The High Worlds

 Let me take you back to the first episode of these posts, when I talked about the First World, when the planets were plane, going round a sun,

I did not mentions which sun was that, because it was only a week or so later that I recalled which Sun(s) were there,

Then a line from the Ghita popped up in my mind, when Krishna, the prayers be by him, mentions on two occasions I think, the three planetary systems.

I used to think that this referred to some planetary systems elsewhere in this universe, because there should be many.

But no, those planetary systems… now it’s clear in my mind, are in our present planetary system: namely the system of Saturn, Jupiter, and perhaps another one (Neptune?). If there is no other one, the third must be our own.

Because, my friends, Saturn and Jupiter used to be Suns, not fire sun like ours, but they used to radiate light that did not burn. And they too were round, like the sun and Venus.

Now they are covered with gases and godknowswhat. They used to light up the planets around them which were also plane, like floating islands.

And on the fringes of this magnificent and mind-blowing world, on the fringes there was that Valley, referred to in the Qur’an as al-ukhdood,

There, you went, and you saw below a whole world, and you had to turn upside-down to perceive it correctly. This world was lit by the sun of fire, which burned one.

It was a reflection of the good world in some lower form of Helium or matter, and I’ll come back to this later.

Some souls found comfort in it. Although it was frightening in comparison with the real worlds. You went there and a dark spirit kind of took over your mind, of insecurity, fear, distrust… and all those negative feelings which trigger competition, animosity and hatred between people.

And despite that, people went down to them and preferred them over the real world, but I do not want to take much space for this, I mainly want to talk about the good worlds,

Only for the purpose of elucidating what the Qur’an describes as “paradise”, as well as the Ghita.

Those worlds my friends have now been rounded and hidden in small planets and moons around Saturn, Jupiter and inside our own earth.

Europa is one of them. Inside it is a holy world of holy beings, they look more like mermaids, they float in this ocean inside. The gardens and vegetation around them is beyond any description. They have no legs as you might’ve figured out, but most importantly no genitals,

The Qur'an mentions them when it says: "and the leg intertwines with the leg, and to your Lord is thence the leg" (wa ltaffat as-saaqu bi-ssaaq, wa ilaa rabbika yauma idhin al-masaaq),

Which has been unfortunately interpreted as a description of the torture that people will endure at the end-of-days, in an over-crowded hell!

Those beings do not procreate. How do they come and go there, I do not know, but I know that they do not age and do not get sick and do not die the way we die.

Their life is to enjoy the pleasures of their minds, which they trained hard before they could qualify to be in such a place.

There is a kind of square, not square in shape, but a place, where they gather on big occasions, around it are 8 chairs which have been there forever, those are the chairs of the Eight Carriers of Throne, and those who pass the toughest philosophical and ethical tests in our world can enjoy the pleasure of sitting on one of them for a while.

The trees there sing in harmony for those who hover above them. In a future time, our technology will be able to land on Europa and cameras will be taken inside that world to beam photos to the earth, for everyone to see with their own eyes.

The other world I want to talk about is in one of the moons of Saturn, I don’t know which one. This is a world that can be described only as a world of magic.

In this one, life is not…. biological as such. I’m being very careful with choosing the words, because our scientific understanding of these things is still nil.

You see, we think of life only as a biological thing, made of organic matter. And when scientists look for life outside our earth they first look for traces or indicators of organic matter.

But in reality, everything animate is alive. The planetary systems are alive, a chemical reaction is a thing of life, the wind is alive and so on, the machines that we make are alive... .

We would like to believe that these things are not self-conscious because they do not have brains like ours. But they are in their own way. Some are a lot more self-conscious than humans ha ha.

And we would also like to think that only biological life is capable of regeneration, and this is a false assumption too.

If you believe that chemistry regenerates chemistry, you should be able to extrapolate this concept to see that physical events are also self-generating and regenerating:

The consecution of the day and the night on our spherical planet, and the cycle of the seasons, are such an example.

So in this world we are talking about, there are lights, crystals, things which do things and play the games of consciousness.

The people there are so beautiful, some of them have to veil their faces so people can look at them. Because if their faces are completely unveiled, you can’t look them for too long, of the intensity of their beauty,

They sing in harmony spontaneously, and most of their communications are musical.

Earth Interior is a world just beneath us. But it is us who are directed downward, and they are upward. Earth Interior is the resting place of the Angels, that is the people who are good believers in all their lives and all the cycles of the human existence. They go there to rest between lives to catch up with old friends, and to be close to the heavens, because, there, no effort is needed at all to transcend.

In all those worlds, there is no day and night cycle, and as the Qur’an says, “the days stream underneath them”, which has been wrongly read: “the rivers stream underneath them”,

And the Ghita says: “no sun, moon or fire lights them”, because they are self-luminous.

Nothing rots there or ages, those places have been there for billions of years, and the stuff that is in them is still as is.

Those are hidden worlds which will be shown to humanity in the new cycle, and good people will qualify to go to earth interior, while those who precipitate in the animal will stay in hell, and there will be many different grades of such low states of life.

I hope this rings a bell.



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