Episode 0

If you have a good vision of the First World, you should be able to go back a bit, and try to make sense of earlier existences of you, when there was no land and sky, but just a kind of “place”, which in your vague and far memory does not resemble anything familiar, although your mind now would prefer to see it as land and sky.

It is that “place” which is dynamic, and changes as your “mood” changes, instantaneously. So you wake up from that dream and you try to tell it to your close ones, and you struggle to describe it, then you say: then it changed to…, whatever.

There were a  few days in that kind of state. And the “days” do not refer to physical days that we know today, but they are cycles of liberation and retrieval: that is liberation to be, and retrieval to return in our eternal being, and I shall come back to this later.

The First World was a world effused by the deity, after they drifted away, and enjoyed each other’s company, and experienced the pleasure of love, this has the power of creation, for creation is self-love, and the euphoria of love results in the effusion of a primary element, the Greeks called it Helium, hence modern scientists have used it to point to the simplest stable molecule of the inert gas Helium, from which - they theorise,  that all matter derived, not contradictorily to the Greek theory, and indeed the Sacred Philosophy of the Druze which used the word Hayoolaa, which was also used by some Arab Philosophers in Andalus.

In the Helium were the images of The Law. It is hard to visualise how a beam of light can translate to images in a dense medium. I guess the closest analogy would be of a beam of light being projected out of a movie projector: if you are close to the lens you will see no images at all, just very bright light, but as you move away from the lens the image starts to crystallise and get in focus, until it becomes sharp and clear.

So the deity had to take a look into that world of beauty and magic, and their falling in love with one another and with the images that they saw,  they were infatuated,

The Anger of The Lord is not anger, it is Compassion. The deity are free in their being, The Law inspires abidance and aberration, by its nature of holding everything, including a dark spot, that was extracted earlier from the light,

Thus The Lord’s Will that is The Law is actualised, and potentialities are now known.

The deity were left in a garden of beauty and abundance, to seek their own salvation in it.

Iblis was all around wherever they  went, to show them that they were stuck in it. The Buddhist myth has it that as they walked into it, he threw a bolder on them, but the equanimity of Adam caused the bolder to crack, and it did not hit them.

They settled there for a while. They thought that in a remote world as such The Lord had forsaken them, of Anger at them, but their second youngest one was not convinced, his memory flying into that circle of light in speed was too fresh, and he longed for it, so he looked in one spot in the sky where he felt his vision could vision something, and he experienced that love again, and the hole opened up and effulged again, to his joy and ecstasy,

So he ran quickly to his Parents and his brothers and he told them, and they did the same, and The Lord spoke to them: “I am closer to you than you are to your own selves, I distance you and I near you, and My Will you will be wherever I remit you”.

And “earlier” He spoke to them: “you are not meant to starve in it, you are not meant to be athirst, or go without clothing”.

So the deity were told to populate the garden, the good deity and the dark deity, and people fell down into it from the Sphinx (I have not an idea why this word).

Every soul eager to experience freedom of will, to be what she became when she was conceived, and she looked: what did she look at? What was her first move?

Those very early  ”microseconds” will dictate her belief and hence destiny. And many rejoiced, they wanted to be far.

And Adam and his Brothers foresaw the agony and the bewilderment that those souls would rush to, and they had contrition about what happened, so Adam begged his Lord to give him leave to guide the worlds, and to be the intermediary between the worlds and their Lord,

So Adam became Gabriel The Messenger, the one of the Guarded Tablet in all his comings to the earth, the prayers are by him.

“Those who follow My Guidance will be salvaged, and those who bewilder will have pleasure in it for a term", and it will be their abode, so long as "the night veils the day demanding it persuasively ” (Qur’an).


The Fire

The first encounter with actual fire was in the First World, and “soon” after humanity fell down to it.

As I described the first world before, that although it was at further “distance” from Reality, yet Reality in it was “close”, and the Fifth Dimension was still perceivable to those who loved knowledge.

Those who want to be distanced are like those who prefer to play a video game over a real life challenge nowadays. They live in a fantasy world, in it they find comfort, and although they know that it is not real, but only bits and bytes displaying images on their screens, although they know that, they still prefer the video games over “reality”.

But how does the low world exist, and where does it come from?

The low world is a product of our own minds. So if you see the analogy of the video games appropriate, hang on to, it will help you understand what I’ll be trying very hard to express.

You see, in a video game there are rules, set by the authors of the game. You agree to play by them.

But the whole theme is played in a world, resembling our own. And when it does not, it borrows concepts from your intellect, and remember that all the concepts of your intellect are born in this world, and in your imagination that is born in this world.

Imagine if you could step into those worlds in the future, in a sort of hologram, then the experience will look more “real”, and you can foresee that some people will love those fantasy worlds more than their actual lives, and I would not be surprised if the medical authorities used them as therapy techniques!!

This is an escape from reality, and complete surrender to emotions, in a world tailoured to your liking . And if a therapist tells you that by stepping into a fantasy world you can rid of bad memories or emotions, do not take them too seriously,

Their technique might work for a short term. But such a process gives an undeserved status to those emotions, it in fact emphasizes them, and although it may appear to comfort them in a short term, it leaves a lot of room for them to re-grow,

Hence you see all these therapy techniques, past present and future, curing only the surface of things, and people who cannot deal with the core of their emotions will have to face them again, and in the next round, you bet, they will be bigger.

This was the issue of Satan and his henchmen, if we take the supernatural stuff out completely and talk about these problems as human problems, no more no less, no vampires and no supernatural angels.

He said to his followers, and by the way his followers were those souls who had similar problems to his, and were darkened later upon the declaration of mutiny by Iblis, and I shall come to this later,

He said to them: “I have found comfort in the fire, perhaps I bring you a torch from it”, so his Lord spoke to him: “It is me, your Lord, relinquish everything, and I will elevate you, you are in the Valley that I have folded, and take your hand and hide it in your side, it will look white to the onlookers, and I will cherish you and comfort you and your people and your brother Iblis, I have made you for My Self, stay close to me and fear none.” (I base the quote on my reading of the Books).

This is a call from his Lord to abide in Him, and to refrain from activity, in order not to bring upon himself karmic consequences, and that being the embodiment of the dark point of The Law, Satan is the challenge of the Self in the distance,  

This may sound contradictory to the call for him to refrain from action, for how can he be a challenge to anything if he does not act.

But in reality, the dark point is a potentiality, and potentiality does not have to materialise, it is its existence that “counts”. I am trying to say that darkness can reside as a potentiality that can be dodged,

And how often do you find yourself in situations in everyday life, where you have to choose between different options, some of which look bad and harmful to yourself and others, so you choose by your good nature not to take them, and thus a potentiality does not materialise.

Karmic laws were being tested by all humanity, dark and radiant, in the First World. In The Law, activity is by The Law, but in a distance from Him, activity is choice, performed by one’s body and its organs,

You have to imagine the whole universal picture as one picture, The Law being its producer, displayer, director, executioner….

So if you choose to do something yourself, it is not The Law, if you are not in The Law,

It is your will that is distant from The Law and not in harmony with it,

This will require correction by The Law, in The Law, from The Law, for the whole picture to continue,

This is karma, if this makes sense.

Satan’s nature was of darkness from the beginning. He is the dark spot of Adam, and in Hindu mythology he is depicted as his organ.

He has to justify himself by activity, and I will come back to his first encounter with his Lord and his brother and Master, Adam.

So, a far world, seemingly free from the Fifth Dimension resides in potentiality. If you search for a distant world you will find it, and humanity keeps “inventing” new such worlds to keep itself busy and entertained.

Satan finds this world on the fringes of the real world, it is a world ruled by physical laws of cause and effect,

And physical laws are only a lower projection of higher ones: if you take mathematics as a universal law, physical laws are projections of them. And those who are in the knowledge of physics and mathematics can relate to this concept easily.

He descends to it, to live in the world lit by a sun which burns, and seeming randomness and chaos, and often says that this is the real challenge and the way to learn about this creation,

In there he built his first house, to show off his knowledge of physical laws, and to comfort his fear and insecurity, and to seek some attention and glorification,

He invites to it his henchmen and every “passer-by”, and some weak souls darkened upon their visit to his house, and joined him,

There, his good Brothers visited him and tried to persuade him to abandon it and to come back to the light,

They showed him a reflection of himself in a mirror, which frightened him, it was a huge constrictor, and they told him that he could tame it if he returned to them,

But his desire was only to learn about the creation and how it worked, and he thought that the best way would be to reside in the fire,

And some might agree with him and go along to take this challenge, yet they have to remember the way back, because once you are there you are totally absorbed by hell, and although you hate it and hate its suffering you find yourself attached to it, and it takes a lot of wisdom and selflessness and courage and strength and knowledge to be able to take just one step out of it,

Hence the Christ said: “blessed are those hungry for the spirit, for they will inherit the earth”

I’ll leave it at this glorious note.



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