Surah 1
The Opening
1. By God’s Summum, Compassion The Compassionate,
2. The homage is to God, The Lord of the two worlds,
3. Compassion The Compassionate,
4. The Monarch of Redemption Day,
5. It is in Thee that we abide, and it is Thee that we beseech to look,
6. Guide us to the straight path,
7. The path of those on whom Thou didst bestow Thy Providence, not the damned ones, and neither the bewildered, amen.

Truthful is God's Mighty Word.

[The Grand Opening of The Qur’an is a declaration, a remembrance and a prayer of a far reaching philosophical significance.


Firstly, the messenger Gabriel to whom the Qur’an was inspired, is introduced in the first phrase of the first verse; secondly, a remembrance of The Lord is called upon in the second phrase of the first verse and in the second, third and forth verses; and thirdly an address, linguistically in the second person, is made to The Lord, transcends He, in the reader’s heart and mind.


The Lord has created all the languages and all the names; all His Glorious Names in all the languages are His, and words can only point to the content of people’s hearts and minds, and transcends He the reckoning of man.


The Lord sends His Messenger to humanity, as He promised, His Messenger is His Summum in the worlds, to direct them to Him; for, the purpose of people’s lives is to abide in Him; those who do, yearn for The Encounter with Him, and The Lord looks them, said the Qur’an; this is the greatest achievement a living being can achieve.]


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