Self Defence (1)

With the wars raging around the world today ... all in the name of self-defence, one can’t but wonder which party of which war is truly exercising self-defence,

It seems that every nation and every political entity has set for itself a definition of self-defence, and every time they get engaged in warfare they’ll release a statement to the media saying that their action was self-defence,

And of course the opposite side would be releasing their own statement, in which the action of the opposite side is considered an offence,
An offence which justifies a reaction, now from this side, which will be called ... you guessed it: self-defence ...
Very confusing already,

So if you ask the proponents of any side to explain their position, they have ready answers,

And no matter how simple or well-informed and educated these people are ... they all follow the same line of reasoning: if we are being attacked we’re not going to sit down and do nothing ...

You’ll be surprised to know that this is a vicious cycle, out of which it is very difficult to break:

It seems that the emotional involvement of peoples in their causes, and their passions about achieving victory on their terms ... and the schadenfreude (the pleasure from seeing the suffering of an enemy or rival) ... that blinds people completely from seeing that they are making the same mistake on both sides of every conflict, and paralyses their rational minds


Self Defence (2)

Our instinct as living beings prompts us to defend ourselves, if we find ourselves under attack,
At the spur of the moment our instinct urges us to fend off the attacker,

This is not driven by political or religious beliefs or convictions and traditions,

As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of training to undo this natural urge in individuals,

The purpose of this chain of posts is not to promote pacifism, so if it gets mentioned it’s only to highlight the different modes of the behaviour of humans under attack.

Compassion can also drive us to defend weak and helpless people, if we see them being attacked,
But I see that this one can be influenced by belief and tradition,
If those encourage such behaviour, for example, people would want to be seen exercising it,

But self defence is not a matter of belief and traditions; it is just an instinct that all living beings share,

But actual life is not always that simple,
In the past tribes and nations waged wars and invaded each other, driven by greed or just plain tribal competition and religious hatred,

Self defence, and often retaliation and vendetta were practised, and justified and encouraged by some religions, and used as a deterrent,

Before the invention of fire arms, artillery ... and missiles, however, the combat between the two sides would take place face to face with arms, and hence the scale of the combat and the damage was limited,

For quite some time now: this has not been the case anymore,
Bombs are being dropped on civilians ... on their cities, homes and streets ... from the sky or as projectiles from the ground,

In such a situation the people under attack find themselves completely helpless,

The suffering that such attacks cause, and the damage, prompts those people to retaliate with the same kind of attack ... if they had the capability,
And if they didn’t have the capability ... they worked hard to acquire it, or looked for alternative means,

We have reached the point now where the assault on civilian facilities, and on unarmed civilians ... have become accepted as the norm,

Although, all nations of all political and religious colours and inclinations tell us that this is evil,
And when they do it to others ... they justify it, or deny doing it: according to their political and religious convictions: using their terminology: which paints their actions as righteous and justified, and the other side’s actions as aggressive and evil ...

Self Defence (3)

The assault on unarmed civilians ... in whichever shape or form, is the most loathful crime ...nothing justifies it, the Books have banned it, since the beginning of time,
“Thou shalt not kill” ...
And “whoever kills a selfless self, or as corruption in the earth, it is as though he/she has killed the entire humanity” ...
But religions read and interpret the Books in a way to continue their heathen traditions,
And they have achieved this ... very successfully,

And why would secular cultures be any better?
If the driving force of their rule is money and power ... anything is permissible,

Hence in both secular as well as religious ideologies ... crimes are being committed at a large scale ... never seen before,
Whereby people pride themselves by being able to annihilate millions by the press of a button, or turn their streets and markets into blood baths by blowing themselves up ...

The dictionaries that humans set ... are not recognised by the Law of the world,
The essences of the words of a language are not controlled by clergymen and politicians, to serve their propaganda campaigns,

They can continue calling their crimes as punishment from their god ... inflicted on whomever does not submit to them, or collateral damage, or unavoidable or necessary evil .... or even heroism and martyrdom ...
But the crime remains a crime ...

This Page has argued many times in the past ... that going back to the known history for the purpose of trying to find out “who started it” : is a futile exercise,
There are many different versions of history anyway ... 
Any rational person rejects the claims of both sides of every conflict, and finds them equally biased and perhaps fallacious,

And as this Page has said many times ... the tit for tat cycle will never end ... not by the will of a god, or the invention of a more powerful and more lethal weapon ...
It will end if people want to end it ... before it destroys all


Self Defence (4)

The religions and the sects of the world have turned the world into a house of horrors,
And people are gradually being conditioned to accept the continuous state of peril and fear as the norm, and the way the world is meant to be,

The rulers of the world: being the rulers of nations, the heads of religious institutes and the wealthy: can continue ruling the world by the authority that the people have given them,
The people give them the authority to rule by investing their trust in them and endorsing them, and abiding by the ideologies that both the ruler and the ruled go by,

The rulers have no other source of power and authority, none whatsoever,

And both ruler and ruled are driven by fear and passion ... and nothing else,
The fear of an enemy, and the passion about being the best ... in each and every way they can imagine,

None of the rulers or the ruled have made any serious effort to reconsider their beliefs, and take a different approach ... except perhaps very few ...

Those few do not let their minds be occupied by the causes of religion, business and politics,
Thus the lunatics and the charlatans can’t control them,

And for the world to be free from the rule of the lunatics and the charlatans: people have to free their hearts and minds from them,
They control a lot of things now: politics, religion, money, trade, industry, weaponry, and much more ...
This gives them the illusion that they can rule ... the world and perhaps the universe,

Their self-conceit and arrogance know no limits, 
This blinds their vision completely, and restricts it to the realm of action-and-reaction, and the mindset of the beasts of the jungle,

Their knowledge of the Law of the world is nil,
The gods which can be bribed by religious obedience and rituals, and the world which can be created and destroyed by greed: exist only in their illusions,

If the people take the courageous step of freeing themselves from them ... the world can live in peace and prosperity, and people will live free from their dominium ...


Self Defence (5)

There is no silver bullet which can end the entire world’s today conflicts,

But as long as there are gods which are thirsty for blood and are appeased by destruction,
And as long as there are leaders who create panic to sell their leadership:
The ideology of self-defence will continue to thrive: under different names and slogans,

And as COB has expressed it many times: the deterioration of security and stability is accelerating,
Almost no day passes by now, without the news of terrorist attacks and the bombing of towns in conflict zones,
Or without the news of the fleets of mass destruction parading their power close to their enemies’ and rivals’ shores ... to assert their presence and readiness for a showdown,

And although no leaks come out of the secret meetings of the Super Powers and their proxy states, when they discuss their “pre-emptive” plans ... it does not take a genius to figure out that warmongers all around the world are planning for a big day,

But I can assure them that their gods are incapable of predetermining the future,
And nor can their equations of war and economics,

Their involvement in the present conflicts demonstrate short sightedness and indeed low intelligence,
Because they all keep repeating the same mistakes over and over,

Or perhaps they are deliberately repeating those mistakes: because the outcome of those mistakes is just what they need: so they can continue their rule,
This is even more unintelligent they being plain stupid!!

They all stand at the same moral level


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