The Rise of Religion

So the Ghita was first taught in Eden, hence its mystery and ambiguity. Arjuna wrote it, in the present period, in a next life, after he had learned it from Krishna, when he came as Sanjaya, hence the entire Ghita is narrated by Sanjaya,

And when Sanjaya wrote it, he was a poor and unknown man, some poets read it and were awed and inspired, hence the Mahabharata was written by them.

The Ghita teaches the yogas of non-action and selfless action. To cut a long story short:

In both, the practitioner has to have his heart and mind focused on one thing only: and that is ... which word shall I use now?

For, if I say: Krishna, then it could be taken as Krishna's image: and this is the religion of India.

Or, if I say God, then the concept of monotheism is called upon, in the trinity of: God, the world, man.

Both those views are not focused on The Mind, as the Druze philosophy teaches; that is the Logos, as the Greek philosophy teaches, and indeed as the Ghita teaches.

For, it is only by the intermediation of the Logos that the One can be known, and any talk about the One falls in the realm of intellectual arguments, if the Logos is not the eye through which the One is witnessed and approached.

And religion is only a low projection of philosophy and knowledge: religion prescribes methods and techniques, by the practice of which, it is said, enlightenment and salvation are possible; but when the vision is not focused on Reality, such activity becomes Karmic and self-consuming. Think about this one.

This is why the Ghita dedicates a few passages to praising krishna, by his own words. They are meant to send the mind in a euphoria of existence, which the intellect cannot achieve, here are some excerpts:

"Nothing surpasses Me,

Existence rests in My Hands, like pearl beads strung on a string,

I am the taste for the water,

I am the sound for the wind,

I am the aromas of the earth,

I am the warmth of the fire,

I am the solitude of the hermit....."


All this is only to enflame the love of the Glory and the Beauty and the Majesty and the Might of Him,

And only then the talk about Oneness becomes inspiring, and transcends description and intellectual arguments.

And when one is in a state of transcendence, one says words without being in control, they are inspirational, such words should be said to the world for the world to hear them.

 But what we have nowadays is volumes of books about the one and oneness, and how easy it is for  those people to say what they do not understand,

And I think, even if we do not have a big audience, and even if were are not in the business of teaching, we should be very careful not to use expressions of transcendence unless we are experiencing them at that time.

 So, the misunderstanding of the Ghita, then and now, and the intellectualisation of philosophy, and the burden of guilt on mankind's conscience... all this requires religion,

 And in the coming episodes I shall speak as much as I remember about those religions, and you will find that today's religions are only a new face of those old ones.


The Religion of Sodom and Gomorra,

 First I will introduce you to your "alpha".

Your alpha, briefly, is your ray of the Whole Self, and the Qur'an says: We have created you from one Self.

As for your existence in a "world", this is your omega.

 The Qur'an names these "things": yameen and shimaal.

 Yameen is from the root of ymn, pointing to bliss, goodness, right hand.

Shimaal is from the root of shml: to encompass in a round manner.

 The fact that, in the Qur'an, the word shimaal is used to point to the "opposite" of yameen made interpreters think that it refers to "left", as left is the opposite of right.

But shimaal in the Qur'an, as I see it, points to omega: that is your existence in a temporary world.

And shimaal in Arabic also points to "north", because in our minds, the north is the point of reference,

I think because in earlier times, it was in the "north" of our minds that the source of light was seen, and Mount Joodyy was in the north-east of our minds of that world.

 Direction is not learned by observation, but it is by observation that we project the directions which are innate in our minds. And anthropologists will dispute this, but science will prove us right in the future.

 The Ghita dedicates a chapter to the concept of The Knower and the Field, or The Knower and the Earth. Those two point to Yameen and Shimaal in the Qur'an, or alpha and omega in our comment.

 The Messiah, the prayers be by him, said: I am the alpha and the Omega,

Interpreters took that metaphorically to read: I am the beginning and the end.

 Although the metaphor holds value, it misses the main point, that is :the alpha and the omega.

 Your presence in a physical body is an omega, and your alpha is your soul which guides you in your adventures in existence.

 In earlier times, and before we fell down, we were free alphas,

In the First World, our alphas had to project themselves in a dense existence, where change and impermanence were inevitable, and our alphas were close to us, guiding us, transporting us, talking to us,

But we gradually wanted independence, tempted by adventure and an experience of sensory perception,

Our alphas, in a way were distancing from us, and there was a time when they became completely invisible to us, and there was a mutual resentment between one's alpha and one's omega.

In the Edenic period, humanity had a lot of guilt deep inside her consciousness about distancing from her alpha, except of course for those who were having fun in the distance and wanted nothing to do with their real existence,

And the teaching of Krishna and his Brothers were aimed at reconnecting a connection that was all but severed.

But the misconception started then, and there was a "city" which had teachers who taught that one has to look for one's alpha in the physical world to re-unite with him,

And the reunion meant that sensual love had to develop between them by a natural attraction.

And charlatans used to lure people into sensual pleasures, under the pretext that it was their salvation from the misery of being distanced from their lover.

And they used to subject their followers to, what you call today "stress". This was unknown at that time. Stress burdens your soul with energy that has to explode physically in some way. They used every avenue they discovered at that time: loud music and percussion, imagery of physical beauty, aromas and tastes which were unnaturally sweet, stimulating your sense of touch, visual art simulating sexual encounters ...

All these stimuli were still new to the infant omega, and today in our childhood, we pass those stages quickly, before reaching adulthood, when we suddenly discover that our entire consciousness can be projected downward to our genitalia.

Thus, gradually, sensual pleasure became a religion of those people's, and they exercised it free from the bounds of age and gender.

This religion was conceived in Eden, but was revived in what is known as Sodom and Gomorra,

In my limited memory, I cannot point the geographic positions or the periods during which they existed,

But I remember that the latest one, which is referred to in the Qur'an and the Bible as: the people of Lott, was during the time of commonly known Atlantis, that is the period which precedes the current period immediately, and it was where south east Asia is today and the Subcontinent: that is India and Pakistan today.

Although the map of the world changes from one period to the next, the positions of civilisations are in our minds, and this phenomenon adds weight to the theory of innate direction that I mentioned earlier in this comment. 

And as the Qur'an and the Bible describe, those people indulged in sexual pleasures, regardless of the gender, and a city was bombarded by a shower of meteors which set the skies ablaze, and the city was pretty much ruined, and many of its people were killed, while many became mad from the horror of that morning.

So the question arises: why does the Ruler of this world inflict such severe punishment on his helpless subjects?

And hence the concept of a vengeful and arbitrary god emerges.

But the question ignores the reality that the world was not created for its own purpose: but as a bridge to its reality,

And when it becomes a purpose for itself, it will consume itself, by its own laws of sustenance, destruction and existence.

Whether the intellect satisfies itself by surrendering to this power which is beyond its control, or whether the intellect finds itself a victim of a draconian god or nature, or whether the intellect sees justice in this and a natural punishment... remains the intellect's choice,

But it is only the mind that can grasp reality and fly above the confusions of the intellect.


The Religion of Britannia

The civilisation that I would like to call Britannia first existed immediately after the Edenic period.

At that time, technology, as we know it now and as was known in Eden, did not develop. But there was something else, which you can call "magic".

For some reason, due to the positions of the planets, or whatever heavens ruled the earth then, and due to the genesis of those people, they were still capable of using the power of their minds to control things.

This period has inspired a lot of fairytales in the present, and the legend of Merlin is inspired by that era.

And today's saga of Harry Potter also depicts that world.

I have a feeling that I cannot confirm, that somehow the magnetic field of the earth was much stronger, and it was being "fed" by the solar winds, which are nowadays blocked off,

And by some knowledge, those people used the earth's magnetic field to make their simple machines work.

But this civilisation which lasted thousands of years keeps coming back, and today's Britain is its offspring, hence my naming it Britannia.

In Britannia there was a religion which was also conceived in Eden. The main line is this: our physical bodies are the creator's punishment to us, because of our past sins, which they were never able to say what they were exactly. And that the worst thing about our physical body is our genitals. People were hence told: never to look, never to touch, never to mention.... that evil spot. And that only for the purpose of having children people were allowed to think of it, under very strict rules and by the guidance of religious authorities.

Such an idea sounds like torture to ordinary people, whose minds are too weak to practise such a firm discipline.

Although, our physical bodies were not the same as today's, and it was easier for people who wanted to tread the road of celibacy than it is now with the abundance of stimuli all around us, and a diet intended at keeping us very active.

In that period, the theory of evolution of life was also revived:

It was first conceived in The First World, when dark agents were able to multiply by sexual union. They then started saying: this is how life began, no one created it.

So in Britannia, the theory of evolution was the answer to the strict religion which forbade inquisition, even into one's own physical body.

And people were being encouraged by the evolutionists to explore their bodies and get to know them. And many people were shocked upon seeing their bodies.

On one hand this religion seemed to seek spirituality, but on the other hand, the low life was its main purpose. And religious authorities, not unlike today's, lived a life of luxury.

They used to play a game, which religious authorities deemed legal:

On the night when the planets permitted, and the mind had the power to move objects, they used to sit around a round table covered with a green mat,

Every player, by turns, had to put a precious object in the middle, a piece of jewelry for example, one object at a time. Then the players would concentrate their minds, and the one who had the strongest mind was able to move the object toward himself, conquering all the others, and thus the object became his possession, and he won.

The people of Britannia were mainly descendants of the people who were half jin half human, from the Edenic period.

It is a miracle of this grand creation that the genesis is carried across to a new cycle of existence, without a physical connection between two consecutive cycles,

And I shall raise some arguments and shed some light on this issue in future comments.

So once again, we see that religious thought is based on mankind's misunderstanding of... everything, including its own faults. And the guilt created by faults is magnified by a new layer of ignorance, and a new guilt is thus conceived and born...  many times over. 



From the little that I know about the Druids is that they were a civilisation in the early millennia of the present cycle,

And from the little ruins they have left, they were an enlightened civilisation, but modern anthropologists label them as "pagan".

Modern thought would like to believe that every civilisation that existed in the far past was "pagan" and stone worshipping and human sacrifices.... and the whole package that comes with the label of "pagan".

The way I see it, humanity has regressed in the modern times, and in earlier times there were more enlightened civilisations than now.

It is modern humans, today, who bow to stones and sacrifice animal life, and human life as well, in the wars they justify for themselves, to please their gods,

And the atheists and the materialists believe that they are exempt from any "label" because they do not worship anything,

In fact they do: they worship matter and money:

They believe that they came from the dust of the universe by some "accident", and all the life in them is just matter,

So they measure everything by matter, and if something does not have a material existence, they say it does not exist: including their own minds.

They worship money and material power, they believe that money is their security, and technology and weaponry is their protection from their enemies and the mishaps of nature,

So think about it, what is their god really: what is their provider of life and security and happiness?

The Britannia I'm talking about is in a past human cycle, perhaps millions of years ago, although it did have many reincarnations, and perhaps up to the days of commonly known Atlantis. And as I mentioned, modern Britain is an incarnation of that civilisation.


The Religion(s) of the Stans

 The Stans refers in my mind to the countries of Central and Western Asia, bordering North India, Pakistan, Russia... pretty much where all the countries whose name end with "stan",

To emphasize again, those civilisations were there millions of years ago. Modern Middle Eastern and Central Asian civilisations are descendants thereof, or reincarnations, to be more precise.

All those ancient civilisations were very sophisticated, whether they had technology similar to ours or not. Their architecture, their interior designs, their fashion of dress, their jewelry, make up etc... all was very sophisticated, and rivals today's commercial stuff.

The Stans were warring small countries, and had a lot of grudge towards one another. The only time they kind of united was when Britannia threatened them in sovereignty over the oceans.

The Good people were in small groups in those parts of the world. And the people were different races, not like today:

Today, all humans are of the same genesis, and the difference is superficial and only skin deep, as they say,

But those people were different genesis altogether. The good people looked human, the others looked like what you can call humanoids. And fossils of such people have been found everywhere, and evolution scientists do not know what to make up of them. Because every time they discover a new one, dating back to millions of years ago, their theories of evolution suffer a major blow. And I have a strong feeling that they are hiding a lot, which, if revealed, would make their theory of evolution not a tiny bit less fallacious than the story of "creation", as interpreted by the religious institutes.

The good prophets came to all the people. They told those people: look guys, this world is for you to enjoy, you can be very happy and wise in it. You must remember that there is Law above you which you cannot trespass. Hence there are limits to what you can do. And to help you, every Sabbath of the week is a day and a night for you to abandon your daily affairs and grudges and passions, and look back at your Creator. Just close your eyes and pray to Him, and here are some payers that you can say. And you will see light in your vision, this is His Glory acknowledging your faith. And when this happens you will be guided to righteousness, and your actions will be correct, and you will be happy and wise.

The good people were recognised by their human look, and at night, when the planets and the moon permitted, their hearts glowed and the glow was visible in their chests through their flesh.

And some people who wanted to be guided were attracted to them, and they hosted them in their homes, and wanted to intermarry with them to have good offspring. So some of the good people became emotionally attached to those people.

And this was not bad, except when they went too far and started to darken, and gradually lost the glow of their hearts.

There used to be a pet, which many had: a cat-like animal, with a big difference: its hands had fingers like humans', or like today's monkeys', with which they were able to grab things etc.

And more importantly they were able to utter a few words.

Today, we know that some animals and birds can sense natural disasters and earthquakes before they occur, and some dogs can even sense the illness of their owners and can warn them about seizures of all kinds, and they make noises or behave in a manner to warn everyone,

But those cats spoke a few words to their owners, in a very enigmatic way, about things which were happening to them in their daily lives.

Incidentally, when I was remembering all this a few years ago, there was a report on TV saying that scientists released a picture of a fossil, tens of millions of years old, of an animal resembling a cat, that had hands like monkeys. They were unable to fit it in their theory of evolution, which apparently denies that fingers were developed at that time. So they kept it secret for a long time, until they decided to release it to the world while I was having those memory flash-backs!!

So when I saw the photos of the fossil... I had goose-bumps, I thought: my gosh, this is that cat that I am seeing. And that confirmed to me the rest of the story.

And I would like to say again, that I am no one special, and have nothing special that you do not have. You can  and you will do the same. And my telling you this is only to help you make sense of it when it does happen to you.

And here are some hints: do you have déjà-vu? when you feel you have been ... kind of kidnapped, and as if you are here and somewhere else, and that all that is happening to you has happened before.

Well, here what it is: a déjà-vu is a cross-road on the time line. So imagine that time is a road, and at some point you come to an intersection. The other road which you are crossing is another time line of you, in the past or the future. And at the intersection you can have a glimpse of what you were/will be doing.

So next time this happens to you, stop everything, of course not if you're driving a car or a motor bike haha.

Stop everything, and concentrate, and do not let it slip out of your sight quickly, and try to look as much as you can at the "other" things that you are seeing.

If you can practise this, you can have déjà-vu which go on not for seconds, but hours, days... the longest one I had went on for almost 2 weeks.

I now call it a visit: because the way it feels: as if the other me is visiting me, and I am visiting him, and we both remember that we will remember, that we will remember....

So back to the Stans...

So the Sabbath became a ritualistic occasion, and they were unable to see any light in their minds. And worse, on particular Sabbath, they engaged in fighting and slaughtering one another.. so the wrath of the Law was immediate..

This is mentioned in the Qur'an, but misinterpreted, it said: those who transgressed on the Sabbath, We reduced them to apes and pigs.

Doubt will cross your minds, but do not worry about it.

I do not write this to market myself or my services. I do not have such intentions.

But you will also question the credibility of this stuff, and it may cross your mind that it is just the illusion of a semi-insane guy, or perhaps a fully insane one.

And all this is fine, and you should not feel good or bad about it. Just keep your mind open to it. One day it will come handy.

 On the other hand, some of the philosophical implications, regarding the interpretation of religion, and perhaps some scientific theories, are being contradicted. This adds to your doubt. Because the interpretation of religion and the scientific theories are so rooted in humanity's mind, and will take a gigantic effort from each one of you, individually, to uproot them.

You have to start by examining them: are they real?

It is only your mind that can answer such a nagging question. Not the books, not the scientists, not any one.

Although, I should hasten to say: that the Books, the science, the philosophy ...  are all meant to guide you to your minds.

But, my friends, these things have been usurped by the institutes of religion, politics, academia, business...and given interpretations which are fallacious.

And it is those fallacious interpretations of the visions and the teachings of the good prophets in the past that now dominates, on the basis of which ideologies of false spirituality and materialism have flourished,

And it is those ideologies, which claim to know the answers and to have the remedies for human misery, it is those ideologies themselves which are bringing on the demise of humanity.

This has happened many times in the past, as you might have noticed in those memories that I've written down, and is happening again, and you are witnessing it.

So the last line in my previous comment quoted the Qur'an saying that those who transgressed on the Sabbath were reduced to apes.

And interpreters have taken this metaphorically, which in a way is correct.

But the way I see, as clearly as I see this screen on which I am typing this stuff, is that: it is also literal.

And in a not too far future, you will start to notice that the human race is going to be split into different 'races', depending on their levels of awareness, intelligence, ethics....

The image fits the content. And people who have not lost the human in them are going to be elevated. The word used in the Qur'an to express the "elevation" is yufaddaloon.

The way I see it, as clearly as I see this screen on which I am typing this stuff, that mankind did not evolve from the ape, but indeed it is the ape that descended from mankind,

The humans who had no humanity left in them whatsoever, they killed the spirit in themselves, and after many many many warnings and calls to quit that evil route, and many many many chances. Trust me the Law of this world is Just, and can only be Just.

And there is an area in India which is infested by apes. On a particular day of the year, and as if these apes have a calendar to go by, they start wailing loud for a long time. It is their sadness about their destiny, because they know it was by their own deeds and thoughts that they are there.

I know this will sound unreal,

Firstly, the implication is that people can reincarnate in animals. Although some interpretations of Buddhism and Hinduism, and some Alawi groups in the Middle East believe that, it is not quite the same thing.

The way I see it: in one cycle of human existence, one's genesis does not change. But it is at the end of the cycle, when the creation is reconstructed, that this leap, upward or downward can happen, and carries on throughout the cycle. And Plotinus The Light, hints to that too in his Enneads.

So I am not confirming the interpretation of Buddhism and Hinduism and the rest, which I take as misinterpretation.

On the other hand, there is more than one clear allusion in the Qur'an. And there are allusions in the Philosophy of the Druze, where it is told that bad doers will wear the fur and the tail of a fox's.

So the question arises: will those who have gone down so low get another chance to be elevated again to the human in the future? perhaps yes, as I interpret the Hikmeh too.

Those allusions in the Books are very subtle, and are not immediately noticeable.

As for the science, I know that those who are in the business of promoting the theory of evolution are not going to like this. But this human gene can go either way, "backward" or "forward".

And it is not gradually or over millions of years that this occurs, but indeed suddenly, in one go: new species emerge, or diverge, all around the globe. And evidence of this sudden leaps of "evolution" has been found, but the scientists do not want to draw any conclusions from it, because it does not fit in their agenda.

This miraculous genesis of the current cycle can go either way, clearly said in the Qur'an and the Hikmeh: "Adam of the clay and the fire, of which you (al-Luddy) will be one, if you do not believe", and "By the fig and the olive trees, by the mount of Light (seeneen), by this Sanctuary, We have created mankind of the best genesis, then We rendered him the basest of the base ones, except those who believed".

That's all for now, the next comment will be about the religion of Thamud, and then I shall move on to what you know as Atlantis: the Island of the good people. In that were hard-learned lesson, followed by a meeting of a magnitude in The Chamber, to discuss the future of humanity, narrated in some detail in the Qur'an.



The Religion of Thamud

 The name Thamud in the Qur'an refers to a people, as interpreters have interpreted. And this may well be the case.

However, as I see it, it is the name of a woman, who was a queen of a civilisation which predates the current human cycle.

This queen was so great and popular that she was deified by her people, with her full consent.

I remember her being seated on a high throne, in a "building" similar to what archaeologists today call: Madaa'in Saleh in the deserts of Saudia Arabia.

Those "buildings" were carved in rocks, they were meant to be "eternal", indestructible by the elements, and they have indeed withstood the test of time.

So a prophet found himself amongst them and tried to guide them.

I believe that it was there that the idea of deifying people came about.

And when I say "deifying people", I mean: the belief that a person is god.

And this is a very sensitive issue, and a very delicate path to tread in the mind, and the intellect cannot resolve it.

The intellect often seeks black and white answers to all questions. And if it tries to break that pattern it looks in the grey area,

But this does not free the mind from seeking knowledge by observation, or by intellectual patterns which are born in observation.

So when theologians of all religions argue about their beliefs, all they try to do is to promote their intellectual arguments, by giving intellectual evidence and perhaps a historical one in favour of their arguments,

Yet, every intellectual argument has a counter-intellectual-argument, by the laws of nature, in which the human intellect was conceived and born.

So the wise steps back and listens to their debates with interest. But he who has known needs no intellectual arguments, he has gone above them, where they are held in their truths,

And all intellectual arguments are only projections of those truths, projections which can never convey the whole truth.

And another prophet found himself in the midst of this people who had no idea about anything. Although they were sophisticated and had good building skills. He went in isolation to clear his mind from their dark spirit. He became poor and faced death from starvation, his story resembles the story of John the Baptist and Gautama who became a Buddha.

Then upon enlightenment, he exhibited signs on his body: images of branches of a plant with leaves and flowers in various colours appeared on his skin, they would appear for a few days and go, then they would appear again on another spot...

And those who did not believe him started saying that it was the food that he was eating. So he stayed in their homes, so they could see what he ate, but some were never convinced.

So the Qur'an said of him: "and we grew on him a grain-bearing tree",

And I believe that in the future cycle, the prophets who have achieved full enlightenment will exhibit on their bodies signs of their station of awareness. Although they all do now, but the signs now remain very subtle and not obvious to everyone.

And remember that al-Khidre: Green, is the name of a Messenger,

And it is said that in his coming as Krishna he turned blue,

And my memory of him as the Messiah is that he aggrandized, and looked Godly in every way. People who saw him could not tell what age he was, although he was still young, the prayers be by him.

How is our skin capable of producing enzymes to exhibit such colours  is an unknown territory to science now.

And how are our bodies and brains capable of developing beyond normal bounds is also unknown.

I see it as the bee which is fed the royal jelly to turn into a queen. Although the bee is just a normal bee like the rest, with the same DNA, it can potentially become a Super Bee, upon eating that "holy" food.

This can be taken as an example as to how a person can achieve a higher level, call it enlightenment, call it godliness, call it prophethood, call it Hudood, call it whatever you may.

So if this helps you understand how there is God in you, and that it is up to you to approach Him, to be in Him, to become His Will in your physical and mortal body, then you have achieved a lot,

And as you can see now, the God in the man is not an intellectual argument by which you can be convinced or non-convinced,

And it is certainly not man's ability to "break" physical laws with which you are familiar. A lot of charlatans claim to do that and can trick your vision to see unfamiliar things in your vision.

Does this  make them "god"? of course not.

And remember that when Satan tested the Christ and asked him to produce food, the Christ did not conjure food, but answered him by reason and only reason. He said: it is not by bread alone that man lives.

And this statement, coming out of the mouth of a human, in a physical and mortal body, is God's Word, undoubtedly,

My friends, this is how I see the Godliness of man, as every man is meant to be. 

And in looking back at the religions of the past and the history of the past, our sole aim should be to learn from the mistakes that those people made, so we do not repeat them.

As for the details of events, and what did or did not happen and how, they are of less significance,

They can translate to whatever you want in your mind, according to what you believe,

And one event, seen by many, has as many projections, in their minds,

Which one is the true one?


I hope this makes some sense.



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