Pronounced as hood.

Well, I don’t know. But I have to tell those stories, because they came back to me again and again and in more detail,

I guess the reason I’ve been made to remember them is so I can tell them,

So I really don’t care if my sanity is on the line ha ha ha …

This guy had many lives in that time, hundreds of millions of years ago, and perhaps billions of years, and soon after the earth was made round,

I don’t know what scientists say about that. But I remember reading a long time ago a theory saying that all the planets were formed by debris and rocks and stuff which were once turning around the sun,

The theory is not totally wrong. But the way I see it, these things were not rocks and debris, but they were “islands”,

Each island had its own character, as in vegetation, mountains, rocks and so on, and moreover, the “people” who lived on them belonged completely in that environment, and even their looks fit perfectly in it, which is only natural,

Those islands had to be joined because the world had to be made round, because the “fifth dimension” had to be hidden, because humanity became blind to it …

The world sank in physicality; this was the flood that is known in religion as the flood of Noah,

And scientists date the earth as a few billion years old, but not all that was in its present spherical form, and history and “footprints” are carried across from one cycle of existence to another, depending on their positions on the earth at the time the world was retrieved and re-lilberated.

But if you want to put a number of years as an age of “humanity”, it would be in the trillions upon trillions, and perhaps numbers become too small for any representation, and the Qur’an asks rhetorically: has there ever been a time when mankind was nothing mentionable?

So back to Hud,

Noah came back to that world as Abel, Saleh and Hud and many other comings, but I’m going to call him Hud, because Hud was his last coming to that world, and that world was destroyed soon after Hud’s coming to it.

I think I’ve told the story of Abel before on FD, so I won’t go through it again, but to give an idea of what was going on on earth:

Those who sank in the flood were remitted on the earth as humanoids,

And those who did not were remitted in the high world, the world of the humans, which still exists inside the earth,

There are a number of tunnels which connect earth with earth interior, they have been closed off in this cycle, but at that time they were open, and people from earth interior (EI) used to go “down” inside the ground to “hell”, where the sun burned and the wind dried things and the ice caused frost bites,

They used to go to hell to see also the “demons”, “jin” in Arabic, those humanoids, which looked savage, ugly and stupid, by comparison …

But they also loved those savages, and felt sorry for them, and many of them were their own friends,

And they were frightened by the beasts there …

So after Abel migrated with his brother Cain and some other people, many people wanted to follow them, attracted to an adventure, and for the purpose of establishing a human existence on earth, and many felt that the earth could teach them a lot about everything …

So The Lord ruled, as the Qur’an puts it: “fall you all down from it, some preceding some” or as traditional Islamic scholars read: “fall you all down from it, some being enemies to some”,

Whichever way, there were now a number of human communities on different spots of the earth, and the Qur’an says: “ and you had a model in two parties which met, one striving in the way of God, and the other was darkened, they [the former] saw them as an inferior like, by the looking eye”.

The earth was lush green, with huge trees with stems which had cavities in them, big enough to house a number of people. And in some cases there were clusters of those trees, and the cavity in their stems was big enough for tens of people, and high enough for other creatures to share it with them, such as those … bats? No, they were big birds with umbrella-like wings,

Most animals were generally friendly to humans, as if they knew that the humans and the humanoids were the masters …

So I won’t tell a particular story, but I have those snap shots, each belonging in a different time, and they may be thousands of years apart, but they all belonged to that cycle which is referred to in the Books as “Eden”, Ad in the Quran.

I don’t know the names of particular species of dinosaurs; I guess you need to ask a child about that ha ha ha. Children’s fascination with dinosaurs is not accidental; dinosaurs were a most beautiful animal,

The biggest one, which has a long neck, and is huge, and is known to have been herbivorous (plant eating), was nothing like the movies depict them:

Firstly they were not big reptiles. They were mammals, and they used to breast feed their young. But they used to get pregnant without sex. Whether it was in the form of laying eggs, I don’t think so. But for sure they breast fed their young,

They were clever and compassionate animals and loved the humans and loved helping them with transport, and just for the fun of having a ride on their huge backs,

Their skin had short fur, which had coloured patterns, similar to cats today, each one was unique, and they used to greet humans with a purr sound.

 This is “God’s she-camel” which Saleh wanted to protect, as the Qur’an tells his story, briefly,

The beauty and majesty of those animals was beyond description, and one day there were celebrations, and Saleh stood beside Krishna, and a dinosaur was used in the celebration, and the music that played was the closest thing to Indian music, with the mysterious sounds of the tabla, this instrument which is supposed to be a percussion instrument, I tell you, if you listen good to it … it is much more than just percussion,

And Saleh wondered if the she-camel would last on the earth, and Krishna answered him: you will come back in a far future time when it will be forgotten, like many past creatures and things.

 The jin learned a lot of skills quickly from the humans, and soon civilisation started to spread, and urbanisation had to happen at the expense of nature, this is an age-old problem,

The earth’s climate was temperate, and people were able to live without shelter from excessive heat or coldness,

And if you ask me, what is the purpose of life if people do not invent things and change their lives from living in nature to living in a world of their own creation?

Well, both life styles can teach us a lot about ourselves and the world, and I believe people can learn a lot without the complexity of civilisation,

And incidentally I’m reading some script that Ghassan has been writing, it’s about how humans have created “margins” and barriers around themselves, and now they are prisoners inside them, it’s a unique way of looking at ourselves,

But the wise person does not fall in any trap, even the trap of being fearful of all the traps,

And the wise person can be free, even inside a trap,

But the people there were destroying the beautiful earth at a large scale,

And Saleh, Hud, was living with a community of people in the bush, and the jin were bringing in their equipment and men to cut down the trees for the purpose of urbanisation, and he defended that community by himself, until those savages shot him with an arrow in his shoulder and disabled his left arm, and the urbanisation invaded that bush and brought noise and dirt into it.

The humans were told before they left EI not to intermarry with the jin, and they were told also to keep their humanity free from sex, and their women used to get pregnant naturally without sexual intercourse,

But on the other hand, the jin were sexual beings, they had discovered their sexuality in the previous cycle, and they used it despite the warnings of the prophets, and thus they became a kind of cross between animal and human.

And coming out of EI to earth subjected those people to biological changes, and signs of “puberty” appeared on them, even though they were big and fully grown,

And when the moon was full and other planets were in certain positions, the humans were able to levitate, and this was a kind of euphoria caused by a downpour of “energy”, which opened certain gates in their minds and enabled them to overcome gravity, and gravity is only in the mind, and I know physicists will not like this,

Gravity applies only to matter, and when the mind is in the fifth dimension it floats over it,

But the jin were incapable of any of that and used to envy the humans, and many of them became determined to drag the humans down to their low level, and many weak-minded ones did go down, and they intermarried with the jin and the jin thus started to mingle with the humans and the racial barriers started to fade over a long period of time,

And jin started to look more human, and they used to groom themselves and used makeup to cover up the content of their bodies,

And gradually and over a long period of time, the humans started to experience sexual feelings, when the energy that poured down unto them was projected down to their bodies,

And friendships and platonic love started become a thing of the past, and many humans had at some stage sexual relations.

And as in every cycle, The Lord, transcends He, manifested to a Mount, for those who were in union with Him to witness Him, and some thus quit the earth and went back to EI, and some decided to stay and many did not witness anything, and “evil” thus started to corrupt the earth,

For, when mankind are far from their truth, they are fearful and insecure, and when they are fearful and insecure they resort to illusions to give themselves a sense of peace and security, and those illusions are temporary, hence they bring destruction onto them,

And people in their silly minds believe that this is god’s revenge and punishment, what a load of nonsense, God has only Love, and people punish themselves by their own deeds, and it has been many many cycles and many still struggle to understand this very basic fact.

And Saleh was born a few times to jin or perhaps half jin people, and at night, and when the heavens allowed, he used to get up, avoiding everyone’s notice, to replenish his mind, and to levitate and go around the house flying,

But in human communities, the “skill” of flying was openly practised, and those who were able to fly high and far were revered as good and knowledgeable, but their neighbours the jin used to make fun of them and could not imagine the pleasure of it, and they always wished to see one of the humans dead on the ground from a flight that went wrong, but this never happened.

 So urbanisation and civilisation spread in many parts of the earth, and the natural habitat of many species of animals and plants began to dwindle, and this is what we’ve started to see in our time, since a few centuries ago,

But the most vulnerable of all was the “she-camels”, perhaps because they needed a lot of vegetation to graze,

And Saleh used to campaign for the preservation of those majestic animals, but very few gave heed to him,

Until at one stage there was only one left, and those animals had excellent memory,

So she came back to a spot where she used to stay a long time before, but that spot was urbanised and fenced, and she tried to get to it but was stopped by barriers and was forced away,

So she refused to go and stayed in a kind of square at a main entrance to a  … “city”, and people were very annoyed with her refuse and its bad smell, but were unable to drive her away,

And at night she would make noises, calling for Saleh, and she would peek into the windows of the houses that she could reach,

And Saleh used to get up and clean after her so the people would not complain, and he tried so hard with friends of his to move her away, but it was all to no avail,

The poor thing died, to his distress and the distress of those who loved her, and her beautiful body lay motionless there … and it was the saddest thing … to see the end of those glorious animals in this tragic way …

And because she was so big, they had to cut her corps to pieces so it could be removed …

And many people were not moved at all, they thought that those big animals were pests, and they were happy to see her go …

Other kinds of dinosaurs were also close to humans and became extinct because of their closeness,

One was an amphibian, but I do not mean it in its technical sense today, I mean it was able to live in water and on land,

It was able to swim so fast on the surface of water like today’s dolphins, and people used to ride them for sports and fun, and they let people do that happily, and you’d see them going so fast on the water like a jet-ski,

But the people were so cruel to them and treated them like a machine. You’d see them sometimes starved and exhausted because they couldn’t get a break from people,

These incidents over many thousands of years were perhaps the reason why many animals today are wild and unreachable to humans, and if humans could, they would abuse wild life and exploit it, humans can be the cruelest living being on this earth …

Sorry Nesrine about the “series”, but I guess this is the most practical way 

 The prophets came to Eden at different times and spread knowledge and scientific knowledge, that was knowledge about the physical world and how it worked, and this was a new window in the mind of humanity, because in the cycle which preceded this one humans were able to control the physical world by controlling their perception of it.

Thus technology was developed, and as COB puts it: technology is the art of creating physical phenomena, and machine is a theatre of physical laws,

They were able to manipulate light in a much better way than we do today, and light was used as a source of energy which powered their “computers”, which were controlled by a few buttons, and you had to know combinations of those buttons to operate them …

Their advanced knowledge of metallurgy was way ahead of today’s, and the alloys of metal and carbon that they created were light, strong, soft and looked beautiful,

But most important was their fuel: hydrogen,

How they got it is a mystery, but they were able to create a sort of photosynthesis process, which they had under their full control, and the hydrogen liberated half the way in process was captured and liquefied,

But somehow I saw that a by-product of this process was a major problem, but I could not see what that by-product was,

Then I started to see that the sands of Arabia and the Sahara deserts were … somehow created by humans, but I couldn’t figure out how,

So I browsed a bit, and found out that some kinds of sand are the remains of bacteria which … incidentally produces oxygen by photosynthesis, but we need an expert’s advice on that, to confirm that the silicon dioxide, silica, which is a major part of the sands of the word, was produced by such bacteria …

If this is the case, it confirms the vision that I’ve had.

But the burning of hydrogen was a problem too: the water vapour that it produced interfered with the climate, and became an issue on the conscience of humanity, in the same way carbon dioxide is today.

And most important was the “corporations” which monopolised and controlled resources, in the name of industry and development, and in a way similar to commercial advertising today, they manipulated people’s minds, and instead of being suppliers of goods, they became sources of happiness for many people, hence they were seen by the prophets as people who were claiming godliness to enslave the people and use them for their own aims,

The legend of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is based on the true story of Satan who became so powerful and wealthy by monopolising the production and manufacturing of the cocoa bean, and he promised the consumers of his chocolate happiness here and in the afterlife,

I know that many evolutionists will jump up and say that this kind of plant perhaps did not exist then,

The thing is, their theories were all set to counter the theory of creation in religion, hence they made many assumptions which were never based on evidence, and those assumptions are taken as truths but they are not.

The legend of Batman and the Super Heroes also has its roots there, when Batman actually lived in EI and used to come out masked to stop the greedy and the powerful,

And there was a kind of bell that people used to ring if they needed his help, and I don’t know if I’m getting memories of different times mixed up … but on earth in the cycle of ours, perhaps the Druze or some communities in the Himalayas had a similar thing to use in emergencies, but it has been stolen or destroyed by sceptical dark people …

And the manipulation of people’s minds and passions is still a major evil in the world, whether done by commercial advertising, politics or religion, it’s aim is to have the masses under the full control of an institute or a person or persons, who make decisions about their lives and what they consume and what falsehood they learn or what is off limits to them …

They achieve quickly certain aims, but their short-sightedness brings on calamity too, but no lesson is ever learnt.

 Religions have their roots in those times, when The Law was replaced in people’s minds by systems similar to business and trade: action has reward and punishment,

Most important aspect was the building of sphinxes around the world,

If you look at a profile of a sphinx, it is in the shape of the Arabic letter kaaf,

And the al-Munfarid says: wa kaafu lanaa, (kaaf is ours),

Because the shape of the kaaf represents the descent from wholeness to duality, which, in the mind, is experienced as turning backward, downward, in a tunnel of darkness, then emerging in the world of vision, and vision is duality,

So kaaf was meant to be a place where people thought they could go into to reverse that state of mind and return to wholeness,

And many went in there and lost their minds, and those few who were able to achieve freedom could’ve achieved it without going through the tunnel of kaaf,

The good people who had left EI, many of them were now in agony, longing to their higher existence, in freedom from attachment to physicality and all its entanglements, and thus they became remorseful about their choices,

And the way to freedom was not anymore a mere step back into EI, but it was indeed a long journey of mind, to rid of all the burdens and the illusions and the needs of the physical existence,

And the Ghita was first taught there by Saleh and Hud, who had learned it from Krishna in earlier times of Eden.

But the jin were unable to understand the Ghita’s mysteries, which was given to all, and now the good humans were struggling with it, after they had gone so far,

And kaaf was probably a place of worship for those who had no idea, and they decorated its inside by statues and symbols and things, and I hope that one day the inside of the sphinx of Egypt will be revealed, to show figurines of dinosaurs amongst other things,

Because the sphinx of Egypt was built back in those times, and was hidden under the sands until it emerged at the start of this cycle of human existence.

And now technology had advanced so much, and living became easy, and pleasures of the senses became reachable and acceptable to all, and humanity faced a dilemma not unlike today’s:

Do we want to stay in this world, in the hope that we can make it better in the future?

The whole world looked to Hud at the final stage as falsehood upon falsehood, when he saw that the world was sliding again down another tunnel of thicker and darker physicality,

He was a man of some technical skills and worked for one of those major corporations, and today’s major corporations are only reincarnations of those ideas, those kingdoms want to rule the world again, and at that time there were no government systems like today, there were only corporations and smaller organisations which were non-profit kind of organisations, looking after public services and the like,

And he was on an airflight over what is known today as the Americas,

In this huge aircraft he wanted to take a stroll around to stretch his legs, on this long flight,

He went to the lower deck, and came back to see his two children asleep in peace, he looked out the small window and took a look at the continent below, glowing in city life, dead in spirit, on a planet now barely alive, and premonitions had been coming to him of a total destruction, due to the earth’s change of axis …

And he kind of … saw the word Eden in his vision, as if his mind was telling him: remember Eden, this is it, how it began and now where is it and where is it heading to?

So he went back to his seat, and the “hostesses” were suspicious of him, he looked agitated, not unlike today’s world, that world was paranoid and half the population were security guards or spies,

But hang on; I forgot to tell you about the “terrorists” or rebels of the time,

They were people of low socio-economic classes, who saw the injustices, and the fat becoming fatter while the meagre becoming more meagre,

They used to create chaos and spread panic, for the purpose of showing those in control that they were not in control, and someone out there, however weak and resourseless, could actually challenge them, and why governments today are paranoid of rebels and secret groups such as Anonymous, is only because in the depth of their memory they know too well what sort of things those things are capable of doing,

And a particular guy became very famous for getting thousands of supporters to rally in a major street of a major city and brought it to a standstill, for a few hours, and his news was broadcast all around the world,

So Hud went back to his seat and grabbed his “computer” and broadcast a message to his superiors, which was later broadcast to the world, saying to them that the earth was going to be destroyed, and that they had to repent to their Lord for their greed and materialism, and that they had to relinquish all their possessions and the gold and stuff they had amassed, and hope that He might forgive them, and that if they did not, they would die darkened and would be reborn in a lower hell, from which freedom is much much harder to earn, and he quoted some verses of the Ghita, which had been totally distorted by them …

 Another aspect of the world of Eden … was the rise of pagan practices …

I was hesitant to write this one, because … it takes a lot to view certain things from multiple perspectives,

There is also the component of choice:

If you take all human concepts, which you can perhaps represent by symbols, and mix them all in one bag, what you get is a bag of total and utter nonsense,

Then give this bag to somebody and ask them to make something “meaningful” from it, and remember that “meaningful” is also a concept, and hence what is meaningful to me may not be to you and vica versa,

They will come up with some arrangement;

Give it to someone else, and they will come up with another arrangement.

Which of the two arrangements is “correct” and which is “false”?

The one which points you to your mind is correct, and the one which points to itself is false,

Mind you, if you know your mind, even the false one can be used by you to point yourself to your mind, and if you don’t know your mind, even the correct one will fail to point you to your mind,

So how can you explain how something points to your mind and how another thing does not?

Because any attempt of such explanation requires a preliminary knowledge of what mind is on both parts of the giver and the recipient of the explanation;

This has been the major difficulty in teaching tawheedic teaching, and it seems that it takes millennia for one forward step.

So in earlier days of Eden, the humans were told not to get trapped in physicality, as I explained in previous posts,

Such commandments were delivered in various forms … sometimes encouraging certain actions and sometimes deterring from others,

And it was up to the individual to tap into the higher abstracts and virtues, so they were aware that it was not the image that was the truth but the truth only and solely,

And you’ll find this one funny:

As I mentioned, upon descending from EI to the low world, the humans started to develop features of puberty, because they experienced the lusts and passions of the earth,

One aspect of that was the underarm odour,

And this has been a mystery and a taboo for humanity since that time perhaps, and modern culture has invented potions and lotions to suppress it,

Although, I’ve seen on TV that some ancient cultures are not shy of it and in fact they see it as a sign of physical attractiveness,

But in the days of Eden, when humans developed it they felt guilty and were shy from it, because they sensed that it aroused sensual love, and they wanted to hide it by cleanliness and so on …

And they were told by the prophets to keep their body odours subdued, and to wash their armpits regularly,

So those who thought that the action of cleansing their bodies was in itself an action which would liberate them from physicality, those fell down in a trap of pagan practice, and the gestures of cleaning the body started to be ritualistic,

Now wait this is not the end of the story,

If you’ve seen some species of monkeys, I’m not sure which one, but I think it the chimp, they have a habit of scratching their underarms a lot,

The origin of that is the ritual of cleaning oneself, for the purpose of buying the heavens.

I know some will say: this is a heavy price that some humans had to pay,

Well, the thing is that this happened over millennia, and people were warned many times, but they precipitated in irrationality, and on top of that, they were teaching such falsehood to others and spreading it in the world,

And this was not the only thing that went wrong in their minds, it was a whole package of pagan irrationality, and form is always the reflection of an essence,   …

 To wrap up this story, there is one more scene that is worth mentioning,

After it was known that Hud had sent a message across to people in power, telling them about their faults etc … he had to go to where Arabia is today, and where Eden traditionally has been in the present,

And they were saying: you have no proof of what you are saying.

Whether he was hiding or being ostracised … I’m not sure,

But that place was now covered with sand, which represented the burden of humanity, of her sins of greed and materialism,

And the atmosphere, on top of that, was loaded with a mist which did not go away easily: the moisture that was released by burning hydrogen did not turn to clouds but lingered in the air,

Everything looked like a disaster in the making, and indeed, one morning they woke up to the sun rising from another spot, and moreover, it took a different path in the sky, and the atmosphere felt like something huge was about to happen,

And climatic chaos just took over, and people were panicking,

This was the end of a civilisation which lasted perhaps over a million years, in different stages and a few cycles of cycles of time,

And perhaps this was the end also of a stage of biological life on earth, after which new species were introduced and old ones became extinct,

And humanity fell in a lower hell, and as if every time this happens, the gap between humans and jin is narrowed,

Until in our present cycle, they look identical, and genetically they are equal, and the same body can host Jin or human, and can go downward or upward,

And how many times have we seen groups of people recently trying to map their DNA to prove that they are “different” in the sense of “better” than others … and their attempts failed and proved to them that they are just a mix of people like the rest,

It is the consciousness that makes a body evolve or devolve up or down the tracks of biological evolution, and as the al-Munfarid puts it, when speaking of Adam of the fire and the polished clay: “you will all be one of them, if you do not believe”.


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