Surah 10

1. Alef Lam Ra’ (A L R), these are verses of The Book of Philosophy.

[And let us remind you that the grand word of “Philosophy” was coined by Plato, His Grand Self, The Peace be by him,

To point to the Love of the Virtue of Wisdom, that is The Truth, and the Aim of man’s life on earth,

As for those who demand to be perfect and resent their fallibilities and blame their gods for their imperfections and aberration, those are yet to experience a moment of existence, so they can be lifted,

Or their laws and rituals, and their intercessors will fail miserably before their own eyes.

Hikmah in Arabic, is The Philosophy,

As for wisdom, this is the teaching of all the good prophets, for the people to hover above the wild currents of eventuality, equanimous,

And this is a sure path to The Philosophy,

Yet, The Philosophy is the crowning of wisdom, for those who can reach it, and below The Philosophy nothing is relevant.]

2. Was it a wonder to the people, that We inspired to a man amongst them, that do warn the people, and pass the glad tidings to those who believe, that they have a before-going trust in their Lord, [as for] the non-believers, they say: “this is truly obvious sorcerer.”

3. That your Lord is God, created the heavens and the earth in six Days [of suffixing in Him and turning back, like the point of the compass, to evolve their way in His encompassment], then surmounted The Throne [when His Summa became in the heavens and the earth], He turns The Aim, no one is to suffix except after His Leave, this is God your Lord, do you not remember?

4. To Him is your return altogether, God’s True Promise, He begins the creation and iterates it, to reward those who believed and did good by The Balance; and those who darkened have a beverage of the earth (of hot water), and severe suffering by what they darkened.

5. ‘T is He who made the sun of [visible, of day] light and the Moon of light [visible at night], He destined it in phases, so you may know the number of years and the calculus, He created not this but by The Law, He sections the verses to the people who have knowledge.

[The two words pointing to “light” (ddiyaa’ and noor) are to point to the Light that is self-sufficient, and the Light that is reflected,

In the Light that is self-sufficient, man’s mind is equanimous and in equilibrium,

In the Light that is reflected, man’s mind is in change, to reach a moment of perfection, then the full moon is clipped by The Geometer, for a new moon to begin,

The moon is the lamp in the niche,

Alas, this symbolism since the beginning of humanity: they pass by it, and it goes unnoticed,

And indeed it was Western Civilisation, since the Renaissance, which took the natural phenomena to study God’s Creation; they took the mathematics, the theoretical physics and the music as the Way to Knowledge, of the Grand Creation,

And different schools of philosophy emerged,

And this was a good path, and they developed empirical sciences and technology,

And laws and political systems which evolved in the light of the hindsight, sometimes through the system itself, and sometimes by force,

And they were rewarded by affluence and good in the low lives,

But soon Darwinism and materialism in all shapes and forms took over, and they abandoned the morality of the Spirit and adopted the morality of the clay,

This will bring their demise.

As for those who say they are Muslims, they are yet to learn the mathematics to forecast the phases of the moon, as the Grand Qur’an commands them, so they do not have to rely on their sighting of a faint crack of light in the sunset sky on a clear and dry day,

They will hasten to say: but we contributed to the mathematics and perhaps it was us who invented it;

We say: and of what use is the knowledge that is not put into use?

Is knowledge a bookshelf, or is it in one’s mind?

For, if it was in one’s minds, it would have brought out the human in one, but they are dormant, and the dormant can make no good use of any knowledge.

But it is those core beliefs, innocent as they may seem, that direct one. They are the road signs of the mind,

Those who have set up road signs in their minds to veer away from their minds: they have dwindled in the animal in the man; they hear none and see none,

Those have turned God’s Word of enlightenment into rituals and fallacies, they have lost themselves, they have even lost their low lives; they cannot manage their basic needs,

And their masters who have proclaimed heavenly titles and authority: see no problem, 

Except that they urge them to observe their rituals more strictly, an exercise futile by the laws of nature: the spiralling down the abyss is therefore accelerated,

And what you see today: obscenities legitimised, crime condoned, ruthlessness and cruelty glorified, greed and selfishness blessed, to say little,

They promise them a low life in the hereafter, where all their biological requirements are constantly supplied,

They tell them: this is god’s command, take it or be warned.

Those will be questioned, the Book promised them, God breaks not a promise,

And the punishment they promised themselves they will get,     

Those who have turned the Islamic world that was meant to be a beacon to humanity: they have turned it into an example from which the world now shuns,

They lecture the world on the evils of the drinking and the trading of alcohol, but they see no problem in being the world suppliers of cannabis and poppy and other mind numbing drugs,

They lecture the world on sexual purity but they see no problem in polygamy and a vicious cycle of marriage and divorce,

They lecture the world on the evil of usury and speculation in trade, but they see no problem in hoarding and profiting in multiples upon multiples, and monopoly and greed that creates startling inequality in their communities,

They lecture the world on injustice but they see no problem in bribery, they even say that it is halal if not offered to a “ruler”,

They lecture the world on injustice but they see no wrong-doing by the slaves they buy from destitute countries, to deprive them of their basic dignity and use them for their sexual gratification sometimes, to drive them even to suicide,

They lecture the world on the punishment due on adultery and homosexuality, but they see no problem in using needy children, in ceremonies reminiscent only to pagan rituals, 

They lecture the world on the rights of women under their laws, but see no wrong in honourless crimes, and the Qur’an said to them: “And when the buried alive is questioned, for what reason was she killed?”

So we tell them: await the Day you have been promised, when the Book will be opened and you will be questioned, and exactly as the Book promised you, God breaks not a promise.  

If one is to list the nations today which proclaim religion and god’s law and list their abhorrent sins, one would fill up pages of text.

So ask them: which thief’s hand does God command you to cut off: is it the one’s who steals petty cash, or is the one’s who has stolen God’s Word and turned into a law of heathenry?

It is their fault: the religious institutes of the West and the Middle East: the rejection of the Western culture of Islamic teaching: the Islamic teaching which is none but an illumination and continuation of Judaism and Christianity, and the Qur’an is none but the sacred Torah and the luminous Gospel,

It is their fault that they created only division and difference, and exactly as the Qur’an and the Gospel and the Torah commanded them not to do.]

6. Indeed, in the consecution of the day and the night, and what God created in the heavens and the earth, are paragons to the people who take refuge.

7. Indeed, those who do not beg for the Encounter with Us, and are content by the low lives, and are settled in it, and those who, to Our Paragons are dormant,

9. Those, their shelter is hell, of what they earned.

10. And those who believed and did good, their Lord guides them by their faith, the days stream underneath them, in the Gardens of the Bounty.

11. And if God hastens the evil to the people similarly to their hastening to [worldly] good, their destiny would have been served to them; so We let those who beg not for Our encounter in their tyranny astray.

12. And when calamity touches man, he invokes Us to avoid it, either down-sitting or up-standing, so when We uncover his blindness off him, he passes as though he invoked us not about calamity which touched him; thus it has been embellished for the extravagant ones: what they have been doing.

[Those are the ones, who follow the gods which promise of the best low life they can think,

Those have forgotten completely who they are and their life, even when the truth has cleared they cannot look.]

13. And We did destroy the centuries before you when they darkened, and their messengers came to them with evidence, but they were not to believe, thus We sanction the criminals.

14. Then We made you the descendants [of previous centuries] in the earth after them, so We see how you do.

15. And as Our verses are recited to them clearly, those who beg not for Our encounter say: “bring us a Lectrum (Qur’an) other than this, or alter it,” say: “how am I to alter it by myself, I only follow what is inspired to me, I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the suffering of a great Day.”

16. Say: “will God, I would not recite it to you, and He would not brief you of it, I have sojourned with you a whole life before it, do you not discern?”

17. So who is darker than the one who frets falsehood on God, or falsified His verses, the criminals will not achieve [anything].

18. And they worship below God what harms them none and benefits them none, and they say: “those are our intercessors to God,” say: “do your inform God of those who know neither in the heaven and nor in the earth?” Transcends He, Lofty is He over what they affix.

[Those will be disappointed, when they will see their intercessors just losers like themselves, unable to intercede for their own selves, and they will be first to set foot in the hell they promised themselves.]

19. The people were none but one nation, then they differed, and if it was not for a Word of a Forerunner, the case would have been settled between them about what they differed.

20. And they say: “if only one paragon descended to him from God,” say: “that so, the Unseen is to God, so look forward, I am with you a looking-forward one.”

21. And if We make the people experience Compassion after that calamity has struck them, they take Our verses with cleverness, say: “God is of more efficient cleverness, Our messengers write what you contrive.”

22. ‘T is He Who makes you travel in the land and the water, so when you are in the boats, and they sailed by them with a good spirit, and they rejoiced to it, tempestuous wind came to them, and the swells came to them from every direction, and they suspected they were surrounded, they invoked God in faithful belief: “if Thou rescuest us from this, we should be of the thankful ones.”

23. So when We rescued them, there they were transgressing in the earth by lawlessness; O people, your transgression upon yourselves is the pleasures of the low world, then to Us you will be returned, and We inform you of what you were doing,

24. That so, the model of the low lives is like water that We dropped from the sky, the vegetation of the earth mingled with it: of what the people eat as well as the animals, until that the earth took out its decoration and became ornate, and its people thought that they were capable on it; Our Aim came by night or day, and We made it stubbles, as though it never flourished in the yesterday, thus We detail the verses to a people who reflect.

25. And God calls to the Circumference of The Peace, and guides whomever He will to a straight path,

26. To those who radiated the radiance and more, no destitution stresses their countenances and nor does humiliation, those are the people of the Garden, they are in it eternally.

27. And those who earned the bad: retribution of similar bad; humiliation stresses them, they have not protection from God [from the humiliation]; as though cuts of dark night veil their faces [and it is already happening, if you can look], those are the people of the fire, they are in it eternally.

28. And the Day We gather them altogether, and We say to those who affixed [people and things to God]: “[stay] in your place, you and your affixes”, so We segregate them, and their affixes say: “you were not worshippers of us,

29. “God is Sufficient Witness between us and you, if we were, of your worship, inattentive.”

30. There, every self is tried by what she previously afforded, and they are redeemed to God, their Master The Law, and what they have fretted has quit them.

31. Say: “who provides you from the heaven and the earth, is it He Who rules the hearing and the vision, and Who brings the living out of the dead, and brings the dead out of the living, and Who turns the Aim?” They will say: “God”, say: “so do you not take refuge?”

32. This is God, your Lord, The Law, what is there past The Law, except bewilderment? So to where are you headed?

33. Thus your Lord’s Word was due on those who were aberrant, they were non-believers.

34. Say: “can any of your affixes begin the creation and iterate it?” Say: “God does begin the creation and does iterate it, so what have you faked?”

35. Say: “can any one of your affixes guide to The Law?” say: “God does guide to The Law, so is He Who guides to The Law more lawful when followed (more worthy of being followed), or is it he who guides not unless guided? What is it with you, how do you judge?”

36. And most of them follow none but suspicion, suspicion makes one not self-sufficient from The Law by anything, God is Knower of what they do.

37. And this Qur’an was not to be made up below God, but conforming to what he [the dark prophet] has between his hands, and sectioning The Book unquestionable, from The Lord of the two worlds.

38. Or do they say: “he [the messenger] made it up”? Say: “then bring one Surah similar, and call whomever you can below God, if you were honest.”

39. Instead, they lied about what they comprehended no knowledge of, and its original came not to them, thus also lied those before them, look what was the consequence to the darkened ones.

40. And some of them believe in Him, and some of them believe not in Him, and your Lord is All Knower of the despoilers.

41. And if they lie, say: “I have my deed and you have your deed, you are free of what I do, and I am free of what you do.”

42. And some of them do listen to you, but can you make the deaf hear, and even if they discern not?

43. And some of them look you, but can you guide the blind, even if they vision not?

44. God wrongs not the people in anything, but it is the people who themselves do wrong.

45. And the Day He gathers them, as though they sojourned but an hour of the Day, they recognise one another, those who denied the Encounter of God have lost, and they are not guided.

46. And what We show you [addressing the messenger] is some of what We promise them [of the low world], or We shall redeem you: to Us is their return, and then God is Witness of what they do.

[And if they think that the low world is not bad, wait and look at the one to follow, when the physicality will be tighter and denser, and to some of them the vertical orientation is not set in their minds, so they turn physically up-sided-down to continue seeing what they saw before, until they forget completely,

And what will those who thought they were made of clay do? They will precipitate in the clay they took as themselves, and their ideologies of null will become to them, and the animal was not their ancestor, but indeed their descendant,

O people, we are meant to warn you, this is a serious say.]

47. And every nation has a messenger, when their messenger comes, he rules between them by The Balance and they are not wronged.

48. And they say: “so when is this appointment, if you were honest?”

49. Say: “I control no harm and nor benefit for myself, except what God will”, every nation has a destiny, when their destiny comes, they delay not one hour, and nor do they advance.

50. Say: “have you seen if its suffering comes to you in the evening or at day time? To which of it do the criminals hasten?”

51. And again, when He befalls: you believe in Him now, and [before] you were by Him hasty [to the low world].

[But our promise to you, we shall bring them all, their demons, their deity and their intercessors, to submit and bow down to their grounds to His Might at His Feet from a distance, for they are fearful to be close,

Those who had an illusion they had might and were self-sufficient they will not be able to move a finger of theirs, unless He will.]

52. Then, it is said to those who have darkened: “experience the suffering eternally, are you rewarded but what you have earned?”

53. And they inquire form you: “is he [Salman] The Law?” say: “yea, by my Lord he is The Law, and you are not invincible.”

54. And if every darkened self had the entire earth she would pay it as ransom; they confide [to one another] contrition, when they see the suffering; and it is ruled between them by The Balance and they are not wronged.

55. Lo, to God is all that is in the heaven and the earth; lo, God’s Promise is true, but most of them know not.

56. He enlivens He deadens, to Him you are returned.

57. O people, Counsel from your Lord has come to you, and Healing of what is the in the chests, Guidance and Compassion to the believers.

58. Say: “by God’s Elevation and His Compassion: it is by this that they should rejoice, this is better than what they amass.”

59. Say: “have you seen the Providence that God descended to you? You have turned it to legitimate and illegitimate [halal and haram]”, say: “was it God Who instructed you, or were you making things up about God?”

[Those who took the lowest projection have precipitated therein,

Tell them: if they ate dirt in their stomachs, it harms them a lot less than the toxins they have injected in their minds, so how has their food helped them?

And if they disobeyed their masters and preachers, it causes them a lot less mischief than the hell their masters have set up for them, so how will their laws help them?

Those who have turned God’s Word up-side-down, they legitimise obscenities, cruelty, ruthlessness, animality, idolatry, irrationality, to turn you deaf dumb blind, and you will discern not.

And as we read to you correctly we help you look straight, so you undo the damage they have done inside you, and God’s Elevation is there waiting for you, if you are honest.

As for those who have been corrupted, worry not about them, they will be remorseful when it will be too late,

They say: so how do we know if you are reading correctly? We read like our ancestors read.

Say: if you have doubts about what we read: you abandon your ancestors’ way, like the Book commanded you, and then you read: so what will you find?

But not unlike your ancestors, you took your ancestors’ way as god’s word, and God’s Word is free from what they have faked.

O people who believe, this is a warning to you, so you do not follow the footsteps of the pagan peoples of before, who experienced suffering and were destroyed, the earth is scarred of their ruins, and mankind is not invincible,

Follow the Guidance we have provided you, it is better for you, and will not be contrite.]

60. And they did not think: those who fret lies about God: the Day of the Uprise: that God has elevation for the people, but most of them are not thankful.

61. And what you are in a situation, and what you recite of Him of a Lectrum (Qur’an)… you do not do anything unless We are Witness over you, as you flow in Him; not an atom’s size thing can escape your Lord, in the earth or the sky, and nothing smaller than that or bigger, all is in a distancing Book.

62. Lo, the patrons of God’s: no fear takes them and they grieve not.

63. Those who were amen (believers) and were taking refuge.

64. They have the glad tidings in the low lives and in the hereafter; no alteration to God’s Word: this is the greatest triumph.

65. Their say daunts you not, the Glory is God’s in all, He is the Hearer The knower.

66. Lo, to God is all that is in the skies and that is in the earth, and  those who call on partners below God, they follow none but suspicion,  they are only speculating.

67. ‘T is He Who made the night for you to repose in Him, and the day for vision; in this are paragons to the people who hearken.

68. They said: “God took children”, transcends He, He is needless, to him what is in the heavens and what is in the earth; you have no authority in that, do you say about God what you know not?

69. Say: “those who fret lies on God will not achieve [anything]”.

70. Leisure in the earth, then to Us is their return, then We make them experience severe suffering of what they darkened.

71. And recite to them the news of Noah, when he said to his people: “O people, if you find my station and my reminder of God’s Paragons too big [a quest] for you, it is [because] on God that I rely; so sum your aim and your partners, and let not your Aim be of ambiguity to you, then set out to me and you will look me not, [take this image of mine, lay it on my Fathers Countenance, He comes looking]

72. “And if you turn away, I have asked you not for recompensation, my recompensation is in God, I am commanded to be of the surrenderes (Muslims).”

73. They falsified him, so We salvaged him and those with him in the arks, We made them inheritors, We drowned those who falsified Our Paragons, look how was the consequence to the warned ones.

74. Then We sent after him messengers to their peoples, they brought them evidence; they were not to believe what they falsified before, thus We imprint the hearts of the transgressors.

75. Then We sent after them Moses and Aaron to the Pharaoh and his people, with Our Paragons, they were arrogant and criminal people.

76. So when The Law came to them from Us, they said: “this is obvious magic.”

77. Said Moses: “do you say to The Law when he comes to you: ‘this is magic’, and [you know that] magicians achieve nothing?”

78. They said: “have you come to divert us from what we chanced upon from our fathers, and so that fame is yours [the two of them] in the earth? We are not in you believers.”

79. And the Pharaoh said: “bring me every knowledgeable sorcerer.”

80. So when the sorcerers cam, said Moses to them: “cast what you are to cast.”

81. So when they cast said Moses: “what you came with is illusion God will disable it, God upholds not the deed of the despoilers.”

82. God realises Reality by His Word, despite the spite of the criminals.

83. So only a few of Moses’ people believed in him, in fear from the Pharaoh and their people, that he [Moses] might amaze them, and the Pharaoh is haughty in the earth, and he is an extravagant one.

84. And Moses said: “O people, if you have believed in God do rely on Him, if you are surrenderers.”

85. They said: “upon God We rely, our Lord, make us not an amazement for the darkened people,

86. “And save us by Thy Compassion from the non-believers.”

87. And We inspired to Moses and his brother that sojourn in the homes of your people in Egypt [by your spirit], and make of your houses [of your teaching] an orientation [for the people], and hold up the prayers and pass the glad tidings to the believers.

[A commandment taken literally by the Israelites in Arabia and Canaan turned the worship into a ritual of bowing to stones and places on the earth.]

88. And Moses said: “our Lord, Thou hast brought ornaments to the Pharaoh and his people, and money in the low lives; our Lord, so they bewilder from Thy Way, our Lord, make their money sink, and pressure their hearts so they do  not believe until they see the painful suffering.

89. Said He: “your invocations have been answered, straighten yourselves, so you do not follow the path of those who have not knowledge.”

90. And We crossed the Okeanos with the people of Israel, and the Pharaoh chased them with his soldiers, in dissension and aggression, until the drowning reached him, said he: “I have believed that there is no deity except the One, in Whom the people of Israel believe, and I am of the surrenderers (Muslims),

91. “Now, and that I disobeyed before, and was one of the despoilers.”

[And the crossing of the see in the evening of a total eclipse of the sun, was done by only a few, and the crossing back and forth never ceased throughout time,

But the crossing of the Okeanos mentioned in the Qur’an and the Torah was something neither the Hebrew people and nor their cousins and descendants the Arabs wanted to understand, and even as we put it to them plainly once again, those who darkened in the beginning will darken every time, read it to them in this Grand Book.]

92. Today We rescue you [Aaron] with your body, to be for those who will inherit you an example, and many of the people, of our Paragons, are dormant.

93. And We have built for the people of Israel the home of honesty, and We provided them of the good; they did not differ [between one another] until knowledge was delivered to them, your Lord will rule between them the Day of the Uprise, in what they differed about.

94. So if you are in any doubt about what We descended to you [addressing the prophet], ask those who read the Book [the Torah] before you, The Law has come to you from your Lord, be not one of the lost ones.

95. And be not one of those who falsify God’s Paragons, or you will be of the losers.

96. Those upon whom your Lord’s Word of Judgement is due do not believe,

97. And even if every Paragon came to them: until they see the painful suffering.

98. If a country believes, their belief would benefit them; except the people of Jones until they believe: We would lift the suffering of their humiliation in the low lives, and would give them leisure for a term.

[Prophet Jones was sent to a people in a previous orb of human existence,

He was embarked on worldly affairs with them, but his ability to transcend saved him from bewilderment,

He then lived in seclusion and sought purification,

And marks of colours and patterns used to appear on his skin, as sign of his holiness, hence the “grain bearing tree” mentioned in the Qur’an,

And it is not for nothing that Gabriel is also titled Green (al-khider) in God’s Book, because indeed his skin turns green sometimes, and remember that it is said that Krishna turned blue,

And the hairs of his eyebrows and moustache turned pure  gold when fell off his grand countenance, hence we title him Salman The Gold, and no title given to his Grand Spirit on earth gives him justice,

And all God’s Summa have signs on their skin when born or later in life, and in the future this will guide the people to identifying them.]

99. And will your Lord, all who are in the earth would believe altogether; so can you compel the people to be believers?

100. It is not for a self to believe, unless it is God’s Leave, and He makes the impurity upon those who do not discern.

101. Say: “look, what is in the heavens and the earth?” And the verses and the warnings are not sufficient for a people who believe not.

102. So do they await anything except similar days of those who vacated [the earth] before them? Say: “await, I am with you of the awaiting ones.”

103. Then We salvage Our messengers and those who believed, thus it is due on Us: We salvage the believers.

104. Say: “O people, if you are in doubt about my Religion: I worship not those you worship below God, but I do worship Him Who redeems you, and I am commanded to be of the believers,

105. “And that raise your countenance to religion [that is the interpretations and the creeds of the people of the Book] veeringly, and be not of the affixers,

106. “And invoke none below God, that benefits you none and harms you none, and if you do, you are then of the darkened ones,

107. “And if God touches you by blindness, there is no uncoverer of Him except He, and if He comes to you with Good, there is no reverser of His Elevation, He reaches it to whomever He will of His abiders, He is the Forgiver The Compassionate.

108. Say: “O people, The Law has come to you from your Lord, he who has been guided, that so, his guidance is for himself, and he who bewilders, he bewilders on her, and I am not for you a sponsor.”

109. Follow [addressing the messenger] what is inspired to you, and be forbearing, until God rules, He is the Good of all the rulers.


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.



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