The Dalai Lama preaches that happiness is the purpose of life,

So he would argue, by a process of elimination, that the pursuit of material things is vain, and hence happiness is:

A state of tranquillity brought over by the practice of meditation and by a specific self-conduct, whereby the practitioner gains control over the state of his or her mind, and sets it to rest:

All of which is fine.

But what comes after that? One would ask.

Whatever your state of mind is, a sentence of cessation to be is worse than a death sentence.

It is your ego that the Buddha taught should be silenced, not your identity: your identity is The Buddha, can the Buddha cease to be?

: ask those who say they will vanish, if they have an answer they should bring it forward, we would like to hear it.

And if they have been to where eternity was begun, they would have seen the Buddha’s Countenance, they would have heard the bell chime, and the horn blow, and they would have smelled the aroma,

Happiness is a plunge in The Absolute that is above the states of the mind,

So we suggest that the Dalai Lama urges them to quit the practice of rituals and the chanting of sounds, all of which have lost their Spirit and have become anatta; and to concentrate on the teaching of The Buddha, may those who follow him be guided.

The marks of material existence are indeed: impermanence, suffering and oppositeness to Spirit that is anatta:

And this is the physical law which rules the physical world, eager for self-expression and regeneration: thus spoke The Buddha, to those who know the Spirit,

But those who know no Spirit fail to see oppositeness to Spirit in the physical world, they precipitate in intellectual concepts and the supernatural spirits: this is anatta: to our deepest sadness: that the Teaching of The Buddha itself has been turned to an instrument serving the opposite of the Teaching of The Buddha;

Volumes written on these matters, good as an intellectual exercise, will not help one to reach enlightenment, they only help scholars and self-proclaimed gurus to market themselves;

Not unlike the Western line of religions, Buddhism has been turned up-side-down by those who have little understanding.

And we do commend the Dalai Lama’s teaching in matters of ethics, peace and cooperation between the nations of the world, his honesty and his courage to address all the issues on people’s minds, going miles ahead of all other spiritual leaders of the world.

And we do commend his recognition of Ogyen as the seventeenth Karmapa Lama,

At a young age, the Karmapa gave his first speeches (March of 2011) in this life, he demonstrated modesty and honesty, and spoke spontaneously by inspiration, not by preconception,

And is perhaps the first Buddhist teacher to mention The Truth, since a long time in the history of Buddhism: The Philosophy which has been reduced to intellectual concept, and argumentation thereabout, and rituals and chants and meditation techniques and rules of self-conduct, which can be bought and sold over the Internet and in monasteries all around the world.  

Tell the Dalai Lama, that it is The Truth that is the aim of all life, and Happiness is only in The Truth,

For, it is The Truth that defines happiness and everything that is below it.

Call it whatever you may: The Truth, The Law, Brahman, The Buddha, The Lord, and even God or Allah or Yahweh: if your mind is focused in Direction: all the Radiant Names of The Truth in all the languages and all the allusions.

This is the knowledge that brings Contentment and Equanimity, taught in The Philosophy: that is the Love of Knowledge, in all the messages.

As for the other candidate for the Karmapaship, Thaye has not demonstrated such a level of focus, as Ogyen,

Although he may sound well-informed and educated, he has been drawn to the intellectualisation of Buddhism, we wish that he make an effort to start looking above intellectual concepts.

He sees Buddhism as a science, he says. Although this is only metaphorical, it points to where his mind is pointed.

The word science is being used, wrongly, to point to Philosophy,

In the last centuries, science dazzled humanity’s mind, by its credibility and by its achievements,

In science: acid plus base yield mineral salt plus water plus heat, under standard conditions of temperature and pressure, in whichever way you phrase this natural certainty,

The certainties of science are the model of certainty which Francis Bacon and the empiricists sought: and nowadays, this model of certainty is being sought outside the realm of empirical science: namely in philosophy,

Some have used the word “science” to point to certain concepts of religion, so we have seen: “transcendental science” and “biblical science”, and we have seen many claiming that science, itself, is encoded in the Veda and the Bible and the Qur’an,

Those who think they can elevate the station of the Holy Books by attributing to them an element of science:

Firstly, they do not do those books any favour. To those who are in the business of science, the Holy Books are the last thing they want to look at;

Secondly, they reveal a lack of understanding in their own minds:

The certainty of scientific facts is a physical certainty, it operates in the constraints of physical laws and our understanding of them. It is a certainty that is needy of the mind to determine it. It is hence not a certainty, but it is our minds that are the certainty;

Thirdly, the Holy Books: the Teaching of The Buddha, the Ghita, The Torah, The Gospel, The Qur’an, are not teachers of physical certainties, but of Philosophy, so to say that they are “science”, be it metaphorical, does not give them justice, and points the mind in the wrong direction.

And to listen to the young Karmapa pointing to The Truth spontaneously and without preparation is a sign of his far reaching experience in his previous lives,

It is Truth that shines in his mind, and his title of His Holiness is well deserved, for he should reach full enlightenment soon,

Thus we say that His Holiness has earned the title.

In this time and age, and after the darkest hours of human history, light is shining from those who have seen it inside them, and they have an urge to shine to all.

Be not deceived by people who award themselves heavenly titles, they dress, they groom, they study, they practise, they impress…

There are thousands of them nowadays, they will all soon disappear, when the light is too bright for them, they will be frightened; and those who followed them will be remorseful.

Follow your rational mind, and only your rational mind. And if you feel at some point that you cannot make a step forward, do not lose patience quickly: keep investigating, and if you truly love The Truth, and nothing but The Truth, The Truth will guide you, and you will start making progress;

There are thousands of charlatans and institutes today who sell recipes for salvation and happiness and enlightenment, and when you approach happiness and enlightenment you will find that they have no idea what they are talking about.

Those who have reduced Knowledge to information have no idea what knowledge is, they can only echo words like a wall echoes,

And those who seek salvation in surrendering their minds to irrationality are lost very far.

As for the one who calls himself Sai Baba, we shall tell you a bit about him,

But firstly, we say to those who follow him: you cannot reconcile the religions of the world until you understand them, and pretending that the religions of the world are same while you accept them as are, falls in the realm of self-deception.

But the people have been dazzled by the illusions of Sai Baba, those who want god to break the laws of god to prove god: settle on irrationality, as though the law of god was not created by god, and as though what is seen as the breaking of a law is lawlessness, and lawlessness is the opposite in The Law.

And the talk about peace, fraternity, charity, love… is all fine, unless it is a recipe of salvation; for, salvation is salvation from all concepts and their opposites: as taught by the Ghita, if Sai Baba understands;

And the statements of transcendence that he has made inspire no transcendence, in the time when information has become accessible to all, the talk of transcendence is of intellectual concepts, many self-proclaimed gurus have inundated the world with their rhetoric, and the devil is in the detail.

And a man of insight such as him, should know better: that virtue cannot be described, but only be guided to, by those who have been to it, virtue has no words, and those who have words have no virtue,

When he was king Louis XIV, he gave his people prosperity, ruled by justice, and glorified himself as the Sun King,

And when he was an illusionist in the courts of the Pharaoh, he served their megalomania and greed, and was warned by our messengers many times,

But Sai Baba believes he can run away, like many dark prophets today, many of whom speak through channelers, they want to capture as many victims as they can, to claim a world of their own, they believe they can be autonomous;

Will they achieve it one day? If they do, left alone, stones will fall upon their heads, of their own making, but their minds are so small, and they never learn anything;

And as they gather in Iblis’ tower to plot their plots, we visit them, they ignore us: they say: what brings you down to our world?

And as we offer food to the people they rush to stick their fingers in it, to taste it, to imitate it, and we turn their fingers away, and the ingredients that we use are out of their reach, and the tastes we bring down are out of their experience.

Their memory span is too short, their understanding of anything is too limited,

The only thing they are good at is treachery and deception, and every time they are caught red-handed, they plan that they come up with a better formula of deception which will work;

Little do they know, that their formulae are with us, and so are their counter-formulae, their bewilderment is suffering for themselves and the people whom they slave.

O believing people, be not deluded by charlatans,

We tread the road of your own minds, there is your guidance,

We aim not at shaping you to a shape we market to be the best shape,

We walk you through the walks of your own minds, and the intellectual models are left behind you, may all be guided.


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