O people, the people who present themselves as the most pious and most knowledgeable have only their attires and the walls of their institutes as their fortresses,

Those cannot stand a shower of rain or a gust of wind, wait and you shall see them vanish.

Many institutes before them were mightier; they are now ruins for the tourists who walk around to look.

They tell you: we serve god and we help the people.

Tell them: who makes food for the people? Who rotates the seasons, blows the air and drops the rain? Who turns the day and the night? Who gives life and takes it away?

It is not at their request that these things happen, nor by their laws or their skill,

It is by The Law that everything happens,

And their laws, their attires and their fortresses cannot make anything,

They can only invade weak people’s hearts and minds, to frighten them and delude them.

O people, it is up to you that this farce continues or stops, under the slogans of religion, politics and business and their institutes, who have made you believe that they are your providers and protectors in the world and the hereafter.

What will you do when you see them unable to protect their own helpless selves?

The world is not their private property, nor is it their creation, nor have they been appointed by anyone to have such an authority,

And nor do they have any connections with any heaven they claim,

They appointed themselves and awarded themselves their titles, and the people followed them, of weakness and stupidity,

Now they are waging wars against one another, and the world is being strangled by their wars and torn apart by their greed.

The causes they create do not exist, except in their rhetoric, to inflame passions in your hearts,

The passions which they use as a fuel to fuel their machinery of war and competition and destruction,

They care nil about the pain and the suffering of the victims of their feuds,

They even tell you that you must suffer, and that suffering is the price that you have to pay so you can be rewarded by their promises: of a good life, in this life or in some afterlife they claim,

So you continue fighting their wars and consuming their merchandise, slogans and rituals.

O people, the world in their hands is a giant supermarket, they fight over it, so they can buy you and sell you,

And they can, because you have accepted their advertising campaigns: in their houses of rituals, in the media, in the houses of parliament, and everywhere, where they drum and shout and gesture to get your attention,

By false promises, by fuelling the passions of fear, hatred and greed, by giving you a false sense of security: take this and you should be fine;

O people, the world is on a crossroad, it is up to you to decide which way you want to go,

Do you want to continue being slaves to the salesmen, or do you want to be free? This is a decision each and everyone has to make, it will direct you to the world where you fit.

Their institutes cannot do that: not the politics, not the business, not the religion, not the science and technology, those are unable to define their own destinies, let alone yours.

And as you see the world up-rising today, be not deceived, those wars and conflicts are about power, they will replace tyrants by tyrants, corrupt rulers by corrupt rulers, dogmas by dogmas, consumables by consumables…

And as long as the minds of the people are still trapped in what they chanced upon from their fathers: of their beliefs, convictions, fear, grudge, rituals of worship, customs and traditions… little can the world change,

Remember that it was those very ideologies and beliefs and practices that have driven the world to where it is now,

But times were easier, resources were plentiful, and every nation and every culture and religion have had their share of history, and all can claim to have built the mightiest and the most civilised empire at some past or present.

O people, the world can change to the better only if you change the content of your hearts and minds,

And this is simple to identify: if you abide by anything that is made by something or somebody, you are worshiping something that is not real; its existence is temporary, subject to the laws of nature.

Humanity has been warned many times over, and thousands of years ago. The prophecies made thousands of years ago have materialised, the people live in a hell of suffering and fear, not knowing where the next hit will come to them from,

They have put their destinies in the hands of charlatans and magicians, they have bowed to stones, they have turned the earth into a litter bin and a blood bath,

This has been their own making, and it is not the work a blind chaotic nature, and nor is it the work of a sadistic god,

And neither is it the case that this is how it is meant to be.

O people, give no heed to them when they tell you that they have the right belief, the right political agenda, the right economic policy, the right technology…

They are only recycling millennia old sins, old sins dressed in a new outfit.

In this time, change is happening fast, due to the position of the planet and the solar system in the cosmic setup,

And no sooner is a lie made than its expiry date is due, and no sooner is a false remedy applied than its ineffectiveness is exposed,

And you see those who want to rule in a rat race; they will do anything and go to any extreme, and world politics and local politics all around the world now are a farce, but as the saying goes: the funniest of the farces is the one which verges on tragedy;

And they tell you that this is a normal part politics of human survival, or that it is the will of their god?

O people, it is the content of your hearts and the convictions of your minds that have to change, and when they do, illusionists will not be able to fool you and charlatans will not be able to manipulate you.  

This is a temporary residence, you knew and were reminded many times over, and when its end comes you will be remorseful.

The only triumph that you should strive for is to stay alive and vigilant, or the deluge will devour you, like it will devour all the debris of a world breaking apart.

And those who are alive and vigilant will live though they have died, God begins the creation and iterates it, a promise due on us in the Book.


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