You may not be able to agree immediately but think about it:

Marketing and competition go hand in hand,

The things that you have to market are the things that people do not need,

And there is competition only where greed and selfishness are deemed as the law.

The art of marketing has gone a long way. Some of its tactics are secret, but you do not need to be in the secret laboratories of advertising gurus to know their secrets,

Just watch the advertising campaigns of corporations, politicians and religions, and take a step back and watch, and you can work it all out.

They have been studying the content of the core of human consciousness, using scientific techniques,

They know now a lot about the impact of imagery, colour, form, sound… on your emotions, and consequently your mind.

And if the aim was to help you understand and guide you to your core emotions and the rudiments of your mind, it would have been good,

But their aim is to reach those deep corners of your hearts and minds, to install in them whatever they want.

In the past, only holy scriptures had that power,

Holy scriptures are descended to prophets through the windows of their heavens, once they have reached their summa (plural of summum),

Therefore they take your consciousness to where ordinary talk cannot,

And dark agents have been aware of this, so they have piggybacked their ideas on the holy scriptures, to load them onto your hearts and minds,

Holy scriptures have the Power to take you as far as your alpha goes,

But nowadays, with doubt cast in some people’s minds over the Books, and with the plenitude of religious ideologies and their institutes and hence the competition therebetween, religious authorities have been resorting to advertising techniques.

They all have no idea how destructive this is,

When the inner “you” is invaded and manipulated, to become hospitable to their message: of consumption: of goods and services, and political and religious views.

They will argue, that if they do not do that you will do it yourself, and you do constantly visit those corners of your hearts and minds, consciously and unconsciously,

Some people have the power to change their inner selves at will, and some leave them stagnant for a life time, and carry them across to the next;

So by giving themselves a licence to manipulate you: they see it being legitimate:

To help their systems and institutes survive and progress: the institutes of politics, religion and business.

But if their manipulation was short-lived, or if it was to wane after a short period of time, one could see some benefit in what they do,

But they do know that this long-term, and a life-long effect on you,

And in their near-sightedness they do not see any wrong in that: the immediate benefit that they reap blinds them, and the immediate benefit is the aim of all their actions,

In a mosaic law, they see bits and pieces separate, they can put anything they want or take away anything they want, unaware that even in the mosaic structure: the bits and pieces make up a whole, if viewed from a higher position,

Thus, even the laws of nature, by which they claim to abide, are unseen to them:

And so: the urge to consume, the enthusiasm they have enthused in people about political views, the religious and social elitism they have planted and fostered in their minds…  are now monstrous beasts on the run, getting bigger, fatter and stronger,

And there are so many of them, and the world is too small for them: so by the laws of nature: those beasts are going to unleash their wrath onto one another, destroying everything in their way.

So sit back and watch the uprise: of the rich versus the rich, the poor versus the poor, religion versus religion, politics versus politics…

An uprise from which no country, big or small, rich or poor, religious or secular… is exempt,

And when you do: be not deceived; these are the battles of evil versus evil, and good is only in the knowledge of The Law which is Sovereign over all,

This is what the people have brought onto themselves, despite the warnings of thousands of years, and the reminders of millions of years before.


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