Let it be known, the believers are fearful of the darkness of ignorance, the darkness which can land them in hell to experience the suffering of bewilderment,

So they take refuge in God by The law, to shelter in Him, He is their peace, equanimity, contentment and only Abode.

They gravitate to His Knowledge, His Justice is their want,

And if His Justice rules that they have to strive and to fight the weaknesses and ignorance of their own darkness, and if this implies that they have to endure some suffering, they take it affirmatively and happily,

They beg His Forgiveness and offer their repentance; they are certain that their Lord is The Justice of the justice, The Holder of The Balance, Compassion The Compassionate.

They are in awe of His Might, Majesty and Glory, every time they are reminded of their encounters with Him; they long for His Encounter and they beg for it, said the Book.

They are thankful and grateful; they pay homage to Him, for the eye that He bestowed on them, that is His Eye and the only eye.

As for darkened people, in all their sects and creeds, those are in constant insecurity and fear of their arbitrary gods,

They seek permanence in the world of impermanence and the physical world is their shelter,

The monotheists refuge from God in their rituals and surrender to irrationality, by their own shameless admission,

Senseless convictions entail lawless demeanour.

It is their irrationality that has brought misery and suffering to humanity, in all its shapes and colours, and now they want you to cling ever stronger to it!

That is because when irrationality is the way: everything and anything can be claimed,

The minds they were given to discern Godís Teaching, the vision they were endowed with: they trashed it all, and replaced it by falsehood,

But every lie has an expiry date stamped on it, and their façades will crumble before their own eyes.

The attires they attire, the grooming they groom, or the lack of it, to cover up their bewilderment and present themselves as wise and knowledgeable, and a model of piety,

They can only deceive the weak-minded,

They memorise the Book, they use as their power: it is not their power, they use to inject their toxins into peopleís minds,

But those who are protected by their radiant minds reject the toxins, their minds are guided by their own light, and their hearts harbour only the Compassion of their Lord.

They have turned the world into a house of horrors, they tell you that their wars are your way to salvation, and some have a message of love and peace and brotherhood of all, they have used every tactic of deception,

But all they have is hatred of humanity and envy of the messengers, they will harm everything and everyone that comes in their way: believing they are doing good: their ignorance has made them so out of touch with reality, they are completely delusional, 

You do not want to hate them: if you do you have taken a first step into their hell upon their invitation,

Their darkness can be conquered only in your minds,

You only want to be free from them, and they will vanish from your world.

And The Lord will separate humanity once again, and every soul belongs in her world, and the meek will inherit the earth and all that is on it, a promise due on us, until humanity wants to mix again.

O people, this is the time when the content of your hearts will be revealed to yourself and to the world, no one can continue their pretention any more, and everyone will gravitate to his or her aim:

Those who have worshipped people and things and places and sought security and happiness in them: will go to them, in the form which fits them, and form is only a manifestation of what lies inside;

And those who have faith in the light of their minds and the compassion of their hearts: will be salvaged, regardless of human records and classification.

And the atheists take refuge in the physical laws; they thus attain a brief sense of security: the physical laws that they can employ to their advantage will one day, themselves, work to their disadvantage,

Until they become aware of The Law, and the laws are immaterial outside their material context.

And watch the monotheists, when struck by hardship or abundance, they make an exhibition of their gratitude to their god, they thank him out loud to be seen as a people of piety,

God needs not their thanks, if they are honestly thankful it is for their own good,

Their reward and punishment is their punishment, they express their satisfaction in the cycle of suffering that never ends,

And if they want to set a example for others, they should stay equanimous under all circumstances pleasant or trying, and have a steady and a pleasant temper; good and bad times alike bring out oneís character, those who are attached to dust exhibit one thing, and their hearts harbour another.

And God does not test the faith of the people by arbitrary rule, but when the people bewilder their bewilderment has to be brought out, so they are aware of it, so they can set themselves on a straight path.

Hardship and calamity are their own making, the Book told them, God wrongs not the people, and God changes not what is in a people until they have changed what is in their own selves, said the Book.

Their trials of hardship and calamity are their own making, if anything, in their seclusion and when praying, they should beg for His Guidance, and ask for His Forgiveness so they can overcome the misery that they have caused to themselves.

Their hope of a low world ever recycles their sins, and whatever good they do has to be consumed by what they do not hope for,

This is the ever turning karmic wheel of the low world, may the world know.

The believers are happy and fearless in their quest for knowledge, they know that the life to which they have fallen down are a destiny of their own making, their faith in their existence wanes not, their love of their Lord is their Peace,

Such is an elevated station of awareness, unreachable to the people of hell; those, hell is their hope and in hell do remain.


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