Surah 20

Tah Ha’

1. Tah Ha’

2. We descended not the Qur’an onto you [the messenger] to be in hardship,

3. But a remembrance to whomever is fearful,

4. Descended from Him Who created the earth and the high heavens,

5. Compassion, on the Throne He surmounted,

6. To Him that is in the heavens, that is in the earth, that is between them and that is beneath the gravel.

7. If you speak loud knows He the secret and its secrets,

8. God, there is no god but He, to Him the Radiant Summa.

9. Have the news of Moses reached you?

10. When he saw a fire, said he to his people: “stay, I have found comfort in a fire, perhaps I bring you a torch from it, or I find guidance in the fire.”

11. So when he came to it he was called: “O Moses,

12. “’T is I your Lord; relinquish so We raise you; you are in the valley [that] The Holy has folded,

13. “And I have selected you, so listen to what is inspired,

14. “’T is I, God, there is no god but I, abide in Me and keep up the prayers (the connections) to My remembrance,

15. “The Hour is coming; I almost hide it, so that every self is awarded of what she pursues,

16. “Let not those who disbelieve it and follow their passions to ruin: bar you from it,

17. “And what is in your right hand O Moses?”

18. Said he: “it is my staff, I lean on it, I rush with it to my gain, and I have in it other schemes.”

19. Said He: “throw it O Moses.”

20. So he threw it, and there it was alive in action.

21. Said He: “take it and fear none, We shall return it to its first course,

22. “And bring your hand to your self (side), it comes out white without the evil [of the] other paragon,

23. “To show you Our Grand Paragons,

24. “Go to the Pharaoh, he has tyrannised.”

[As the story of the Seal is told in this Book, he settles once again on the fire, sinking in its gravity, as he declares, and by his choice which he has chosen.

When Adam was first liberated, he looked his Lord, in three countenances, one facing, and one on each side,

In duality, what is behind?

So The Lord looks the Seal, he seems low down a tunnel, his face brown and pale, of envy, resentment and defiance,

The Lord looks The Lord and says: “Capable of all things art Thou.”

The Seal rushes to the Okeanos, he makes noise, smoke, lightening and curved lines that are not circular, by lawlessness in The Law, of self-justification.

And when the Garden was effused and humanity was told to reside in it, every pair had her pair with her, in the form of her choice, many saw him as a staff, many saw him as a pegasus, which could take people on the surf of the Helium, across the isles of the galaxy,

He was their guide.

And as the souls distanced, they abandoned their staff and became self-sufficient, and karmic laws became the law.

And today, the people are so distant from their alphas, that the mention of them makes no sense to them, and in the Grand Book they are their right hands,

And fairy tales have been woven around the guardian angel and other supernatural things which exist only in the darkness of people’s ignorance,

And in this time and age, the people are being reminded of their existence, so they know that they are not created of clay, but down in the clay they have fallen.

And the Seal is told, and although he is the dark side of Adam, if he retreats his hand of action to his self, it turns white without the evil,

That so, The Lord is Creator of light and darkness, all is to Him and to Him all return.

In all his comings, the Seal is given an opportunity to take refuge in his Lord, his brothers recognise him and love him, and The Lord tells them not to be sorry for him.

Endowed with eyesight that measures the atom, his Lord permits him to make things, and he carves the rocks and still life is brought out, of his penchant for imagery and idealisation of form in matter,

Miracles of sculpture he has produced, and of building and architecture, and of knowledge of the corner of the eye.

He believes that humanity has to go the curved way to knowledge: that is from the information gleaned from observation, hence his attention to the fire which lights up the surrounding, at the time when one’s alpha had all the light that one could get.

Then he declares that it cannot be reached, and he settles in the clay, so he was also given the title of the Base.

And in the fire he wants to burn those who do not abide in his fire.

He waged the bloodiest war in the history of this earth and turned it to an incinerator, when he was left alone for a short while,

Thus he rushes to destruction and self-destruction.]

25. Said he [Moses]: “Lord, do open up my heart,

26. “Do facilitate my aim,

27. “Do release the knot of my tongue,

28. “May they [the people] discern my say,

29. “Make for me a speaker [minister, burden carrier] from my people,

30. “Aaron my brother,

31. “For me to back me up,

32. “And I share with him my aim,

33. “So we may transcend in Thee a plenty,

34. “And remember Thee a plenty,

35. “As Thou wert over us looking.”

36. Said He: “your demands have been granted, Moses,

37. “And We have lavished you another time,

38. “When We inspired to your mother what We inspired,

39. “That dump him in the coffin, and dump it in the water, so the water may lay him ashore, an enemy of mine an enemy of his will take him; I endowed you with love from Me, you make [things] with My Eye,

40. “When your sister went around saying: ‘shall I direct you to someone to adopt him?’ Thus We returned you to your mother, so her heart was content; and you killed a self, so We saved you from the qualm; and We lured you by an allurement, so you sojourned for years at the people of Midyan [Tel Amarna], then you came to a destiny, Moses,

[For, he was an illegitimate son of his mother’s, as we recounted.

And the same strategy was used later when Aaron was born from an incestuous encounter with his mother, but Aaron was adopted by the royal family, Amenhotep III knew who he was.]

41. “And I have made you for My Self,

42. “Go, you and your brother with My Paragons, and relent not in remembering Me,

43. “Go to the Pharaoh, he has tyrannised,

44. “Say (both of you) to him a lenient say, may he remember or fear.”

45. They (both) said: “Our Lord, we fear he might burst out at us or tyrannise.”

46. Said He: “fear none, I am with you, I hear and I see,

47. “So go to him and say: ‘we (both) are messengers of your Lord, send with us the people of Israel [give us the rule thereof], inflict no harm onto them, we have come to you with a Paragon of your Lord, and the Peace be upon him who follows Guidance,

48. “It has been inspired to us that suffering is upon those who falsify and turn away.”

49. Said he: “so who is your (both) Lord, Moses?”

50. Said he: “our Lord is He who gave everything its character, then He guided.”

51. Said he: “so what about the earlier eras?”

52. Said he: “their knowledge is God’s, in a Book; my Lord bewilders not and is not forgetful,

53. “Who made the land plane for you, and trod for you pathways, and descended water from the sky, We brought out pairs by it, of plants various,

54. “Eat and graze your animals, in this are miracles for those with a mind,

55. “From it [the land or the mind, it is in the reader’s mind] We created you, in it We return you, from it We bring you out another time.”

[The confusion in the sayer points to that Moses was accompanied by God’s Paragons, as the verse articulates.]

56. We showed him all Our Paragons, he falsified and repudiated.

57. Said he: “So have you come to bring us out of our land by your magic, Moses?

58. “We shall bring to you like magic; make an appointment between us and you, neither we nor you will miss it, a place in between.”

59. Said he: “your appointment is the day of Celebrations, and that the people be gathered in the morning.”

60. So the Pharaoh went, he mustered his powers and came.

61. Said Moses to them: “woe to you, fret no lies on God, or He will quash you with suffering, those who fret lies are frustrated.”

62. So they disputed over their aim between themselves, and they secreted their supplications.

63. They said: “those two are wizards; they want to drive you out of your land by their magic, and to do away with your ideal method,

64. “Muster your powers and come in an array, those who aim high will achieve.”

65. They said: “O Moses, either you deliver or we shall be the first to deliver.”

66. Said he: “no, you deliver.” And there were their ropes and canes; he imagined them, of their wizardry, active.

67. So, fear apprehended him, Moses.

68. We said: “fear none, you are the highest,

69. “Deliver that is in your right hand, to devour what they made, what they made is a wizard’s intrigue, no wizard achieves where He comes.”

[The most skilled illusionists were at the disposal of Amenhotep III and other Pharaohs,

They dazzled their people and claimed heavenly authority,

And Prophet Joseph watched them closely and worked out their tricks; hence Moses stipulated that the show be held in broad daylight,

And the show fell apart before everyone’s eyes, when Moses threw an object, as he was told, at a point, which spoiled the illusion;

And the world today is full of illusionists and skilled people, who can control the vision and the minds of people,

Some do it to entertain for money, and some claim heavenly authority, and have much more sinister agendas,

Most infamous of which are the miracle healers and Indian Gurus,

Most infamous of which is the man who calls himself Sai Baba,

This one has mustered around himself so much dark energy, one day it will devour him, and you will be able to see his horrible image,

He disguises himself in a holy image, but has nothing meaningful to say,

Do they not see that he returns to them no say, and has no harm or benefit?]

70. So the wizards prostrated and said: “we have believed in the Lord of Moses and Aaron [upon hearing the teaching that was given to them and learning about the evil that they had been causing to people’s minds by imprisoning them in their irrationality.]

71. Said he [the Pharaoh]: “have you believed before I give you permission? It is your eldest who taught you the magic; I shall cut off your arms and legs from their roots and crucify you onto the stems of palm trees, so that you know which of us is toughest and lasting longest.”

[All reminder of his tyranny,

He frightened whoever approached him; his bursts of anger and ruthlessness are the legends of the ancientry.]

72. Said they: “we favour you not over the evidence which has come to us and He Who illustrated us, judge what you judge, you only judge in this: the low lives,

73. “We have believed in our Lord, to forgive our trespasses and what you compelled us to do of magic, and God is Best and Ever Lasting.”

74. It is him who comes to his Lord as a criminal: for him is the inferno, he dies not in it [he is reborn in it], and neither does he live.

75. And those who come to Him amen (believing), they have done righteously, those have the highest grades,

76. Gardens of Eden, the days stream underneath them, in it eternally; this is the reward for those who have purified themselves.

77. And We inspired to Moses that travel with my abiders at night, strike a path for them in the sea of dryness, you fear not the bottom, you are apprehended by none.

[Moses was told to travel to Canaan to spread the new message, and a miracle was due to be demonstrated, of the water of the Red Sea receding at sunset when the sun was eclipsed by the moon,

And the oceans of humanity were being parted: believers born to believers and darkened to darkened.

It was Parmenides the peace be upon him who first noticed the parting of the oceans of humanity, and taught his disciples, amongst whom was Socrates, briefly,

And those oceans are being mingled once again, as foretold The Sacred Philosophy, and only The Lord can part them once again, when The Door is closed before those who think they can run fast, only to find out that their decision has come too late, and to The Lord all the aims are summoned.]

78. And the Pharaoh [Tutankhamun] followed them with his soldiers, so the sea drowned them [Moses’ people] by what it drowned them [the Pharaoh’s people].

[Our reading is not a recount of the events of one evening, but indeed the journey of the people of Israel throughout the ages,

As this Book, and previous descents of this Book, and as history recorded by ordinary people tells,

The people of Israel, many of them, were bewildered by magicians, and reverted to heathen and pagan belief and practice,

Not unlike other peoples after them who inherited the Book,

And we call on those of them who still have a spark of light in their minds, and a shimmer of humanity in their hearts, to come back to their Lord, who privileged them with the reasoning mind and the compassionate heart,

To throw what they chanced upon by their fathers behind them,

God’s Message is one message, delivered to them by his Summa, and before it is too late and contrition helps not.]

79. And the Pharaoh [Tutankhamun] bewildered his people and never guided.

80. O people of Israel, We have rescued you from your enemy, and We promised you the right hand side of the Tor [God’s messenger], and We descended onto you the manna and the honey [of the Sacred Philosophy] ,

81. Eat of the good things that We provided you, tyrannise not by it, or My Wrath will befall you; and he upon whom My Wrath falls: down he falls.

82. And I am Forgiver of those who repent and believe and do good, and are hence guided,

83. “And how hasty you are about your people, O Moses.”

84. Said he: “it is those who chase me, and I hastened to Thee Lord, so Thou art Content.”

85. Said He: “We have lured your people after you, and the Samiry bewildered them.”

[Those who demanded material gain from their Covenant with their Lord, as another Surah tells:

The Ark of the Covenant was made for them, as we recount to you, and they were told that it granted their wishes if they believed,

So they worshipped it, and idolatry came back to them under the auspices of the new religion of monotheism.]

86. So Moses returned to his people angry and sorrowful, said he: “O people, did not your Lord promise you a good promise? So, is the Covenant too long a wait for you, or did you want Wrath from your Lord to befall you, so you broke your promise to me?”

87. Said they: “what made us break our promise to you is in our king [Tutankhamun], and thus we are loaded by burdens from the most celebrated of the people, for he legitimised it, and thus he had found the Samiry.”

[We read: faqad fataahaa, which has been read by interpreters: faqathafnaahaa.]

88. He brought out to them, hastily, a body that lows, they said: “this is your deity and the deity of Moses”, so he forgot [that it was before].

89. Do they not see that he returns no say to them, and has no harm or benefit?

90. And Aaron [Tutankhamun] had said to them before: “O people, you have been lured by it, and your Lord is Compassion, follow me and obey my instructions.”

91. They said: “we shall quit not worshipping it, until Moss comes back to us.”

92. Said he [Moses]: “Aaron, what prevented you, when you saw them bewilder?

93. “Follow you not, have you disobeyed my instruction?”

94. Said he [Aaron]: “O mother’s son, grab me not from my beard or my head, I feared that you might say: ‘you have parted between me and the people of Israel, and you did not observe my say.’”

95. Said he [Moses]: “speak you, Samiry.”

96. Said he: “I looked by that, by which they did not look, so I grasped a grasp of the influence of the messenger, and I rejected it, and thus my ego let me.”

97. Said he [Prophet Joseph]: “go then, you can say in the low lives: ‘keep off’, and you have an appointment which you will not miss; look your deity on which you dwelled, we shall burn it and throw it a good throw in the sea.”

[And the Ark of the Covenant was taken across the sea to Arabia, we recount, its two horns were named: al-laat and al-3izzah.]

98. That so, your God is God, there is no god but He, He encompasses everything of Knowledge.

99. Thus We recount to you [the messenger] the news of before, and We have given you from Us remembrance.

100. Whosoever denounces it will carry a burden the Day of the Uprise,

101. Eternal in it, bad on the Day of the Uprise is such a burden,

102. The Day it is blown in the apex, and We gather the criminals quickly.

103. They whisper to one another: “you have stayed only the tenth [the closest, or last].”

104. We are better informed of what they say, when the best spoken one of them says: “you have sojourned but one day.”

105. And they ask you [the messenger] about the mountains [of knowledge], say: “my Lord throws it (removes it) a good throw,

106. “Leaving it a level surface,

107. “You see no curves in it, and no hills,

108. “Then they follow the caller, there is no crookedness in him, and the sounds have submitted to Compassion, you hear only whispers,

109. “Then, suffix [in duality] benefits none, except to those to whom Compassion has spoken, and whom He contented by speech,

[And the theories of the people of the Book, of who has the power to intercede for the people with their god, and as though Judgement Day is an auction for power brokers,

And that their prophets and their descendants, or their race or their tribe or their geographic land are the highest bidders,

Or that the supernatural powers of their rituals work miracles,

All this will fall apart; this is my promise to you, so hasten not to judgement.]

110. “He knows that is between their hands and what is to succeed them and they are around Him not of knowledge,

111. “And the faces [of humanity] express [their radiant faith] to The Alive The Ubiquitous, and those who bear darkness are frustrated.”

112. And whosoever does good deeds in faith, he fears no darkness and no misjudgement,

113. So We have descended it a Lectrum Articulate (Qur’an Arabic), and We cited caution in it, may they take refuge, or may it arouse remembrance in them.

114. Lofty is He, The Monarch The Law, and hasten not [addressing the messenger] in the Qur’an, until its inspiration is ruled (completed) to you, and say: “My Lord, increase my knowledge.”

115. And We did covenant Adam [of the earth] before, he forgot, and We found in him no determination.

116. And when We said to the angels: “bow you to Adam [to whom the entire creation bows]”, they did bow except Iblis, he disobeyed.

117. We said: “O Adam, this is an enemy of yours and your pair’s, let him not bring you out of the Garden, or you will be in hardship,

118. “You are not meant to starve in it or have no clothing,

119. “You are not meant to be athirst in it or lack daylight.”

120. So Satan murmured to him, said he: “O Adam, shall I point you to the tree of eternity and a non-perishable propriety?”

121. So they both ate from it, and their dark spots seemed to them, and they began sticking on themselves leaves from the Garden, and Adam disobeyed his Lord and was deluded.

122. Then his Lord called him so he repented and His Lord forgave and guided him.

123. Said He: “fall you both [all], some preceding some, what becomes to you from Me is guidance, he who follows my guidance bewilders not and has no hardship,

124. “And he who diverts from My remembrance will have a miserable life, and the Day of the Uprise We gather them blind.”

125. Said he [dark Adam]: “why dost Thou summon me blind, and I had full vision?”

126. Said He: “thus Our Paragons came to you and you forgot them, and today you are forgotten.”

127. Thus We sanction the extravagant, and those who believed not their God’s Paragons; the suffering of the hereafter is indeed harder and lasting longer.

[The eventuation of potentiality is The Lord’s Will, and the journey of the point of the compass in the suffix of existence by The Lord’s Leave,

Across the tract of becoming The Lord is remembered in the culmination of the Aim of His Mighty Creation, to Him all the aims are returned.

For, in the Unity, Knowledge is immediate, hence The Lord said: “I was an oblivion oublié”,

And the downfall of humanity is continuous, and the magnamoments of existence are projected across the spiralling timeline.

But those who can perceive only linear time take an intellectual projection of the events of existence, they see only suspicion,

For the purpose of appearing wise and knowledgeable, they recount their linear understanding,

They blame Adam, they blame The Self, they blame Satan,

They equally defend them,

Their understanding is in karmic laws, listen not to them, they talk not of knowledge, they have no remembrance,

And the magnamoments of existence are ever present, you can and you will look them to create your own perspective, or to rise above the perspectives to witness The Truth;

They have been projected many times and we alluded to them, they are the generators of the history of humanity and her ideologies and religions,

And they continue to be projected, and some are falling rapidly down the branches of the evil tree, and as we write by this hand.]

128. Has it not guided them: how many of the eras before them did We destroy? They walk in their dwellings; in this are paragons for those of a mind.

129. If it were not a Word of a Forerunner from your Lord, it would be Cause, and Time [and] Form.

[So you know, that this Book is indeed descended by God’s Dimensions (Hudood), the prayers be by them,

And those who edged the Word about its locations in the mind, to serve their heathen gods, those will receive the punishment that they promised themselves, we do not wrong them, but themselves they wrong.]

130. So forebear what they say [addressing the messenger], and transcend in the worship of your Lord, before the rise of the sun and before its setting; and of the extremities of the night, transcend, and of the extremities of the day, may you be content.

131. Turn not your eye to the things, to which We treated the pairs of them: the blossoms of the low lives; We dazzle them by it, and your Lord’s Providence is Good and everlasting.

132. Command your people of prayer, be patient with it [this matter], We ask no providence from you, it is We Who bestow Providence onto you, and the consequence is in the refuge.

133. And they said: “if only he brings a miracle from his Lord”, has it not come to them: the Exegeses of the early Books?

134. And if We destroyed them by suffering before it, they would say: “our Lord, if only Thou sent to us a messenger, so we may follow Thy Paragons, before we are humiliated and demeaned.”

135. Say: “all are watchful, so be watchful and you will know who the people on the Path of Equilibrium are, and who have been guided.”

Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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