Surah 28

The Narrative


1. Tah Seen Mem (T S M)

2. These are the verses of the clarifying Book,

3. We recite to you [the messenger] of the history of Moses and the Pharaoh by The Law, for the people who believe.

[This Surah was descended to Compassion, The Whole Self, The Peace be by him.

Hence those whose scales are capable of weighing the atom will sense his Grand Spirit, also in the Surah of Mary.

The Surah’s of the Grand Book were descended to Five Rounds of Angels, as is testified in the Book,

They were distant in place and time, yet the Surah’s were of one Book: a proof to those who did not believe at that time,

Those who fretted lies and said that a winged man carried it from heaven.

The events are recounted in their raw form. But events are in Time: and a projection of magnamoments of existence: this is the approach of this recount,

Hence the esoteric layer is mainly not in the originals of the words and the symbolism, but rather in the Repository of History,

This is for any human with a shred of knowledge to bow down to his grounds, of awe of the Might of The One Who makes Time, Place and Motion.

So we shall supplement little, unless we have to clarify names.

And as we said often in this discourse, we make not a big weight of the names by which messengers and prophets whether radiant or dark are mentioned in this discourse or former ones.

And we remind all that the knowledge of the messengers and the good prophets and their Council of Power is indeed the knowledge of their Spirit,

The Ghita of which we give an exegesis, also the Book of John, take you to swim in the Okeanos by The Law, rather than just knowing the shores by hearsay, or just knowing Krishna or John by their names,

So of what benefit is it to argue about the names? If you have the door of knowledge opened to you worry not about the address of that door in the human records of place and time.]

 4. The Pharaoh was haughty in the earth, he made sects of its people, exploiting the weak of them, slaying their sons and enslaving their women, he was of the despoilers,

5. And We want to provide to those who have been exploited in the earth, to make them masters and make them the inheritors,

6. And to establish them in the earth, to show the Pharaoh and Haman [Horemheb] and their soldiers of them that, of which they have been cautious.

[Neither a demon and nor a human, the personality of Jacob confuses the onlookers. With a radiant, yet mischievous look, he plays both roles, and messengers have differing views of him.

The Greek masters liked not his passion for war,

And although he tyrannised during his father’s rule in Egypt, Joseph was able to bring him on his side, and he abdicated and handed over to The Door, recounts this very Book, although this was short lived,

And this was made a ritual for a secret sect, and still is, but its spiritual significance is completely forgotten, as we read correctly that verse,

And now he is on The Door’s side, and will be when we come back in the Fareast.]

7. And We inspired to Moses’ mother that: nurse him, and if you fear, throw him in the water, fear none and grieve not, We shall return him to you and shall make him of the messengers.

8. The people of the pharaoh picked him up, to be their inheritor and their treasurer, indeed the Pharaoh and Haman and their soldiers were wrong-doers.

9. Said the Pharaoh’s wife: “a settlement of the eye [an expression of love], for you [the Pharaoh] and for me, do not kill him, he may benefit us, or we take him as a son while they feel not.”

10. Moses’ mother’s heart became empty, she was about to expose it, if We had not surrounded her heart, so she may be of the believers.

11. She said to his sister: “eye him”, so she saw him on the other side, while they did not know.

12. And We had deprived him of the nurses before, so she said to them: “shall I point you to a family who will sponsor him for you, and they are his advisors?”

13. So We returned him to his mother, so her eye might settle and she might not grieve, and that she might know that God’s promise is true, but most of them know not.

14. And when he became strong and reached maturity We brought to him rule and knowledge, and thus We reward the radiant ones.

15. And he entered the city in a moment when its people were inattentive, he found two men fighting, one was from his sect, and one was of his enemy’s; the one from his sect cried to him for help against the one who is of his enemy; so Moses pricked him and killed him, said he: “this is of the deed of Satan, he is an enemy bewildering distancing.”

16. Said he: “Lord, I have wronged myself, forgive me”, so He forgave him, it is Him The Forgiver The Compassionate.

17. Said he: “[Thou art] my Lord in what Thou bestow on me, so I am not a back-up of criminals.”

18. So he became afraid in the city and watchful, and then the one who called him for help in the past was calling him [for help]; Moses said to him: “you are a deluder, clearly.”

19. So when he wanted to strike the one who was an enemy of the two of them, said he: “Moses, do you want to kill me like you killed before? You only want to be ruthless in the earth; you want not to be of the reformers.”

20. And a man came from the end of the city running, said he: “O Moses, the people are conspiring about you to kill you, get out, I am to you an advisor.”

21. So he got out of it watchful, said he: “Lord, rescue me from the wrong-doers.”

22. And when he headed to Midyan, said he: “perhaps my Lord will guide me to the straight path.”

23. And when he came to the Water of Midyan, he found a community of people drinking, and he found below them two women shepherding, said he: “what is your plight?” they said: “we shall not let [our herd] drink until the shepherds have departed, and our father is an elderly man.”

24. So he let [their herd] drink, then he turned to the shade, said he: “Lord, I am to what Thou hast descended unto me needy.”

25. So one of the two [women] came to him walking shy, said she: “my father invites you to reward you for letting [our herd] drink for us”; so when he came to him he narrated to him the narration, said he: “fear none, you have been rescued from the wrong-doers.”

26. Said one of the two: “my father, hire him, he is the best of those that you have hired, strong and sincere.”

27. Said he: “I want to marry you to one of my daughters, on condition you pay me back with Eight Proofs, and if you supplement to ten, it is from you; I want no hardship for you, and you will find me, God willing, a good one.”

28. Said he: “this is between you and me, whichever one of the two destinies I tend, no animosity is on me, and God is, upon what we say, the Overseer.”

29. So when Moses fulfilled the term and he led his people, he found comfort from the side of the Tor, in a fire; said he to his people: “stay, I have found comfort in a fire, perhaps I bring you tidings from it or a torch, may you grill.”

30. So when he came to it, he was called from the shore of the right-hand side of the Valley, in the blessed spot of the Tree, that: “Moses, t’ is I God, The Lord of the two worlds [so we hide the inner layer of God’s call for those who discern].”

31. And that: “meet [look] your alpha;” when he saw it jittering, as though it is of demons, he turned back, he looked not back, “O Moses, advance and fear none, you are of the secure ones,

32. “Insert your hand in your pocket, it returns white without an evil; and take over your wing from the fright, those are two proofs from your Lord to the Pharaoh and his people, they are a people aberrant.”

[To the right-hand side of the Tree of potentiality, there is a spot, amidst which is a lake of serene still water, surrounded by gardens of fecundation, the joys of the physical world are enciphered therein,

When the souls were shown, they experienced the pleasures,

The Lord permitted all to experience, and said to them: you have pleasure in it for a term.

But thereafter, The Lord told His messengers to set the Limits that humanity cannot trespass, and if they do, they bring disastrous suffering unto themselves; that is The Law, which they cannot comprehend, hence they only see their deity as arbitrary rulers.

So how can we explain to you what is evil? For every activity you undertake is evil in duality, but it is the nature of the good people that veer them away from it.

So Moses is told to hide his hand and let not his wing free, and the low world can be experienced, for those who admire the creation of their Lord.]

33. Said he: “Lord, I have killed a self from them I fear they might kill me,

34. “And my brother Aaron [Joseph], he is more articulate in language than me, send him along with me as a protector to second me, I fear they might falsify me.”

35. Said He: “We shall enforce your arm by your brother, and We shall make for you authority, so they reach you by Our Paragons, both of you and those who follow you are the conquerors.”

36. So when Moss came with decisive evidence, they said: “this is none but a sorcerer faker, we have not heard of this from our former grand-fathers.”

37. And Moses said: “my Lord is Better Knower of those who come with guidance from Him, and for whom is the final Abode, wrong-doers will not achieve.”

38. And the Pharaoh said: “O people, I know no god for you except me; O Haman, light for me in the clay, and make for me an edifice; perhaps I rise to Moses’ god, and I suspect he is of the liars.”

39. So he thought big of himself and his soldiers in the earth by lawlessness, they thought they would not be returned to Us.

40. So We took him and his soldiers, and We refused them in the water, look what was the consequence of the wrong-doers.

41. And We made them aims [of the people, and nowadays they are those rulers determined to ruin the world], calling to the fire, and the day of the Uprise they will not be supported.

42. And We trailed them in this low life with a curse, and the day of the Uprise they are of the uglified ones.

43. And We gave the Book to Moses, after We destroyed the early countries, as Vision to the people, Guidance and Compassion, may they remember.

44. And what [where] you [the messenger] were: of the sunset side, when We ruled the aim for Moses; and what you were: of the witnesses [of the water receding, and the crossing of the sea].

45. But We constructed centuries, and age took them long, and what you were: staying at the people of Midyan, reciting Our verses to them, but We were the senders.

46. And where were you: on the side of the Tor, when We called; but [this is] Compassion from your Lord, to warn a people, no warner has come to them before you, may they remember.

47. And if it were not for a calamity striking them, of what their hands forwarded, they would [not] say: “our Lord, if only Thou send to us a messenger, so we may follow Thy Paragons, and we may become believers.”

48. So when The Law came to them from Us, they said: “if only he was given like Moss was given”, did they not disbelieve what was given to Moses before? They said: “two wizards demonstrated”, and they said: “we are in all disbelievers.”

49. Say: “then bring a Book from God, that is of better guidance than the two, and I shall follow it, if you are honest.”

50. And if they respond not to you, know that what they follow is their passions, and who is more bewildered than the one who followed his passions without guidance from God, God guides not darkened people.

51. And We have reached the say to them, may they remember.

52. Those, to whom We gave the Book before, in it they are believers.

53. When recited to them, they say: “we believed it, it is The Law from our Lord, we have been, [and] before it, Muslims.”

54. Those will be given their reward twice, of what they forbore, and they deflect the bad by the good, and of what We provided them they expend.

55. And if they hear the rhetoric they turn away from it and say: “we have our deeds and you have your deeds, the peace be upon you, we aim not for the ignorant ones.”

56. You cannot guide whom you like, but it is God Who guides whomever He will, He is The Knower of all the guided ones.

57. They said: “if we follow guidance with you we will be kidnapped from our land”, did We not set a Sanctuary for them which brings about the fruit of everything, Providence from Us? But most of them know not.

58. How many a country that abused its livelihood have We destroyed? Here are their dwellings, it has not been dwelled after them, except a little, and We are the Inheritors.

59. Your Lord is Destroyer not of countries, until He sends in their midst a messenger reciting to them Our verses, and We are not Destroyers of countries unless their population is dark.

60. And what you are given of things is pleasure in the low life, and its ornament, and God has is Good and lasting longer, discern you not?

61. Is the one We have promised a radiant promise, and is hence encountering Him, like the one whom We made enjoy the enjoyment of the low lives, and the Day of the Uprise he is amongst the brought ones [to Justice]?

62. And the Day He calls them, He says: “where are My partners that you have claimed?”

63. Those upon whom the question is due say: “our Lord, those are the ones we deluded, we deluded them like we were deluded, we emancipate ourselves to Thee, for so long as worshippers of us they are.”

64. And it is said: “call your partners”, so they called them and they did not respond to them, they could have seen the suffering, if they were guided.

65. The Day He calls them: “what did you answer the messengers:”

66. The news is blinded to them today, they do not question.

67. As for those who repented and did good, they may be achieving ones.

68. And your Lord creates whatever He will and selects, it is not up to them: the selection; transcends God, Lofty He is above what they affix.

69. And your Lord knows what their chests secret and what they disclose.

70. He is God, there is no god, but He, the Homage is to Him, in the former and the latter, to Him is the Rule, to Him you are returned.

71. Say: “have you envisaged, if He made the Night over you permanent, till the Day of the Uprise, which deity other than God brings you light? Hear you not?”

72. Say: “have you envisaged, if He made the Day permanent till the Day of the Uprise, which deity other than God brings you night for you repose in it? See you not?”

73.  And from His Compassion He made for you the day and the night to settle therein, and to request His Elevation, and may you be thankful.

74. And the Day He calls them and He says: So where are My partners that you claimed?”

75. And We took from each nation a witness, and We said: “bring forth your proof”, so they realised that The Truth is God, and what they fretted slipped away from them.

76. Qaroon [Aaron] was of the people of Moses, he became rampant over them, We gave him Treasures that if he could open he would have drawn near The Council of Power, when his people said to him: “celebrate not, God loves not those who celebrate [their good luck].”

77. “And pursue by what God has given you, the later Abode; and forge not your agony of the low life, and radiate as God has radiated to you, pursue no despoliation in the earth, God loves not the despoilers.”

78. Said he [Aaron]: “what I have been given is knowledge that I have”, does he not know that God destroyed before him of the civilisations which were mightier and of more population [of his making]? And criminals ask not about their crimes.

79. So he came out to his people in his glorified ceremony, those who want the low lives said: “we wish we were given like Aaron was given, he has indeed very good luck”

80. And those who were given the knowledge said: “woe to you, the return to God is better for those who believe and do good; only the forbearing ones will be granted thereof.”

81. So We made the ground give way in him and his house, and he had no party to support him below God, and he was not triumphant.

[As a construction where he was standing collapsed, Tutankhamen fell and broke a leg; but the fright of the noise of the shudder of those mighty stones and the power, sent shivers down his spine, and he became pale and panted like a dog and died after a long agony of his injury.]

82. And those who had wished his position before started saying: “hey, that is God furnishes the providence to whomever He will of His servants and is Capable; if it was not for His lavishing us, He would have made the ground give way in us; hey, indeed darkened ones achieve not.”

83. This, the final Abode, We make it for those who seek no haughtiness in the earth, and no despoliation, and the [good] consequence is for those who take refuge.

84. He who comes with good, he gets a better one, and he who comes with the bad one… those who do evil will get only the consequence of what they did.

85. The one who imposed the Qur’an upon you [the messenger] is making you revert to a come-back, say: “my Lord knows who came with Guidance and who is in a distancing bewilderment.”

86. And you wished not that the Book is laid to you except as Compassion from your Lord, so be not a back-up for the darkened ones.

[And will it make any difference if we explained to the people of the Book what this means? If the only law you know is karma, no Compassion is for you, but only punishment and reward. This is imposed on you and by your own choice.

And all you do is to read their reading, and perhaps you will be guided.]

87. And be not barred from God’s verses after they have been descended to you, and call to your Lord, and be not an affixer.

[So they amputated his hand and it has been resurrected to frighten them.

Hell is their world, and we all sojourn in it, may they be guided by our light.]

88. Call not to any deity with God, there is no god but He, everything is to ruin, except His Countenance, to Him is the Rule, to Him you all will be returned.


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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