effect, and activity and inertia.

They were given guidance, to enjoy the world and admire the Grand Creation,

And they knew that it was a temporary world, which was destined to self-destruction, by the laws of nature.

They developed technology that was more clever than today’s. They became conceited and arrogant, they became ruthless and selfish.

They split the water molecule by simulating part-photosynthesis, in huge de-oxygenation plants, to harvest the hydrogen to use as a fuel, and their greed and selfishness were boundless.

Their machines spilled so much humidity in the atmosphere that caused a mist over their grand cities, mist which did not turn to clouds and rain, but lingered over their heads and disrupted the cycle of the seasons.

They argued about their theories as to why this was the case, but their greed and selfishness and self-conceit were stronger than any other motive in their minds,

And the earth was due to change its axis of rotation, and the planets and other astral objects were changing their positions,

The scene of the sun in the sky taking a trajectory that it never took before brought panic to those who thought they could play god,

And to those who had made partners with god: their intercessors and their witches and wizards broke down helpless before our might.

The earth was taken by a series of storms, before which no human structure could stand up,

And the solar system plunged in its dark matter and reincarnated, dark matter that was detected by their witches and wizards but remained unexplained, and a new earth was born, bearing little of the ruin of the previous one.

The dark matter is the effusion of the cosmic self-love that is expressed in humanity by love-making; this is the universal secret of this Grand Creation,

And when no birth occurs the dark matter lurks, until its gravity is strongest, it devours the universe or a part of it for a re-emergence and re-birth is the materialisation of self-love, eager for self-expression;

Since initium: mere cognizance eagerness to self-vision: a trinity becomes, that remakes itself, and the ideologies of the cognition of the cognizer become, and the cycle of re-birth is hard to break, except for those who experience philosophy, that is the Love of the Truth.

This is truth we alluded to many times, but humanity takes no heed, except a very few.

The universe is constantly being poured into, and some parts of it are sucked out, hence celestial objects emerge and vanish, to the bewilderment of those who observe.

And in a far future, your messenger will be sent on a mission to find out what happened to a beacon in a far grot,

There he discovers that his maps do not agree with his observation, and gets lost for a long time in a far, far space,

Until he remembers, he comes back to earth with his Book and tells the world, to their disbelief,

But some do believe, and the big bang theory and the linear evolution of the universe and the life in it come to an end at long last.

The grandeur of the might of natural phenomena is awe and pleasure to the view of those who know us, fright and remorse to those who do not.

All are returned to us, and they will be shown what they have been doing.

And they say: woe to us, we got it totally wrong, can we have a chance to be tried again? Perhaps this time we shall do better.

But many keep repeating their mistakes in new names and a new diction.

They will be derisive of our warning, they will say: you have no proof,

The ones before said a similar say.

It was their choice many times over in past times, to be blinded and to be confined to the present moment;

Those who have chosen blindness never cease to complain, never feel safe and never see justice in the world,

And if they cannot see proof they have only themselves to blame,

Their gods and their random world are draconian and have no aim other than quenching their sadism,

Such is a bad view of themselves and a bad destiny.


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