Surah 12
[The Book of]

1. Alef Lam Raa’ (A L R) these are the verses of the Clarifying Book,

2. We have descended it a Lectrum Articulate (Qur’an Arabic), may you [the people] discern.

3. We recount to you [the messenger] the most radiant history, by what We inspired to you in this Lectrum (Qur’an), though you were before this of the dormant ones.

[O Sun of Joseph, rise,

And like Thou hast risen in Arjuna, Gautama, David, Socrates, Confucius, Johan, Sharhabeel, al-Muqtaná, Nanak and John Smyth]

4. When Joseph said to his Father: “my Father, I saw eleven Stars, and the Sun and the Moon, I saw them bowing to me.”

5. He [the father: Amenhotep III: Abraham] said: “my son, recount not your vision to your brothers [Thutmose the sculptor, Moses, and his brothers] they will plot their plots; Satan is a divisive enemy of man’s;

6. “Thus your Lord will bring you close, and teach you the meanings of the Discourses, and complete His Providence for you and the children of Jacob, as He completed it to your Parents, before Abraham and Isaac; your Lord is Knowledgeable Sovereign.”

7. There were paragons in Joseph and his brothers, for those who question;

8. When they said: “Joseph and his brother are favoured by our father over us, and we are a few inheritors, our father is in a far bewilderment [for, Joseph and his brother, Horemheb: Jacob, were born to a legal royal marriage, while those were the sons of a mistress of Amenhotep III’s - a Hebrew woman of a lower socio-economic class, in the complex social structure of Egypt of that time - who Amenhotep III married, in order to establish ties with the immigrants to Egypt, who had become a prominent power];

9. “Kill Joseph, or ram him on the earth, so his father’s attention (face) is devoted to you, and after him [Joseph] you will be a good people.”

10. Said one of them: “do not kill Joseph, but throw him in the wilderness of the Abyss, passers-by will pick him up, if you do.”

11. They said: “our father, why do you not trust us with Joseph, and we are to him advisors,

12. “Send him along with us to ruffle and play and we are his protectors.”

13. Said he: “it saddens me that you take him, I fear the Wolf might eat him while you are of him inattentive.”

14. They said: “if the Wolf eats him, and we are a few inheritors, we are thence losers.”

15. So when they went with him and they unanimously agreed to have him in the wilderness, We inspired to him: “you will inform them of this aim of theirs, while they feel not.”

16. So they came to their father in the evening crying,

17. They said: “our father, we went to bewilder, we left Joseph where our pleasures were, the Wolf thus ate him, and you will not believe us, though we are honest [for the aim of showing their father that Joseph was not the holy man that he thought he was, they took Joseph to a brothel].

18. They came with his dress with false [white] blood on it, said he [their father]: “but no, it was your selves which enticed you to your aim; patience is beautiful, God is Overlooker about what you describe.”

19. And passers-by came; they sent their representative, he gave (delivered) his speech (requirements); said he: “glad tidings, this is a young man”, they confided to him information, and God is the Knower of what they do.

[Disenchanted by his father, his father’s mistresses, his step brothers and their intrigue, their religion and beliefs, he decided to quit the palace to join a community of people at Amarna, where Akhnaten, the prayers be by him, had been teaching God’s Religion.]

20. They exchanged (paid) him petty cash, a few Dirham’s, and were by him indifferent.

21. Said the one from Egypt who brought him to his woman: “honour his residence, he may be useful to us, or we may adopt him”; and thus We enabled Joseph in the earth, to teach him the meaning of the discourses, and God is Sovereign over his Aim, but most people know not.

22. And when he reached maturity We bestowed on him knowledge and sovereignty, thus We reward the radiant ones.

23. And the one [Nefertiti] in whose house he was, made advances to him, she closed the doors and said: “come on”, he said: “God is my resort; my Lord has made my life good, darkened people achieve none.”

24. And she took off for him and he took off for her if he had not seen his Lord’s Proof, thus we divert evil and obscenity [from him], he is of our faithful servants.

25. And they raced to The Báb (Door), and his dress (body) was cracked from the back, and they found her master at the Door, she said: “what is the consequence for those who plan evil to your people, except to be imprisoned, or severe suffering?”

26. He said: “she made advances to me” and a witness from her people witnessed: “if his dress (body) was cracked at the front, she said true and he is a liar,

27. “And if his dress (body) is cracked from the back, she told a lie and he is of the honest ones.”

28. So when he [her master, Ay] saw his dress (body) cracked from the back, he said: “it is of your [women’s] intrigue, verily your intrigue is grave.

 29. “Joseph, recline from this, and you [addressing his daughter Nefertiti], beg forgiveness if you are a wrong-doer.”

[The common belief then, not unlike the belief of the people of the Book of today’s, was that women were the “necessary evil” genesis, and that their genitalia were a sign from the creator of their inferiority,

And this finds root in the early days of the human experiment, when the alphas were neither gender,

Until Satan and later Iblis exhibited a female dress (body);

The crack at the front triggered all the reactions: of ridicule, amusement, fear, resentment, curiosity…

Satan and Iblis launched their campaign to convince some souls to adopt that figure,

As it is the dark spot of every soul, hence the projection of the alpha in itself, it could take any form, and could be used as a corridor to the joy of existence, reminiscent of the First Encounter, which can only be viewed by the human consciousness in the distance as a line going through a grot.

Satan and Iblis, by the Lord’s Leave, were able to project their consciousness to their dark spots, and seduced humanity to do the same, and humanity found herself in an orgy, of which the radiant souls were regretful and repentant, while the darkened ones found in it their desires of independence.

Those who took the female form stayed female, and those who took the male form stayed males, and a few were lost between the genders,

And the Lord told the females to be protectors and guardians of the males, and not their source of sensual pleasures; for the females had consequent higher emotional intelligence, whereas the males had the consequent restless nature;

The females who disobeyed their Lord took a very dark nature; they became the ushers of Satan and Iblis in their ominous comings;

And darkened souls, male or female, use every thread of this grand creation to sow seeds of difference and dissention, and until today, the battles of the sexes are still raging, and a lot of wrong is still being done to women in the name of religion, and many pagan practices and beliefs are still alive, despite God’s Book across place and time; and women are still being killed of shame of honour, contrary to what the Book taught, but very little do they understand.

This is what we are inspired to recount to you about this, for the intellect can comprehend little, and the memories are in one’s alpha when one is ready to reach them,

Early memories of mankind’s sexuality come to sensitive souls in their dreams, they should have no guilt about them, but rather contemplate them to uncover the secrets of their selves, and help them on their journey to liberation,

And let the magicians and the scientists lay lies, they only dig holes of their agony.]

30. And some women in the town said: “the woman of the dear one [Ay: Abdu’l-Baha’; Baha’u’Llah: Abraham’s son] has made advances to her boy, she is infatuated with love, and we see her in a divisive bewilderment.”

 31. So when she heard of their intrigue she sent to them [invitations], and she arranged for them a lounge and gave each one of them peace and tranquillity and said [addressing Joseph]: “come out to them”, so when they saw him they were awed by him, they cut off their hands [of action] and said: “beside God! This is not human, but a lofty angel.”

[As Akhnaten, Imhotep, the Hermes of all the Hermii, The Messiah, the prayers be by him, God’s messenger to the world, Gabriel the Angel, The Door that is The Báb, had come with the Sun, to guide humanity to a new era of awareness; and in Tel Amarna he established a community of believers, Israelites, and taught Philosophy, and guided those who sought freedom to freedom,

And Joseph had known of his coming, and hence his decision to join that community.

It is therefrom that monotheism was given rise: One God, which was carried to the Gone people by Moses, whose followers awarded him the stolen title of Akhnaten later, and by his half-brother Aaron, Tutankhamun, who deified himself.]

32. She said: “this is the one about whom you blamed me, and I made advances to him but he reclined, and if he does not do his Aim of His, he will be imprisoned and will be belittled.”

33. Said he: “Lord, prison is favoured to me over what they call me to, and if Thou dost not divert their intrigue away from me I may fancy them, I will thence be ignorant.”

34. So his Lord responded to him and diverted their intrigue away from him, it is He The Hearer The Knower.

35. Then it appeared to them [Ay and his entourage] after they saw the paragons that they should imprison him for a term.

36. And two young men [Moses and his half-brother, Aaron] one of them said: “I see me pressing wine”, and the other said: “I see me carrying bread over my head, the birds eat it; inform us of its meaning, we see you a radiant one.”

37.  He said: “no aliment has come to you as providence, of which I have not informed you of its meaning before it came to you, this is what my Lord has taught me, I have quit the creed of a people who believe not in God and in the hereafter they are disbelievers,

38. “And [the creed] followed the creed of my ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we were not to affix anything to God, this is God’s elevation to us and all the people, but most people are not appreciative;

39. “O two prison keepers, scattered lords are better, or God The One The Dominant?

40. “What you worship below Him is but names that you named yourselves, God descended no authority to them, The Reign is God’s only, He commanded that you worship none but Him, this is the Religion Ubiquitous, but most people know not;

41. “O two prison keepers, as for one of you, he will serve wine to his Lord; as for the other, he will be crucified, birds will eat from his head; the matter about which you have consulted me is settled”

42. And he said to the one amongst them whom he thought was saved [from death]: “remember me to your Lord”, so Satan made him forget the remembrance of his Lord, and he stayed in the prison for a few years.

[For, his step-brothers were to meet with him again, when John the Baptist witnessed the Last Supper and wrote it in his Gospel, and Joseph the carpenter and his son Jesus the son of man: the former offered bread and wine to his Lord, the latter was thence crucified, as is witnessed now.

As for why The Lord, transcends He, names them prison guards, it is because they guard the cave, so no one can set foot outside it in the light, unless their light scares the beasts, as told in Surah of The Cave by the Lord’s Leave.

And Joseph at some point is made dormant by his Lord, and as declared in this Book, to drift to come back, as in The Chamber, when The Lord manifested the Summa to the angels, and the Forerunner and the Follower hovered to the angels to invite them,

The beasts stand in their way, so The Lord looks them, transcends He, His look is Power to him and his brother, so they conquer the beasts and rejoin their Family and bring the angels along.

And it is during this visit of Moses and Aaron to Tel Amarnah that they met God’s Messenger the Khidre (green), as told the Book, and sought guidance, for themselves and later their people, for they saw the ills of their pagan beliefs,

And their journey of inquisition and self-exploration is told in this Book as we read it to you by The Lord’s Leave, a journey which was reduced to a fishing picnic and an adventure akin to Sinbad’s, by the preachers of darkness, who still are intent to keep the people in the dark,

They say: “the people cannot understand, give them food, alcohol, smoke and offspring and you can rule them, and they will be happy and so will you be”,

And today, and after millennia of bloodshed and barbarity, they want to cling to their putrid sins,

But the time they were given is coming to an end, and their sins are being brought forward to them, and every lie has an expiry date stamped on it, so abear the darkened ones, abear them lengthily.]

43. And the king said: “I see seven fat cows, being eaten by seven meagre ones, and seven green stems of wheat and others dry, O people, advise me about my vision, if vision can you probe.”

44. They said: “frivolous dreams, and we are not of interpreting dreams knowledgeable.”

45. And the one of the two [jail guards] who was saved and became masculine after being feminine said: “I will inform you of its meaning, so send me along.”

46. [Said he:] “Joseph, O zadokite (honest one), counsel us of seven fat cows, eaten by seven meagre ones, and seven green wheat stems and others dry, may I return to the people, may they be informed.”

47. He [Joseph] said: “you sow for seven years diligently, what you reap you leave it in its stems, except a little of what you consume,

48. “Then after this come Seven Hard [orbs of human existence; has there ever been a while of time when mankind was nothing mentionable?], eating what you offered them, except a little of what you fortress,

49. “Then after this comes a year when the people are replenished and in it they dawn [in a new age].”

[Thus, the good seed the believers sowed in the first orb of human existence germinates seven stems, in seven orbs of human existence, in each stem are a hundred seeds, and The Lord multiplies to whomever He will,

And during the six orbs of darkness the souls cannot reap, until the end of the last call of darkness, when Judgement Day is due, when no faith will benefit a self who had none before, or a self whose faith benefited not her.]

50. The king said: “bring him to me”, so when the messenger [Joseph] came to him, he said to him: “return to your Lord, and ask Him about the women who cut off their hands, my Lord is all informed of their intrigue.”

[Moses and Aaron and their agents in Amarna had spread false news of Joseph having mistresses in Ay’s house, their jealousy of him and their desire to destroy him in every way went relentlessly after, and until the present, they spared not any avenue,

And while Amenhotep III knows, he worships Satan and Iblis unknowingly, yet he is always ahead of both of them,

And he will come soon to carry this message to the people to give rise to monotheism: one religion, one book;

And his two sons who sneered at him and talked to him to belittle him: he has always said: patience is beautiful;

His patience will be rewarded when they both have to submit to him, like the circus performer tames his beasts;

He and Ay were the first to believe the Tablets of the Báb, the prayers be by him, so Abraham broke his silence after three Sunrises, as Zakaraya was ordered,

But it is not him,

This is him of whom The Báb foretold: the one who sees The Lord, transcends He;

The destroyer of the two Laws, the reader of the Qur’an, the bringer of glad tidings, the incandescent lamp,

And Abraham will come soon to carry his message to all the people, he will be entitled “The Guided” one, and all the prophecies will be fulfilled,

And a new dawn of human civilisation thus breaks, and peace and mutual understanding between the peoples of the earth and prosperity dominate,

And your Master The Messiah will come to rule The Republic of The World.]

 51. Said he [the king]: “what is your position, when you made advances to Joseph?” they said: “beside God! We know no evil in him; the dear one’s woman [Nefertiti] said: “now the truth has crystallised, [it was] I [who] made advances to him, he is of the honest ones;

52. “That, so he [Moses, to whom she was engaged to be wedded later, their love story was told in the Bible that the Pharisees later wrote] may know that I did not betray him in [his] absence, God guides not the betrayers’ intrigue;

53. “I vindicate not myself, the self is indeed commander of evil, except them whom my Lord mercified, my Lord is Forgiver Compassionate.”

[Nefertiti, Zam Zam, and Amenhotep III were the first embracers of the new religion.]  

54. And the king said: “bring him to me, I select him for myself”, so when he spoke to him he said: “you are today with us established and secure.” [At that point Amenhotep III was replaced by Ay, during a most turbulent time of ancient Egypt.]

55. Said he [Joseph]: “put me in charge of the records of the land, I am a keeper and knower.”

[He set basic trigonometry and similarity of geometric shapes and hence devised a technique of topography and map-drawing which was kept secret and used in ancient Egypt for a long time;

He devised a system of record keeping for treasury;

His astronomical knowledge was elaborate, and it was him who noticed that an eclipse of the sun was due, which would cause the water of the Red Sea to recede to a level never seen before, which made the crossing thereof possible in some places,

So he consulted his Lord Akhnaten and he informed Moses, and thus a miracle was observed.

So when Galileo: Albert Einstein, declared that the earth was not the centre of the world and that the planets were round, and that the moon was just of desert, mountains and rock…

It was hardly news; for, the knowledgeable ones of ancient India, Egypt, China, Maya, North Europe and Greece knew all along,

But it was the fallacies which have been cast over the teaching of God’s prophets which granted Albert Einstein the title of the hero at that time.

And the times were different, and humanity is meant to come closer to the Truth, and every time has its knowns and unknowns; knowns and unknowns which are neither knowns and nor unknowns, except in human illusion, and rests the Truth.

So Galileo was disappointed that the beauty of the moon and the poetry and the music about it was out of place… but was it?

For, his discovery is written in ink on paper: that is just a physical occurrence…

Except in one’s mind, where it is truly written; tell Albert Einstein.]

56. Thus We established for Joseph in the earth, he sojourns in it wherever he will, We target with Our Compassion whomever We will, We waste not the reward of the radiant ones.

57. The reward of the hereafter is better for those who believed and took refuge.

58. And Joseph’s brothers came, they entered and he recognised them, and they were deniers of him.

[As he was capable of seeing their alphas and remembering their first moves,

But they had not an idea in whose presence they were, and this is one of the meetings recounted in Surah of The Peaks.]

59. And when he equipped with their equipment [the teaching that The Lord descended to him, and that included the commandments, which were later carved on stone by Moses] said he: “bring me a brother of yours from your father; see you not that I reset the balance and I am the best of those who descend?

60. “If you do not bring him to me you have no rule with me, and approach me not.”

61. They said: “we will approach our father about him, which we shall do.”

62. And he said to his young men [his disciples]: “put their goods where they belong, may they recognise it if they returned to their people, may they want to revert.”

[So the teaching was given to them mingled with their terminology, like all messages, so it brings out what is truly in their hearts,

God’s teaching cannot mingle with the rot.]

63. So when they returned to their father, they said: “our father, the balance (the rule) has been barred to us, send our brother along with us, so we may [have] rule, and of him we shall be protectors.”

64. Said he: “do I entrust him to you, except as I entrusted his brother to you before? God is The Good Protector, He is Compassion of all the compassionate ones.”

65. And when they opened their pleasures they found their goods returned to them, they said: “our father, we do not desire these goods returned to us, so we supply our people and we protect our brother and we increase [our] rule of the dumb ones: this is easy rule.”

66. Said he: “I will not send him along with you until you bring me an Oath from God, so you may come to me by Him, or you will be surrounded”; so when they brought their Oath he said: “God is over what we say Overseer.”

67. And he said: “my sons, enter not from one Door, and enter from scattered doors, I make you not self-sufficient and needless of God in anything, Sovereignty is God’s only, on Him I rely, and on Him those who rely should rely.”

68. And when they entered from where their father told them, nothing made them self-sufficient and needless of God; except [that there was] a wish in Jacob’s [Horemheb’s] mind that he fulfilled, and he [Horemheb] is a knowledgeable one, but most people know none.

[The struggle for the throne of Egypt was of humanity’s most difficult times, and not unlike today, every time there is emptiness in people’s minds and philosophical bankruptcy, it creates strife, conflict, hardship, natural disasters, plagues, famine …  so the people put their belief to the test and exercise self-examination;

The meeting between Moses and the Pharaoh which is recounted in Surah of The Peaks and other Surah’s was only one of many meetings, when he demanded ascension to the throne of Egypt,

But he later settled with his people when he crossed the Red Sea to Canaan, heading for the Mount, where today is the city of Jerusalem or al-Quds, where he in the past failed to look his Lord.

The magical power Moses was believed to have was his sculptor skills,

In a time when people were a lot more naïve and simple: people who had talent were thought to be of supernatural authority, and were called magicians and wizards by the terminology of their times;

And Moses frightened the people by his looks, the sharp vision of his dark blue eyes and his intelligence, and many were awed by him;

And the statues that he carved were all but alive, and his people asked him often to carve for them a god to worship, recounts the Qur’an, but he was angry and refused to draw them back to paganism;

Except his half-bother-son Aaron, Tutankhamun - from an incestuous encounter, for the purpose of having a descendant of Amenhotep III who was closer by blood, and hence more entitled to the throne than Horemhoteb;

Aaron’s deeds are also recorded, and we have brought forward some of this history in the Book of Isaiah.

As for Amenhotep III, an usher of darkness, as recounts the Qur’an, when his Lord said to him: “God comes by the Sunrise, you come by the Sunset”,

Yet he is always ahead of Satan and Iblis in his existential awareness, they are the aim of the people, wherever they turn their faces the people will follow them,

And the human experiment has to be fulfilled, that is The Creation and The Aim, and The Lord is Sovereign over all;

His lack of understanding of the reality of resurrection has survived across the ages,

He was told to bury his birds in different spots, so when they came back to him, in a pseudo-scientific investigation he dug up their graves, and those which he found: he concluded: were the ones which were not resurrected;

Thus his followers mummied their bodies;

And even now, the people of the book in all their creeds believe the soul resides in the grave, and it is those bones and dust that will be resurrected;

Little hence has humanity learned;

And he was told that he will reside in this House, and so he will, yet he has to recognise his property, and perhaps he can teach his followers the truth about resurrection after all;

And the suffering and the fright of millions of people of their dead bodies devoured by dust, ants and snakes, which has haunted them for millennia, will, The Lord willing, dissipate.]

69. And when they entered to Joseph, his brother took refuge in him, and said he [Joseph]: “I am your brother, be not saddened by what they were doing.”

70. So when he [Joseph] equipped them with their equipment, he made the Fount in his brother’s Supply, then a crier cried: “O you dumb ones, you are thieves.”

71. They [the dumb ones] came and said to them: “what have you lost?”

72. They said: “we have lost the Kingdom’s Goblet, and those who have come with it carried [it] like donkeys, and I [Joseph] am by Him a Claimant.”

73. They [the dumb ones] said: “honest to God, you know we came not to despoil the earth, and we were not thieves.”

74. They [Joseph’s disciples] said: “so what is its punishment if you were liars?”

75. They [Joseph’s disciples] said: “its punishment is that whoever is found with his [Aaron’s supply] he is his punishment”; thus We sanction the darkened ones.

76. So he [Joseph] started with their [the dumb ones’] repositories [of belief], before his brother’s repository, then he withdrew it [their belief] from his brother’s repository; thus We enabled Joseph, he was not to hold his brother [responsible] for the king’s religion, until God will; We elevate in ranks whomever We will, and above every knowledgeable man is The Knower.

77. They [Joseph’s disciples] said: “if he steals, a brother of his stole before”, so Joseph kept that secret to himself and did not show it to them, and said he [addressing the followers of Aaron]: “you are in a worse position, and God is the Knower of what you describe.”

78. They [Joseph’s disciples] said: “O dear one, he [Joseph] has a Father, a Revered Elder, take our One in his [Aaron’s] place, we see you a radiant one.”

79. Said he [the dear one]: “the resort is in God, that we take none, except him, in whom we find our pleasures, we are thence wrong doers.”

80. So when they gave up all hope on him [Ay], they ended the plea, their eldest [who was Judas after] said: “do you not know that your Father took your Oath, and this was before, [that] you let not Joseph down, I shall not leave the earth until my Lord permits me, or that He judges for me, He is the Good of all the judges;

81. “Return to your father, and say: ‘our father, your son [Aaron] has stolen, and what we have witnessed to is what we have [already] known, and what we have been to the Unseen is [but] keepers [thereof];

82. “‘Ask the town in which we were and the dumb ones to whom we came, we are honest.’”

83. Said he: “but it was your egos which enticed you [to] an aim, patience is beautiful, may God brings them [all his sons] to me, it is He the Knowledgeable The Sovereign.”

[His indecisiveness reflects the vagueness of his vision, as he recognises Joseph, yet he worships Aaron, and hence his advice to his sons to “enter from scattered doors”.]

84. So he turned away from them and said: “O my sorrow over Joseph”, and his eyes watered of sadness, he suppressed his anger.

[The word that we translated to “watered” is written in the Othmanic script as ibyaddat;

Bearing in mind that the original texts upon which the Othmanic script was based did not have dots, we read this word as inbaddat or ibtaddat from the root of badddda, to seep, amongst other meanings;

Thus the verse takes an accurate description of a sad’s person’s eyes, and the supernatural is omitted.

God’s Word and Creation is not supernatural, but only in the affixers’ minds, who see the habitual as absolute, affix to it the supernatural, and then claim that they believe in one god;

What they see is lawlessness (ghayr al-haqq) and multiple overlapping absolutenesses;

Their fallacies have covered God’s Teaching, hence he was named “the seal” (al-khaatam).]

85. They [Aaron and his followers] said: “to God [all will settle]! Do you [Amenhotep III] remember Joseph so as to be dropped out or be ruined?”

86. Said he: “but I complain my predicament and my sadness to God, and I know from God what you know not;

87. “O my children go and sense from Joseph and his Brother, despair not of God’s Spirit, no one despairs of God’s Spirit except darkened people.”

88. So when they entered him, they said: “O Dear one, harm has touched us and our families, so we have come with a deal conciliatory, reciprocate to us the rule, and be honest with us, God loves those who are honest.”

89. Said he: “do you know what you have done to Joseph and his Brother consequence of your ignorance?”

90. They said: “you are Joseph”, said he: “I am Joseph and this is my Brother, God has lavished us, whoever forbears and takes refuge: God wastes not the reward of the radiant ones.”

[With the help of his brother Horemheb, Joseph organised a coup d’état, and Aaron was taken by surprise;

Joseph wanted to hand over the reign to his Brother, his Father and Master: Akhnaten; and Horemheb was completely compliant.]

91. They [Aaron and his followers] said: “to God! He favoured you over us, and we are wrong-doers.”

92. Said he: “no shame is on you, today God forgives you, He is The Compassion of all the compassionate ones;

93. “Take this body of mine, lay it on my Father’s Countenance, He comes looking, and bring to me all your people together.”   

94. So when the dumb ones were separated their father said: “I sense the air (spirit) of Joseph, if only you do not trick.”

95. They said: “to God! You are in your old bewilderment.”

96. So when the Bringer of Glad Tidings came he [Amenhotep III] saw Him on His Countenance, thus he returned a seer; said he: “did I not tell you that I know from God what you know not?”

97. They said: “our father, forgive for us our wrongs, we were indeed wrong-doers.”

98. Said he: “I will beg forgiveness for you from my Lord, it is He The Forgiving The Compassionate.”

99. So when they entered to Joseph, he welcomed his Parents, and he said: “enter in Egypt, The Lord willing, amen.”

[Akhnaten and the Self, Peace be upon him; and as in their simultaneous manifestations, in the Sun’s Lights the Moon is unnoticed;

Thus John The Christ was unknown in history, except when he was remitted as Matthew, Peace be upon him,

Only the Druze of the Middle East have known him as Abu Ibrahim, Peace be upon him, since it was him who gave the glad tidings of the coming of John The Baptist to Zakaraya: Abraham;

And Zakaraya named his son after him.]

100. And he made his Parents ascend to the throne, and they [the people] bowed down to them, and said he: “my father, this is the original of my vision of before, my Lord has made it true and did me good, as He released me from the prison and brought you from the beginning, after that Satan niggled between me and my Brothers, my Lord is Clear to whatever He will, it is He The knower The Sovereign;

101. “Lord, Thou didst bring to me of the Kingdom, and taught me the Originals of the Discourses, Illustrator of the heavens and the earth, Thou art my Patron in the low world and the hereafter, redeem Thou me a Muslim, and join me with the righteous ones.”

[But Tutankhamun’s intrigue did overcome the people of Israel, he ascended to the throne and deified himself, he poisoned Tel Amarna and he built houses of rituals.]

102. This is of the tidings of the Unseen, We inspire it to you [Joseph]; for you were not amongst them when they gathered around their aim and plotted;

103. Not the majority of people – even if diligent – are believers.

104. You ask them not about it to reward them; it is but remembrance to the people.

105. How many paragons in the heavens and the earth do they pass by, yet they are from it declining.

106. And not the majority of them believe in God, except as affixers.

107. So are they assured that a veil of God’s suffering would come to them, or that the Hour would not come to them unexpectedly while they feel not?

108. Say [the messenger]: “this is my Way, I call to God upon vision, I and those who follow me, transcends God, and I am not an affixer.”

109. And We sent not before you [the messenger] but men, We inspired to them - of the people of human civilisations - have they not walked the earth to look how was the consequence of the ones before them? [Nay], the abode of the hereafter is better for those who took refuge, discern you not?

110. Until the messengers lost all hope, and suspected that they were falsified: our Triumph did come, so we salvage whomever We will, Our Might can be turned not from the criminal people.

111. Their history was an exemplar for the ones with a kernel, it was not a discourse of chatter, but confirmation of what is in his [the dark one’s] hand, and sectioning everything, Guidance and Compassion to the people who are amen.

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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