Surah 11

1. Alef Lam Ra’ (ALR), a Book of verses determined then sectioned, from The Knowledgeable Sovereign,

2. That worship none but God, I am to you from Him a Warner and a Bringer of Glad Tidings,

3. And that: beg your Lord forgiveness and repent to Him, He gives you good leisure for an allotted term, and brings every elevated one their elevation and if you turn away I fear for you the suffering of a great day.

[Thus spoke your Lord and Master, Salman to man, and to his Brothers and the entire humanity,

His Spirit is veiled to those who know only his name or image, it is he who created names and images,

They know only illusions, and they stay in the world of darkness upon darkness.]

4. To God is your return, Capable of everything is He.

5. Lo, they bend their chest (soul) to hide from Him; lo, when they veil themselves by their clothes (bodies): knows He what they secret and what they disclose, it is He The Knower of That in the Chests (the Heights).

6. And not a treader in the earth: but it is from God its providence; and He knows its settlement and its confine, all is in a Book decisive.

7. ‘T is He who created the heavens and the earth in six Days, His Throne was on the Water, to try you, which of you do better; and if you [his Brother] say you are remitted after death, those who have darkened say: “this is but obvious sorcery.”

[In The Beginning was The Law,

And The Law was God

And God was The Law,


The Lord looked The Lord,

In the Mirror was infatuated

And said He “be”,


The Beauty was irresistible,

And the twin Roses Anaïs,

In desire, jealousy and seduction,

Love flared and had to be consummated,


He came nigh and dangled,

That encountered That again

Such in union, the Water

Effused, in which everything

Animate was reflected,

From the Circle of Beauty,

From where every image begins,


To the memory of which

The creation looks and falls

In love again; if only they know

Who looks who, free

The lookers and the look will be.]


8. And if We delay their suffering to a summing calculated, they will say what stands in His Way; lo, the Day He comes to them He is not dismissed from them, and surrounds them: that of which they were derisive.

9. And if We make man experience compassion from Us, then We hold it back from him, he despairs and darkens,

10. And when We make him experience prosperity after calamity, he would say: “He has taken evil away from me”, he rejoices and becomes proud.

11. Except those who forbear and do good, those have forgiveness and a great reward.

12. So perhaps you are dropping some of what is being inspired to you [his Brother], and you are frustrated, that they [might] say: “if only a treasure was dropped unto him or if an angel [a supernatural being] has come with him”, you are but a warner, and God is the Sponsor of everything.

13. Or do they say: “he fretted it”? Say: “bring ten Surah’s similarly fretted, and call whomever you can blow God, if you were honest.”

14. If they respond not to you [the Callers of The Law], know that it [that they fretted] has been descended By God’s Knowledge, there is no god but He, so have you surrendered (become a Muslim)?

[And what they fretted is easily identified by us,

Those who reckon that God’s Book is a decoration, they came with eloquent oration, devoid of any sense, devoid of any essence, devoid of a remembrance,

They can fool only the fools.]

15. Whoever wants the low lives and their glamour, We redeem to them their deeds in it, in it they are not under-paid.

16. Those, they have none in the hereafter, except the fire, aborted is what they make in it, annulled is what they do.

17. So, is he, who is in Certainty of his Lord, and reads it [the Book] while witnessing Him… and before it, it was the Book of Moses, an Aim and Compassion; those believe in Him, and those of the parties which darken to Him: the fire is their rendez-vous; so be not in any doubt of it, it is The Law of your Lord, but most people believe not.

18. And who is darker than the one who fretted falsehood on God? Those will be shown to their Lord, and the witnesses [of their Lord] will say: “those are the ones who falsified about their Lord; God’s damnation is upon the darkened ones.”

19. Those that bar from the Way of God and desire it crooked, and in the hereafter they are darkened.

20. Those were not invincible [for Us] in the earth, they had no patrons blow God, the suffering will be multiplied for them and they were unable to hear, unable to look.

21. Those are the ones who lost themselves, and what they fretted has quit them.

22. Undoubtedly, in the hereafter they are the losing ones.

23. Those who believed and did good and supplicated to their Lord, those are the people of the Garden, in it they are eternal.

24. The model of the two parties is like the blind and the deaf, and the seeing and the hearing: are they equal in model? Do you not remember?

25. And We sent Noah to his people, he said: “I am to you a warner decisive,

26. “That abide in nothing except God, I fear for you the suffering of a painful Day.”

27. Those of his people who had darkened said: “we see you only as a human like us, and what we see you: those who followed you are none but our outcast: obvious seen; we see no elevation you have over us, rather we suspect you are all liars.”

28. Said he: “O people, have you checked if I am in Certainty from my Lord, and He brought Compassion to me from Him and this has been blinded to you; can We stick it onto you, while you are to it hateful?

29. “And, O people, I ask you not for recompensation, my recompensation is only in God; I am not chasing those who believed, those will encounter their Lord; but I see you a people ignorant;

30. “And, O people, who will support me by God if I chased them, do you not remember?

[For, the return to The Lord is written destiny to the believers,

Support is only necessity in potentiality.]

31. “And I say not to you I have God’s records, neither do I know the unseen, nor do I say that I am an angel [a supernatural being], and neither do I say to those on whom your eyes look down that God would bring no good to them; God is Knower of what is in their selves, and I would hence be of the wrong-doers.”

32. They said: “O Noah, you have disputed us and over did the disputation, so bring on what you have promised if you were of the honest ones.”

33. Said he: “that so, God brings it to you if He will, you are not invincible,

34. “My counsel benefits you not if I want to counsel you if God wants to delude you, He is your Lord, to Him you will be returned.”

35. Or do they say that he fretted it? Say: “if I fretted it, my crime is on me, and I am free from your crimes.”

36. And it was inspired to Noah that only those of your people who had believed would believe, so be not disheartened by what they were doing,

37. And make the ships with Our eyes and inspiration, and speak not to me of those who darkened, they have to drown.

38. And he made the ships, and every time a group of his people passed by, they ridiculed him; said he: “if you ridicule us we shall ridicule you as you ridicule,

39. “You will find out to whom humiliating suffering will come, and upon whom permanent suffering will settle.”

40. So when Our Aim came, and the Mountain rose, We said: “carry in them [the ships] of each a pair, and your family, except those upon whom judgement has already been ruled, and those who believed”, and no one believed with him except a few.

41. And said he: “ride in it, by God’s Summum is its sail and its anchoring, my Lord is Forgiving Compassionate.”

42. And it sailed with them in mountain-like swells, and called Noah his son, and he was separated: “my son [Jacob], ride with us, be not with the darkened ones”.

43. Said he: “I shall take shelter in a mountain to separate me from the water”, said he [Noah]: “no separator is today from God’s Aim, except to those whom He mercified”; and the swell gulfed between them, and he was of the drowned ones.

44. And it was said: “O earth, swallow thy Water, O sky, take off” the Water was made to recede, the aim was accomplished, and it [the ship] docked on the Joodyy, and it was said: “away with the darkened people.”

[And the Fifth Dimension was hidden, the Helium could not be seen any more by the believers, they could sail and surf on it across the universe before,

The earth became round, separating two worlds in opposite gravities, a tract is between, so they do not overstep, testified this Grand Book,

And the believers docked and climbed the Joodyy, it swayed of joy to their arrival, they witnessed their Lord, testified the Muss-haf of The Solitary That,

But sadly, none of the reminders reminded anyone,

And we have not lost hope that someone will read and say: this is true, I do remember,

Look in the horizon nowadays: can you see a mountain’s rise? Between human constructions of conceit: they bring on bewilderment and inevitable self-destruction,

Those stories are retold over and over in the Book, because humanity meets this destiny when she drifts far, far away, as she has done now.

How will this world self-destroy? The Lord gives not His Knowledge to any one, and the shudders of the Hour are beginning to come.]

45. And Noah called his Lord, said he: “Lord, my son is of my family, and Thy Promise is Law, and Thou art The Ruler of all the rulers.”

46. Said He: “Noah, he is not of your family, he did something not good, so ask Me not what you have no knowledge of, I advise you, so you are not of the ignorant ones.”

47. Said he : “Lord, I resort to Thee that I ask Thee what I know not, and if Thou forgive not me and mercify not me I shall be of the losers.”

[Jacob went down the Valley, mixed with the darkened people, they loved his beautiful and godly physique and his seductive scent; they titled him: the Ghazal of Valley Saqeera or Saqarah,

They held wedding parties, they sang and danced time away, to him being  wedded to a woman of them every day; thus he spread his good seed in low beings, and humanity started to mingle;

And he continued this tradition in his comings in this orb of human existence, and he called his seed the chosen people and the people of the house.

As for Satan and Iblis and their agents and henchmen, they had been spreading their seed since,

The seed that John called: the seed of snakes,

Those are the ones who darkened to their Lord in the beginning; The Lord promised them He would fill hell of them, God breaks not a promise,

There, they saw themselves as the produce of nature, and indeed they are; and thus the ideologies of creationism and evolution were conceived.]

48. It was said: “O Noah, descend in peace from Us and blessings, unto you and unto those with you, and nations to whom We shall give pleasure, then they will be touched from Us by painful suffering.”

49. This is the news of the unseen We inspire to you, you were not to know it, neither your people before this, so be patient and the consequence is for those who take refuge.

50. And to Ad [Eden], their [the messenger’s] Brother Houd, said he: “O people, worship God, you have no other deity, you are only fretting [things unto Him, transcends He],

51. “I ask you not for recompensation, my recompensation is in Him Who illustrated me, discern you not?

52. “And O people, if you ask for his forgiveness then repent to Him, He will send the sky unto you profusely, and He will increase you in Power on top of your power, and you shall take no criminals as your patrons.”

53. Said they: “Houd, you have not come with evidence, and we are not quitting our deity by your say, and in you we are not believers,

54. “We only say that some of our deities have struck you with ill”, said he: “I witness God, and you do witness that I am free from what you affix

55. “Below Him, so do plot against me altogether, and then await me not,

56. “I have relied on God my Lord and your Lord, there is not a treader [in the earth] that He has not taken by its apex [when all the alphas beam back to Him], and my Lord is on a Straight Path,

57. “And if you turn away I have promulgated to you what I have been sent for; my Lord shall make descendants other than you, you harm him null, my Lord is over everything The Protector.”

[And the people today, across the spectrum of beliefs, boast that they have progressed philosophically, and that they have quit the worship of man-made things,

We say: they all still do, the monotheists, the polytheists and the materialists and the atheists alike, no one is exempt.

And when they look at other people’s practices and convictions, of ancient times or the present, they can see their faults, but they are completely blinded to their own,

So how can we put it to you that you do not fall in the traps of the concepts of the intellect?

So listen, you who have ears which hear: it is when you think that you are the doer of what you do.

Thus, the people today worship their prophets and their interpretations of their Book, and their ancestors in their place and time,

Their identity of physical existence,

Their material possessions which bring them security,

Their laws of physical laws and heavenly laws which ensure their survival… to mention a few.

So always, ask yourself: what do I want? And the answer will point you to the deity whom you worship, may you be guided again.]

58. So when Our Aim came, We rescued Houd and those who believed with him by Compassion from Us, and We salvaged them from over-whelming suffering.

59. This is Eden which repudiated its Lord’s Paragons and disobeyed His messengers and followed the aim of every stubborn and ruthless one.

60. They are drawn in this low one by damnation, and the day of the Uprise, lo, Eden darkened to their Lord, lo, away with the people of Eden from Houd.

[And as in other Surah’s, those past eras of human existence have been recounted in their chronological order,

And Eden was the first world after the world was rounded,

In it the earth was made into a garden of vegetation and thriving life,

But the darkened souls wanted to be independent, in worlds of their own creation, they developed technology, to challenge the knowledge of the radiant people, when the doors of Earth Interior were still open, and radiant souls were given the freedom to visit the low world, and some were sent on missions to guide the Gone people.

Eden was destroyed gradually over a period of time by natural disasters, which proved impossible for the scientists of that time to control, and most of the garden turned into a desolate desert, of people’s reflection of their own desires to see a world barren, with only their structures standing up.

And some radiant souls lost their ability to keep their consciousness in their heads, to overcome gravity when the Geometry of the skies allowed, and precipitated in the dark spots of their bodies, and experienced the sensual pleasures instead,

And their faces as well as their hearts used to glow in the dark through their skin,

And many turned into apes and pigs and giant rats, as they precipitated deep in tangible matter,

And many are destined to a similar destiny today, so we are told to warn all.]

61. And to Thamud, their Brother Saleh said: “O people, worship God, you have no deity other than Him, He constructed you from the earth, and made you to build it, ask for His Forgiveness, and repent to Him my Lord is near and respondent.”

62. They said: “O Saleh, you have been looked up to before this; do you deter us from worshipping what our fathers worship? And we are in a great doubt in what you call us to.”

63. Said he: “O people, have you checked if I am in certainty of my Lord and he brought to me Compassion from Him? Who can support me about God if I disobeyed Him: you can only increase my loss,

64. “And O people, this is God’s Elegance, a paragon for you, leave to thrive in the earth, touch it not with harm, or a near suffering will come to you.”

65. They debilitated it, so he said: “have leisure in your dwellings for three days, this is a promise that cannot be broken.”

66. So when Our Aim came, We rescued Saleh and those who believed with him by Compassion from Us from the humiliation of that day, your Lord is Exalted Powerful.

67. And those who wronged were taken by the shout, they became in their dwellings still.

68. As if they did not thrive in it; lo, the Thamuds repudiated their Lord, lo, away with Thamud.

[The “shout” was a shout that the good messengers and their close brothers were able to shout, to freeze darkened people in their grounds, to show them who has the power, and who has none,

And which sector of the physical laws is activated and made known is The Lord’s Will, and today’s humanity knows only the laws which can be deduced by linear logical reasoning and empirical sciences,

Hence, the bare mention of the sounds which are capable of doing in one’s consciousness more than what the sound waves can move in one’s outer and inner ear, sounds like the stuff of science fiction,

But these things do exist.

And if you feel you cannot believe such things, it dismisses not you as a non-believer, and what opens the doors for you as a believer is in the corridors of your mind: those you knock on them when you are ready, and if you are honest.]

69. And our messengers brought glad tidings to Abraham, they said: “Salman”, he said: “peace”, so he immediately brought a grilled calf.

70. So when he noticed that their hands did not reach out to it, he denounced them, and fear apprehended him from them, they said: “fear none, we have been sent to the people of Lott.”

71. And his wife being around, she laughed, so we gave the tidings of Isaac, and following Isaac was Jacob.

72. Said she: “me have a baby while senile? And this is my man, old, this is extraordinary.”

73. They said: “do you wonder of God’s Aim, God’s Compassion and His blessings are unto you: the people of the House, He is Homag-Worthy, Glorious.”

74. So when the marvel quit Abraham and the tidings came to him, he argued with us about the people of Lott.

75. Abraham, is indeed a dreamer, is sentimental and a returner.

76. “O Abraham, refrain from this, your Lord’s Aim has come, and suffering which cannot be deflected is coming to them.”

77.So when Our messengers came to Lott, he ill-treated them and he could not stand them, and he said: “this is a tough day.”

78. And his people came running to him, and before: they [together] used to commit the obscenities; said he: “O people, those are my daughters, they are purer to you, take refuge in God, and do not embarrass me to my guests; is there not amongst you a mature man?”

79. They said: “you know that we have no right to your daughters, and you know what we want.”

80. He said [addressing the messengers]: “if only I have power by you, or I shelter in a strong building.”

81. They said: “O Lott, we are your Lord’s messengers, they will not reach you, depart with your family by the night, turn not back, none of you, except your wife, what will strike them will strike her, their appointment is in the morning, is not the morning near?”

82. So when Our Aim came We prosecuted its terminal, We rained upon it stones from the Asteroid Belt,

83. Destined by your Lord, it is not far from the darkened ones.

[This is the story of Lott that is Abraham, hence the confusion with the names, and the times which are hundreds of millennia apart,

And Abraham has endeavoured to free himself from the illness of the people of Lott, and lives a life of purity, by his Lord’s teaching.

And when we have warned the people of falling down in the ills of sensuality we warn them of sensuality of all shapes and forms,

And if we make the warning stronger about homosexuality, it is because its consequences are painful, in the present life and the ones to come, and not because The Law sets arbitrary laws,

And if we make the warning stronger about homosexuality, it is not to condone the vilification of homosexual people,

Those who think they can acquire holiness by slandering others are further from holiness than any one of their victims,

And they had better preoccupy themselves in examining themselves before attempting to judge others.

And if it comes to your notice that people have ills, make not their ills a subject of your chatter,

All are ill in this low world, and aim to be free from all illness: that is: not knowing who you are and where your thoughts and emotions and desires come from,

And if people’s ills are harmful to others, those people should be barred from others, and people cannot punish people justly, but karma can.]

84. And to Midyan, their Brother Shu’ayb [The Self], said he: “O people, you have no deity except Him break not the rule and the justice, I see you in affluence, and I fear for you the suffering of a surrounding day,

85. “And O people, carry out your rule and the justice by The Balance, diminish not people’s things, ravage not and despoil not in the earth,

86. “God’s Lasting [things] are better for you if you are believers, and I am over you not a protector.”

87. They said: “O Shy’ayb, do your prayers dictate to you that we forsake what our fathers worship, or that we do with our monies what they forebode [giving it away]? It is you the dreamer in direction.”

88. Said he: “O people, have you seen if I am in certainty of my Lord, and if He provided me thereby good providence? I want not to contradict you in what I deter you from, I want but to reform as much as I can; my well-doing is only by God, upon Him I rely, and to Him I hand-over [everything];

89. “And O people, let not my resentment [of you] incriminate you: that you would be struck by what struck the people of Noah or the people of Houd, or the people of Saleh, and the people of Lott are not far from you,

90. “And beg your Lord’s Forgiveness and repent to Him, my Lord is compassionate and Proximate.”

91. They said: “we understand not much of what you say, and we see you weak amongst us, and if it was not for your few dignitaries, we would have stoned you, you are not of a high stature to us.”

92. Said he : “O people, are my few dignitaries of a higher stature to you than God? And you have taken Him behind you, of exhibition; my Lord encompasses what you do,

93. “And O people, do [whatever you can] for your establishment, I am the doer; you will find out who receives the suffering which demeans one, and who is the liar, and be watchful, I am with watching.”

94. And when Our Aim cam, We rescued Shu’ayb and those who believed with him by Compassion from Us, and those who darkened were taken by the shout, and they stayed in their dwellings still,

95. As if they had not thrived in it; lo, away with Midyan, as it was done away with Thamud.

96. And We sent Moses with Our Paragons and a decisive authority,

97. To the Paraoh and his people, they followed [instead] the Pharaoh’s aim, and the Pharaoh’s aim is not in direction.

98. He leads his people the day of the Uprise, low-down is the arrival arrived.

99. And they are supplemented in this one [the low world] by damnation, and the day of the Uprise; low-down is the giving given.

100. This is of the news of the countries We recount to you, some of them are still up, and [some have been] chopped off.

101. We have not wronged them, but they wronged themselves, their gods they called below God suffice them not in anything when your Lord’s Aim comes, and they increase only in destitution.

102. Thus took your Lord when He took the countries which darkened, His taking is tough and painful.

103. In this is a paragon for those who fear the suffering of the hereafter, this is a Day to which the people will be summoned, it is a Day to be witnessed [by all].

104. We defer it only to an accounted term.

105. When it comes, no self speaks except by His Leave, so some are miserable and [some are] in joy.

106. As for those who are miserable, in hell they are, they have in it an inhale and an exhale [of a donkey’s bray].

107. Eternal in it, so long as the heavens and the earth are, except what your Lord will, your Lord is Doer of what He wanteth.

108. As for those who have joy they are in the Garden, eternal in it, so long as the heavens and the earth are, except what your Lord will, a gratuity not severed.

109. So be not [addressing his Brother] in doubt of what those worship, they worship only what their ancestors worshipped before, and We shall pay back to them their earnings undiminished.

110. And We gave Moses the Book, they differed about it, and if it was not for a word of a Forerunner from your Lord, He would have judged between them, but they are in a doubt enormous of Him.

111. And each, your Lord shall yet pay them back their deeds; He is of what they do all informed.

112. So be straightened as you were commanded, and those who have repented with you; and tyrannise not, He is of what you do all Seer.

113. And rest not in those who darkened or the fire will touch you, and you have no patrons below God, then you will not be made victors.

114. And uphold the prayers, the extremities of the day, and the near parts of the night, good deeds remove the bad ones, this is remembrance to those who remember.

115. And be forbearing, God wastes not the reward of the radiant ones.

116. If it was not for those of the eras before you, of Lasting [Reality], who deter from despoliation in the earth… except of a few of them that We salvaged; and those who darkened follow the affluence they are in, and they are criminals.

117. And your Lord was not to destroy the countries wrongfully and while their people are reformers.

[For, the earth is meant to be reformed; this is the mission by which The Lord honours the abiders in Him.

And of the countries: of what use are those who, millennium after millennium they learn nothing, they cannot even manage their own lives, they cannot to any degree cooperate and live justly with one another, they cannot even understand the basic laws of nature, of what use are they to themselves or to the earth?

When countries have only hatred to spill out and toxins to splash and blood to shed, they have to be destroyed,

And they deserve not the minds they have been given, a beast’s body is better for them and the world: not being wrongful, not being wronged.]

118. And if your Lord wanted, He would have made the people one nation; and they would still differ.

119. Except those whom your Lord mercified, and it is for this purpose that He created them, and your Lord’s Word is accomplished: I shall fill the low world of the Gone people and the people altogether.

120. And of each We recount to you the news of the messengers, of what affirms your heart, and in this [coming] The Law came to you, and advice and remembrance to the believers.

121. And say to those who do not believe: do [whatever you can] for your establishment, We are the doers.

122. And await, We are awaiting.

123. And to God is the Unseen of the heavens and the earth, all the Aim is returned to Him entirely, abide in Him rely on Him, your Lord is not oblivious of what you do.


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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