Luck is a human invention.

And we suggest that you redefine this word in your dictionaries, if you understand what we say.

And we do not suggest though, that you trick your mind to accept whatever eventuates in your life as “good”, so that the concept of luck lurks in the “deniable” compartment of your mind.

And when we look at Far Eastern cultures, where the word karma was perhaps first coined and used, we see the people there, believing in karma as they say they do, are stuck in the same trap of good luck and bad luck, as the rest of the world,

And luck is only a trick.

It is a physical law that randomness seems in the seam, in the linear progression of time, by the motion of the image,

Time, Image and Motion are the Miracle of Existence in the distance;

Those who are lost in the trinities of the distance are either restless in pursuit of happiness, or idle in pursuit of happiness,

But happiness is only in the realisation of The One Who is above all the trinities.

And the prophets of darkness invent gods which divide the people arbitrarily into divisions and castes, lavishing some and depriving some, empowering some and weakening some, honouring some and demonising some:

Gods which act on those dark prophets’ behalf.

Thus they tell the world that their laws are god’s law: submit or they will punish you;

And if you think that we are talking about monotheist gods alone, think twice, because if you read what we have said thoughtfully you will realise that those gods are also the systems of rule of secular governments of all colours and ideologies.

Thus the “lucky” minority in the world, of whichever system of rule or belief, have a mandate of greed, selfishness, ruthlessness…  by their laws; and they make sure that they pass their legacy down to their descendants, so their system perpetuates, and if the whole world is about to break down they could not care less, so long as they are alive and well, hiding in their systems.

And when resources were plentiful, and the population of the world was much smaller, and people’s needs were basic and simple… their systems worked,

But they tell the people that it is by their laws and their skill that things worked in the past,

Thus, today, they are desperate to preserve systems which have become rotten old, by going to extremes in enforcing them, and drumming them up in every forum they can.

And as though the purpose of their life is to prove the effectiveness of their systems, they go to every extreme to make the purpose of their lives to service those systems: the gods of their own creation,

Feel no sorrow for them, when you see their gods unleashing their wrath and destroying them all to annihilation,

Little do they understand, that it is the laws of nature which create their systems: mundane or heavenly, and it is the laws of nature which will destroy them, and it is the laws of nature which create the opposites of their causes and their gods: as soon as their causes and their gods are created.

So we have not said it enough if we say it again: be not deceived by the rulers and the leaders and the religious figures of the world saying that they have a remedy for the miseries of the world,

Their remedies were tried before, if you want to try them again do it at your own risk,

Time has run out of patience with them, as soon as they apply their potions and lotions the ailment surfaces again in another spot, their race with time is being lost,

It is probably easier to bring a mummy, within which bugs and snakes have nested, back to life, than to make the religious, political, economic and business systems of the world today work again. 


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