Episode -5

But it cannot be. There is no such a thing.

You'd better talk about patches of grey and blue, and the eyes of a peacock's tail, and a pipe that extends from nowhere to nowhere, declaring eternity,

And a flat world like Disney's cartoons, and ibises which come and go and elephants which walk on four.

You'd better talk about the fear which spins beauty and the beauty which spins fear, and the fairytale of Swan Lake.

And space, what about space,

Throw an entire warehouse of cosmic eventuality in it, and manmade gadgets, and drops of water stretching and splashing or taking a spherical form, those are the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle,

They just flock and speed to crash or bounce on walls of nothing,

In a light of gold they clamour and chatter,

Who are they? Can I make them so they connect with one another?

In one moment: a wave extends from the one horizon, if you bind it to itself, it is now closed,

There are eyes in it, some will look you and some will not,

Those who look you, both say: my eye is your eye,

And those who do not, they make noises, their echo is still being heard.

So they come close, and we watch a show of light and sound, the sound makes the light take form and language,

Then the light pours down like Niagara Falls, majestically and grandly and exuberantly, and steam and a lake form, and on the surface rocks form,

All in different shades of light, then the light retreats and dark appears on the fringes,

It retreats so much so light becomes and darkness, they said yin yang,

And darkness is a nature and light is another nature, and darkness needs light to show its nature, and without light darkness is nothing,

The nature of light is comfort and beauty, and the nature of darkness is vile, they say.

Some rushed in one and some rushed in the other, by affinity,

Those who rushed to light took it in them, and those who rushed to darkness wanted to revel.

The nature that wants to be and the nature that wants settlement.

There is day and night now, at night I dream and at day I settle.

In a human body no one can see the entire horizon, but they can only conceive it and imagine it,

In a human body everything is conceptualised, under the heavens of the present,

Hence guides are guided to take you in moments where you can peak,

"One hour of Justice is better than an epoch of worship", prophet Mohammad was told.

And if I conceive me in existence, I walk on two a man's walk,

This is frightening, what can this guy do?

Is he God, who descends to a temple and walks from one corner of a square to its opposite across a diagonal?

Is he the one who has a pair of eyes above a pair of cheeks, below one forehead?

If you think you can look him, you know who you are you,

If you think he will look you.... this is not a choice, but it is your rank,

So they wonder and I wonder, where does it all come from?

And what is fate and what is choice?

In my settlement I do not know the answers, because I do not ask, I ask only in consciousness,

So the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle need to be assembled,

Perhaps if there is not one single piece left, what is: collapses in one point again.



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