Evil versus Evil

The Homage is to Him Who descended His Word onto His servant, of Compassion and Love, to guide the people out of darkness to their innate light,

Those who want the glamour of the low world will get it, and will pay for it a dear price.

O people, the Word that We descend to you is that you triumph in Our Compassion, to return to your Family of Humanity, that is you from the beginning and in the end,

If Our message inspires you, and you build human civilisation in the earth, this is fine, but let not the good of the low world distract you from the Aim,

And what is good in the world one day is evil in the next, and only The Law is Immutable,

When humanity fell down in the Garden of the Tree, humanity was asking: whence does this beauty come: inside me or without?

Some found comfort in The Whole, that is the Fifth Dimension was still perceivable, that is The Quintessence that is Immutable,

But some looked in the shade, where the images spread, of what are they? They asked.

And as We try to put this memory in words to you We struggle, for this was before, and Motion was of imagery and sound, and smell was of ambiance of one’s experience of a theme, and taste was the fruit of the good tree, looking small and modest, yet of aromas of The Philosophy;

As for touch, humanity developed it upon looking downward and wanting it.

And We said in the Book: the eye in the Eye, the ear in the Ear, the tooth in the Tooth; for, the joy of one’s countenance entering one’s countenance in duality, is the most pleasurable experience.

Images of early moments of the Garden are depicted in ancient art,

And Devadatta, that is Iblis, tried to harm his Brothers and rolled a boulder down on them,

As for Satan, he found comfort in a fire, he said. It is the fire the element which emits light, for he had lost the light of his alpha, and The Lord created darkness and light.

And The Lord spoke to him: it is I your Lord.

But Satan saw the world of his alpha, of the Dark Point, that needed the fire to be illuminated,

The images of the Dark Point are of the low world: that is governed by the physical law: that is the reflection of the Truths of the points of The Circle in the Water, in which everything animate was reflected,

They thus give the fluid Substance shape, quality, quantity, density, temperature, colour… and things become comparable and measurable and countable, thus We separate darkness from light and pair darkness with light for the human experience.

Satan wants to teach by materialising his fear, in unpredictability in linearity, upon the physical law.

The commandments were given to him to repent for his own deeds, they became his law, and the commandments of transcendence given to him projected physical activity.

And in his first world, beasts flew down from the heaven, or came from the land and the water, expressing unpredictability, and he built for himself a grand structure, expressing his knowledge of the physical law and his lack of security, and his need of self-glorification,

He thought this was the way to endeavour to knowledge: to live in nature by nature,

And this looks wise at first sight, but the truly wise does not seek to be rounded, in the self-generating, self-consuming, self-destructive cycle, until it is flattened again, to the disappointment of those who could not foresee their destiny.

And when We told him to look his alpha, and he had forgotten whence it came, it was a conspicuous constrictor and he was frightened.

But the hand that is withdrawn from activity is a hand that brings upon her soul no karma, and hence it is white in an egg to the on-lookers.

Often seeks enlightenment, but quickly sinks back in the gravity of hell, he confesses, Satan has not been able to have peace, and he wants to resume the human experiment in the distance, believing he can one day find comfort therein.

And recently, Thomas Hobbes wrote his physical law, and before, Michelangelo idealised the image in the stone, and sculptured the most sacred shrine of a secret religion, in which he represented the entire cosmic structure according to him, and decorated his story of the creation, which he never believed, on the walls and ceiling of the chapel.

And the salvation of the soul in the beauty of the music did not bring Richard Wagner any peace. He often had tormenting flashbacks of the agony of the tinsmith’s hammering his tools beside a scorcher. The large sounds he created are now accepted as beautiful, and music is a very illusive deity, 

And later Adolf Hitler found inspiration in Wagner’s music, to the destruction of the world, to erect his world according to his own vision and his rules.

Wars of evil versus evil are won by those who are one step ahead, but never be tempted to think that those wars are good versus evil, but only in the perspective of those who are drawn into their passions of a low world.

The image of an object in running water does not run in the water, what runs in the water is debris,

If you want the object you first have to know where to look.

What will his next idea be? Perhaps the salvation of the human gene from the downfall in the ape once again,

When, amongst a host of other symptoms of degradation, people will be born with their ability to invert the image on the retina of their eyes up-side-up lost, they will hence go down on four legs again; such is a bad destiny, foretold in the Grand Qur’an, in the Discourse of The Buddha and The Sacred Philosophy. 

And this luminous moon was eclipsed, and the prophets of darkness celebrated, but the earth has moved away, and Magna Solaris faces Us again, this is Our Will and Grand Creation, We have The Aim, and We split The Paragons,

To bring you this knowledge and to kill the pig, and the evil neck has been slain in the Grand Qur’an, as foretold in The Sacred Philosophy, and the two laws are destroyed.



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