Surah 14

1. Alef Lam Ra’ (A L R), a Book We descended to you to drive the people out of darkness to the light by their Lord’s Leave, to the Path of The Exalted The Homage-Worth,

2. God Who has what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, woe to the darkened people of a suffering severe.

3. Those who desire the low lives over the hereafter, they bar from the Way of God, they want it crooked, those are in a far bewilderment.

4. And We sent no messenger except in his people’s tongue, to explain to them, and God bewilders whomever He will and He guides whomever He will, The Exalted The Sovereign.

5. And We sent Moses with Our Paragons, that bring your people out of darkness to the light and remind them of their Lord’s Paragons, in this indeed are paragons to every forbearing grateful one.

6. And when Moses said to his people: “remember God’s Providence onto you, when He saved you from the people of the Pharaoh, inflicting on you the worst of suffering, slaying your sons and slaving your women, that was from you Lord a great calamity.

7. “And when your Lord announced, that if you are thankful I shall increase for you, and if you darken, My suffering is severe.”

8. And Moses said: “if you disbelieve you and all who are on the earth: God is Needless, Homage-Worth.”

9. Have you not received the news of those before you, the people of Noah and Aad and Thamud, and the ones after them: no one knows them except God; their messengers came to them with evidence, they turned their [the messengers’] hands [the good they brought to them] by their talk and said: “we have disbelieved what you have messaged, and we are indeed in a confusing doubt of what you are calling us to.”

10. Their messengers said: “doubt in God? The Illustrator of the heavens and the earth, He calls on you to forgive for you of your sins and to reprieve you to an allotted term”, they said: “you are but humans like us, you want to bar us from what our ancestors worshipped, bring to us a distinguished authority.”

11. Their messengers said to them: “we are but humans like you, but God lavishes on whomever He will of His servants, and we are not to demonstrate authority except by God’s Leave, and upon God may all the believers rely;

12. “And why would we not rely on God, and He has guided us to our paths, and to forbear the harm you have inflicted on us, and upon God all those who rely should rely.”

13. Said those who disbelieved to their messengers: “we shall drive you out of our land, or you return to our creed”, so God inspired to them: “We shall destroy the wrong-doers,

14. “And We shall lodge you in the earth after them, this is for those who revere My Station and revere My Promise.”

15.  And they engaged, and frustrated was every stubborn and rutheless one.

16. Before him is hell, and made to drink insipid water;

17. He sips it and barely swallows it, and death comes to him from every place and he is not dead yet, and before him is a weighty suffering.

[And shall we remind you again, that there has not been a time when mankind was nothing mentionable,

And those civilisations were of previous orbs of human existence, on this earth in previous incarnations,

And the hell they have dwindled to is today’s hell: far, hot, dark, dry… and you see the people in it, their faces are grilled of fire, the suffering before them is severe,

Yet they cling to it, hoping to have a reprieve of some cool breeze,

But no sooner does a cool breeze come than some other calamity strikes, of illness, neediness, and pain,

And the blind and random elements of nature have to play their play; this is their world, regardless of peoples’ beliefs and rituals of begging,

They seem to love the suffering, as an addict loves his addiction,

They have pointed their minds solely to pain; this is all they can experience,

They are hence dead, although death has not come to them yet;

People in this world what is inside their hearts,

What will wake them? Until the compass has completed its cycle, of Compassion of their Lord, they will be contrite of what they did to themselves and what they thought of their Lord.

And the carvings in the momentous rocks of Mada’in Saleh, wrongly thought to be of a people in this orb of human existence, were reflected from a previous orb,

Satan and his henchmen carved those rocks and told them that these were permanent dwellings, withstanding the rages of nature,

And Thamud was Zam Zam’s name, who deified herself and declared herself an immortal ruler of her world.]


18. The model of those who darkened to their Lord: their deeds are like ash, momentous wind struck it on a day tempestuous, they can help not anything of what they earned; this is bewilderment afar.

19. Have you not seen that God created the heavens and the earth by The Law? Will He, He would rule: begone; and He would bring a creation anew.

20. And this is not exorbitant to God by any measure.

21. And they all came out to God, so the weak said to those prideful: “we were your followers, are you sparing us any of God’s suffering?” They say: “had God guided us we would have guided you, it is equal to us: whether we forbear or shun, we have no escape.”

22. And said Satan when the Aim ruled: “that God promised you the promise of The Law, and I promised you and I failed you; I had no authority on you, except that I called upon you and you responded; blame me not and blame yourselves, I cry not out to you in distress, and neither do you cry out to me in distress; I disbelieved in what you affixed me, the wrong doers have a suffering severe.”

23. And entered were those who believed and did good into gardens, the days stream underneath them, eternal they are in it by their Lord’s Leave, their salutations therein are The Peace.

24. Have you not seen how God draws a model: a virtuous word is like a virtuous tree, its root is constant, and its branch is in heaven.

25. It produces its fruit perpetually by its Lord’s Leave, and God draws the models to the people, may they remember.

26. And the model of an ominous word is like an ominous tree uprooted above the earth, it settles not.

27. God upholds in constancy those who have believed, by the constant say in the low lives and the hereafter, God bewilders the darkened ones, God doeth what He willeth.

[And if you have understood what was said before, you will understand what is being said now: there is nothing novel in God’s Word, and the truth is constant;

It is bewilderment that is in the nuances of The Word, for those who have chosen to bewilder, and God guides whomever He will and bewilders whomever He will.]

28. Have you not seen those who exchanged God’s Providence for darkness, and they lodged their people in the wreck house.

29. Hell is their confine, low-down is their settling.

30. They made equals to God to bewilder from His Path, say: “rejoice a little, your destiny is in the fire.”

31. Say to My abiders who have believed to keep up the prayers and to utilise the bounties that We bestowed on them, secretly and openly, before a day comes when no trading takes place, and there will be no intimate ones.

32. God Who created The Heavens and the Earth, descended from the sky water, produced fruit by it, a bounty for you; consecrated to you the orbiting planets in the ocean (the sky) by His Aim, consecrated to you the days (the rivers),

33. And consecrated to you the sun and the moon relentless, and consecrated to you the night and the day,

34. And He brought to you of everything you asked Him; if you count God’s bounties you will not number them, verily wrongful is man, ungrateful.

[For, long and before the creation suffixed, the creation was demonstrated to the creation in The Chamber, and between the consecutive constructs of humanity, and were asked: do you like it? How would you prefer it to be?

And when the ceiling was made of engravings and decorations, some liked it, and some found it meaningless and were daunted by it,

So The Lord, transcends He, exhibited His Okeanos in the ceiling, and the believers rejoiced to the view of the planets, the stars and the spiral galaxies and the different forms a spirit can take,

The pale ones were frightened.]

35. And when Abraham said: “Lord, make this country safe; divert me and my sons from worshipping totems;

36. “Lord, they have bewildered many people, he who follows me belongs to me, and he who disobeys me: Thou art Forgiving Compassionate;

37. “Our Lord, I have made my descendants dwell a valley of no vegetation at Thy forbidden house, our Lord that they may keep up the prayers; make incomers (hearts) of people fall down to them, bestow on them of the fruit, may they be grateful;

38. “Our Lord, Thou dost know what we secret and what we disclose, nothing in the earth is covert to God and neither in the sky;

39. “The homage is to God who granted me in seniority Ismail and Isaac, that God is Hearer of invocation;

40. “Lord, make me keep up the prayers, and my offspring, our Lord and accept my invocation;

41. “Our Lord, and forgive for me and for my parents and for the believers when the Judgement commences.”

42. Reckon not that God is oblivious of what the wrong-doers do; rather, He delays them to a day when the visions are transfixed aloft,

43. Looking of awe involuntarily, their heads lowered of humiliation, their eyes cannot return to them, and their hearts in a free fall.

44. And warn the people, the day the suffering becomes to them, those who wronged say: “our Lord, delay us to a near term, we shall respond to Thy Call, we shall follow the messengers”; did you not swear before? You have no solution.

45. And you dwelled in the dwellings of those who wronged themselves, and it was demonstrated to you what We did to them, and We drew for you the models.

46. They plotted their plots: their plots are indeed in God: even if their plots are capable of removing the mountains.

47. Reckon not that God breaks His promise to His messengers, God is The Exalted Retributive.

48. The Day when the earth is replaced by another earth, and the skies, and they all come out to God, The One The Dominant.

49. And you see the criminals thence with paired shackles.

50. Their clothing is of tar, their faces grilled with fire.

51. So that God rewards every self of what she has earned, God has a prompt appraisal.

52. This is a declaration to the people, that they be warned by it, and that they know that so He is One God, and that those who have kernels may remember.

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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