Surah 15
The Confine
1. Alef Lam Ra’ (A L R), the verses of The Book, and a clarifying Lectrum (Qur’an).
2. Perhaps those who darkened wish to be surrenderers (Muslims).
3. Let them eat and enjoy, and hope distracts them, but they will know.
4. We have not destroyed a country except [after] it had a known Book.
5. Nations cannot overtake their destiny, nor can they delay.
6. And they said: “O you to whom the remembrance was descended, you are mad,
7. “If you could come with angels, if you were honest.”
8. We descend no angel except by The Law, and [even] then they are not noticed.
9. It is We who descend the remembrance and We are for it Guardians.
10. And We sent before you to the sects of the early ones.
11. Not a messenger came to them, and they were not of him derisive.
12. And thus We make way for it in the criminal’s hearts.
[Those who took their religion as a trade of bloodshed and war,
They promise themselves hideous crimes and obscenity,
On the alters of their earth they sacrifice life, and when they sell their blood and they trade it,
Lost are the buyer, the seller and the broker, they will be destroyed like many before them, their footprints are still here,
But humanity learns little, if you change the ink they take a different writing, and if you change the writing they take the same ink.
They will be questioned, and their masters had better start thinking of answers which their enemies have not thought.
And they will get the punishment and the reward they promised themselves, not being wrongful not being wronged,
As we began the first creation we iterate it, a promise is due on us, in the Torah, in the Gospel and in the Qur’an. ]
13. They believe not in it, thus [re-] established is the school of the early ones.
14. And if We opened for them a door from the heavens, they would continue oscillating.
[Up and down, the rail to hell never derails, we take them, they say: “fear has apprehended us, in the dark we cannot see where you go”, we say: “patience is beautiful, soon you shall see the sunlight, where your life and death reside”;
And we tell them: “remember”,
And the knowledge of the newborn surpasses the adult’s, they look and see a lot more than the adult can, and remember, and they can hover;
But soon as they are apiculated to their low heaven, their vision and hearing is confined;
Except those which are dark, those come from darkness and return to darkness along the rail of darkness, to die again in the world of darkness upon darkness.]
15. And they would say: “our vision is closed, we are bewitched people.”
16. And We have made celestials in the sky and made it ornate for the on-lookers,
17. And We protected it from every out-cast demon,
18. Except to those who eavesdrop [to the recitals of the celestials], those are made to follow an obvious meteor.
19. And the earth, We expanded it, and We laid in it islands and We have sprouted in it of everything measured.
20. And We have made livelihoods for you in it and bounteousness, of which you are not the providers.
21. There is nothing, but the records thereof is in Our possession, We descend it only in know instalments,
22. We send the Spirits [wind] of pollination [re-birth], then We descend water from the sky and We serve it to you, and so long as you are keepers of it.
23. It is Us who enliven and deaden, and We are the inheritors.
24. And We know the advancing ones of you and We know those who are tardy.
25. And it is your Lord Who gathers them, is He Knower of all, Sovereign.
26. We have made man of clay of sharpened mud,
27. And the Gone people, We made them before of fire of the holes,
28. And when your Lord said to the angels: “I am Creator of a human of clay of mud sharpened,
29. “When I straighten him and I inspire to him of My Spirit, bow you down to him.”
30. So all the angels bowed down altogether,
31. Except Iblis, he declined to be with the bowing ones.
32. Said He: “Iblis, why are you not with the bowing ones?”
33. Said he: “I am not to bow to a human you created from clay from mud sharpened.”
34. Said He: “exit from it, you are thrown out,
35. “Upon you is damnation until Redemption Day”
36. Said he: “Lord, await me till the day they are remitted.”
37. Said He: “you are of the awaited ones,
38. “Till the Day of the known appointment.”
39. Said he: “Lord, by what Thou hast deluded me, I shall make the earth ornate for them and delude them altogether,
40. “Except the abiders in Thee, the sincere.”
41. Said He: “this is a Straight Path to Me,
42. “You have no authority over the abiders in Me, except over those of the deluded ones who follow you,
43. “And the inferno is their rendez-vous altogether,
44. “It has seven doors, for each door a group of them are divided.”
45. [As for] those who take refuge, they are in Gardens and the eyes,
46. Enter it by Salman (in peace) amen (safe),
47. And We removed hatred from their chests, brethren on lounges facing one another [postures of the soul in freedom from physical precipitation],
48. They are touched by no obstacles in it; they are not taken out of it,
49. Inform the abiders in Me: it is I the Forgiver The Compassionate,
50. And My suffering is most painful suffering.
[Iblis was given this name when he first declined to bow to his Master Adam The Whole mind, hence he became fatherless: Ab-Lys; also the one of darkness: Bi Lyal.
At this time, an opportunity was offered to him and to Zam Zam, when they were both allowed in the Garden, after the world was rounded, and the two worlds separated.
They did not like the company God’s angels, and they both thought they were smarter,
They were resentful of their Lord; memories of disobeying their Lord, in earlier times of human existence, were still fresh in their minds.
They were uncomfortable in the peace and the tranquillity of the Garden; they did not even like the food: it was too good and too wholesome for their bad taste,
They failed to experience the Garden; hence they thought that the residents of the Garden were delirious and stupid,
So The Lord tells humanity that humanity will be remitted in physical bodies of clay, the miracle that in this temple all the corridors of Existence: dense and clear (lateef): up or down the tree of potentiality: are open to one, at one’s discretion.
And that in this temple the people can reach their summum, hence they had to bow to them, for they are His Eyes and Arms and Will in the low world.
The miracle of life in a physical body: it is possible in a physical body,
Hence we taught; we also taught: let Thy Kingdom be on earth, as it is in heaven.
So Iblis and Zam Zam and the Forerunner went down the tunnels of hell, and the remainder of their story: we have told.
As for Satan and his seed, they were already in the inferno, of an inferior like to humanity,
In the fire he finds comfort, as he told his followers.
The Lord begins the creation and iterates it, in a new genesis, to experience the physical world from a new height, or a new low, or under a different heaven, and the nuances of life in a physical world are diverse, and their suffering and their leisure are diverse.
So the six Orbs of human existence are the doors to hell, after the first Orb terminated in a tragedy: of the entire cosmos being drowned in the holes of hell of strong gravity: of human aberration.
And the doors of hell are indeed seven, each leading to a continent. They were closed off in the beginning of this present Orb, as testified this Grand Book: “it is closed off to them, in tunnels laid down.”
So in every Orb, humanity is sifted once again, and The Lords picks the jewels only, which are not burnt by fire, not muddied by earth, not crumbling of dryness and dissolving not in water, testified The Ghita, and The Ghita was first taught in Eden.]
51. And inform them of the guests of Abraham,
52. They entered [to] him and said: “Salman”, he said: “we are of you intimidated.”
53. They said: “be not intimidated, we give you the glad tidings of a knowledgeable boy.”
54. He said: “do you give me the tidings that old age has come to me? So what glad tidings do you have?”
55. They said: “we have given you the glad tidings by The Law, so be not of the depressed ones.”
56. Said he [God’s messenger, Abraham’s guest]: “and no one is depressed of his Lord’s Compassion except the bewildered ones.”
57. Said he: “so what are you up to, O messengers?”
58. Said they: “we are sent to criminal people,
59. “Except the house of Lott, we are salvaging them all,
60. “Except his wife, we have decided she is of the drifting ones.”
61. So when the messengers came to Lott,
62. Said he: “you are unwanted people.”
63. Said they: “but we have come to you with that in which they were merry,
64. “And we have come to you with The Law and we are sincere,
65. “Depart with your family in a cut of the night, and remove from their trail and no one turns back of you, and proceed to where you are commanded.”
66. And We ruled to him this aim: that the trail of those will be severed by the sunrise.
67. And the people of the town came inquiring,
68. He said: “these are my guests, do not scandalise me,
69. “Take refuge in God and do not disappoint me.”
70. They [the messengers] said: “did we not forbid you from the people?”
71. Said he [addressing the people of the town]: “these are my daughters, if you are to do.”
72. [Said the messengers to Lott] “By your life, in their inebriation they are astray.”
73. The shout took them at sunrise,
74. We turned upon it its terminal, and We rained on it stones from the Meteor Belt,
75. In this are paragons for those who seek [education],
76. And it [the education] is in a lasting path,
77. In this are paragons for the believers.
[When natural disasters happen, the people are divided,
One group say this is the avenge of our god, perhaps the choreography of our rituals was not right, or perhaps we did not perform often or long enough,
Or they might just say: our god does what he will, we surrender to him, and so he inflict on us more suffering;
And the other group say: this is just a random eventuality of nature.
But it is the centres of gravity of the people who are told why, hence Abraham’s guests,
And so the message is passed down to the people, generation after generation, and orb after orb,
And God’s suffering is severe, says this Grand Book, to those who have discerning minds,
And humanity’s suffering is neither vengefulness, and nor is it sadism,
And nor is it the stomping of a blind she-camel, as the Arabic saying goes,
And if it is to be seen as either: it is to be seen by The Law, or God’s suffering is really severe,
So the people ask, what wrong have we done?
The people were meant to have leisure for a term, testified this Grand Book,
Humanity was not created to suffer, sinful from the moment of its liberation,
Humanity has been endowed with vision and hearing, and memory and compassion, to admire the world and know one another (li-ta3aarafoo), to enjoy and increase their knowledge,
And that is a lot of endowment, if you understand.
But those who want it crooked will be dealt a crooked deal, and this is bad news for them,
They blame their god, they blame their enemies’ conspiracies, and they blame the supernatural evil beings and the random events,
So they blind to their own corruption, and nothing can save them from their suffering, that is a catastrophic event.
And the people of Gomorra were the descendants of a civilisation which was destroyed before, and the sins and the events reincarnated,
Gomorra was on the other side of the globe, on which the people of the thick tree lived,
And now located there what is called south Asia and south East Asia,
While the people of the thick tree were in what is now called the Atlantic Ocean,
The sky was set ablaze by a bombardment of meteors which hit Gomorra, then “Atlantis” was drowned,
And human civilisation was all but annihilated, with a few exceptions of primitive peoples that sheltered on isolated islands, and were saved from the freeze and the umbra of many years,
As for the people of the thick tree commonly called Atlantis: those established their civilisation on an island in the Atlantic, that had a native tree that was as huge as your imagination can go,
And perhaps there are still a very few such trees left in North America, descendants thereof,
The Atlantians were a great civilisation; their ruling caste were descendants of the angels who migrated from Earth Interior,
There were three castes of people in their kingdom: the Atlantians, the people and the savages,
The people were descendants of higher races of the Gone people, who were perhaps a cross between the Gone People and the angels,
Their country was affluent, they colonised many parts of the world, to conflict with other peoples, especially those who lived in what is presently Asia and Russia,
Many a time did we convene meetings between the East and the West to help with their differences and to recognise one another,
And one day, we accompanied Barraq and a delegation of Simon and Andrew and others to meet the king of Atlantis who was then of the people’s caste, after a takeover long before,
To the royal guest house: a monumental cylindrical structure, wider at the base, with a spiral path ramping up; each level stood for a social cast,
Symbolising their political system and their affluence, at the ground level the people were all invited to a cake of a monumental size, and fruit  and drinks, for all to eat, drink and party,
At the top level we were seated and came the king in his attire of silk and gold passed down from his ancestors,
We were served their staple food of red bean-like grain cooked until dissolved, and an ingredient added turned it translucent; then chunks of buffalo meat added and cooked until molten, then poured in moulds and dried to cake, then cut and served: dark red crumbling, nutritious, and a sacred food for them, with it they fed their strong soldiers and labourers and everyone.
And today’s political and religious leaders have come back to recycle their old sins, and drown the world again, and not many lessons have been learnt.
As for the savages, they were the slaves brought for labour, of the ones now called Neanderthal and other humanoids, descendants of earlier Gone People,
They built for them ghettos outside their magnificent cities, and did not treat them justly,
And we took a last look of a huge building, spread over a great area; in it were the dwellings of the low caste, and in his heart he said: this is Atlantis, so you do not forget.
Although many of them still looked inferior and ugly by comparison, and of less civility and intelligence, many were beginning to be enlightened, and were attracted to humanity, and we set bridges of compassion with them and looked one another, and we wanted to help them.
As for the Atlantians, they enjoyed life, so much so they sought eternity, and desired to take earth as their permanent residence.
The island began to sink slowly, and many decided to stay and die of remorse, and most of the earth became inhabitable, of the cold and the constant rain,
And the Seal decided to build a boat and take a few people on board to land on dry land, and we guided him, they called him Noah, as the history of Noah was known as it is now,
He was keen to continue the human journey in place and time,
And as though time is continuous, the ship landed on Egypt of Africa, the blue sky cleared and a rainbow could be seen for the first time in a very long time, declaring the colours in which humanity will perceive the world, and God’s Might is beyond the comprehension of man,
And The Lord began a new Orb of humanity, of one genesis under a new sky, descendant of the previous, and declared His Creation to the angels and the Summa, testified this Grand Book,
And the angels were commanded to migrate to the earth, through the seven gates of hell which were still open, and human civilisation of the present thus began, only ten chiliads ago, and all the gates and tunnels were closed after, testified this Grand Book.]
78. And that the people of the thick tree were darkened,
79. We avenged them, and the two [people of the thick tree and the people of Lott] had a distancing aim.
80. And the owners of the confine falsified the messengers,
81. We brought to them Our Paragons, they declined them,
82. They used to carve houses in the mountains for their safety,
83. The shout took them in the morning,
84. What they had earned made them not self-sufficient.
[The creed of carving the rocks of the mountains to make dwellings forever lasting started in the first Orb before the rounding of the earth,
When Satan, with his skill and handicraft, taught his followers the technique and the architecture,
They carved the cliffs overlooking hell, the valley upside-down, on the outskirts of the isles, and they tempted good believing souls to dwell in them,
Their alphas in the form of pegasuses used to hover around to lift them up and take them back to the Okeanos,
As for the ones who had staffs, those preferred to remain; they liked the quasi-physical world and its phenomena.
And on the earth, a number of ancient peoples carved the rocks to make dwellings withstanding the wrath of the elements; their ruins are still standing up, devoid of life.]
85. We created the havens and the earth and that is between them only by The Law,
86. Your Lord is The Mighty Creator,
87. And We have brought to you Seven of the Twos and the Grand Qur’an,
88. Extend not your vision to [the things] by which We gave pairs of them leisure, and be not saddened about them, and lower your wing to the believers.


[Let it be known, there are no secrets in God’s Book that are to remain secret, except to those who do not discern,

God created the worlds and what is yet to come to bestow knowledge unto humanity,

And Satan and Iblis who make the impressions they make their instruments to delude the masses to rule.

They want humanity imprisoned in their imprisonment forever, so they can play god,

And their greatest victory is when they have believing people reverting to them and following them, the more the better the better the more.

They know that playing god in hell will cost them and others pain and suffering, and they do nevertheless.

Their rule of the earth will end soon, as the good prophets foretold, and this was humanity’s journey after seven Orbs of human existence,

Those who believed, their belief is a grain that sprouted seven stems, in each stem are a hundred grains,

For, belief is not wiped out by physical laws at the end and the beginning of suffixing in Him by His Leave,

Belief is a station that endows them with vision and hearing, to protect themselves from the evils of duality and the falsehood of Satan and Iblis.

And during their rule, there is inedible food and are cows which do not milk, and only the believers have a provision of food that never runs out as in the Book, said the Book.

And said the Book, that every time a prophet was sent, Satan and Iblis were there too, to insinuate their falsehood in the Book, except God’s verses, those are guarded, no one can alter them.

And said the Book that it is in sections (mufassalon); those who believed followed what God descended, on which God’s Names were written: al-maliku, al-quddoosu, as-salaamu, al-mu’minu, al-muhayminu, al-3azeezu, al-jabbaaru, al-mutakabbiru;

And again: al-khaaliqu, al-baari’u, al-musawwiru;

In the letters: alef, ba’, ta’, jeem, khaa’, dal, ra’, zany, seen, ssaad, 3ayn, qaaf, kaaf, lamm, meem, noon, haa’, wow, ya’,

In the present Arabic alphabet, which was set a long time after the Qur’an was first written down, and a long time after it was memorised by those who learned it, and a long time after it was descended.

Those Surah’s on which God’s Names are written start with the letters:

Alef laam meem; alef laam meem ssaad; alef laam meem ra’; alef laam ra’; ya’ seen; 7aa’ meem; kaaf haa’ 3ayn ya’ ssaad; ttah haa’; ttah seen meem; ttah seen; ssaad;7aa’ meem 3ayn seen qaaf; qaaf; noon;

Totalling fourteen, that is seven twos in the letters:

Alef, 7aa’, ra’, seen, ssaad, ttah, 3ayn, qaaf, kaaf, laam, meem, noon, ha’, ya’;

Considering that the dots were introduced later, the first set can be reduced to:

(Please refer to the first handwritten page provided herein)

And the second set can be reduced to:

(Please refer to the second handwritten page)

Thus the letters proper to the first set are: dal, wow;

And the letters proper to the second set are: ttah only.

Considering the similarities between qaaf and wow in the old scriptures, it becomes clear why wow is missing from the second set, and 7aa’ meem 3ayn seen qaaf should be: 7aa’ meem 3ayn seen wow.

And considering the similarity of the sounds of daal and ttah, and the similarity between (their scripts without the dots, please refer to the second page), it becomes clear why daal ha’ was confused with taa’ ha’ or ttah ha’; and similarly with daal seen meem and daal seen, which have been confused with ttah seen meem and ttah seen, respectively.

Thus the twenty-nine Surah’s starting with the letters of God’s Names are God’s Word unquestionably, those are the Seven Twos,

As for the ambiguities of the Bounties and the food upon which God’s Name was not written, those were forbidden to the believers,

But those which we read correctly herein are now open for all to help themselves,

Those are the Spiritual Law, which awakens Virtue in the believers’ hearts, and points them to the Highest Standard, and sets them on the straight path,

To relinquish their physicality and light up their minds, free from the trade of reward and punishment, to return to their Lord content in Contentment.]

89. And say: “I am the clarifying warner”,

90. As well We descended to the divided ones [the scattered tribes of Israelites in Arabia],

91. Those who made the Qur’an [a pack of] lies,

92. By your Lord, We shall question them all,

93. About what they were doing,

94. So crack your way through and decline from the affixers,

95. We have kept away the derisive ones from you,

96. Those who make a god alongside with God, they will find out,

97. And We know that your chest feels clustered of what they say,

98. So transcend in your Lord’s worship, and be amongst the bowing ones,

99. And abide in your Lord until Certainty comes to you.

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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