Surah 22
The Proof

1. O people, take refuge in your Lord, the shudders of the Hour are an enormous thing.

2. The Day you see it, every nursing woman is knocked away from her nursling, and every loaded self lays down her load [of worldly pursuits] and you see the people inebriate and they are not inebriate, but Godís suffering is severe.

[Any description of the enormity of the befalling of the Hour falls short.

Those who did not believe: their sense of identity is struck by a thunderbolt; they find out that they are what they do not want to be as eternal beings,

For humanity is since time begins; and time was begun a few times and ended and is about to end soon.]

3. And of the people are those who debate about God without knowledge, and they follow every disobedient demon.

4. It is written on him that whosoever takes him as a patron he will bewilder him and guide him to the suffering of the fire.

5. O people, if you are in doubt about reincarnation, verily, We created you from Substance, then from a drop [a round thing], then from sticky clay, then from fleshy tissue, characterised [in form] and not humanised, to distance you; We settle in the wombs whatever We will to an allotted term, then We bring you out as a child, then you attain adulthood, and some of you are redeemed [after the death of their physicality] and some are returned to the most pathetic age [of childhood, after physical death], so they know none after knowledge; and you see the earth at rest, and when we drop water on it, it throbs and rises and sprouts of every brilliant pair [for every living creature is a pair of its alpha in the verb to be].

[Thus this grand declaration is read correctly to you, so you know that Godís Word is Truth, and those who read incoherently read fallacies, and soon they will know and will be contrite,

Godís Word is about existential truths, this is the gradual downfall of humanity from Spirit to matter, and this is not a crude - and perhaps useless lesson, in the science of human conception and development;

And those who seek confirmation of Godís Word in scientific information seek even further bewilderment, they give science a station above Godís Word, and as though science is the ultimate reference,

They know not, that science is about incidentalness, and Godís Word is remembrance,

Science is a human invention.

Those who confuse the Cause with the causes are lost; they shuttle between materialism and monotheism, not sure where to settle.

The Grand Book was given to humanity, and humanity was inept for it.

And those who were given The Sacred Philosophy were meant to read Godís Book in all its descents correctly, what has prevented them? We ask.

But no, they barred Godís Book from their people and said that it was distorted; then they barred The Philosophy,

That is because neither have they understood the Book and nor have they understood The Philosophy,

And as we open for them they retreat;

Had they read correctly they would have read what we read, but it is their pride which stands in their way; for there is only one correct reading, Godís Word can be altered by no one; as for the nuances, they are for those who seek interpreting it; no one can interpret it, except the well-established in knowledge, said this very Book.

All we want is to reach those who are ready for the new world, we gain nothing if we do and lose nothing if we do not,

And this hand will come back in the Fareast to reiterate what we have said, so you have no choice but to believe in Him, and your Lordís Compassion encompasses the two worlds.]

6. That is by that God is The Law, and that He enlivens the dead, Capable of all things is He.

7. And that the Hour is coming unquestionably and that God remits (reincarnates) those who are in the graves.

[Those in the graves are dead, their destiny is to be remitted; as for the living ones: those are redeemed; let it be known.]

8. And of the people are those who debate about God, without knowledge, without guidance, without an enlightening book.

9. Shrugging to divert from the Way of God, he has humiliation in the low life and We make him experience the suffering of the incineration the Day of the Uprise.

10. That is by what your hands have brought forward, God wrongs not his servants.

11. And of the people are those who worship God on the edge: so if good strikes him he is content with Him, and if calamity strikes him he turns back from His Countenance, he has lost the low life and the hereafter, this is the distancing loss.

12. He invokes below God what does him no harm and no benefit, this is bewilderment afar.

13. He invokes that whose harm is nearer than his benefit, low-down is such a patron, low-down is such a companion.

14. God enters those who believed and did good into Gardens, the days stream underneath them, God doeth what He willeth.

15. Whosoever reckons that God supports him not in the low-lives and the hereafter, that he extend a connection to heaven, and then that he abstain [from worldly pleasures and passions], then that he look: does His Plot remove that which is upsetting?

16. And thus We descended it in verses decisive, and God guides whomever He will.

[So read and enjoy O people of a kernel, and let those who take their worldly considerations as their guide recycle the sins of the ancient ones, and as though lessons cannot be learned even if the consequence is crystal clear.]  

17. Those who believe, and those who reverted (Jews, as the interpreters have interpreted; but as we have read before: those who ďrevertedĒ (haadoo) are all the people of the Book who have returned to heathen creeds and traditions after Godís Book was delivered to them) and the Sabians and the Nazareens and the MagusÖ and those who affix: God will separate between them the Day of the Uprise, God is Witness to all things.

18. See you not, that to God prostrate all that is in the heavens and the earth, and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the mountains and the trees and the beasts, and a lot of the people, and a lot of them: the suffering was due on them, and he who is humiliated by God has no one to honour him, God doeth what He willeth.


[This Surah was for the people of the Book, and we are happy with their interpretation of the verses which we have not included in our reading.]

52. We sent not a messenger or a prophet before you [the messenger] unless he had aspired; Satan insinuated into his aspiration, so God transcribes what Satan insinuated, then God determines His verses, God is The Knower The Sovereign,

53. To make what Satan insinuates an amazement for those who have illness in their hearts and those whose hearts are hardened; verily, darkened ones are parted afar.

54. And that they know, those who are given the knowledge, that it is The Law of your Lord, so they believe in it, so their hearts throb, and God is Guider of those who have believed to the straight path.

55. And those who have darkened are still in doubt about it, until the Hour comes to them unexpectedly, or becomes to them the suffering of a fruitless day [as the laws of karma will have been suspended].

56. The Kingdom thence is Godís; He judges between them, those who believed and did good are in the Garden of the bounties.

57. And those who have darkened and disbelieved our verses: those have a humiliating suffering.

58. And those who have forsaken [worldly aims] in the Way of God, then were killed or died [in their physicality], God will truly bestow on them the most radiant providence, and God is the Good of all the bestowers.

59. Truly, He will enter them into a home blissful, and God is The Knower The Loving.

60. Furthermore, he who leads [others] like he was led by Him, then he was aggressed [consequently], God will make him victorious, that God is Pardoner Forgiver.

[So listen, you who have ears which hear.]

61.This is by that God lodges the night in the day and lodges the day in the night, that god is All Hearing All Seeing.

62. This is by that God is The Law, and what they invoke below him is falsehood, and that God is The Lofty The Almighty.

63. Have you not seen that God dropped from the sky water, so the earth dawns green? God is all Fine knowledge.

 64. To Him what is in heaven and the earth, and God is Needless Homage-Worth.

65. Have you not seen that God consecrated what is in the earth for you and the planets which orbit the ocean (the skies) by His Aim; holds He the sky [the starting point of the compass] that it falls not on the ground, except by His Leave [when He, transcends He, is two cubits close and even closer], God is all Caring of the people, Compassionate.

[So we prove to you that this grand Book is not a fairy tale, and nor is it meaningless talk given to ignorant peoples of the past,

But indeed your Lordís Teaching, so you reflect,

Conforming to what you have of your Book and The Philosophy, Godís message is one message across place and time,

But it is peopleís pride that stands between them and our message; those who have thrown their pride away have indeed honoured their covenant,

Their true pride is their covenant and their true reward;

Those will deliver our message, secretly when they can and openly when they can, and exactly as they covenanted their Lord,

And those who have sowed a good seed in their hearts, it is time for it to sprout, to generate a bountiful tree, a tree which bears the fruit of The Philosophy,

And those who have rejected the fallacies of the monotheists and the blindness of the materialists, they too want to be guided, and we will guide them, God is Capable of all things.]   

66. It is He who enlivened you then He deadens you then He enlivens you, indeed man is repudiator.

67. For every nation We have made a belief that they believe, so argue not with them about the Aim, and invoke your Lord, you [the messenger] are guided by the Straight Path.

68. And if they debate with you, say: ďGod knows best what you do.Ē

[For, when the believers debate with darkened people, it often seems that the darkened people win the debate, only because the words point to nothing in darkened peopleís minds; words thus can be used by them to point to anything for the purpose of an immediate gain, regardless of the governing Law; honest people are guided by The Law, and darkened people have rhetoric.

And when we articulate our evidence to them, it is not of hope that they would hence reflect our radiance; but only so those radiant who have been assaulted by them be healed and be capable of walking freely and flying once again; let all know.

And when we saw them bashed up by Satan, some were dead and some were all but dead, and some stood up bludgeoned and unable to look,

But now we see some healed faces, and across the ether we look one another, graceful is the looker, graceful is the look.]

69. God judges between you the Day of the Uprise about what you differed.

70. Know you not that God knows what is in the heaven and the earth? All this is in a Book, for God this is all too facile.

71. And they worship below God those to whom He descended no authority and those who have no knowledge of Him, darkened people have no supporter.

72. And when Our lucid verses are announced to them, you recognise the disgrace in the faces of those who have darkened [they stretch their mouth, they regress their chin, they lift their cheek muscles to give an expression of arroganceÖ all of their early moves when their alphas were first liberated and they darkened to their Lord, every expression a person makes has its origin when he or she was first liberated to become], they all but aggress the announcers of Our verses; say: ďdo you want the tidings of this? The fire that God promised those who disbelieve and the worst destiny?Ē

73. O people, a model is drawn, attend to it: those that you invoke below God will not create a fly, even if they mustered; and if a fly snatches a thing from them they cannot retrieve it: helpless are the wanter and the wanted.

74. They have not regarded God His true regard, God is Mighty Exalted.

75. God selects messengers from the angels and from the people, God is All Seer All Hearer.

76. He knows what is between their hands and what is to succeed them, to God all the aims are referred.

77. O people who believe, bow and prostrate and worship your Lord, do good, may you succeed.

 78. Endeavour to God His true endeavour, He caused you, He made no narrowness upon you in religion, as in your father Abrahamís creed; He named you Muslims (surrendered) before, and in this, so the messenger be a witness over the people, and so you be witnesses over the people; keep up the prayers and perform the purification, detach in God, He is your Master; Superior is such a Master, Superior is such a Supporter.

Truthful is Godís Mighty Word.


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