Light and Dark

In the dot that is smaller than the dot is Completeness, which is self-sufficiency, there is no need for eternity and ubiquity, for eternity is when change is thought, and ubiquity is in many.

This seed of subtle golden light, I am capable to hold between two fingers, I am the dot and the golden light, and I look duality,

Now the memory uses symbols that are so ingrained, so take not much notice of them;

And in the zest of existence, Existence is Absolute, that it verges on nothingness, and I look them, thus I become My Will.

So “God said let there be light, and there was light”:

A waterfall, and a lake and steam and clouds, of no size or limits, but to the breadth of existence,

And the light was in various degrees of brightness, so God separated the dark, it retracted, and turned pitch dark, then there was lightening in the dark,

As for the light, it turned brighter and brighter again,

And behind was Existence, that was now seen as the Light which is beyond dark, brightness or white, it is the exuberant light, the effusion of the udder,

It shines, but you need vision to see, and you shall see;

And the light had a point of darkness, so light and darkness are still in one another, and memory became, giving and taking.

In the world today, only a few things have the initial nature of light and dark unseparated; cats big and small and horses are such model of the beauty of the beast, and the unapologetic hegemony.

Those early memories of being are you, and you are unaware when you tap on them.

So if you believe a theory or a religion, hasten not, this is only the immediate layer of awareness, underneath are layers upon layers of earlier you,

And when you hold them all and you shred them all and you throw them all, you come back to nowhere I am.  


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