Surah 26

The Poets


1. Tah Seen Meem (TSM),

2. These are the verses of the decisive Book,

3. Perhaps you [the messenger] have disheartened yourself, that they are not believers;

4. Will We, We would descend to them: a Paragon from heaven and a Shade; their chiefs (necks) would hence submit to him.

[The word ayah, we read as: verse, miracle, paragon, and sometimes: Paragon, meaning God’s messenger.]

5. Not a remembrance from Compassion has come to them anew that they did not decline,

6. Thus they have falsified [it]; it will come to them: the news of that, of which they were derisive.

7. Have they not looked in the earth, how many of a high pair We have generated in it?

8. In this is a paragon, and most of them were not believers.

9. And your [the messenger’s] Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

10. And when your Lord called Moses: “come to the darkened people,

11. “The people of the Pharaoh; do they not take refuge?”

12. Said he: “Lord, I fear that they might falsify me,

13. “And that my chest be restrained, and my tongue utters not; so send to me Aaron,

14. “And they have a crime [that Moses had committed] against me, I fear they might kill me.”

15. Said He: “No, both of you go with Our Paragons, We are with you listeners,

 16. “Go to the Pharaoh, and say: ‘we both are a messenger of The Lord of the two worlds,

17. “That do send with us [give us the rule of] the people of Israel.’”

18. Said he [the Pharaoh]: “did we not bring you up amongst us as a child, and you stayed with us years of your life,

19. “And you did what you did, and you are of the darkened ones.”

20. Said he [Moses]: “I did it then, and I am of the darkened ones,

21. “So I fled from you when I feared you, so my Lord has bestowed a mentor onto me, and made me [what I am] from the messengers,

22.  “And this is a favour you have obliged to me: when you enslaved the people of Israel.”

23. Said the Pharaoh: “and what is The Lord of the worlds?”

24. Said he [Joseph]: “The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, if you are discerning.”

25. Said he [the Pharaoh] to those around him: “hear you not?”

26. Said he [Moses]: “your Lord and The Lord of your ancient ancestors.”

27. Said he [the Pharaoh]: “your messenger who has been sent to you is indeed a madman.”

28. Said he [Joseph]: “The Lord of the Sunrise and the Sunset and what is between them, if you discern.”

29. Said he [Moses]: “if you [addressing Joseph] take a deity other than me I shall make you amongst the prisoners.”

30. Said he [Moses]: “and what if I come to you with something decisive?”

31. Said he [Joseph]: “bring it along if you are honest.”

32. So he [Joseph] met [looked] his [Moses] alpha, it was a conspicuous constrictor,

33. He [Joseph] removed his [Moses’] hand; it was white to the viewers.

34. Said he [the Pharaoh]: “this is a knowledgeable wizard,

35. “He wants to take you out of your homeland by his wizardry, so what do you command?”

36. Said they: “defer him and his brother, and send callers to the cities,

37. “To bring you every knowledgeable sorcerer.”

38. And the sorcerers were summoned to a set time and day,

39. And it was spoken to the people: “are you all convened?

40. “Perhaps we should follow the wizards if they are conquerors.”

41. So when the wizards came, said they to the Pharaoh: “a reward is due to us if we are conquerors.”

42. Said he: “yes, and you shall hence be the close ones.”

43. Said Moses to them: “deliver what you deliver.”

44. They laid their ropes and canes, and said they: “by the glory of the Pharaoh we shall conquer.”

45. So Moses threw his staff, and there it was devouring what they faked [instructed by Joseph, Moses threw an object at a point which spoiled the trick, and the illusionists’ show fell apart].

46. So the sorcerers bowed down and prostrated,

47. They said: “we have believed in The Lord of the worlds,

48. “The Lord of Moses and Aaron.”

49. Said he [the Pharaoh]: “have you believed and before I permit you? It was your eldest [hinting to the Seal] who taught you the magic, you shall see, I will cut off your arms and legs from their roots, and I will crucify you all.”

50. Said they: “no cry; we are to our Lord turning over,

51. “We desire that our Lord forgive our trespasses, that we were the first believers.”

52. And we inspired to Moses that travel with my abiders at night, you shall be followed.

53. So the Pharaoh sent [callers] to the cities summoning [the people]:

54. “These are a few, a gang,

55. “To us they are a nuisance,

56. “We are all cautious.”

57. So we brought them [the Pharaoh’s people] out from gardens and springs,

58. And treasures and an elevated station,

59. So, and we bequeathed it to the people of Israel,

60. Do follow them enlightened.

[Thus the rule of Egypt was now the Israelites’.]

61. So when the two sums (groups) saw one another, the followers of Moses said: “we have been reached.”

62. Said he [Moses]: “no, my Lord is with me guiding me.”

63. So we inspired to Moses: “strike the sea by your staff”, so it split, and each part was like a majestic height,

64. And We there brought close the others,

65. And We salvaged Moses and those with him altogether,

66. And We drowned the others,

67. In this is indeed a paragon, and most of them were not believers,

68. And your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

69. And recite to them the news of Abraham,

70. When he said to his father and people: “what do you worship?”

71. They said: “we worship statues, and we dwell on them.”

72. Said he: “do they hear when you call?

73. “Or do they benefit you or do harm?”

74. They said: “but we found our ancestors doing the same.”

75. Said he: “have you seen what you have been worshipping?

76. “You and your ancient ancestors?

77. “They are an enemy of mine, except The Lord of the worlds,

78. “The One Who created me, He guides me,

79. “He feeds me, He brings me a drink,

80. “And if I am ill He heals me,

81. “He deadens me then He enlivens me,

82. “He, I desire that He forgives my trespasses on Redemption Day,

83. “My Lord, do bestow on me the rule and make me follow the righteous ones,

84. “And make for me a tongue of honesty to the late ones [of his desire to be honest in the end],

85. “And make me of the inheritors of the garden of the bounties,

86. “And forgive my father, he was of the bewildered ones,

87. “Make me not grieve the Day they are resurrected,

88. “The Day when money and offspring benefit one none”,

89. Except those who came with a sound heart,

90. And the garden is brought close to the ones, who took refuge,

91. And hell is shown to the deluded ones,

92. And it is said: “where are those you worshipped?

93. “Below God; can they support you, can they conquer?”

94. They precipitated in it, together with the deluders,

95. And the army of Iblis, altogether,

96. They say while they dispute in it:

97. “To God, we were in a distancing bewilderment,

98. “When we equated you with The Lord of the worlds,

99. “No one bewilders us except the criminals,

100. “We have not intercessors,

101. “No intimate friend,

102. “So if another chance is for us we shall be of the believers.”

103. In this is a paragon, most of them were not believers,

104. Your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

[And however loud and clear a declaration made to them, and however repeatedly it is made, you see them bowing to people, kissing their hands, and some kiss their feet,

They say: “these are the descendants of the prophets” and some say: “these descended from the heavens”,

They ask them to intercede for them at the end of days,

And this very Book tells them not to take lords from the people below God,

Yet they all do everything the Book told them not to do, and they make partners for God,

And many still bow to statues and talk to them, and they say they follow the religion of Abraham, the grandfather of all monotheist prophets,

So is it harsh when the Book says: “deaf dumb blind”, or is it just their said destiny?

And the Guided One will come back to shock them with a harsher say, may they wake up,

Rocks crack form a shock, but some hearts are harder than rock.]

105. The people of Noah falsified the messengers,

106. When their Brother Noah [the Five Paragons are named Brothers in the Qur’an and the Sacred Philosophy] said: “do you not take refuge?

107. “I am to you a messenger faithful,

108. “Take a refuge in God and obey me,

109. “I ask you not for recompensation, my recompensation is only in The Lord of the worlds,

110. “Take refuge in God and obey me.”

111. They said: “should we believe in you, and the worst of people have followed you?”

112. Said he: “and what do I know of what they were doing?

113. “Their judgement is to my Lord, if you sense,

114. “I am not rejecting believing ones,

115. “I am but a warner decisive.”

116. They said: “if you do not refrain Noah you shall be of the stoned ones.”

117. Said he: “Lord, my people have falsified me,

118. “Do open an opening between them and me, and salvage me and those who are with me of the believers.”

119. So We salvaged him and those who were with him in the loaded ships,

120. Then We drowned after the remainder,

121. In this is a paragon, and most of them were not believers,

122. And your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

123. Aad falsified the messengers,

124. When their Brother Houd said: “do you not take refuge?

125. “I am to you a messenger faithful,

126. “Take refuge in God and obey me,

127. “I ask you not for recompensation, my recompensation is only in the Lord of the worlds,

128. “Do you construct in every lushness an icon [of architecture] for your flutter?

129. “And do you make factories in the hope you might remain [eternally]?

130. “And if you strike, you strike ruthlessly,

131. “Take refuge in God and obey me,

132. “Take refuge in Him who furnished you with what you make,

133. “He furnished you with live stock and offspring,

134. “And gardens and springs,

135. “I fear for you the suffering of a great day.”

136. They said: “it is equal to us, whether you advise us or you are not an advisor,

137. “This is none but the fabrication of the early ones,

138. “And we will not suffer.”

139. They falsified him, so We destroyed them, in this is a paragon and many of them were not believers,

140. And your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

[Aad was the first human civilisation on earth, after the worlds were parted and the planets were rounded,

We see that the word 3aad, sighted with tanween, is in fact the word 3adan, that is Eden,

And after drowning, the world was seen from without, hence a rainbow was observed for the first time, and the light is projected on the retina of the eye to the corridors of the mind,

Or is the light projected in reality from the corridors of the mind to the retina of the eye?

For, if you could look through the iris of a dreaming person, you would see what he is seeing on the retina of his eye; and technology will one day be able to bring this out,

So you ask yourselves hence: “so what do we actually see in wakefulness?”

But those who think that it is the brain that creates the cosmos see only upside-down.

From the earth and its physical laws the early human civilisation flourished and mastered technology akin of today’s,

The technology which gives humanity the illusion of being in control,

They know not, that those physical laws cannot be trusted: like nuances of shades and colour: they fade and vanish, or they are emphasized, when the contrast is turned on or off.

The aircraft they manufactured were bigger than today’s biggest aircraft; the ships they built were cities afloat; the computers they worked were powered by light, and ran much faster than today’s computers,

They split the molecule of water gas by simulating part photosynthesis to harvest the hydrogen,

They said: “our glory of the old days has returned, and what the messenger tells you is lawlessness is in actuality lawful, and works faster than his means.”

In the first Orb of human existence, they broke all the rules of the messengers, and showed their followers that lawlessness worked quicker,

And the messengers and the believers with them were confused at the sight of constructions built out of proportion standing up, and technology achieving quick results,

Hence greed, lust, fear, selfishness were born and flourished,

And little did they know, and little did the Eden people know, and little does today’s bewildered humanity knows: that whatever is built in matter is bound for self-destruction, by the very laws of all materialisation.

And it is the motive of the doer that determines the outcome; and however good the outcome of lawlessness can be seen: await some time, and you will see the good showing evil,

And today’s world is being devoured by the evil of the good of ill-understanding, until humanity wakes up to The Good which creates good and evil interchanging.

And we have said at the start of this discourse, that the purpose of your lives is not to glorify your lives,

So if you ask: what is Good: who can answer?

We shall tell you what evil is, and even that falls short of a definition, unless it falls on deaf ears: evil is distance, evil is ambivalence, evil is illusion and dormancy, evil is making partners for God and affixing things unto him, evil is want, evil is fear, evil is subjectivity and objectivity, evil is oblivion, evil is ignorance of who you are, evil is insinuating or imposing your good onto other people until they submit and comply,

All human civilisations were trapped in the same evil in various shapes and forms, hence some verses are theme of this Surah.]

141. Thamud falsified the messengers,

142. When their Brother Saleh said to them: “do you not take refuge?

143. “I am to you is a messenger faithful,

144. “Take refuge in God and obey me,

145. “I ask you not for recompensation for it, my recompensation is in The Lord of the worlds,

146. “Do you leave what is herein, [where you are] safe,

147. “In gardens and springs,

148. “And vegetation and palm trees of wholesome produce,

149. “And you carve houses in the rock, mindless,

150. “Do take refuge in God and obey me,

151. “And obey not the aim of the extravagant ones,

152. “Those who despoil the earth and reform not.”

153. They said: “you are of the enchanted ones,

154. “You are none but a human like us, bring a miracle if you are honest.”

155. Said he: “this is God’s Elegance, it has its livelihood, and you have a track to a known day,

156. “Inflict no harm on it, or you will be taken by the suffering of a great Day.”

157. So they debilitated it, and they became contrite,

158. The suffering took them, in this is a paragon, and most of them were not believers,

159. And your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

160. The people of Lott falsified the messengers,

161. When their Brother Lott said to them: “do you not take refuge?

162. “I am to you a messenger faithful,

163. “Take refuge in God and obey me,

164. “I ask not for recompensation for it, my recompensation is in The Lord of the worlds,

165. “Do you take the males of the worlds?

166. “And you leave out what your Lord created of your pairs; you are but a people transgressing.”

167. They said: “if you do not refrain Lott, you will be of the outcast ones.”

168. Said he: “I am of your deeds a detester,

169. “Lord, rescue me and my people of what they do.”

170. So We rescued him and his people altogether,

171. Except an old woman of the distant ones,

172. Then We destroyed the remainder,

173. We rained them with some rain, bad was the rain of the warned ones,

174. In this is a paragon, and most of them were not believers,

175. And your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

[As for the people of Lott, they explored the dark world of human emotions,

They manipulated them with rituals of music and visual art; they worshipped physical beauty and sought salvation therewith,

They saw that spiritual enlightenment is achieved by aestheticism,

They thought that their alphas could be sought in the world, when they recognised their pair in their ideal image, to which they had an attraction,

They hence fell in love with one another, in physical bodies, and unless one’s mind and heart are sufficiently strong, consciousness breaks down in sensual love, and sensual love is the breakdown of consciousness.

As for the old women who was left behind, she was a woman of the Gone people, the original inhabitants of the low world,

The sea of humanity was still parted physically, and the Gone people were an inferior like, and until recently, when what you call Atlantis was drowned,

They were the people that you call Neanderthal, and the oceans of humanity intermixed,

And in this Orb, while the physique is said to be of one genesis, humanity is of ranks of beings which have been hosted by one genesis,

And as the oceans were parted in the time of Moses, they are mixing again, to be re-parted by The Lord’s Will, when the time is due.]

176. The people of the dense trees falsified the messengers,

177. When Shu’ayb said to them: “Do you not take refuge?

178. “I am to you a messenger faithful,

179. “Take refuge in God and obey me,

180. “I ask you not for recompensation, my recompensation is only in The Lord of the worlds,

181. “Be just in ruling, cause no loss to others,

182. “Undervalue not the things of the people, and despoil not and ravage not the earth,

183. “And take refuge in Him Who created you, and [in] the Primary Elevations.”

184. They said: “you are of the enchanted ones,

186. “You are none but a human like us, and we suspect you are of the liars,

187. “Drop on us a slab of the sky, if you are of the honest ones.”

188. Said he: “my Lord is better informed of what you do.”

189. They falsified him, so they were taken by the agony of the day of the umbra; it was a great day of suffering,

190. In this is a paragon, and most of them were not believers,

191. And your Lord is Exalted Compassionate.

[It is hard enough for humanity today to recognise her own faults and sins, so how can the faults and sins of previous orbs of human existence be recognised by humanity today?

When the positions of the isles on the globe were different, and the skies were different, and humanity was apiculated to a different sector of the Discus?

So we can only hint, and to show you that what you perceive as solid physical actuality is not so, except within that actuality,

So you ought not to build your reality on actuality, for you would build on quick-sand.

And one cannot but wonder: where is the history of Atlantis in the Book? And Atlantis was spoken of by Plato The Peace.

Atlas, the heaven bearer, refers to the rounding of the earth, from the isles/planets of the first Orb, so the earth and other planets are ‘sphered’ from the plane-like galaxy of the solar system of the first Orb,

And this is a huge task indeed, if you can conceive it, and a major making of physical laws, and Q-mathematics in the future will shed light on galactic projection,

And hence the spherical earth was called in ancient time: Atlantis; and this is just another perspective of the physical world.

Plato, the peace be on him, was hinting to the presence of previous human civilisations, which were forgotten, hinting to the continuity of human civilisations and human existence: has there been a period of time when mankind was nothing mentionable? The Glorious Book reminds, and so does The Sacred Philosophy,

Atlantis is here and has not gone, although an Island hosting a great civilisation was sunk to disappear, after the earth was entirely overcast, turned cold and wet and in many parts inhabitable,

And those civilisations mentioned in the Book are none but Atlantis.]

 192. And it is descended by The Lord of the two worlds,

193. Descended it: The Spirit The Trust,

194. Upon your [the messenger’s] heart, so you may be of the warners,

195. In a tongue articulate (Arabic) decisive,

196. And it is in the Oracles of the early ones,

197. Is it not a miracle to them that the knowledgeable people of Israel do know it?

198. And if We descended it to some non-Arabic speaking people,

199. He [the messenger] would read it to them as what they believed (and they would not believe) [and we leave it to the reader to choose the reading he/she sees fit],

200. Also We entered it in the hearts of the criminals,

201. They believe not in it until they see the suffering severe,

202. It comes to them unexpectedly when they feel not,

203. That they say: “are we awaited?”

205. Are they hastening to Our suffering?

206. Then come to them what they were promised,

207. What entertained them made them not self-sufficient,

208. We have not destroyed a civilisation unless warners it had,

209. Remembrance; and We were not wronging [anyone],

210. No demons have descended it,

211. It reaches them not, and they are unable to,

212. They are from hearkening isolated,

213. Invoke no god alongside God, or you will be subjected to suffering,

214. And warn your tribe the closest,

215. And lower your side to those believers, who follow you,

216. If they disobey you, say: “I am free from what you do.”

217. And rely on The Exalted The Compassionate,

218. Who sees you as you stand up,

219. And your turning in the two bows,

220. ‘T is He The Hearer The Knower,

221. Shall I inform you [the people] upon whom the demons are descended?

222. They are descended upon every liar sinner,

223. They [those upon whom the demons are descended] lend an ear, and most of them are liars,

224. And the poets, the deluders make them follow them,

225. Have you not seen that in every vale they wander?

226. They say what they do not do,

[The gift the “poet” has, and that is anyone with a sensitive soul, that is infatuated with the beauty of the image, the music and the language, is a gift of a double-edged sword,

Their strong passion for expression can drive them to extremes, to be victims of the passions of evil spirits. 

How many a poet or a writer or a composer of music or a painter served dark causes?

But the beauty of their works attracts the people; the people have hence to know where to break, lest they fall in a deep vale, as the verse continues.

And in a future book, we shall recount to you how music was usurped by Satan during the time of King Solomon, and was reclaimed in Europe in the recent centuries.]

227. Except those who believed and did good, and they remembered God a lot; they conquered after they were darkened, and those who darkened [them] will find out to which turning they will return.


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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