Thanks for your interest. I'll continue writing this saga only if it does not sound nonsensical, and somebody is interested in it.

I do not have anything special that gives me those memories, you have them too and you will remember them clearly, trust me.

So here is the third episode (just joking):

After the Flood, the worlds were separated, the good world was in the earth interior, and the evil world was this one. The believers thought that perhaps the Lord, transcends He, was harsh in judging the dark people, so the radiant people started going "down" the tunnels to visit this world, until there was a time when the Lord judged: you all will go down.

 Thus there were two  races of people: the jin, i.e. the original inhabitants, who were inferior; and the good people who came from inside, who were humans, beautiful, clever, wise, knowledgeable, etc..

 The Lord made earth beautiful, of lush gardens, plenty of  fruit and food, with a temperate climate. There were trees so big, that in their stems and underneath them was plenty of space for people to shelter, and the oceans had fresh water. This was the beautiful Eden.

 Most remarkable was the dinosaur, which is mentioned is the Qur'an as naaqatu llah: God's she-camel. They were beautiful huge kind and loving animals. They used to carry people on their backs to travel, and some of them flew across the continents.

 The good people were able to fly at certain times of the year, by the power of their minds, depending on the cycles of the moon and the positions of the planet, but as they started getting attached to the low world, they started to lose this ability, and the joy that was poured unto them from the heaven and which gave them the ability to fly: that joy started to be projected down to their bodies, particularly to the genitalia, and thus they gradually developed lust for sensual pleasers and lost their ability to fly.

 Some of them intermarried with the jin, the Lord had warned them not to do that.

 Many thousands of years passed, and perhaps millions, and the jin, together with those who had abandoned their identity, started to develop technology. Their technology was much more advanced than today's, their computers were powered by a laser beam, their cities used hydrogen as a fuel, their aircraft were bigger than today's Airbus 380...

 But urbanisation was at the expense of nature, and the garden was being turned into a flat tiled up surface, like today's earth. Most importantly, and most tragically, the dinosaurs became a pest to those cruel humans, and I remember this last dinosaur that was sitting outside a city and was not allowed to go inside, where her home used to be. So ruthless people killed her.

 The extinctions of the dinosaur still burdens the human conscience, and this why today you see some people campaigning for the rights of animals and the preservation of endangered species.

 In the early part, Lord Krishna came and taught the Ghita, he used to sit in a garden with the people and the believers around just enjoying his godly company. He looked very tall, beautiful, of skin colour that I can only describe as metallic blue, his eyes were big, if you looked at him you could not look for more than a few seconds of awe of his Beauty and Might.

 But many people forgot his teaching and became very materialistic, and were attached to the low world and forgot the purpose of their short stay in the low world.

 Some legends of today's were inspired by the memories of this period: Batman and the Super Heroes, who were the protectors of the people, and vigilantes who punished greedy and evil people.

Also the legend of Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory is from that period: it talks about Satan damned by God, who monopolised the cocoa plant and manufactured chocolate in commercial amounts, and by a system similar to today's commercial advertising, he managed to install in the chocolate his ideas and his perception of good and evil, so he would reward those who obeyed him and punish those who did not. And I think this was the first time that the idea of paradise and hell emerged, being the reward and punishment for deeds done according to certain rules set by people, or contrary to them.

Towards the last centuries of Eden, the earth became barren in some parts of it. And what is now 3adan (Eden) is where desertification became most prominent. There used to be a huge hydrogen plant(s) there, I guess due to the abundance of sunlight there. Because those people were able to simulate photosynthesis partly, to extract hydrogen from water, and sell it to the world liquefied and compressed for consumption, as a source of energy.

 The burning of hydrogen was not a very good thing, it created a lot of steam in the air, which lingered in the atmosphere, and did not turn to clouds to condense and fall down as rain. And sometimes, when the air was still, the humidity in busy cities was suffocating.

This caused disruption to the seasons' cycle,

Plus there were other factors, the planets and their positions in the solar system...all this created something similar to today's "climate change" phenomenon.

 And in my modest scientific opinion, the El-Niño phenomenon today, which happens in the southern part of the Pacific and causes droughts and floods on either sides, is mainly caused by the planets' gravity, when they are in certain positions relative to us.

But anyway, there were also many wars, and a kind of "rat race" between the big countries and the big players in the game of politics and industry and war, not unlike today's.

 And there were the underprivileged too. And most of the people were numbed by falsehood and rhetoric and unachievable hopes of salvation. And many rebelled and were the "terrorists" of those days, and created schism in opinions, similar to today's, about whether their causes were just or not.

And the earth was gradually changing its poles, and one morning the people woke up to the frightening sight of the sun following a different track in the sky, as the earth was gradually tilting. This caused storms of such intensity, that civilisation on earth was (almost?) completely wiped out, without a trace left.

High on some mountains there were some "druze" sheltering, they had a premonition of this happening.

 After this.... blank, I have no idea what happened.

The Qur'an has very subtle hints about those past periods of human civilisation. It mentions that Ad, i.e Eden was destroyed, but does not elaborate, so if you can do a better job than me and read between the lines, or travel back in your memory, or if you've had some weird dreams that you think can be linked to this ... please shed some light

 And if the public demand continues, we still have a few episodes to go, to lead us up to what you call Atlantis, after that, I've been thinking, I might try to write prequels: episodes 0, -1, -2 and perhaps-3, if my brain is able to express this madness in words.


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