Surah 19


1. Kaf Ha’ 3ayn Ya’ Sad (K H O Y S)

2. Your Lord’s Compassion [John The Christ] remembered the abider in Him Zakaraya,

3. When he [Zakaraya] called his Lord a discrete call,

4. Said he: “Lord, the bone has waned of me, the head bleached in greyness, and of invoking Thee Lord I have not been shortcoming,

5. “And I fear The Lord before me, and my wife is barren; grant me of Thee a Patron,

6. “To inherit me and inherit of the children of Jacob, and make him, Lord, content.”

7. [John The Christ spoke]: “Zakaraya, we give you the glad tidings of a boy named Yohanan (The Compassion of Yahweh, The Hanan of Allah. Many different spellings and pronunciations are there for this glorious name, we shall hence use the modern English version: John, from here on), we have named no one like him before.”

8. Said he [Zakaraya]: “since when can I have a boy, and my wife is barren and I have overpassed old age?”

9. Said he [John The Christ]: “thus spoke your Lord: ‘and it is easy for Me, I made you before and you were not a thing.’”

10. Said he [Zakaraya]: “Lord, make for me a paragon”, said he: “your paragon is that you will speak not to the people for three Nights straight [until he named himself Baha’u’llah].”

11. So he dissented from his people of the seclusion, so He inspired to them that “transcend [in Him], the early morn and the night-fall.”

12. [The Lord spoke]: “John, take The Book by Power”, and We gave him the Rule young,

13. And Hanan (Compassion) form Us and Purity (Zakat: Tohorot: Taharah) and he was a refuging one,

14. Of fidelity to his Parents [Adam The Law and Eve The Self], he was not a ruthless disobedient,

15. The Peace be on him, the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he is remitted alive.

16. [Addressing the messenger] And do mention in The Book: Mary, when she deserted her people to a place of Sunrise,

17. She took between her and them a veil, so We sent to her Our Spirit [John The Christ], he manifested to her as a plain human;

18. Said she: “I resort to Compassion from [by] you, if you are a refuging one.”

[John The Christ was known to the Zadokite Israelites to be of a holy stature, he too was conceived without a physical union, although the people did not know.]

19. Said he: “that so, I am a messenger of your Lord, to grant you a boy Immaculate.”

20. Said she: “since when can have a boy, no human has touched me and I am not a transgressing one.”

21. Said he: “thus spoke your Lord: ‘it is easy to Me’, for Us to make him a Paragon to the people, and Compassion from Us”, and it was an Aim accomplished.

22. So she carried him, she deserted with him a far place,

23. The Absolute apprehended her suddenly to the drop of The Chosen One (The Messiah); said she [expressing her Joy of death]: “I wish I died before this, and I was an oblivion oublié.”

[We read al-ma7ddu, that is without the dot and the maddah,

As for the stem of the palm tree: the word nakhlah means “the pick”, amongst other meanings, and al-Nakhlah is one of the titles of The Messiah, the prayers be by him; consult your Arabic dictionaries.]

24. He [The Messiah] spoke to her from her emancipation: “grieve not [more], your Lord has made your emancipation lasting,

[We read: ba7tihaa, with a dot beneath, instead to two above.]

25. “Rock to you the drop of The Chosen One, wholesome fruit will drop onto you,

26. “Eat and drink and settle your vision, what you see of a human is The One, and say: ‘I have devoted a fast to Compassion, I shall speak not to a human today.’”

[Transcend high O Mary, the miracle of life,

And the inhibitions of luckiness and glorious ceremony

You, the ambivalence in naked redundance

Has sung to your glory in voices orotund,

To resound in the heavens from past time and present,

Blessed are you, blessed are you, blessed is your son.

The heavens rocked, and did the earth,

The Messiah’s in your cradle, in God’s no birth,

Which miracle do they know? What fraudulence they require?


The son of man furnished falsehood and fallacy,

For humanity’s entertainment and cause corrupt,

In silk robes in colours, with jewellery engraved and glitter,

And sham titles proclaimed and jitter,

Far from Christianity, far it is O believers,

O lovers of The Christ.


The Spirit of Christianity cannot die, I promise,

As the Bather saw as his Father taught;

He had a dream: the earth’s a haven of peace

And tranquillity: God’s Illustration; bow to Him,

O ye of a discerning mind.


He created not His Glory for the blind,

He manifested not to be unknown,

He spoke not to be unheard, bow to Him,

O ye of a discerning mind.


The Spirit of Christianity cannot die I promise,

And as the land recycles the sins of man,

Await and you shall see, the land

Will witness, mankind and the heavens,

When He will descend to him,

 Your Lord’s Balance has not a quiver.]


27.  She came to her people with Him carrying him, they said: “Mary, you have come with something extraordinary,

28. “Aaron’s sister, [as she was before in the same household with Joseph and Aaron] your father was no man of ill, and neither was your mother a transgressor.

29. She pointed to Him; they said: “how shall we speak to Him Who is in the earth a boy?”

30. Said he: “I am The Abider in God, He gave me The Book and made me a Prophet,

31. “He made me blessed wherever I am, He entrusted me with the prayers and the purification, for as long as I am alive,

32. “In fidelity to my Mother, He made me not hard and ruthless,

33. “The Peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I am remitted alive.”

34. This is Jesus the son of Mary, The Word of The Law, in whom they dispute.

35. God is not to take a child, transcends He, when He rules an Aim, that so, He says to it “be”, and it becomes,

36. And that God is my Lord and your Lord (my Father and your Father, if the Gospels are quoted), this is a straight path.

37. But the parties differed between one another, woe to those who have darkened to the Scene of a Great Day,

38. Hear them and look them, the Day they come to Us, but the darkened ones are in a distancing bewilderment.

39. And do warn them the Day of contrition, when the Aim is ruled while they are dormant and they believe not.

40. It is Us who inherit the earth and what is on it, and to Us they are returned.

41. [Addressing the messenger] and do mention in The Book Abraham, that he fell short of a Zadokite,

[So we refer you to the etymon of nabaa: to fall short.

As for the etymon of naba’a, it is: to deliver news or a message,

Hence the word: naby’, with a hamzah translates to ‘prophet’,

And we have made it clear by this very Book who they who fell short of prophethood were; and those who want to worship them are entitled to their opinion,

It is the trial of humanity that humanity has to undergo,

If the world was what is seen, it is karmic laws and the people can glean,

If the world is the by The Law, it is one that is unseen.

Volumes they can write, to guide you to the good they perceive,

The good they perceive will switch bad, before they know, and once it has served purpose,

The good we call makes the evil, and the trial of humanity that humanity has to undergo, the good is His Compassion, Capable of all things is He.]

42. When he said to his father: “my father, why do you worship what hears not and sees not and makes you sufficient in nothing?

43. “My father, I have received of knowledge what you have not, follow me I guide you to a straight path,

44. “My father, worship not Satan, Satan is disobedient of Compassion,

45. “My father, I fear that suffering from Compassion will touch you, so you become a patron for Satan.”

46. Said he: “do you dislike my deity? Abraham, if you do not refrain I shall stone you; quit me far.”

47. Said he [Abraham]: “peace be on you, I shall ask my Lord forgiveness for you, He was to me Adherer,

48. “I shall seclude myself from you and what you call for blow God, and I shall invoke my Lord, may I not be in hardship upon my invocation.”

49. So when he secluded himself from them and what they worshiped below God, We granted him Isaac and Jacob, and for each we made a prophet,

50. And We granted them from Our Compassion, and We made for them a tongue of honesty lofty,

51. And do mention in The Book Moses, that he was faithful, and he fell short of a messenger,

52. We called him from the right-hand side of the Tor [al-Khidr, God’s messenger], and We brought him close salvaged,

53. And We granted him from Our Compassion his brother Aaron short coming,

54. And do mention in The Book Ismail, that he honoured his promise [which goes back before this history was begun] and he fell short of a messenger,

55. He used to command his people of prayers and purification, and in his Lord he was in Contentment,  

56. And do mention in The Book Idris, he fell short of a zadokite,

57. We elevated him to a high place,

58. Those are the ones on whom God bestowed His Providence, of the ones who fell short, of the seed of Adam, and of those We made board with Noah, and of the seed of Abraham and Israel, and of those We guided and brought close, when Compassion’s verses are recited to them they prostrate and bow crying.

59. Inheritors inherited after them, they lost the prayers, they followed the passions, they will find delusion,

60. Except those who repent and believe and do good, those will enter the garden, they will be wronged naught,

61. Gardens of Eden that Compassion promised His abiders in the Unseen, His promise will become,

62. They hear no rhetoric in it, except Salman (Peace), their providence is in it in the morn and in the night-fall,

63. This is the garden that We bequeath to those of Our abiders who have taken refuge.

64. We descend not except by your Lord’s Aim, has He what is between our hands and what is to succeed us and between those, your Lord is not forgetful.

65. The Lord of the heavens and the earth and that is between them; abide in Him, be forbearing in His Worship, so you may know of Him a Summum.

66. And man says: “so if I die I shall come out alive?”

67. Does not man remember that We created him before and he was not a thing.

68. By your Lord: gather them We will, with their demons; and We shall bring them around the inferno still.

69. Then We shall remove of every sect the toughest in arrogance to Compassion,

70. Then We know best those who are best fit to grill,

71. None of you, but you all will drop in it [the inferno], it was to your Lord ruled an inevitability.

[And as they read, they are in it and they know not,

The Book told them, the inferno is all around the darkened ones.

As for those who believed at first: those, The Lord tells them to fall down to serve His Aim, The Lord told all to fall down, some preceding some.]

72. Then We salvage those who took a refuge and We abandon the darkened ones still.

73. And when Our verses are recited to them clearly, those who darkened say to those who believed: “which of the two parties are of a better station and a better company?”

74. How many a country have We destroyed before them, of better establishment and better view?

75. Say: “whosoever is in bewilderment, Compassion furnishes them furnishing: that when they see what they were promised: of either suffering or the Hour: they will know: who is in the most evil place and has the weakest army.”

76. And God increase those who have been guided of Guidance, and the good remaining is of better returns in your Lord, and a better return.

77. Have you seen the one who darkened to our Paragons and said: “I will make money and have offspring.”

78. Has he peaked to the Unseen or taken in Compassion a Covenant?

79. Nay, We shall write what he says and We shall furnish him of suffering a furnishing.

80. And We shall show him what he says, and he will come to us singularly.

81. They took deity below God to glorify them,

82. Nay, they will renounce their worship, and they [their deity] will be to them an opposite.

83. Have you not seen that We send the demons to darkened people to enthuse them enthusiastically?

84. So hasten not to them, We are counting their count,

85. The Day We gather those who took refuge to Compassion altogether.

86. And We drive the criminals to the inferno openly,

87. They have no intercession, except those who took from Compassion a Covenant.

88. And they said that Compassion took children,

89. You [those who said] have brought something abhorrent,

90. The sky nigh crumbles from it, the earth cracks, and the mountains succumb destroyed,

91. That they called of a child for Compassion,

92. It transpires not that Compassion take children,

93. Not each and every thing in the havens and the earth but come to Compassion to abide,

94. He counted them and numbered them in numeration,

95. They all will come to him the Day of the Uprise singularly,

96. Those who believed and did good, Compassion will make amity for them,

97. That so, We have projected it in your tongue, to give glad tidings to those who take refuge, and warn the people who are hateful foes.

98. How many a country have We destroyed before them, do you feel anything from any of them or hear any sound from them?


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