Episode -3
The First Encounter

It is all symbolic, and what else can it be. If it was not symbolic we would stay silent.

 So as long as we are still in Episode -3, I’ll continue talking about the stuff which I see belonging in there.

The First Encounter makes me feel inadequate, because it is the love story that no poet can rhyme, no musician can tune, no writer can articulate, no philosopher can esteem,

And who am I to attempt it? And if I resort to symbolism I cannot do it justice, and if I hide it in mockery (al-hazl) it loses its temperament … this is a frightening task,

So I’ll just be brief, frank and crude, perhaps such qualities can bring you close to the First Encounter.

So Adam has toured around his Self, and is falling in love. So his gravity attracts him, so he decides now to go and take a look, for it has been a long time,

In the far horizon he sees the image, and now his eye is accustomed to imagery,

The Image is more beautiful than all that he has seen,

And why would it not be? So the attraction is intensified. And as he comes close, the eyes, the eyelashes, the lips, the ears, the hair … all that was unexpected, and too beautiful to resist,

And as he looks the fire of love flares in him, but the Image keeps a distance,

How much more seduction is it going to be before he is there? How much more agony?

And now he looks and he sees twin images of roses, and jealousy is even stronger than love,

What is this? What are those feelings? How can one’s feeling become many feelings in many nuances?  He is too weak to resist the desire of union, and too weak to decline from what is becoming a promise of pleasure above which there is no pleasure,

So now his vision is blurred, he just rushes, and cannot hold his passion back anymore,

A hole of warm light opens the breadth of the sky, a line extends from him to the hole, and he becomes the light in euphoria of pleasure, and ecstasy of consciousness,

“The eye in the Eye, the tooth in the Tooth, the ear in the Ear”, tempted you: the Torah and the Qur’an.

The fire of love is cooled as the Water gushes:  the Primary Helium from which everything animate was made, because creation is self-love from the beginning,

And the hole of light is now reflected in the Water, the image reflected and the joy cast over the entire creation, there is nothing that does not know about it.

 The Hole of Light is still there for anyone who wants it. And it was not for nothing that the Qur’an said that Moses was told to tell his people to “cut a hole”, which unfortunately was read: “to slaughter a cow”,

So I keep coming back to the Books, because I believe if the people do not understand the Books they say they believe, they have come and gone thousands of times and have achieved nothing.

The Books take you to the core of your consciousness and belief, monotheist and atheist alike, and if the atheists think that they have freed themselves from the Books, they are very wrong,

Their belief is based on rejecting the Books.

It is not the scope of this post to prove that materialism is embedded in monotheism, but you can ponder it yourself and I’m certain you can easily come to this conclusion.

And it is always the case that an idea and its opposite coexist, and any idea has its opposite innate in it, by the laws of nature.

If the religious authorities of the world believe that they can keep covering up their past mistakes they are very wrong.

The world cannot continue to be fuelled by lies, and every lie has an expiry date stamped on it, as soon as it is released.

Hell by itself is a lie. And its lies are for the people who choose to live in it. And perhaps if we disclose all the lies and tell the entire truth … we can’t, even if we did, falsehood is the nature of hell,

And the people of hell love falsehood, and falsehood is all they want,

They also love to suffer,

So as we tell them truth,  they will take some, they will reject some, and they will interpret some, and thus new lies will be born, be ready for it.

But this will not stop me from continuing on with this narrative.

What’s been happening: although the memories are clear in my mind, as soon as I sit down and start typing, more visions crystallise, so I’m having fun doing this ha ha ha.

The Hole of Light is still there. It is the ultimate hope of everyone who seeks reunion. It is the freedom of the soul from physicality, and if you have been to it in this life, you are above your physicality, and it cannot drag you down anymore, and you recite the words of a prayer from the Mus7af: “My Lord, by Thy Glory, as I come nigh to Thee by Thee, I feel and I experience the Hands of Thy Care lifting me up, every time I slide down the breaches of human impurity”.

And this, my friends, cannot be achieved by deprivation or self-torture, and neither by self-deception and practicing of rituals and meditation techniques,

This is the reward of honest love and devotion.

If the studying of the Books help you get there that’s fine, but the most important is the power which will drive you there, that is of honest love,

And to be able to have that, you need to take a most daring step of your life, and that is to relinquish the  passions of the ego, and learn how to silence it when it gets angry at you and even threatens you of all kinds of threats and makes you feel sorry for it.

And if you are not ready yet for this, do not think bad of yourself or feel guilty.

Because this is “death”. The death of the ego is the death that the Books talk about, and when the Christ said to his disciples: “carry your cross and follow me”, he was not asking them to carry a wooden cross, in preparation for torture,

But indeed, he asked them to carry their bodies, so they can walk the earth free from their tyranny; but he put it metaphorically, because this is not an average person’s ambition in this world.

And when the Qur’an said: “count not those who were killed in God’s Way dead, but indeed alive in their Lord’s Providence”.

And true life my friends, is life in freedom from physicality and its tyranny. This is the life eternal that all the Books have taught,

This is the life that breaks the cycle of death.

But souls with propensity to darkness did not want the Hole of Light, from the beginning,

And while their brethren were experiencing the euphoria of speeding into that light from a distance, they were sitting on a filthy rock, and looking and rocking to get the pleasure,

It is hard to understand that mode of consciousness,

You see, pleasure is a mind experience. Touch is a body experience. The body is an extension of your consciousness, and it is not you as such,

So in those early moments, the projection of the pleasure to the body was sinful and was an early attempt of a downfall,

And we told them not to do that, but this was what they wanted, and we even blew up that rock for them, but they remade it.

There is a temple in India, I cannot remember its name and I’m too tired to go to Google to search for it. But this temple is decorated all around it by statues of what appears to be a celebration of sexuality. But if you examine those statues they inspire a different kind of feeling, it is a feeling of joy that is free from physicality, and the physicality is just a camouflage.

But the monotheists and the atheists alike will tell you that sex is the purpose of your life, and your reward of evolution and the god which created it,

This is a bad destiny.


The Tunnels

So the body is now the new apparel for some souls. They do things with it.

It all looked innocent then, and as innocent as a lot of trivia around us in the modern world, of which many of us take not much notice,

And we even like these things: they enhance our quality of life, they promote our well-being, they give us pleasure and longevity,

And these are not bad things, so why am suggesting that they are?

All the things that we have are an extension of our consciousness, our bodies included,

If we know that we exist, then we are aware of the limits of our extensions, and their usefulness and their innate destructiveness,

But if we have forgotten that we exist, then we become trapped in that these extensions are actually us, and we invest ourselves in them, and our selves become trapped in them, and we have to submit to their laws, including birth and death.

Death is the biggest lie that humanity has lied to itself. If you believe by now that you will reincarnate, and as I demonstrated to you by quoting the Qur’an itself, if you believe, then you should be now convinced that there is no death, but there is only continuance,

So real death now is the belief in death, and all the ideologies and religions which are built on this concept, think about this one.

Those who believe that they die: they mummify themselves, they have nightmares of their inevitable residence in a grave, they fear ghosts and haunted houses,

Most importantly, they expect god to prove his godliness by conquering this thing,

They want to see him walk out of a grave, they want to see him immortal, they want to see him vanish out of his shirt …

Or they simply run away from all this, and confine themselves to the dust and the ashes…

Whether they believe that they have a supernatural soul, or they are just made of organic matter, they are now captives of their physicality, and death is their destiny,

And everything they do or think revolves around death and paves the way for their death, and whatever you say to them they take it as an advice about death, and whatever knowledge you give them they used it to speed up their journey to death,

Death is their biggest hope in the world, and they race to procreate, and their offspring is the only hope that death will continue on …

 So the world resumes for them, one cycle follows another, they are content in discontentment, and happy searching for happiness,

This is their story since they wanted to be left alone,

So the Lord covered the ugliness of the bodies that they assumed for themselves by a wrap, many of them still wear it,

And they were told what the limits of behaviour were, for their own sake,

This experiment of existence was meant to continue.

And the good people were the people who did not want to dwindle in their extensions, they kept their conscious minds alight, up in their “heads”, and held themselves proud of their being.

So everyone wanted to see how they would express themselves in a world of their own, and the good souls wanted to see it too,

And the souls were abandoned in worlds, where they had to work their way out of fear, difficulty and strife, and these words are probably an understatement of the horrors of those worlds,

Not that our present world is better, the magnitude of the horror is similar,

Except that we are so accustomed to this world, that we think that it is “normal”, and that’s how life is.

In that world, we were to stay underground in deep dark tunnels, for a length of time that felt like centuries or millennia,

And some souls did not mind that. They felt comfortable in that world and had no ambition to see anything better, because they did not believe that there was anything better,

 The idea of the tunnels was born in dark humanity’s mind, at a time when the earth was not yet flattened and the sky was not yet raised, and existence was still very much an ocean-like  world, where the souls could still swim,

And the word: yusabbi7oon in the Qur’an and later in the Hikmeh, originated from that world, where transcendence was achievable to any soul who knew herself.

So the dark ones hid themselves under “covers”, hence the experience of a tunnel.

But those tunnels became very elaborate and long and spread out, whole civilisations thrived in them,

They were dug and built to accommodate people and to facilitate transport between different “cities”,

And it was in those places that dark prophets started developing their ideologies and their laws, by which they ruled,

And the inquisition into any possibilities outside those tunnels was forbidden, but I remember Abram who noticed me trying to find a way out, and although he was more on the dark side than otherwise, he encouraged me and covered up for me, because I would get in big trouble if I openly tried to find an escape from it.

And indeed, there was no physical world outside those tunnels, and at that stage of our existence we were able to project our reality outside us, to become an actuality,

But our trust that existence was not a tunnel was the incentive for us to dig our way of it, to the light and the garden, once again, because the garden was perceived by many at earlier times,

So the difficulties of finding the way out was in our minds, we had to conquer the fear and dig through those layers of rock and mud with bare hands, and we had to face monsters: our fears, and dodge them or kill them altogether, and our light which were able to glow in the most treacherous situations was our best “weapon”,

Some of J R R Tolkein’s writings refer to this period,

Tolkein saw those words in his memory but could not make a real sense of them. He thought they were happening now simultaneously with our world. The fact is that, although they can be perceived now above the line of time, they happened billions upon billions, if not trillions, of our earth years ago, if we want to use the “feel” of an earth year as a standard time measure.

 And the Lord always “trains” us to go down these worlds in The Chamber: the concept is “planted” in our minds, then we perceive it, then we actually jump down to it,

The tunnels were first shown to us as the inside of a dragon’s stomach: a horrible monster with a big mouth, and we went inside it to experience the horror of being swallowed by a monster. But as soon as our fears were overcome completely, the dragon deflated like a rubber thing, and we were out it laughing triumphantly,

And we always loved those challenges, and the euphoria of the triumph wiped out all the agony and the pain of the struggle to reach it.

And there is still a world for humanity to overcome, and that is the space: this place which looks glorious through the telescopes is a huge house of horrors, and humanity is keen to experience it, wait and you will witness it, or you may choose to get the hell out of hell, that would be better for you ha ha ha.

And there were other trials, through which the darkened souls wanted to put the good souls,

But for the sake of not making the post too long to read, I’ll leave that till the next post.


Darkness to Light

A lot can be told about the Tunnels period, but in today's language and mode of consciousness it would not be easy to follow and comprehend,

It is those dreams that you see which are in black and white without colour. But there was one dominant colour, that was a kind brownish colour, the like of which you see in an eclipsed moon, as I told you before,

It was the light of darkness, if this makes sense.

It was the world in which the humanity which darkened along with Iblis wanted to dwell, "covered" from The Law and the Ocean,

In it Iblis claimed rulership and told that he conquered death, since the news had spread that Adam conquered the death and the darkness that Iblis projected, by hatching out of an egg, unscathed.

So the tunnels had to lead to the Garden, and the Garden had not fully materialised, it was still a potential in the dreams of the Self, and I'll come back to the Self and her love story in the next post.

So there was jubilation and joy to the freedom of the good souls who had taken the challenge of dwelling in the underground,

And let me remind you, that this was not an "underground", but rather an undercover.

They came out to the garden of light and colour and fecundation, they rejoiced and reunited with their brethren who chose to stay in the Ocean.

As for the darkened ones, they did come out too, and The Lord allowed them to visit the garden once again, might they choose to be alive again,

But the darkened ones wanted to revel in the garden, and enjoy its food and comfort and warmth,

They could not perceive the colours clearly, they could not see the models of heavenly proportion,

The Garden was a display of The Law, every petal of every flower was an epic of creation,

The good souls went around to fulfill their sight, attune their hearing, replenish their breath of its aromas... the Garden is the child of the Self, and her Labour of Love of Adam,

It is hence the never ending story of the Creation, the inexhaustible effusion of Life, the ever new parade of imagery, play of sounds and ambiance of aroma.

This was The Lord's Forgiveness to humanity, dark and radiant, and his Leave to humanity to experience the Garden,

And the Qur'an mentioned on a few occasions: "... He took you out of darkness to the Light".

But darkened humanity was not interested in that, death was deeply entrenched in some souls, and all they saw in the garden was things for their reveling and their consumption, and a complete disregard to Spirit,

They feasted, they partied, they got drunk from eating so much fruit,

Their consciousness  was thus projected in grazing animals: sheep, cows, goats, pigs, long-beaked birds ... described in some detail in the Qur'an, but such descriptions are thought to be classifications of edible or inedible animals...

The Self loves all the creation, and her love distinguishes not between the low or high forms of life and consciousness,

The Self spent time with those speaking-souls, reduced to animals,

Some of them showed their own unique talents, of understanding the secret working of nature, and their ability to create beautiful works  of art and composing music, echoing their submission and recognition of their Lord when they were first liberated.

The Self always spends time in the slums of darkened souls, and remember when the Christ was seen with the thieves and the criminals? so the Pharisees asked him: Do you mix with thieves and criminals? and he answered: I am sent to heal the sick, as for the healthy, they do not need me.

And the Self sympathises with darkened humanity, and it is often her who begs her Lord to forgive them, hence her name in the Qur'an is often: The Compassionate (al-Ra7eem or al-Ra7mah),

But when the time is right, it is also her who brandishes Adam's Sword of Justice, when pardon is over-exhausted.

All this was towards the end of this episode which has been numbered -3, which was the prelude to the Garden, which was a prelude to the First World,

All those world were a gradual descent from abstraction to actualisation, and from wholeness to linearity,

And let me remind you, that at the beginning of each cycle, humanity is taught in The Chamber what The Law has in store.


Adam's Apple

The love story of the Self cannot be told, and not unlike the love story of Adam, to which I hinted before,

Although this one is closer to our hearts and easier to relive.

The Self is the labour of Adam's love,

And although the Self has no gender, I'll refer to "her" as a female, only because our consciousness now assumes gender,

She looks Adam, and knows that this is her Lord's Image, transcends He.

If Adam is Mind, the Self is Heart,

The Self is love that requires no explanation or justification, it wants to express itself in immense pleasure: the pleasure of being, and being, to her, is love,

Love which is often referred to in the Books as Compassion, but the word compassion, sacred as it is, does not convey to our minds the pleasure of love, hence I've chosen Love.

The Self takes a distance from what I called before "the Hole", and as if the distance and the consequent deprivation build up more love and pleasure,

Then she yearns for the love, and beams quickly into the hole, to experience it,

This what she did in her early Moments.

The self became the Water, and saw/was the reflections of the hole: the imagery, sounds and aromas and animation of the creation,

So this now could be experienced.

But this was still in a latent existence, eager for self-expression, and could only be experienced in a moment of forgetfulness in a plunge in the depth of the distance,

Because in closeness there is Wholeness, and wholeness is Completeness, and in completeness the creation is immaterial and cannot be experienced.

And Events happened, to which I hinted, namely the darkening of Iblis and other deity,

And "one day", Iblis stole Adam's pleasure of The First Encounter, and he installed it in an object that I shall call "an apple",

And he knew the self's strength/weakness, and he went to her and hinted to her about that pleasure, and showed her the apple,

The Self could not/did not want to resist that temptation,

She took the apple in her mouth:  her only way of communication then, in a non-physical existence,

The Self's mouth was her projection of her feelings, by which she communicated and experienced the pleasure of encountering Adam and hence her Lord, when vision alone was not sufficient,

And The Lord, transcends He, manifests in form or formless, He has all images, and no image is He, His Manifestation is Ubiquitous (samadaanyy), transcends He,

Hence He taught in The Book, and as I reminded you before: "the eye in the eye, the tooth in the tooth, the ear in the ear".

The Self is the Lords "spoilt" child, a mischievous child who loves adventure, and goes wherever she feels like going, because she knows how to come back,

She took the apple by her "mouth", and felt the immense pleasure of the Encounter,

And she seeks pleasure, because in the heart existence is pleasure,

This is the pleasure that every being constantly seeks,

The pleasure was the 'motive' for her every act thereafter,

She loved that apple that she swallowed down, to what we call now the throat,

And every male develops his Adam's Apple on his neck upon reaching puberty, in memory of that incident,   

And every time humans experience feelings of desire and love for their spouses, they feel that something is seizing their throat,

And one should examine every bit of every feeling one experiences in this world, such examinations can lead one to liberty from the tyranny of the body, to experience those feelings in their Reality.

Her experience of pleasure was the motive behind her what can be called prodigal behaviour, where she  just went and encountered many souls, to experience them,

Even those who were frightened from their existence: she made them live moments of pleasure which enlivened them,

The variety of beauty and imagery was something she could not resist looking and experiencing: where every soul had an image of its own, and a drop of beauty of its own.

The Self saw also the displays in the Water: the mountains, the trees, the vegetation, the life of all forms,

she even saw manmade structures, of works of architecture and other works of art,

She heard the music that makes all mould in one scene,

This had to be witnessed, and the desire built up and built up in her,

After so many encounters with beauty and souls of all kinds, and especially an encounter with Adam, where she took that apple again and enjoyed its sweet tastes and aromas,

And after going down the branches of the evil tree: the tree of potentialities; and having an orgy of pleasure with her brothers and Adam,

She felt the weight in her lower body: what you call today pregnancy,

She came to her Lord, like a child who knew how loved he was, and no matter how mischievous he has been, his parent will look him a reprimanding look, that is a look of approval and forgiveness at the same time,

Have you had a child whom you loved so much? and one day you dressed him up in an expensive and elegant suit, but he went and played in it and got it dirtied and muddied, so he came back to you feeling bad/proud of his rebellion, seeking love and approval?

And you actually look at him with an eye that seems upset/happy, and you hug him and cherish him, and tell him about the consequence of dirtying his suit,

So he goes away and tries to fix his error, and with an eye pretending to be unwary, you actually help him, and your love for him is even stronger, and your sorrow for his sorrow is stronger than his sorrow,

This is a brief story of the self, and how she conceived the world, as a reflection of Adam, and loved every bit of it, even that ugly bit which made her question how it came about,

And as she sees potentialities eager for self-expression, she cannot hold herself back from plunging into them to bring them out,

For there is glory in every scene that this world paints, this glory has to be witnessed by you and me,

And the suffering of the self in the world summarises the suffering of all living beings: every time she sees a pregnant female, every time she sees a child in the "worst of age", not knowing what he/she knew before,

Feeding from his mothers breast to grow up bit by bit:

The miracles of nature are glorious, yet to the self: they unfold in pain and suffering, this is her pain and suffering.

So I'll leave it to your the reader, to ponder if her actions were "good" or verging on "evil",

This will perhaps help you view those concepts from a "higher" standpoint, where The Good has no opposite,

And will pave the way for the next episode: -4,

Which is your story, so I'll recount as much as I can, in the first person singular: that is: I did this I did that ..., so you can read it as your own "autobiography".

And as I continue on writing those posts, I do not mean to sound Mr. Knowledgeable or Mr. Special. I am as I said before a very very ordinary guy,

Everyone of us will have those memories coming back to them, at a not very far future time. The fact that I was the first to talk about them does not make me a special person.

It is written in the Qur'an and in the Hikmeh that our Apex (Soor) will be blown into. This is not a reference of a big trumpet that the Messiah will blow to awaken the dead, as people have interpreted,

But it is Soor, meaning the very top of something, that's why I translated it to apex. And sometimes, when half asleep, I hear that blow: ffff .... fffff. And I know that some huge window is going to be open to my vision.

I see those things, and sometimes I cannot make sense of them on the spot, but later on, and upon examining them I wake up to the fact that they were described in the Books, in Genesis, in Qur'an, in the Hikmeh....  and now in the Gnosis Books, as you've been telling us about them.

I've never tried to deliberately weave stories around the narrative of the Books, but it is always the contrary: I see the things, then I relate them to the Books.



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