Fast and Sabbath

The physical stillness of the Jews, and the ritualistic fast of the Muslims, have not brought them any good in the low lives and will not buy them a paradise in the hereafter.

The Jews sabbathize while their minds dwell on their businesses, passions and tribal wars; and the Muslims swap their days for the nights, to indulge in eating, smoking of tobacco, sex and senseless entertainment,

Both doing the very things, from which the Sabbath and Ramadan are meant to keep them away,

Both taking the time of sunset and sunrise as absolute determinants of the start and the end of their ritual:

Not only do these times vary drastically from one place to another on the earth, but more importantly: at some geographic zones, at certain times of the year: they do not occur at all: exposing the irrationality of their belief.

But those who see lawlessness in the world worship their own gods, to which they can attribute anything they want,

Their gods are arbitrary rulers, they set the rules by which they have to abide to appease them, and no one is allowed to question them, or their wrath will come to them.

Little wonder why they cannot get over their grudge and abate their tribal wars,

It is indeed the saddest destiny man can have: when his mind, that is the Cosmos in its entirety, is trapped in a self-imposed sentence of irrationality,

And worse still, when such a trap is called faith.

Tell them, that God is needless of anything, He created them and He is The Provider of their lives, if they read their Book correctly.

It is pagan gods which need the rituals of little men.

Tell them, the only way they can express their gratitude and thanks to God is by learning His Teaching across place and time, to become alive by it, to enlighten their minds and harbour compassion in their hearts,

So they are elevated to the man they are created to be,

Else, the monkey is their best role model, it performs at the circus ring without understanding what it is that it is doing, it only knows that it will be rewarded by a banana.

So We call on those who are ready to be liberated from the imprisonment of irrationality, to quit pagan practices and to follow the light of their minds, and the virtue of their human hearts.

And We give you herein guidance as to what abstinence/fasting/Sabbath is about, as it was taught to all the people of The Book before, be they Muslims, Christians or Jews, may they want to be guided.

The aim of abstinence is to rid oneself of the impurities which stick on oneself, upon one’s engagement in the activity of daily life and its passions: of greed, anger, envy, lust, grudge, attachment to material things and selfishness,

In different cultures, at different times, different methods were prescribed, to help one achieve peace in the mind and contentment in the heart,

An honest person can choose between any of those methods, they all deliver good, if followed honestly,

If you choose to fast in the lunar month of Ramadan, or in the first ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah, it is most advised,

And you can equally choose your own period of the year which suits you, and for the length of the year that suits you,

The fast does not cease at sunset, but continues on through the night, as prescribed in the Qur’an, but interpreted incorrectly,

The purpose is not to starve and dehydrate your body, but to eat little, healthy, nutritious, simple food prepared at one’s home, that we recommend it be vegetarian, if one’s circumstances allow, of one meal per day, and the drinking of fresh water should not stop,

And those who are active can eat a little more, if their last meal is taken well before bedtime,

And those who are physically ill can adapt their fast to help their illness.

Those whose circumstances allow should refrain from talking, and all should reduce their talk to the bare necessary.

All should abstain from sex.

All should stay away from social gatherings and entertainment, unless odd circumstances dictate otherwise,

All should refrain from the use of tobacco in any form, and all the drugs and substances which tamper with the mind and its moods.

All should not drink alcohol and avoid drinking the beverages which are manufactured in the factories of corporations.

Activity does not have to come to a halt during the fast, must be selfless, not aimed at making money, and dedicated to the service of the needy.

And if money is generated, it must be donated, if not wholly then partly, to the needy, secretly, so that the left hand knows not what the right hand has given, or to whom, and that neither does the receiver knows where it came from,

And beware not to fall in the trap of exchanging charity with your well-off friends, similarly to the exchanging of gifts that the wealthy practise at Christmas time in wealthy countries.

Those who have turned charity to an industry and to an exercise of public relations have received all their rewards already, they are entitled to nothing on top.

And those who maintain inequality in their communities, so they can perpetuate charities, have not achieved the purity: the zakat that charity is meant to achieve: until no one needing their charity is left in the world.

And during the fast, all activity or the refraining therefrom should be dedicated to self-discipline and self-knowledge and to awaken one-self of selflessness.

One can start everyday with a solemn moment, to say words from the sacred discourses, or one’s own simple words: if one is honest: it is The Lord who says them, it is The Lord who hears them, it is The Lord who accepts them.

And before retiring to bed, one should spend time in solitude, to empty one’s heart of destructive emotions of fear, grudge, greed, lust, envy, anger, frustration and despair.

One can reason logically with one-self and change one’s convictions at one’s will, to stop hankering after perishable things, to forgive and forget, to want only wisdom and knowledge: the bringers of contentment and equanimity, in all circumstances, be they favourable or not.

Today’s culture, rooted back in a dark past, whether monotheist or atheist, does approve doing the contrary: glorifying one’s ego, satisfying one’s greed, fuelling one’s grudge and desire to avenge some past wrong… the monotheist see their god as a third party who can be persuaded by rituals to take their side; and the atheists see the ills of their egos as the blessing of evolution, they see their traits in the apes, and they glorify them and want to cling to them:

Good luck to them both; luck is all they need;

One affirms one’s beliefs in one’s moments of solitude or upon interacting and conversing with one’s family, associates, foes and friends:

So watch: which beliefs and convictions do you constantly affirm in your mind, whether in your moments of solitude or upon interacting and conversing with your family, associates, foes and friends?

Those beliefs and convictions are the drivers of your destiny in the long term, and the settlement of your lives in this world and what is yet to come, whether you believe it or not,

They are the lenses, through which you see the world, and they are the motive of all your activity, and it is not for nothing that the Grand Ghita says that man is made of his belief.

 And hard times are a test of one’s convictions and beliefs, prosperous and easy times too: in either time, the wise is not distracted from the pursuit of self-knowledge and self-development,

And in either time, the wise practises what he preaches, while the hypocrisy of the hypocrites is exposed.

During the fast one should take time to study the Books and The Philosophy, if one can, and one should not attempt doing what one cannot do,

The clarity of the mind and the purity of the heart are not always acquired by the studying of the sacred discourses, and neither by self-torture or self-deprivation,

The clarity of the mind and the purity of the heart are poured onto honest selfless people gratuitously.

O believers, be not like the people of the Book who fast in exhibition to the people, they want pity and admiration, their exhibition is their only reward,

They are irritable and short-tempered when fasting; they want everyone around to refrain from eating and drinking in deference to their situation, their fasting has taught them not forbearance, nor any other virtue,

Excepting a very few of them, they are not a good model to follow.

So if you fast, it is for your own self that you do, God knows about it, and this suffices you.

So we told you in the past, that those of you who are ill in the mind or are on travel: hankering after worldly affairs, should not attempt to fast, until they are ready,

It is not by supernatural means that equanimity and moral maturity can be earned, but by the hard work of a knowledgeable and determined soul, and her constant fight to overcome her weaknesses.

This is the Teaching that the people of the Book forbade, and they legitimised what God forbade, they read the Book up-side-down, they taught their people fallacies and lawlessness, their sins are unpardonable.

God’s Teaching falls on the deaf ears of those who have exhausted their hearts of virtue, and their minds accommodate only sombreness.

Those demand rituals to go by them, following which they say they will be salvaged: do they not understand that it is only pagan gods which can be bribed and deceived?

Their gods have set for them different rituals and laws in different places and times, to lure them to lawlessness, and to inflame enmity between them,

Their rituals are like the waving of one’s hand, in an attempt to change the direction of the wind.

O people of the Book, be informed, God’ Book has been opened, and its light let to effulge, and you will see the believers embracing God’s Religion by the millions,

The Light that has been covered by lies for thousands of years, every time Our Summa descended it by Our Leave,

God’s Might is unconquerable, the time you were given is coming to an end, and you will be asking your masters: where is the evidence you said you had? And We shall bring out Our Evidence, and every lie will expire when its term has come to an end.

God embraces the worlds by His Compassion.


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