Information Filtration (1)

This is the age of information,
And more is yet to come,
What is information exactly?
The same statement which sounds informative to one person, can be total nonsense to someone else,
And what is knowledge?
Does information constitute knowledge??

I think it is time we should differentiate between the different levels of human “awareness”,
So that for each category of awareness, and from each level ... a different word is used to point to it.

So it is the awareness of something ... that we are trying to discuss,
Such awareness can be about an illusion, physical facts, intuition ... or some other inner source ...
And as soon as I try to categorise those “sources” of knowledge ... eyebrows are raised ...
Because the last item in that list, namely the “inner source”, is seen by some as an illusion ...
While an illusion ... can be taken by some as well-established truths ...!

This is a very sensitive subject of investigation,
Because it touches on the beliefs and convictions of people,
Beliefs and convictions which are sometimes taken for granted,
And no investigation is believed to be necessary to validate the reliability and scope of truthfulness of their sources

Information Filtration (2)

When you examine what people “know” ...:
Information and emotion start to look inseparable, although the two aren’t ... logically connected,
There’s an emotion attached to every piece of information in people’s heads ....
It could be negative ... as in something that is feared and loathed, or positive ... as in something that is wanted and loved,

But what about technical knowledge and vocational skills?
Those also seem to be associated with want, and the desire to be good and competitive at something ...

So I really can’t find any knowledge that people have that is not associated with some emotion,
And I equally can’t imagine anyone trying to acquire knowledge about something which they don’t have some sort of emotional attachment or unattachment to ...
And I’ve been using the words information and knowledge loosely and interchangeably ... but I’ll come back to this later ...

This is how and why we browsed the newspapers in the past, and this is how and why we browse the Net today ...
We pick and choose what we want to read, and pass quickly over what is “unimportant” to us ...

So what did we do in the past, before the establishment of the information dissemination apparatuses?
One can imagine that there were books, in whatever physical medium, of mythology and religion and hocus-pocus sciences,
Perhaps there were also documents of treaties and wars and achievements of kings and rulers ...
And most importantly there were laws ... heavenly or mundane ...
Although, all these vary from one culture to another,
Some cultures recorded a lot, and some didn’t record anything ...
And all this recorded knowledge was as accurate and true, from the reader’s perspective, as they believed it to be ...

And there were ... rumours,
Rumours that were spread by individuals who’d earned the status of being reliable sources of rumours!
Rumours would be about the things which were happening ... in the local community and beyond,
And rumours about ... the mysterious causes of things,
And this went hand in hand with religious beliefs,

So, in essence, the sources of ”information” haven’t changed much ...
What has been added to this is the academia,
The material that is published by the academia is different from the recorded or the orally spread information of the past, because it is subjected to scrutiny, as in the case of empirical sciences ...
But in everything else beside empirical sciences that the academia publishes: I wouldn’t exaggerate if I used the word: speculation to describe it,

So in this respect also: emotion plays a big role: endorsing beliefs and counter-beliefs, and pointing in chosen directions ...
Not that this is totally bad, in anyway ...
It is bad when it is presented as established facts, rather than a theory that might or might not have merit ...
As for empirical sciences, those who are involved in them will tell you that there’s a good deal of emotion that attracts them to them,
Whether it is the love of scientific knowledge, or the desire to achieve and prove one’s capability ...

All this so far seems to ignore the architectural and building achievements of past civilisations, as well as their medical knowledge ... 
But far from it,
Because one can't but stop of awe and wonder: what kind of emotion sought such knowledge?


Information Filtration (3)

It is obvious, hence, that the sources of information that people rely on are dictated by their emotions,
And when we say emotions: beliefs are called upon,
Because belief is essentially embraced by emotions,
This is why we use the word “embrace” or “adopt” in English, and in Arabic words which translate accurately to “embrace” and “adopt” are used,

A belief system is actually a source of information for the believers in it: because those who participate in the information dissemination would have to be believers, or at least prepared to comply ...

Modern secular systems of belief aren’t different,
Although they all would like to believe that they are,
The contrivance of empirical sciences, and the high degree of certainty of its information that is verifiable by experimentation that requires no preconceived idea or belief: has been the envy of the ideologues of politics and economics, and indeed religion: wanting or hoping to come up with a system of ideologies, presented as accurate and precise information, similarly to science ...:

Thus it seems that: the degree of universality of credibility of information: depends on the degree of independence of the information on people’s beliefs and emotions,

So for example: a natural phenomenon that can be created and observed as many times as desired: will occur consistently, if the observers’ emotions cannot influence their perception of it,

But when it comes to a phenomenon that cannot be recreated: people’s opinions of it, and how it eventuated and ended: will vary with the people who observe it ...
And those who have not observed it will adopt the version which they feel close to emotionally in their belief system,

That’s because in the former case: all the elements which constitute the event are known and hence can be controlled, and in the latter case: very few or perhaps none of those elements are identified or can be controlled: and this leaves a lot of room for the emotions to play their part,

If any phenomenon is not yet known comprehensively and analytically ... the perception of it will be shaped primarily by emotions, and predictability is the outcome of a complete absence of emotion,

Such generalisation seems to apply not only to phenomena in which only mute natural elements are at play, but also to those in which animal and man are components and participants ...

And the two-way street between events and the different versions of recounts of them: and the multitude of sources of information that it sets off ...: is the basis of what is called falsely “sources of information”, and should indeed be called: modes of impression


Information Filtration (4)

So let’s put the “rumours” aside for now, to ask the question: what is knowledge?
Well, the self-evident answer is that knowledge is about truth,
But this seems to raise more questions than provide answers,

If we say that knowledge should refer only to information which is beneficial ... to everyone, as somebody has been suggesting in recent times:
We risk opening the doors wide to everyone claiming to have knowledge which is beneficial to everyone,
Hence fallacies and superstition ... and religious beliefs are taken as knowledge, by those who adopt them!
And thus we haven’t made one step forward on the way of ridding the world of fallacies and superstitions altogether, to pave the way for knowledge,

And many do believe that their religious and “spiritual” beliefs are beneficial, and everyone should adopt them to be successful and happy,
And people should feel free to adopt any belief, and to think that some knowledge they have is beneficial to them ... as long as they don’t consequently give themselves privileges and special rights that no one else can have ...

But if we say that knowledge should refer only to information which is universally accepted as true: we have a better approach to “truthfulness”, and hence to knowledge, which everyone in the world can go along ...

Yet many will be adamant that their beliefs are universally true,
But the universality of any truth is not a belief; it is an actual demonstrable fact,
The question now is: apart from scientific facts and mathematical theory: how much “truth” do the peoples of the world share?

If we admit only science and mathematics as universal truth we risk putting wisdom and philosophy side by side with fallacies and superstitions and local truths,
Because the truthfulness of wisdom and philosophy cannot be verified by a universal system of demonstration similarly to empirical sciences and mathematical proofs,
And we have, by so doing, deprived human values of their truthfulness,

So little wonder why some have been calling for the retirement of philosophy, in the light of the advance of sciences ...
But COB has said before: that it was philosophy which paved the way for the advance of mathematics and empirical sciences,
Moreover, COB can’t see that the direction that sciences are in: can guarantee their advance in the future,
Philosophy will have to be called upon once again ... to point to new directions, where worlds of knowledge have not been explored, and new technologies which can only be dreamt of now can be developed,

But this aside, who can argue against the values of justice, cooperation and compassion ... which all beliefs have?
The problem is not in the inadequacy of those values, or their shortage of truthfulness, the problem is in their scope of application,
When their scope of application goes not one inch beyond one’s own country or whichever group of people one identifies oneself with: this is when trouble begins: 
Because from such a narrow perspective: those values turn to their opposite outside that scope,

And if taken as universal truths: their benefits can be reaped, and they become knowledge, similarly and equally to science and mathematics ...
And the more knowledge of truths people have the more human they become


Information Filtration (5)

Information is akin to a dictionary, 
In it words are defined,
Those words point to something, which can be physical, abstract or essential:
Such as a chair or an animal, succession, and beauty, respectively,

So a text relays a concept, using words from the dictionary,
This concept is made up of components which in turn are concepts,
So, for example, you can have an entire book with the title “The Functions of the Liver”,
The title by itself is a concept, expressed in concepts,
The content of the book would expand on the functions of the liver, with more concepts around that title ...

Let’s assume that you have the scientific background to understand the vocabulary and all the concepts featuring in the book,
What this means effectively is that you already have some information, which enables you to understand the book ... and to make sense of it, and thus you can acquire more information,

And how much it makes sense to you and by how much you relate to it will determine how much of it you will retain in your memory ... for it to become useful knowledge,

If a group of people like you: are given the same book to read it ... they will understand and retain some parts of it ... like you,
So each participant in this exercise has a degree of knowledge now about the functions of the liver,

: The one who has the best understanding of it and has retained the most of it and perhaps all of it: is the one who had a desire to learn it, so now he loves it, or fears it: in the sense that it triggers in him an anxiety about the health of his own liver,

I think this is demonstrable in psychology,
Emotion makes us understand and remember things,
They thus become part of our consciousness,
They become our knowledge: 
Because we have mapped them onto some part of our mind: by the intermediary of an emotion


Information Filtration (6)

The knowledge that we’ve looked at so far is incomplete,
Although it can have a useful application,
And its usefulness is only applicable in its scope of truthfulness,
Hence the process of learning never stops, and the pursuit of knowledge is in itself one of the practical uses of knowledge,

At some point, and perhaps due to the shortness of life, some of us ask the question about knowledge itself: what is it, and why do we want it?
Socrates had a dialogue with Meno about this, and was unable to precisely say what it was,
And that’s because knowledge cannot be known by knowledge,

COB has said that a thing can’t know something higher to it,
And higher refers to rank of existence: as in cause and effect,
Like matter can be known by the senses, which all living beings, even some plants, have,
The senses can be known by consciousness,

Some might argue here that matter creates the senses and that the senses create the consciousness,
In this case they have to prove to us that a video camera is self-conscious, and that vision can be created by matter that has no idea what vision is ...

And consciousness can be known by a mind, as in the case of the human mind,

So knowledge: which is one of the components of consciousness: should be knowable by the mind: which is capable of spontaneous knowledge ...
This is why Socrates did hint ... to the first two or three letters of a word, and how they point to an object of knowledge,

His statement however was not taken in its correct context,
So here what I see he was hinting at:
In the ancient Hebrew texts, it is said that the universe was created by the letters of the alphabet,
This is the alphabet of existent things, the primordial sounds which created the primordial images,

People who work in creating sound effects in the film industry will have no difficulty in understanding this “concept”,
Every image that we perceive, by vision or by the mind, has a sound that speaks for it,
And vice versa, every sound has an image that represents it,
The twins exist simultaneously,
The image can be stationary, or at motion,
The motion is meant to show the image from different perspectives, or at different stages of its existence,

I know this is verging on mysticism ...
But psychology and neuroscience will have to research this sooner or later,
Also linguistic science: has to look for the three-letter roots of the vocabulary of the all the languages of the world ... perhaps to come to the conclusion that there is in fact one vocabulary,

Neither the spiritist nor the materialist should have a problem with this approach: after all, they both agree that the brain functions by the laws of the universe


 Information Filtration (7)

If you are comfortable with the idea that information is akin to a dictionary: it becomes paramount that information be as accurate as possible,
And this is not a farfetched concept:
The vocabulary that you know is the building blocks of your knowledge: 
Even as you read the news - and let’s pretend that the news is accurate: what you are doing is that you are adding events, dates and personalities to your dictionary ...
If you decide to analyse the news: you would involve your emotions and past experiences: in order to create a kind of knowledge,
The events and the dates by themselves: will be pushed to the margins of your memory, and in time: completely erased from it: if you don’t get somehow attached or unattached to them ...

But let’s not take this too scientifically: and words can never point to pure “substances”, except perhaps in chemistry!
With all this in the back of your mind now: you can start seeing that if the dictionary of your information is inaccurate or inadequate: you are at risk of being unable to have knowledge that has any degree of truth, and you are very likely to hoard illusions in your head, and you certainly cannot identify the causes of things: let alone the Cause of all the causes,

So, for example, if the fact that a Book that is the Word of God is taken by you to mean that nothing else is the Word of God: then the entire creation will be overlooked by your belief: and consequently all your deeds and expectations will be invested in the Book: and the natural world will neglect you as much as you have neglected it,

And similarly, if you take matter to be the only existent thing; then your mind and emotions will be overlooked by your belief, because you will not be able to identify them anatomically or with some laboratory analysis: and all your deeds and expectations will be invested in tangible things: and the world of the essences will evaporate from your head, as quickly as pure spirit: if spilt on the floor


Information Filtration (8)

Since any knowledge is by nature incomplete: the information which constitutes it is by far more incomplete,
This is subject to place and time, and to the capability of the person who has set it and delivered it,

But the fact that information can never be complete should not stop anyone from gleaning information,
And filtration of information remains one’s own responsibility,

The completeness of knowledge or truthfulness of information is a matter of choice and belief,
And of course: subject to the level of awareness:
On the wide spectrum of truthfulness: knowledge and information spread:
On the one end there’s scientific knowledge, mathematical information and human virtues of justice, cooperation and compassion: upon which the entire of humanity agrees in place and time,
On the other end: ideologies, religious beliefs and political views ... are local beliefs and information,

No one can grade the truthfulness of knowledge except people,
No other power or source can ... because such power or source exist only in people’s knowledge and information,
If the existence of such a power or source bears a degree of truth: every human should be able to recognise it,

People are made by the complete cosmic existence: whether you come from a religious background or a secular one,
Their perspectives are only perspective,
In this mumbo jumbo of relativity: the universe continues doing what it has to do relentlessly and completely carelessly of what people think or believe,

It has made the human: in order to actualise relativity: so that the human is the universe relatively:

Is this a belief?
The answer to any question bears a degree of belief,
The vastness of freedom from belief does not have a perspective:
This where Existence is formless and motionless, 
This where the universe is at home


Information Filtration (9)

If any information is true, it should have a practical application,
And the practical application is universal,
This is the purpose of knowledge,
And the practical application is the reason why people want it,
This is belief,

So by the fact that the practical application is by nature perspective: there is a need to see that practical application be universal, by logical reasoning and compassion,
That is: the belief in universal truth: founded on knowledge that is true universally,

Local needs requiring local beliefs: are universally accepted by universal belief,
If any local belief is not universally accepted as true: it is false,
So the universal truth of the present moment is the whole of universal truths,

This is the knowledge of the Law of the world: in its practical application,
And any belief that is not verified at the present by the human as universal truth: will bring about destruction sooner or later:
Whether by application or resistance, locally and universally,

Hence the need for a world army which is not under the command of an alliance of countries with discretionary power: but under the command of the world’s four institutes: the representatives, the legislative, the executive and the world high court of justice,

And the rhetoric which is going on today about monopolar and multipolar worlds ... is none but a new layer of a cosmetic lotion: which will crack and turn to dust sooner than it is applied,
It is another attempt by big nations to assert their military, political and economic superiority, at the expense of the meek and the helpless,

Outside those institutes and above them is the council of the elders, which plays an advisory and critical role by virtue of its independence,

But however many the layers of protection from destruction: when people as individuals, as states and as a world: allow beliefs of a Lawless nature to creep into their minds: they can only rely on luck to actualise their passion for self-destruction: the Law of the world is heedless to their wishes and executes their plots within the limits of their knowledge,

This has been the case throughout human existence, but people are driven by their emotions which are exacerbated by their local beliefs of religion and politics,

People look at the misery that human irrationality and selfishness bring about, and wonder why their god doesn’t interfere,
What is happening is their own making: by the Law of the world,
The closer beliefs are to the Law of the world, the more lasting peace and prosperity they can enjoy


Information Filtration (10)

The Republic of the World that COB has called for is not an ideology to kill and die for,
Once it is taken as an ideology it turns to a false cause, like all the national, religious and ideological causes of today’s,

But it is a practical way for the nations of the world to cooperate on the basis of mutual respect and equal rights, and freedom of belief and choice of political system and way of life,

And neither is it meant to curb the ambition of hardworking nations,
But to give every nation the opportunity to be successful and prosperous,

And neither is it intellectual luxury:
In a not too far future, at the culmination of insanity: whoever is left in the world will look back at whatever is left of the world: never wanting to repeat the stupidity of the past, and human civilisation has faced imminent annihilation,

And at the present: the only people who feel strongly opposed to a world power are those who want to take the law and order of the world in their own hands. In the future: those will be left with no argument: when the destruction and the suffering that anarchy in the name of world order has brought about are impossible to cover up with political rhetoric and biased media coverage


Information Filtration (11)

Despite the education that people receive today, and despite the trustworthiness of scientific disciplines ... many people still love listening to gossip, and take it as their preferred form of “information”,

In the past it used to be the religious institutes, the rulers and their wealthy and influential henchmen: who spread rumours,
Those same sources of rumours are still here ... working hard and using every technology they can to get the attention of their followers and foes alike,

Nowadays, they start their statements with “scientists have found ...” or “new research has shown ...”,
And the news which follows such statements is usually as fallacious as the fairytales of old times,

But the temptation to fall in such traps is very strong; it takes strong minds with strong faith in their capability to see truth to overcome it,

And the promises that they offer are too good to be turned down, and the fear and anxiety that they set off in people’s minds are too strong to ignore,

That’s because people haven’t trained their minds in filtering rumours from facts, and are too ready to believe anything which gives them fancy promises or affirms their fears and anxieties,

And one would think that education, even at primary school level, should’ve awakened in people an investigative spirit: to question the truthfulness of everything they hear or read ... even in their text books,

Gradually, an intelligent soul that has acquired the power of truth seeking after exercising rational thinking over many lives: can start to differentiate between fallacy and fact, and to keep an open mind to everything, and most importantly to be neutral ...

But this is the true road of faith ... which religions and sects, the old and the new and without an exception: want to keep closed: 
Because once opened in everyone’s mind: the masses cannot be fooled to be ruled


Information Filtration (12)

And how can we forget the media and their 24-hour news coverage ...?

You see the people tuned to the stations which give them the news from the perspective that they like ...
Because the only truth they are capable of seeing is their local truth,

The freedom from the passions of the masses and the gossip that political and religious leaders spread in the world: is a step forward on the road of faith: but is too difficult a step for those who are sunk in tribal, religious and national hatred,

And as we address them: if there’s a shimmer of rationality left in their minds: they would see that they all belong in the same group,
What is being said to all of them: is being said to each one of them,
The fact that each group of them take it as criticism targeted at them: is proof that they are same,

We do not point our fingers at any particular group: each of them have demonstrated their expertise in selective vision and tailored speech,
They say to one another: don’t mention this one, it’s not in our favour, but keep talking about that one ... we have to be clever and diplomatic,

And worse are those who say that they use the Book as their guide,
The Books have been desecrated by their beliefs and tribal and national wars,
None of the Books says that any of the peoples of the Books are the representatives of any Book!
So how do they come to the conclusion that they are the representative of their Book?

The religions and the sects of the world, the old and the new and without an exception: are all self-appointed,
The Books and the Hikmah can never reveal their light to the world until they are freed from the ownership proclaimed by the religions and the sects of the world,

Basic logical thinking is too difficult a process for the minds whose light has been switched off since their creation, the Book has foretold,
They don’t realise that the pagan people that the Books damn are none but them,

Those who have despoiled the earth and filled it with blood, the Book has foretold,
And the more destruction and suffering they cause to one another the more they want,
In the hope that their pagan gods of stones and people will come to their rescue,
Or in the hope that they will invent an even deadlier weapon ...!
But in fact they are driving themselves too quickly to a crash of destiny,

The earth will eventually be free from them; it is only a matter of time


Information Filtration (13)

You can pretend that you have oars and that you are rowing and that the boat is moving on the water, and some of the people who are riding your boat will believe you,
But the boat won’t move. It will actually drift in the water and air currents ...
Although, some of those people might still want to believe you!

And you can pretend to be a size you are not, like being bigger than you are or much smaller, by taking photos which deceive the eye,
But your size won’t change, and when people see you in real they’ll recognise your true size, and they’ll realise that you’re not capable of doing the things you were saying you were capable of doing ...
Although, some will continue believing you!

I hope that those two examples, and many others that you can think of: have shed light on the concept of honesty and the concept of believing:
The Books have taught honesty,
Religions have taught the people that there’s a god who gets angry if they lied,
Therefore their understanding of honesty was dishonest ...
That’s why they keep lying ... and they justify their lying by the definitions of lying that they have set,
Worse is when they practise rituals to regain their god’s endorsement!

And secular people believe that it is only a question of hammering an idea down people’s heads ... until they believed it!
But sooner or later: whatever is being concealed will be revealed ... this is just a natural law, and not the will of a supernatural power that constantly intervenes in the world ...

Whether on the receiving or the giving end of information: rational people love honesty,
They don’t want to deceive anyone and nor can they be easily deceived,
This is the true privilege of the people of faith,
Everything else, like the self-awarded titles and the fortresses of weapons and stones ... and the houses of rituals ... are none but the dust of the earth,

Sooner or later they will be blown away ... regardless of people’s hopes and beliefs


Information Filtration (14)

Sometimes I wonder: what would happen if all news outlets were switched off for a while,
This would be taken by the governments of some countries and smaller groups as an opportunity to commit the most hideous of crimes ...!
But it would also stop fuelling tribal, religious and national hatred!

This double edged sword that is the news media ... is an indispensible tool at the present,
And the benefit or harm of spreading news: hinges on the moral standards of the people who collate and spread it: and on the moral standards of the people who receive it,

Because even if the news were a true account of what has happened: its use can still be evil: if it enters evil minds,
Like there are people in the world who have nothing better to do in their lives than spreading rumours and fuelling hatred: there are also those who wait anxiously for rumours or news: in order to turn it to a fuel for hatred,

And by saying that: we should never let ourselves fall in the trap of hatred, because this is what hatred constantly urges us to do: this is the real test of our humanity,

And let’s face it: there will always be sick people in the world, so what will you do? Will you join them and get sick like them, or will you make your way out of their stampede, to save your own self, to look back at them to wave your hands to them: perhaps some of them will want to be out of it like you??

Whatever your belief is: the second option points to a human spirit, and the first one pulls you to remain a part of the natural law ...


Information Filtration (15)

Last but not least important is the writing of history,
This task is perhaps the most important of all the forms of information dissemination,
Because unlike for example news coverage – which in theory must be an accurate and impartial recount of events: writing of history involves the writer’s knowledge: hence his/her beliefs and convictions, and indeed emotions: play a major role in turning the bits of information into a recount of history,

So when you read a book of history you are in fact being taught a theory,
And your own knowledge and belief will dictate how you’re going to respond to it: by filtering it, accepting it entirely, or rejecting it,
And in each case your emotional involvement will determine how much a part of your knowledge it becomes.

Historians, and indeed everyone else, have to come to terms with the fact that any written history is just a perspective,
And while knowing that, they put a lot of effort in trying to present their theory as irrefutable fact: but this doesn’t help anyone,
In fact, in most cases it pours oil on the fires of national, religious and tribal bigotry and hatred,

And if you take the major events which have happened in the recent centuries, and which have shaped our present ... you’ll find as many historical perspectives of them as historians ... naturally!

While there’s nothing wrong with presenting history from a certain perspective and on the grounds of certain beliefs and convictions: there’s a lot of wrong in saying that a certain perspective is exclusively true,

The egos of the academics who write their stuff play a big role, also their political and ideological inclinations,
Although, impartiality is a claim that they all have made,

But in fact, impartiality in writing history is just an academic art of presenting ideas: historians have mastered it, and they can give you a narrow perspective of any historical event, while abiding by academic rules of accuracy and referencing of facts,

This is why in a previous post of this chain, COB has said that apart from empirical sciences and mathematics which are universally demonstrable, and require no belief on anyone’s part: everything else that the academia publishes is just theory and speculation,

So perhaps it is the case, as COB has been saying, that people should look to widen their scope of universal knowledge, because universal knowledge is the only universal knowledge that they have at any present moment,

And far from being an ideology which requires from everyone to adopt one belief: this is a view which can accommodate “local beliefs”, without using them as a cause of political and ideological difference,

The only local belief which is universally rejected is unequal rights of existence,
This is a law that the people of the world and their leaders are going to have to learn,
If they learn it willingly, it’s good for everyone,
If they don’t: the inequality of rights will continue on creating imbalance ... hence conflict,
The consequences of which can bring a total end to human civilisation


Information Filtration (16)

The fact that the world is viewed perceptively has given rise to the belief that there’s no universal truth ...
The subscribers to such beliefs go to the extent of saying that we can’t be sure about anything ...

Such a “perspective” can be seen as an answer to the totalitarian ideologies of the last century, some of which are still here trying to assert themselves, and to the Western system which cannot see any purpose for human existence other than economic and military superiority,
And of course it is an answer to the belief that humans have to continue “progressing”, in whichever way their governments and religions understand progress to be ...

Their arguments do have merit, in that they believe that people should not be pushed to go in any particular direction, and to have complete freedom to live and think however they want ...

The victimisation of unconventional people and the minorities in the world is another factor in creating this postmodernist frame of mind ...

However, all their ideas are communicated by some language ... which everyone else understands or can be made to understand ... without having to believe anything ...
And I’m sure many of them would be wearing prescription glasses to correct their vision, and would have cellular phones to stay in touch with friends, and would be driving cars to move around ... all of which do not require any belief for them to work ...

The fact that certain perspectives are taken as universal truths and used as an instrument for subverting the masses: should not mean that one should disbelieve everything ...
The fact that we continue living ... and have some pleasures that we want to pursue ... says a lot:
Perhaps this is where they should look for universality ...
I tell them: the pleasure that everyone seeks, including themselves: can be seen as a universal truth,
Yes, in the case of sickness it is the freedom from the pain, in the case of slavery it is the freedom from it, in the case of poverty it is some extra cash ..., in the case of ignorance it is knowledge ...
And all these forms of pleasure can be seen as the outcome of evolution ...

So the fact that we acknowledge pleasure to be associated with need: doesn’t stop us from asking what pleasure is ...
If universal truth cannot be expressed by a simple sentence ... or a single word ... or even a book: it’s because any such expression is perspective by nature ...

Mind you, some solid geometric figures can be viewed only perceptively, each perspective providing a different degree of distortion ...
Some have pretty much the same level of distortion from whichever angle they are viewed,
But there’s a figure which looks the same from all angles: it is the sphere ...

Those “truths” are the elementary substances of our minds which have been shaped and polished by them in a long process of evolution ...
Perhaps in them is the hint to the universality ... which is the same in all the minds of all humans: whatever their perspective of the world may be


Information Filtration (17)

If we are to separate universal knowledge from local information, the task is best performed if the latter is identified by its narrow scope of application,

The Books have been direct knowledge to humanity since the dawn of time,
Clever people and the clergy are always envious of them, because they know that neither can they deliver anything like them, and nor can they understand them,
Because they often sound like a senile man’s gibberish,

Yet they do sense their influence on the flow of time, and their power over people’s hearts and minds,
So in recent times somebody came with the idea of a secular bible,
And that’s fine, if the purpose is to point the people to their own minds when seeking guidance,
The fact that it was called “bible” however: is an admission on the collator’s part that the Bible, and indeed all the Books, cannot be taken lightly ...

The narrative, the proverbs, and the metaphors ... of the Books are not a literary art,
They are the projection of earlier times of human existence, onto nature and the world that we know at the present moment,
These things are witnessed as they are remembered, 
They are not the work of a skilful writer,
Hence the Book has said: your companion is not a poet or a fool,

Religions are yet to understand their Books,
In fact they have stopped reading them a long time ago,
What they read today is the laws and the commandments of their clergymen and their Books’ interpreters,

They are therefore prisoners of the natural law, far from their Books,
They will give you pages upon pages of the meaning of knowledge ... all of which is today reduced to obsolescence,

If it was useful at sometime in the past, to inspire the masses and their rulers to be just in their circumstances and to embark on nation building ...: this usefulness has expired today,

In fact it is a source of confusion and ignorance today, not to mention the destruction and the bloodshed,
Because a remedy has an expiry date, and the illness has changed,

So they can continue residing in the ruins of their ancestors: but those ruins have no roofs today, and will not protect them from the elements,
They are hence exposed to every danger in the world: under the auspices of the interpreters of the Books and the clergy who serve them,

The Book, in all its descents, is too high to their reach now, and incomprehensible


Information Filtration (18)

It is religions’ and sects’ belief that people will be judged by their belief,
Of course they are going to say that their belief is the one which guarantees salvation ...!
But the answer to this is not to disbelieve everything ...

The midway between contradicting views is the straight path which takes one’s mind to horizons that beliefs, religious or secular, want to keep unknown,

But the midway is not known by combining two opposites, rather by knowing the cause of both of them,

Best you can do is to make an effort to discern what has been said in the Books and the Philosophy in its truth, and to harbour no grudge, greed or arrogance in your heart,
Otherwise the forces of ignorance will force you to believe falsehood once again,
They will inflict mental and psychological pain on you until you give in to them,
This is the mission of the guardians of hell, in a manner of speaking,
They thrive on the suffering of people,
In the past they promised false promises,
Now they realise that their falsehood is being exposed, 
So they are rephrasing their falsehood in the light of what is being revealed,
Because they want to recapture your minds, to numb your senses again,
They say be patient and our god will salvage you,
We as humans know their gods, one by one, 
None of them can come or go without our notice,
In the past we coloured the world for you, after they deprived you from vision,
We uncovered the sky for you after they imprisoned you in their caves,
We made the sun rise and set after they took you in the world upside-down away from sun of the Law,
And now we have opened the Books and the Hikmah after they concealed them for many millennia,
If you choose to follow their footsteps you will be driven down a deeper hell,
Look at the suffering the people bring onto themselves by their own heedlessness,
There is no god who takes instructions from the clergymen of sects and religions, who set laws of reward and punishment on his behalf,
And the human gene is not subject to the experimentation of mad scientists,
Some will fall down and some will rise, not by the laws of secular beliefs or the fallacies of sects and religions,
But by the content of their hearts and minds, because the image has to fit the content   



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