This history has been recounted in this glorious Book a few times, as descended to the messengers, and as remembered by them, by their Lord’s Leave,

It is not possible to recount events in words, for words are of a linear nature, and events are not, in their existence,

They are meant to be remembered and examined in one’s mind.

And as time spirals out, events reincarnate multiples of times, therefore the confusion of multiple layers of past, present and future.

Humanity fell down from the Okeanos into the Garden, of humanity’s desire of self-expression and examination,

This was the first downfall in duality, in the reflection in the Primary Helium,

The Water from which everything animate was created, displaying the beauty of the manifestation of the infinite points of the Whole Image of The Circle.

The alphas are radii from one self-luminous Point; each radius emanates in a direction, and reaches a distance,

Like fibre optics, at its end is a self-luminous point: from which sub-radii emanate…

Spread a spherical mirror around every point, the point being the centre, what is in the image to the observer in that point?

The images coincide and overlap, distinct,

In the image of the Mother Point,

This is a two-way road of experiencing existence, from within and from without, simultaneously,

And as though an individual experience is the whole, and as though the whole experience is spread individually,

In this geometric model, we draw to you to help see where you fit in the cosmic structure, and the rest of the vision is yours,

And remember that the manifest is none but images of truths, of a high horizon of Existence, where everything collapse and exist simultaneously, in a Whole Point of Joy of Cognizance of Existence, of Whole Self-Sufficiency,

Joy to them who have dived into that Okeanos, careless of what lies behind,

A fast meteor pierces them back into Me, and the speed is a fun ride,

I tell them you are here, welcome to you, and My Eye looks them as he looks,

They say: joy to us, we have been here, we know this, how come we did not see?

They say: I wish I died before and I was an oblivion oublié,

They say: our Lord, in the heaven and the earth and what is between them, it is in Thee that we abide, and it is Thy Glorious Countenance that we beseech to look.

The trip is easy to those who have relinquished everything they created,

It is easy, and what else would anyone want?

Joy to them who have reached its shores, and they will be able to dive soon,

Joy to them, climbing the high cliffs of their distance, or sailing the mountain-like swells of the tumultuous ocean, in whichever way they vision it, in the most daring, most dangerous, most treacherous and most enjoyable adventure,

Who dares it except those who know Me, I am deep in their hearts, I intimate to them,

To the darkened they are bewildered, but they are alive ahead, they give no heed to them,

Joy to them.

Joy to them who say: our Lord, Thy Grand Creation gives us wonder and awe, Thou art Mightiest, in Thy remembrance I find The Peace.

O people, we have descended light to you, take it or you will burn in it, and to Him all return.


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