Hebrew versus Arab

While we all watch the tragic events of the Middle East unfold, many of us brush them off, believing it is not their concern, or that it is just another conflict which will be sorted out somehow in a future time, like many conflicts before,

But this one won’t go away if its roots are not taken out from people’s minds,

And its roots are not just on one side of it, but on both Hebrew and Arab.

On this page we have posted a number of essays on this issue, looking at it from political and religious perspectives,

This one looks at it from an emotional perspective, this obscure side of our minds, which dictates to us how to think and feel, without questioning those thoughts and feelings:

First, the Hebrew people have to take the idea that Arabs are all Ishmael’s descendants, hence less important and less ... human than the descendants of Isaac: out of their minds,

This idea which is ingrained in their minds by their clergy and by the interpreters of the Books and the writers of their history can only be false,

Firstly, no one can know for sure that all “Arabs” are Ishmael’s descendants, after thousands of years have passed after the birth of Ishmael and Isaac,

Secondly, if the prophets did declare in those days that Ishmael was not close to god, in whichever way they said it: this does not mean that it was a sentence to apply to his descendants forever,
And the Gospel came later to say: the fathers eat the lemon and the children feel the pain??

But some Jewish clergy and politicians use the Ishmael argument to justify the cruelty and injustice that they have perpetrated against the Palestinians over the last decades, cruelty and injustice which are considered major sins in the true Judaic teaching.

Second, the Arabs have to stop thinking that the Jewish people are evil and that all the evils of the world were caused by them, including the splitting of their religion of Islam into many sects,

They have to stop thinking that the Jewish people control their destinies and minds and economics and politics ... and that they are the cause of their infighting,

Which, ironically makes them mightier than the god they believe in, who seems to be helpless in warding off this evil from them, despite their piety and their strict adherence to all the obligations of prayer, fasting, Haj and zakat,

Both, Hebrew and Arabs, have carried fallacies in their minds over many centuries, which have been exploited by the clergy and the politicians, to flare up bigotry and nationalism,

Neither of them should be surprised why they can’t find a way out of this ongoing conflict. If they stick to their fallacies they never will ...

In fact, the false beliefs on either side can survive only in the presence of tension and conflict: this is a vicious cycle ...


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