Episode -1

The Aswatha Tree

Or the tree of Zaqoom, by Qur'anic terminology,

Or should I say the Apple Tree, to go by Biblical terminology,

The only reason I prefer not to use this term is because I like apples, ha ha.

They are a very good fruit you know, and far from being evil in the least way. Full of B vitamins and antioxidants, they have such nice aromas, reminiscent of the aromas of the fruit of the Good Tree.

Because as there was an evil tree, there was also a Good Tree.

So let’s talk about the Good Tree first, although the physical “thing” is less significant than its truth.

The Good Tree is small, looking humble, unimpressive. Yet, if you picked a fruit from it and ate it… and by the way every fruit tasted different to different souls,

If you picked a fruit and ate it my friends, your mind is sent in euphoria, and you wanted to praise the Glory and Might of Him,

Of its aromas and tastes that nothing on this earth can come close to.

And it was meant to do exactly that: install joy and remembrance in your mind and love in your heart.

On the other hand, there was this huge massive tree, branching off the sky, exactly as the Ghita describes it, there was “water” around it, and as if its roots were the reflection of the branches in the “water”,

But they were reachable to the mind, and if you went down those roots, the world became gradually darker, and you started to see shade and light, as opposed to self-luminousness,

And you started to hear noises that were frightening because they were not musical: zzzz, khkhkh,  jjj…, ffff..shshshsh

As opposed to the sounds that you hear in closeness to the heaven of: hhhhh…,rr rrrmmmm…  lllllmmmmm… iiiiiinnnnnnn … and the vowels of .aaaaaaa ooooo…

But why a tree? One would ask. And as if somebody sat down and had a number of options, and settled on a tree.

This is what the Intelligent Design (ID) theory suggested towards the end of the last century when it became popular.

You see, the ID theory assumes that there is some authority which has all these options, and it sits down and designs something at its discretion.

This assumes the existence of all the choices, and all the possible solutions to “problems” and all the different laws by which any of those solutions or choices… can be made.

The ID theory should have looked therefore for a level higher than this authority: the level of a Law, from which everything can be derived,

And mathematicians have been looking for such a mathematical formula or law, since Albert Einstein threw the idea while he was here.

Can mathematics represent such a Law? The intellect would like say yes, and perhaps maths will be able to summarise the laws of all forces of matter and mass etc…. in one single formula,

But this formula my friends will not tell us why we see, hear, smell, fell …. things the way we do.

That my friends is in your mind, and only your mind can silence this nagging question, not by answering it, but indeed by stopping to ask it.

So imagine a tree, or look at one now if you can, and let your mind work out the symbolism in this simple image: The leaves and small branches at the peripheries which extend up to the sky, the branches merging in bigger branches, to eventually merge in one big stem… and what’s underneath is a similar thing rooted in the ground, with both the leaves in the air and the roots in the ground performing similar jobs of absorbing something to turn it to something else…  and the fruit of the tree: the epitome of its struggle over one cycle of four seasons….

All this symbolism my friends can only be seen as a tree in our minds, and no one sat down and decided to make it look like this: we the humans, with God’s Mind and God’s Eyes saw it the way we did.

And you can take any image and break down to its components in a similar way, everything that you perceive is symbolic of higher abstracts and truths, and all these abstracts and truths merge all in one dot/circle/seed whichever way you vision it, the circle that I’d like to call The Law, and we shall come back to this later.

So, those who liked this tree went down its branches, and down its roots, they were attracted to the mystery of the dark side of it, where they turned upside-down, and they experienced denseness, and detail and particularity and multiplicity… and they liked that,

And with their minds they saw that, and they hence thought that they were the makers of it, because it was not seen to anyone “before”,

So they went up and started “advertising” their discoveries, and many souls accepted the invitation, including the deity themselves,

There, you can see your entire body, as opposed to being aware vaguely of its potential presence every time you “dreamt” or looked down.

You see, we have been dreaming those dreams before eternity was begun, the dreams need a knower and a known, this is another way to say it.

What are they? If we be them, will they go and stop nagging us? If we experience them in full will they go?

So the deity went down the tree in a moment of “forgetfulness”, because The Lord had warned them,

And forgetfulness is just a distance,

They went down and became aware of the low world, hence they became aware of their potential bodies, and the dark spot of it,

This dark spot is none but the body, represented in the body.

Does this make sense?

Every splinter of Existence is the entire existence, hence things are projected downward, as if they replicate themselves, as in reflection of a reflection of a reflection…..

And every time they experienced love, it reflected in the dark spot… something humans are quite familiar with,

This is why it is said in the Book that when they saw their Lord they hid their dark spots, because now their feelings were expressed in a low existence.

And they were remorseful and begged His Forgiveness, and He did forgive them, said the Book,

And every time I mention the “Book(s)”, I mean all the Books. And although literally this is not correct, the spirit is there.

The Ghita calls it the tree of human karma, because this is the tree which bears the fruit of action: good or bad, said the Book.

It can be good in a temporary world, where the enhancement of a temporary existence is the aim,

 It is bad in the true sense,

Because nothing that enhances or improves a temporary existence is good,  because a temporary existence is in reality a distance, and every action in it is to no avail, can anything be good under this sun? the Torah asked.

This does not mean that self-destructiveness is the answer, but to the contrary, triumph over physical difficulties, whichever way you perceive them, can lead to or be paralleled with triumph,

Take a good note of this last one,

I hope I did not bore you this time with a semi-tragic story,

So next post, if it is still in demand, will have flashbacks of the states of our minds after the knowledge of the tree, which I will call: The Postures of The Soul,

Mind you, there is no chronological order to those things now, I’m only putting them in this sequence because I’ve felt it is easiest to our intellect to perceive them this way,

And those “events” which reside above linear time have a ubiquitous existence, although I’d like to keep this word for higher truths, but I could not find a better one.

We experience them at every moment, although we are unaware of their presence, they dictate our history, destiny and the events of our lives..


Postures of The Soul

The fact that the physical directions of “up” and “down” are relative does not mean that in your minds they do not exist.

But what are they? They will ask.

Humanity has been struggling to understand those concepts since it looked in the Ocean of its being. Now they do not mean anything,

It started with religion telling the people that god and the angels are in the heaven, and everything else is down on earth.

But in the recent centuries it became known that the earth is spherical, hence what is “up” to you is “down” to somebody else, and out in the space those concepts do not exist,

Yet they do, in our minds, even in a homogeneous space.

Is it because our brains are accustomed to them?

Those of you who have experienced an out-of-body experience know pretty well, that when they are free from gravity, the directions of up and down, and all other directions for that matter, still exist.

But they will continue to say that this is the creation of the brain.

And in a previous post I said that the brain does not do anything, but it is our minds which do all the work, and the brain is only a corridor between our minds and our bodies,

If you are comfortable with this argument, or if you think that it is actually the brain that does all that, you should be able to go into that “place” in your mind/brain and switch it off,

Then the Ocean of your being will widen, and widen, to the point of giving you a feeling of elation and universality,

And by the way, oceans are blue.

Now you have to dive in it, and get the thrill of the cold water, welcome home.

For, in the ocean the directions do not exist,

But those who tell you that the directions do not exist in the physical world, those have not a clue where they are going.

My friends, it was in the north, that is up, that you looked your Eye, that circular hole of existence.

Then you went down the branches of the Aswatha tree, and you had to turn upside-down, because the roots of the tree are a reflection, they are not real.

This process my friends has turned your heads up-side-down: do you understand what I mean?

To undo this you have to trace your trip back, to be able to go back to the Ocean,

The ways of doing that have been given to you over the cycles and the millennia, they are all good, you just need the foundations of your understanding of any or all of them right.

So long as you are turned upside-down, you will translate everything into instructions and information to help you with your illusion, because all that matters is your illusion (there is nothing wrong with the phrasing of this last sentence).

But being in pain from this and wanting to get results quickly will not help.

The Teacher across time has given you a plenty of advice, on … everything.

And after you discovered your bodies, you were laying in a horizontal place: a bed,

Now you spend pretty much a third of your life lying down or asleep to have a break from gravity.

But there also you discovered the early sensation of sexuality, and dark agents came to you in figures which gave you joy, and you experienced what can be described as sexual euphoria,

Those memories come back to you in your dreams during adolescence, and urge you to realise those moments of pleasure in your wakefulness, but you can never do that,

Those moments were not expressed in physical bodies like yours now, hence the experience was more intense, although much less physical,

When you have those dreams, do not feel guilty about them, but try to remember your feelings when you wake up, try to understand it, this will help you be above it.

Future posts will help you, I hope, understand sexuality, so you free yourself, if you wish, from the Freudian as well as religious dogmas,    

Until then, keep examining your feelings, and do not just give in to them, just because you are told that they are god’s blessing/curse on you,

Or because Freud and Darwin want you to believe that they are your evolutionary rights.


The Gender

Thank you F for your comment. It gives me pleasure and encouragement to continue on writing this stuff,

I know for sure that I do not have all this going through my mind for it eventually to turn to dust and ashes, but indeed to pass it to somebody who can make sense of it.

But before I tell you about how we picked our gender, can I mention this thing about the heart and the mind,

Although science today tells us that all our mental and emotional activity happens in our brains, when you mention “heart” and “mind” to people, even to those scientists, they will be comfortable with this nomenclature.

People can easily distinguish between matters of their minds, and matters of their hearts,

Although things are not black and white always,

Imagine yourself being a mathematician, and all you deal with is abstract objects and logical proofs etc…. this is your passion, this is what your heart loves, it gives you joy and satisfaction;

And conversely, imagine yourself looking at something beautiful that you love very much, you will find yourself sometimes trying to analyse your love, by asking yourself: what is it that makes me so much in love with this?

So you see there is always a way between heart and mind, although they are very distinct.

It seems that the heart is just this thing that it hypersensitive, if this is the right word, to beauty. As soon as comes across it cannot help wanting to look at it, hear, experience it. It falls in love helplessly.

But anyway, this has relevance to what I want to talk about today.

The last 3 posts, that is since I started episode 0, I see them all occurring in the same cycle of human existence. Which before which? I’m not sure. And perhaps they occurred simultaneously.

Moreover, time was not linear in the same way that it is now. I believe that the first time that time became linear in a similar way that is now was in The First Word, which was episode 1.

This guy Iblis, who was originally a good soul, darkened in an earlier cycle, and I’ll come back to this later.

Iblis is not Satan. Satan was made dark from his beginning. He is point darkness of Existence, to put it simply. And I’ll come back to this later.

Iblis in Arabic seems to be a combination of two words: ab lays, as the Sacred Philosophy of the Druze says. The two words mean: the fatherless one.

He declared mutiny and wanted to run a world of his own, I will dedicate a whole post to his story, God damned him, only to show everyone how he can sneak into everyone’s mind, while completely convinced that he is doing something good for them and for himself.

Iblis was cast out and damned by the good people, but a great part of the creation was lured by him. He felt sorry for himself and demanded pity from everyone. He thought the best way to do it was to make them fall in love with him. So he used to come to people and to the deity, sometimes as a helpless cute child, sometimes as a …. female,

There was not gender yet, and although the souls were aware of their bodies, the shape of their genitals was not clear to them yet. All souls were kind of dressed in some kind of dress which covered pretty much all their bodies. And those who were keen on refraining from activity were embarrassed even about their hands, believe it or not, and they used to hide them.

All the body was a kind of embarrassment to the soul which knew that it is there without a body, and a body was a kind of … burden on it.

And the dreams that most of you occasionally have about being naked in streets or in your pajamas or underwear, and you feel so embarrassed and you want the earth to swallow you to hide you....

Those dreams are memories of that period.

And liblis used to come to those and was able to “transmit” to them a feeling inside them, which he stole from what I refer to as The First Encounter, and I’ll come back to this later.

This feeling was of immense pleasure, to put it simply, experienced in the mind, and nothing but the mind,

But Iblis was able to project it downward to the genitals, and a strange feeling stormed the soul: it is a kind of irresistible thing, because it is in her memory too, yet it is projected to the body: downward, were it can be expressed, by activity, by the body, by stimulating the sensation of touch, which is symbolic of an encounter.

And it was Iblis and a female soul that I call Zam Zam who darkened with him, who, later, discovered that a sexual union could result in pregnancy, and they demonstrated it to the world, and many people took that as freedom from the Law,

They started to have children by sex, which often looked monstrous, in the shape of an animal or animal-like human.

They used to beg their Lord to bestow on them a good human, the Qur’an mentioned it.

And it was there that the theory of evolution was first conceived.

You see, I’m saying all this so you sit down and walk that road yourself, in your own memory, you can recall it, it is ever fresh in you, it dictates to you a lot of your actions that you have taken for granted all your life, believing that this is how it is and there is no point in trying to analyse why so, let alone trying to free yourself from its tyranny.

Then one day Iblis showed himself naked to the entire humanity in a female body, and the reactions were mixed, some liked it, some wanted to be it, some were frightened…

Many souls followed him and assumed the same body, and some refused, those started to develop a masculine body. And some were confused, they turned from one thing to another. And the souls who were close and in love with one another used to persuade each other to take one form or another.

The times that we’re going through nowadays, and since what some refer to as the Sexual Revolution of the sixties, are very reminiscent of that period,

Humanity now is living those moments of a cross road, which opened to her a new possibility: and that is being able to have a sexual union without the fear of causing conception, by the use medical technology, on one hand,

And being able to produce children outside a human body, without a sexual union, on the other hand.

And the attitude of the people all around the world today is of total acceptance of sexual relations, whether this is done under the auspices of religious or civil laws, and sex is people’s only pleasure, they live and die to have it,

It is hard therefore to talk about the karmic consequences of such a belief, and any attempt to slow down this “downfall” is considered backward and even wrong.

But I hope that by your trying to understand your feelings, and by reminding you of your past, you will be able to have a human attitude towards all the laws of nature, and refuse to be just a machine for recycling organic matter,

I believe that in the future cycle of human existence, the good people will have control over their animal instincts, the way they used to be in far past periods, and the heavens will be conducive to such a state of minds,

As for those who live and die for their sex, they will be dead indeed.



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