The First World


I am thrilled to hear you telling your dreams of past existences. I believe soon everyone will start to have such visions. It is written in all the Books, and certainly in the Hikmeh (The Druze Philosophy), that towards the end of time people will become aware of their past lives, and those who do not believe will be stunned, they will think it is part of the conspiracies of their enemies who can control their minds, they will say: we have been bewitched (na7nu qawmon mas7ooroon).

 It is true believers like yourselves who believe such visions, and know they are past actualities.

 From your description, I see that the world you are talking about is not the "Atlantis" which preceded the current time, but back millions of millions of earth years ago, in the time which preceded "the flood", after which the planets were rounded the way they are now, and the good world and hell were separated.

 In that time, the Fifth Dimension was known to the radiant people, and it gave them mind powers which are unimaginable to today's minds.

 It is the time which still inspires authors, artists, musicians, philosophers....and the saga of Star Wars, and of Dune and of Lord of The Rings were inspired from that time.

 As for the eating of chocolate, there was a time after the flood in Eden when chocolate was "stolen" by Satan, and he used it to control people's minds, and the believers were banned from eating it so they did not fall in his traps. Chocolate was a holy food for the radiant people, as it gives a good spirit and helps one in meditation. So what you saw was that "angel" telling you not to eat that chocolate, this is an event that happened in that time, and eating chocolate now is not that harmful.

 As for the tunnel, it seems to be one of the tunnels which connect earth that we know with Earth  Interior , where the gravity is reversed, and along the way you feel that lack of gravity at certain points. I have clear memories of going through those tunnels with other people on foot, and at certain points you looked behind you and you saw the people turning upside-down gradually as they progressed. This is a frightening scene to someone with a weak mind. And in the future when these tunnels will be opened again and you go down them you will remember that.

I am so pleased to read this wisdom coming out of you all. Change seems to be happening at last, in good people's minds, where it should happen.

And those who change what is outside them, rebuild using the same old bricks and stones. They have not changed anything. Give it a few years and they are back to square one.

And you asked about Atlantis,  so I would like to share with you what I "remember", because it helps us put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together: when we all tell each other our memories.

And soon, as I said before, good people will start to remember clearly their past lives, they will tell the world and the world will be in disbelief, but they will all remember, wait and you will see.

Atlantis is the world created by Atlas, The Carrier of the Heavens and the Earth. He is represented by the Colour Blue in the Druze Philosophy.

The carrying of the heavens and the earth had to happen after the Flood, that is when the heavens and the earth were separated, and the planets became round as they are now.

In the First World, the planets were Islands floating in the Helium  around the sun, and Pluto (it was previously written as Venus by mistake) was the only round object (beside the sun), and it was the Moon of the solar system, and its orbit was not in the same plane, geometrically, as the planets, and when it came close it gave people Power, as you remembered.

The moon used to come so close some times to the planets. And the planets, as they orbited the sun, used to come so close to one another sometimes, to the point that people used to fly from one planet to another. But later, "technology" was developed, and dark people were able to travel across the solar system.

But radiant people always had the ability to hover, and often took rides on the Pegasus, the winged horse which flew them wherever they wanted. The Pegasus in the early days were the good souls' alphas, which helped them enjoy the grand creation and directed them to knowing it.

This period of wonder lasted millions of years. And the people who darkened preferred to go to the edges of the planets, where they saw deep valleys, where they saw a world upside-down, similar to the physical world of ours: dense, unpredictable, in it the body is more physical, and consciousness is projected downward to the body, particularly to the genitalia. This world was the low world, the people who dwelled in it were called the Jin, i.e. the people who went too far, and became mad, as you explained in one of your entries.

To cut a long story short: at the end, and because many radiant people were tempted by the low world, and by the laws of nature which are ruled by the Fifth Dimension and by their emotions etc, the planets had to sink in the gravity of the low world, and be devoured in it. And Prophet Noah, Blue, went and warned all the people of this grand eventuality, and the true believers believed him. They boarded on ships and sailed across the Helium to a planet where a Mount had emerged. They docked at the Mount and climbed it. The Mount was not just a mount, and you know. Those were the first ones to triumph in the grand journey of existence and they rejoiced.

After that, a new world was created, with the planets being round spheres as they are now, and the heavens were lifted above them, as is described in the Qur'an and the Hikmeh. The earth on which we live was thus called in history Atlantis. On it many millions of years of human civilisations flourished and vanquished by their own sins. The first civilisation was what is referred to in the Qur'an as Ad, which is Eden.

As for the civilisation which preceded immediately the current one, and which Plato The Peace mentioned in his writings, this was only one of those civilisations, but I do not want to make my essay too long and boring for everyone. If you find this sound reasonable I will continue to tell what I believe I know about it.


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