Surah 2

The Cow


1.  Alef Lam Meem,

[Letters of the Arabic alphabet, equivalent to  A, L, M. We will bring you the significance of those letters and all the letters which introduce some of the Surahs of the Grand Book in a future book, The Lord willing]

2. This is The Book, unquestionably, guidance to those who refuge.

3. Those who believe in the unseen and keep the prayers, and of what We have provided them they expend.

4. And those who believe what was descended to you [the messenger], and what descended before you, and of the hereafter they are certain.

5. They are on guidance from their Lord, those are the achievers.

6. Those who disbelieved, it is equal to them, whether you warn them or do not warn them, they do not believe.

7. God has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and a veil is on their vision, and for them is a great suffering.

8. And of people are those who say: “we believe in God and the last day”, but they are not believers.

9. They think they deceive God and those who believe, but they deceive only themselves, but they know not.

10. In their hearts is an illness, so God has added to them an illness, and they suffer severely of what they falsified.

11. And when they are told: “despoil not the earth”, they say : “but we are only reformers”.

12. But they are only despoilers, and they know not.

13. And when they are told: “believe like other people have believed”, they say: “are we to believe like the fools?”, but it is them who are the fools, and they know not.

14. And when they meet up with those who believe they say: “we have believed” and when they confide to their demons they say: “we are on your side, we are being facetious and derisory”.

15. God is derisory of them, so in their blind tyranny they bewilder.

16. Those who exchanged guidance for bewilderment, their trade profits not and they are never guided.

17. Their model is like one who set a fire, so when it lit up his surrounding God took their light and left them in darkness not seeing.

[This is the introduction of the concept of “kafir”, which translates simplistically in English to non-believer in mainstream religions, but misunderstood in both languages and cultures.

The root of the word kafir in Arabic is kafara, meaning to cover or wrap; thus the kafir is the one whose heart and mind are covered, as previous verses hint.

Verse 17 tells a story that is as ancient as the creation, times before time, when humanity experienced duality, some souls recognised their Truth, so they were guided by their own light; and some were deluded by the duality, the Light of Existence became a perceptibility, so they darkened and became kafir, i.e. covered.

We will use the word “dark” and “darkened” to translate the word kafir from here on.

 We will also use it to translate the word “dhaalem”, which translates simplistically to wrong-doer, being unjust, aggressor... its root being dhalama which means to darken. The word dhalama and its derivatives are used in the Qur’an to point to both meanings, but often the original meaning of “to darken” is loosely confused with “to aggress” or “to be unjust”.]

18. Deaf dumb blind, they return not.

[The strong terms are used metaphorically in all The Books. In the Torah the prohibition of entry to the temple to disabled people was taken literally.

Many vision impaired people and physically disabled people can see better and walk faster on the way of knowledge.

The preceding verses are seen as the declarations of a draconian god by the interpreters of the Qur’an. In reality they elucidate the laws of existence and the accountability of human consciousness, thus they are reflected in peoples souls according to the clarity of their mirrors of their selves.] 

19. Or like a cloud from the sky, in it is darkness, thunder and a lightening; they plug their fingers in their ears from the thunder of fear of death, and God is all around the darkened ones.

20. The lightening almost takes away their vision, every time it lights to them they walk in it, and when it darkens they stand, and will God, He would take their sight and hearing, God is Capable of all things.

[Those who have deprived themselves from existential awareness live in constant fear; they perceive themselves as the helpless subjects of some draconian and arbitrary force beyond their comprehension]

21. O people, abide in your Lord Who created you and those before you, may you refuge,

22. Who made the earth an expanse for you, and the sky a constructure, and He dropped from the sky water, produced fruit by it, a bounty for you, so make no equals to God when you know.

[Worship, in all monotheist religions, is thought to be a practice of certain rituals or other deeds according to certain rules, but the root of the word 3bada which commonly translates to worship does not point to this concept .

We are fortunate that the Arabic language is still alive and two grand Arabic dictionaries written centuries ago have survived, providing the etymology of the Arabic vocabulary.

We find that the expression “to abide in, or by” points to the closest location in the mind to the location of the root of 3bada in Arabic, in its original usage.

The practice of rituals is motivated by irrationality, and this is far divorced from abiding in God, for abiding in God can only be achieved by ultimate rationality, and hence God’s Word is sent only to humanity.

Rituals are as diverse and numerous as the deity which prescribe them, but there is only One God in Whom man abides, and the Qur’an as well as the Ghita distinguish clearly between rituals (sha3aa’ir) and abidance (3ibaadah) in God.

And we have translated the word “yattaqoon” to “to refuge”. For, “taqwaa” is a refuge in God, not from Him, transcends He. The believers want to refuge in Him, transcends He, from the evils of the low world, and only darkened people want to refuge from Him, transcends He, of the fear of His Justice. This is a low station of awareness from which the believers have shunned, and rituals are a refuge, a “taqwaa”, from the wrath of pagan gods, while prayers are the connections to Him, transcends He, He is the believers’ Refuge and their Eternal Abode.] 

23. If you are in doubt about what We descended to Our servant, then bring one Surah similar, and call upon your witnesses below God, if you were truthful.

24. If you do not, and you will not, then seek refuge from hell that is fuelled by people and stones, ready for the darkened ones.

25. And pass the glad tidings to those who believed and did good, that for them are gardens, the days stream underneath them, every time they are provided from it of fruit, providently, they say this is what we were provided before, and it is given to them alike, and they have in it pairs immaculate, and they are in it eternally.

[The miracle of the Qur’an is the three depths of its wording. Darkened people can see only the lowest projection (al-3arad al-adnaa), because they have narrowed their vision to the physical world. Those have been divided into two groups: one group says that existence is only material, detectable by the senses; and the other group believe that there must be an existence beyond matter that we cannot perceive, thus recognising only material existence, obliquely.

In the depth of the verses of the Qur’an is Reality that can only be remembered by the believers. It is not an interpretation such as the interpretations delivered over the centuries by scholars and imams belonging to various schools of thought, all of whom were able to circle around the lowest projection only.

In the third depth, the verses turn into a “piercing meteor” (shihaabon thaaqeb), which leads the radiant self back to where everything begins.

This is the Providence: the existential light which translates into Philosophy (the love of wisdom) to the believers; and the nuances of the iterations add joy to the joy, for no sunrise is like its predecessor; and the believers remember, for they were there before, the providence is given to them alike, they will say.

Providence translates to physical things to the darkened ones.

As for “the pair”, this is the alpha of one’s soul: one’s ray from Existence; it is what the Ghita refers to as “the knower”, and “the field” being the earth, i.e. one’s existence in a physical body.]

26. God does not shy to draw a model of a mosquito, what is above it? As for those who believe, they know it is The Law of their Lord; as for those who do not, they say: “what example does God want in this?” He bewilders by it many and guides by it many, and no one bewilders except the corrupt. 

[None of the interpreters of the Qur’an have passed the test in this verse, phrased in such a way in Arabic that if you are a seer of The Truth, it glows, and if not, you would wonder and wander around it, but fail to make sense of it. Some scholars who attempted to translate the Qur’an to other languages omitted the word “mosquito” from their translation , or replaced by “a small thing”, or better still “a big thing”, missing the point altogether, and exactly as the verse predicted.

The grand word that we translated to “The Law” is the Arabic word al-haqq, which in people’s minds today points to: truth, justice correctness, honesty...

While all these concepts are in al-haqq, they are only on its periphery, for God created the world by al-haqq, said the Qur’an.

Al-haqq in the Qur’an is the Logos in the Greek Philosophy, Ishwara in Indian mythology, Tao in China, and the Messiah is the Logos in the ancient Gospels, which was wrongly translated to “the word” in modern translations.

The Reality of the Logos cannot be defined, this is why it has become forgotten today, in the time when empiricism has overstepped its territory and its methods have influenced philosophy.

Only the believers can see The Law in their selves and in the world, around, within and above all.

The Law is the Essence, it is Existence, The Law is The Mind of the Cosmos,

It is mathematics projected in the laws of physical phenomena,

It is the sphere, the simplest shape from which all the shapes are derived, it is The Circle of Beauty.

It is God’s Messenger to humanity, The Messiah, Krishna, The Buddha and Gabriel, by him man worships God and man’s prayers to God are by him.

The Knowledge of The Law is an existential rank and experience from which darkened people have deprived themselves, so they will argue and they argued before, and no description of colour will help a colour-blind man see colour]

27. Those who break God’s Covenant after His Oath, they break what God ordered to be rejoined, they despoil the earth, those are indeed the losers.

28. How can you darken to God, and you were dead and He enlivened you, then He deadens you, then He enlivens you, then to Him you will be returned.

29. He created for you all that is in the earth, then He surmounted to the Sky, so He raised them seven Skies, and He is the Knower of all things.

30. And when your Lord said to the angels: “I am Maker, in the earth, of a descendent”, they said: “dost Thou make in it one who despoils it and sheds blood, and we transcend in worship of Thee, and sanctify to Thee”, said He: “I know what you know not”.

31. And Adam educated all the Summa (plural of summum), then He (the Lord) manifested Them (the Summa) to the angels and said: “announce to Me the names of These if you were honest”,

32. They said: “Thy Okeanos, we know none, except what Thou didst teach us, Thou art The Knower, The Ruler”,

33. Said He: “O Adam, announce Their names”, so when he announced to them Their names, said He: “did I not say to you that I know the unseen o f the heavens and the earth, and I know what you disclose and what you were concealing.”

[Let it be known, that there are no fairy tales in God’s Word, and God’s Word as delivered by His messenger Gabriel is Truth.

And God manifested the creation to the creation, and those who recognised Him took an Oath and a Covenant, and He surmounted to the Heavens; and those who did not recognise their Lord darkened, so seven orbs of human existence were due, each orb being a call to darkness, excepting the first, which was the call of The Law. Those are projected in the physical world as the seven planets in the earth’s heaven, namely: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Pluto, and the Moon. The heavens of a planet shape the life on it, and direct human awareness and knowledge to certain sectors of The Discus. Mathematics will prove this in the future Orb beyond any doubt.

And when God said to the believers - that is the angels, that a new creation was to begin in the earth, descendant of its predecessor, it brought to them the memories of the past, so they expressed their objection.

So to say that God has a descendant in the earth, as interpreters have interpreted, is as blasphemous as saying that He has a son; transcends He the reckoning of man.

So God manifested the Summa: His Dimensions (Hudood) in a human form: those are his messengers to humanity, and the teachers of His Religion and Philosophy: Gabriel and his four brothers; by them are the prayers to The Lord. The believers did not recognise them.

The Lord remits them in the earth in flesh and blood, to conquer death in physicality and become His Will, to radiate His Light to mankind, to call to His Religion and demonstrate that life in a physical body is achievable in the physical body.

Adam the Whole Mind educates them of what The Lord installs in him, he is the maker of the destiny of mankind and the director of human thought and civilization. And since Noah’s Ark had sailed, and the skies cleared after they were loaded with water for too long, and after the water was exhaled and inhaled into The Chamber, on earth the gravity is reversed, a rainbow was visible for the first time to humanity; not because a new physical law was introduced to the world, the laws exist simultaneously as a potentiality, but because the human eye was distanced further from her truth, and the light was perceived from without, and before it was from within, and as verse 17 recounted.

And in the forthcoming Orb of human existence, the eighth colour will be visible once again to mankind, in the visible spectrum it will fall in what is now the ultra-violet; the humans will perceive it as an evolution of the human vision of necessity of survival; the believers know it is the eighth colour that was manifested to them in the earlier days of the verb to be, but were blinded to it, indication of the far distance; they will rejoice upon seeing it again, indication of the nearing distance, they will call it correctly in all the languages: hue. A colour, like violet, faintly visible in the heavens, can only be seen below upon reflection on white, symbolism of Sublimeness; neither blue nor green, and neither yellow and nor red, yet all the colours seem to emerge therefrom.

The low world is a reflection of the heaven by symmetry, and symmetry is manifested on The Circle and its four quadrants, the seed of all that is. The conscious mind, when was first liberated had no direction, until the reflection was seen in the Helium, that is the effusion of the First Encounter, from which everything animate was created; and as the self descended to it, of curiosity, and enchanted by the beauty of the manifest, the self turned the up-side-down world up-side-up, and Satan and Iblis were deluded by this phenomenon, they tell the people that their world is real. But they will never be able to explain why the world looks up-side-up today to humanity, although it is projected on the retinas of their eyes contrary to the direction of gravity.

And although the believers might fail to recognize the Summa while in their physical bodies, it is only them, the believers, who adopt their teaching and follow their guidance, because only the believers can discern their Lord’s Message and transcend in it.

These were magnamoments of human existence, in The Chamber, where history of humanity is drawn to humanity by the Lord’s Mighty Will, transcends he; the believers will remember when the time is due.

 As for the non-believers, they were in the low world since the time they darkened before, when The Lord declared by His Mighty Will the how and the then, a wrap of ugliness was doomed on them, those who had darkened, to rein their lust, they took what they saw as existence, they used their bodies to express it, thus fairy tales and laws of activity are their share of the Grand Book.

And we shall bring to you the story of Prophet Joseph in The Chamber and in the earth, The Lord willing, when the time is due, and when we read to you the Surah of Joseph correctly, by The Lord’s Will.]

34. And when We said to the angels: “bow to Adam”, so they bowed, except Iblis, he disobeyed arrogantly and was a darkened one.

35. And We said: “O Adam, dwell you and your pair in the Garden, eat from its abundance wherever you will, and approach not this tree, for you will be wrong-doers.”

36. So Satan made them transgress it and took them out of what they were, and We said: “fall down, some preceding some, and you have in the earth a stay and leisure for a term”.

37. So Adam accepted from his Lord words, so He forgave him, He is Compassionate and Forgiving.

38. We said: “fall you all down from it, becomes to you guidance from Me, those who follow my guidance no fear takes them and they grieve not”.

39. Those who disbelieved and falsified Our Paragons, those are the followers of the inferno, they are therein eternally.

[Verse 34 starts with “wa idh” which translates to “and when”, marking the start of a new paragraph, otherwise it does not make much sense for verse 35 to follow verse 30.

For verse 34 goes back further in existential time to tell the story of an earlier liberation of the creation.

As for the “tree”, let it be known God’s Will is The Law, only darkened people perceive arbitrariness, they attribute to God their own fallibilities, transcends He His Creation.

The Law precedes potentiality, and potentiality precedes randomness and arbitrariness, which are hence incidental. To attribute incidental things to God is a grave error, for those who discern.

And the Tree is the tree of potentiality, those who have cut its roots in their selves can remember it: a giant tree touching the skies, in a world where the three dimensional space is not as it is on the earth; its branches and roots go down the world called the inferno: i.e. the low world: i.e. jahannam: i.e. existence in the physical world on earth, where people’s heads are turned up-side-down, and the models spread and take dense representations, and rational numbers can be detected by the looking eye, in the world of light and shade.

Between its branches and leaves the faces of dark prophets, damned by God, appear, to tempt the onlookers with the images of a world that they claim to have created; and as the self accepts the invitation, driven by her curiosity about herself, she goes down those branches and experiences the world in a duality of a wide gulf, and the lower she goes  the darker the surroundings become and the denser, and thus she becomes aware of her body and the spot that can be experienced only upon encounter, for it is covered by her holiness.

Man’s physical body is of The Lord’s paragons, it is an expression of the self in her entirety: her mind, senses organs, organs of action and down to her embodiment in clay, where creation takes a physical expression.

So as Adam, The Whole Mind that is Gabriel, and Eve, The Whole Self that is Michael, experienced the tree, their encounter resulted in the effusion of the seemingly dispersed world, and thus the Lord’s Will eventuated, and every self had to experience the low world to know it and free herself from it, by discovering her truth amidst its overwhelming illusions. ]

40. O people of Israel, remember My Providence that I bestowed on you, and if you keep My Covenant I keep your Covenant, and fear only Me,

41. Believe in what I descended conforming with what you have, be not the first to repudiate it, exchange not My verses for petty gain, and refuge only in Me,

42. Confuse not The Law with falsehood and conceal not the Truth knowingly,

43. Keep the prayers and perform the purification, and bow with those who bow,

44. Do you command the people to righteousness and leave out yourselves, whilst you read The Book? Discern you not?

45. Beseech to look (your Lord) by forbearance and prayers, and this is a big ask, except for those who are reverent,

46. Those who know that they will meet with their Lord and that to Him they return.

47. O people of Israel, remember My Providence that I bestowed on you and that I raised you above the worlds.

48. Refuge from a day when no self fends off anything for another self, and no intercession is accepted for her, and no vindication is taken from her, and they will not be made triumphant.

49. And when We saved you from the people of the Pharaoh, they inflicted on you the worst suffering, they slew your sons and slaved your women, this was a great calamity from your Lord.

50. And when We parted the sea in you, so We saved you and drowned the people of the Pharaoh whilst you looked.

51. And when We awaited Moses for forty nights, then you took The Bull after him, and you are wrong-doers.

52. Then We forgave you after that, may you be grateful.

53. And when We gave Moses The Book and the partition, may you be guided.

54. And when Moses said to his people: “you have done wrong to your selves by taking the bull, repent to your Creator, kill your selves, for this is better for you in your Creator”, so He forgave them, He is Compassionate and Forgiving.

55. And when you said: “Moses, we will not believe until we see God conspicuous”, so a thunderbolt took you while you looked.

[Theologians of all religions and scholars, past and present, want to have us believe that the Israelites are, synonymously, the Hebrew people, but as it is obvious from the previous verses, the Israelites were one group of people, and Moses’ people who were the Hebrew people, were another.

The word Israel in its original meaning refers to the one who abides in God, and this is not a reference to a race of people or a tribe or a geographic land.

God’s message has been delivered to the entire humanity across the ages in different places, times and languages; those who accept it and strive to abide in Him are Israelites, wherever they are, whatever their tongue, whichever race they belong to, God’s message teaches fraternity and equality, all men are the children of Adam and Eve the One Self, whether this suits the political agendas of the powerful nations to the world today or not.

They also want to have us believe that Moses’ people were the first people to believe in One God, using the Books as evidence.

In fact, long before Moses and Abraham, Amenhotep (Gabriel), the messenger of all the messengers, and Enoch (Michael), called out loud and clearly to all humanity to abide in The One, The Carrier of the Discus, and guided mankind to the way of freedom, but their message was a “hefty say” on the ears of those who had darkened and were therefore more interested in worldly things.

One evening, Jacob visited his uncle Zimran, who had lived far and alone, and asked him to bless him on his mission to establish the Tribes. Zimran had had a vision that Jacob’s descendants would flourish and become a great people, and that they would bewilder and bring onto themselves their own destruction.

Zimran was the angel bestowed on Abraham by his third wife without a sexual union, Abraham knew and did not believe; also Isaac knew but was derisive and laughter was his only self-expression. Zimran refused to bless Jacob on his self-appointed mission, so Jacob became angry, and a physical fight between the two broke out. Neither a demon and nor a human, Jacob wanted to abide in God and articulated his wish to his uncle, hence his title Israel. So Jacob carried out his self-appointed mission, while Zimran established a tribe of believers, known in the Qur’an as the Imrans (aal-3imran), from whom Mary the mother of the Messiah descended.

It was later that the word Israel was used to point to certain Hebrew tribes exclusively, to affirm their ideology of God’s-chosen-people.

 Many centuries had gone until the Israelites, Hebrew and other, became isolated in their own communities in Egypt, after the constant persecution that they suffered at the hands of the people of the Pharaoh; so the parting of the sea of the two peoples was due.

God’s Miracle is The Law. It is when the habitual is taken for absolute that the non-habitual is regarded as a miracle; but all is manifested by The Law, and only those who are dazzled by the physical manifestation are in a constant search for a proof in the non-habitual; and even when they do witness the non-habitual they do not believe, for if there is a shimmer of truth left in their minds, they would recognise the truth in the miracle of the simplicity of the habitual.

So let it be known again, that there are no fairy tales in The Book, and the manifest, whether habitual or not, is God’s Law.

So the parting of the sea had to take a physical projection, and one evening there was an eclipse of the sun at sunset time, so the Red Sea receded to a level not witnessed before, and the crossing was possible for those who predicted the event. The Israelites have always had a more advanced understanding of nature than have darkened people, blinded from The Law.

As for the drowning of the darkened ones, it is mainly metaphorical, as it is told in forthcoming Surahs.

Those who had darkened to Amenhotep and Enoch were now in need of guidance, for they had lost their innate light, and the commandments and the laws were hence due on them.

Historians and archaeologists of modern times have wondered: why is there not a single mention of the Hebrew people and prophets in the documents of ancient Egypt? We tell them: their stories are written clearly and plainly, it is the nomenclature of ancient Egypt that they have to reconcile with the nomenclature of the Bible, things will then fit and events of the past will be understood, and the fallacies and fairy tales will take their actual shape, and fictitious persons will be shown in their actual sizes. For, the people whom the Ramses chain of kings fought, who came by the sea and the land, were none but those heathen, clever, skilled people who later named themselves Israelites. They were the Hebrew, who migrated from south Syria and Palestine.

They were treated as an outcast by the Egyptian authorities, and at times they were treated as invaders; Moses wanted them to mix with the Israelites, to elevate their social status. The Israelites, although a minority, were respected for their wisdom and High Standards.

In Moses’ mind, it was his people, the Hebrew, who were the descendants of Abraham, or his cousins, who were entitled to the kingdom of Egypt, for Abraham’s creed had been adopted then by the Pharaohs and spread to their people, and the Pharaoh against whom Moses rebelled was a follower of Abraham’s creed, he was Jacob; and Abraham himself was also at one time a Pharaoh, but little did the people want to know.

And every time a new message was delivered, it was rejected by some and adopted by some.

And when we bring to you the story of Prophet Joseph, as recounted in the Qur’an, the events of this period of time will be elucidated, and the falsehood and fallacies will expire, The Lord willing.

 One of the most abhorrent crimes that the Pharisees have committed is to reshuffle the names of peoples and places, in order to create and foster in their descendant’s minds the ideology of the chosen-people and the promised-land. Throughout history, they have been the masters of historic vandalism, but the magic always turns against the magician, by the laws of nature, and every trick has, in nature, a counter trick, the laws of physics are real and cannot be dodged, whether they believe or not.

And in the present time, and after thousands of years, they mobilize people, they gather people, they separate people, on the basis of religious creed and race, in full view of the world, the world which claims to be the fighter of extremism and bigotry.

The divisions that people create in their darkness are their own, and the suffering they cause is their own, and the falsehood they spread on both sides of the divisions is short lived, they will witness and so will we.

 And most of the people whom they have enticed to leave their homes, wherever they were in the world, to migrate to their newly created state of Israel, most of them are atheist, believing little. Yet, they do believe in something:  that is the ideology of god’s-chosen-people. So one cannot but wonder how their rational thinking mind can reconcile with such beliefs.

Holy lands are the refuge of holy people; as for those who harbour hate in their hearts, they shed blood and despoil the earth, their refuge is the inferno; there is nothing man can do to reverse the laws of nature, they will witness and so will we.

So we call on the good Jews, Christians and Muslims of the world, who believe in the Book and the Sacred Philosophy, to fight them in their minds and hearts and by their words... some of them will wake up to the truth. As for those who prefer to remain in their darkness, they will destroy themselves, on either side of the divisions that they have created, the magic turns against the magician, and it is The Law that makes the world turn, not the plots born in human stupidity.

In the time of Abraham and Moses and ever since, the believers have had to undergo the toughest spiritual and philosophical tests: will they be diverted by the rhetoric of dark prophets? Will they distinguish The Law from the lawlessness: The Bull? And the rebukeful tone of these verses is testimony that some Israelites failed the test and apostatized.

But though the sea was parted for thousands of years, and though the fresh water and the brine were separated by a tract so they did not mix: at this time, the fresh water has indeed started mingling with the brine, and God remits in the wombs what He will, and only He is Capable of separating them again the Day of the Gathering, God is Capable of all things.]

56. Then We remitted you after you died, may you be grateful.

57. And We shaded you under light clouds, and We descended to you the manna and the honey, eat from the good that We provided to you, and they did not do wrong to Us, but they wronged only themselves.

[All these allusions refer to guidance which was delivered to the Israelites, who at that point had mixed with the people of Moses, who wanted to be guided by them. However, the events mentioned in verse 57 did occur, as a reflection of a higher reality, at which point some Israelites together with the Hebrew people, took the physical event for reality, abandoning reality.]

58. And when We said: “enter this country (al-Quds/Jerusalem ), eat from its abundance, wherever you will, and say: ‘abandoned’ (referring to the low world ), and We will complement the radiant ones.”

59. So those darkened ones changed the words given to them to different words, so We descended to them damnation from the heaven of their corruption.

60. And when Moses asked for water (of knowledge ) for his people, We said: “strike the rock with your staff”, so twelve springs (Books) effulged from it, each group of people have recognized their fount, eat and drink from God’s Providence, and ravage not and despoil not the earth.

[This is a metaphorical recount as well as a narration of an actual event; and events, themselves, symbolise a higher reality: after Moses was shocked upon witnessing His Lord, as The Torah and the Qur’an recount, at day light and after the event, he was told to strike the rock of Mount Light, to rid of his fear and to realize that the rock was just a rock. Thus the Books were due to guide humanity, dark and radiant, for those who understand.]

61. And when you said: “Moses, we will not tolerate one kind of food, so call your Lord to produce to us what the earth generates of grains, cucumbers, garlic, lentils and onions”, said he: “do you exchange what is good for what is low, fall down to Egypt, you have what you asked for”, so humility took them and poverty, and they were overwhelmed by God’s wrath, that is because they darkened to God’s verses, killed the  prophets by lawlessness, that of what they disobeyed  and were aggressors.

62. Those who believed – and those who reverted (became Jewish) are with the Nazareens and the Sabians – are those who believed in God and the Last Day, and did good, they have their reward in their Lord, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

63. And when We took your Oath and raised the Tor above you: take what We have bestowed on you by Power (God’s Dimension) and remember what is in it, may you refuge.

[The Oath that has been mentioned a few times is the Oath that the believers take upon accepting their Lord’s Call. It has been withdrawn from The Book because the people of the book veered and adopted the calls of darkness. The Druze in the Middle East still have it in their Sacred Books of The Philosophy, and an old version can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

And this is the time when no stone will be left unturned, and the age old secrets will be uncovered, for the Existential Sun has arisen, in its Light all lies expire, and darkness will dissipate.

For this is the seventh orb, that summarized the previous six, Your Lord’s Call has been delivered to every self during the first orb, and in the first millennium of the seventh orb, this was to be followed by six calls from darkness, for the selves to try themselves. This is God’s Will, God created darkness and light, the euphoria of the encounter of God, from the pitch-darkness of the absence of the Existential Suns is beyond any description; those who achieve it know that the heavenly long and arduous journey across the tract of becoming, to witness the Truth, is unequal to anything that can be described on earth, blessed are the witness and the witness.

For God created man to bestow on him the joy of all the joys of knowing Him, and this has to be earned; but those who darkened preferred the low lives, they took worship and religion as a trade that buys them better – or should we say worse, low lives; thus dark prophets are their sponsors, and laws and rituals are their creed.

And those who are not shackled by their physicality, and did not follow the irrationality of monotheist creeds or the narrowness of materialism and atheism: a shimmer of Existence glows in their minds, they will witness their Lord; this is the greatest triumph of all.]

64. Then you turned away thereafter, and had it not been for God’s Grace to you and His Compassion, you would have been amongst the losers.

65. And you know those of you who transgressed on the Sabbath, so We said to them: “be you apes, scorned”.

66. So we rendered it a disgrace for what is in its hands and what is to succeed it, and an example to those who refuge.

[The Sabbath, in previous orbs, was the day of the week on which The Proof and The Providence came close, two cubits and even closer,

It was the time of the week for the people to abandon their livelihoods and worldly passions and affairs and look the effulgence and receive the joy, each self to her capacity.

But time after time, and millennium after millennium, those who had darkened turned away, and for them the Sabbath was business as usual: the disputation, the fighting, the bickering, the trading, the indulgence in sensual pleasures... and one particular Sabbath was the scene of horrifying crimes,

Towards the end of every orb of human existence, as the point of the compass approaches the start, the physical laws which worked slovenly in the distance, work swiftly, and karmic laws pay back instantaneously.

Humanity did not evolve from matter, humanity devolved in matter,

And like major earthquakes change the surface of the earth within minutes, major hours of human existence change the human figure and its destiny hence.

Scientists have been looking for the missing link to glorify Darwin, and the missing link is all around, alive and well, and Darwin himself, then and now, is one.

And like the apes that you see in the world today once had a human form, many in a human form today will be cast in a lower form, fitting their convictions and belief, for the duration of the new orb to come,

When The Day comes when the point of the compass is about to coincide with its start, and matter is under the immediate sovereignty of The Law, form is nothing but a condensation of mind.

The lower beings will be a new breed of apes, as the millennia go by, and they too will be wailing over their bad destiny, when they remember their crimes, but it will be too late to be contrite.

New races of humanity thus emerge, and their marks on their bodies can already be seen, so the Book warns and reminds of the stories of before; the believers being the highest, they will be capable of living in either of the worlds, the doors of The Garden will be open, the Book foretold.

Those are not chosen according to any criteria of any belief of any group of any people, radiant or dark. They are them whose hearts glow, and you will witness and so will we.

And they are not all the descendants of the believers, The Day when some who were dark turn radiant, and some who were radiant have darkened, the Book foretold.

And the humans who have not fallen to lower beings will resume the human journey of inquisition, with a new perception of existence under a new heaven.

As for those who have fallen down, they will be cast in bodies fitting their existential rank, thus their ability to cause harm will be curbed; they will be the servants of the humans,

And they will get all the pleasures of the physical existence they have coveted, not being wrongful not being wronged.

The Sabbath was thus distanced to humanity and many windows and doors were also shut, and the observation thereof became harder, and those who have fallen down nowadays have fallen down in rituals and irrationality; where they gather now will be the scene of the major hours, for humanity to punish herself upon witnessing her own crimes, and an example for those who refuge.

We are told to tell and warned to warn, lest you say you were wronged.

Those who do not believe their messengers, and despite the declarations they bring, and the memories we break-open in their minds, those who kill their messengers or bar their teaching, those will suffer severely, and our sorrow on them will not help.]

67. And when Moses said to his people: “God commands you to open a hole”, they said: “are you poking fun at us?” he said: “I resort to God that I am not an ignorant one”.

68. They said: “call for your Lord for us to clarify to us what it is”, he said: “He says it is a hole, neither too late (high in the sky) and nor too early, but medium between those, so carry out what you are commanded”.

69. They said: “call for your Lord for us to clarify to us what colour it is”, he said: “He says it is a hole, circular bright in colour pleasing the viewer”.

70. They said: “call for your Lord for us to clarify to us what it is, holes look alike to us, and we are, God willing, guided”.

71. He said: “He says it is a cow neither tamed to plough the earth, nor to water the crops, perfect and without a defect, they said: “now you have brought justice”, so they slaughtered it; and not  barely did they ( open a hole ).

[Neither the Jews  and nor the Muslims were able to understand what came in these verses, and neither will many of them now, even we read them to them correctly, so they will stay with the deity which command them to sacrifice animals arbitrarily.]

72. And when you murdered a self and you covered up about it for one another, and God is Bringer out what you were concealing.

73. So We said: “combine Him in the parts of it”, thus God enlivens the dead and shows you His Paragons, may you discern.

[Cows do not speak, let alone dead ones, and God’s message is not to confirm pagan beliefs and practices, but to destroy them. And the people-of-the-book’s interpretation of those grand verses reflects their own belief, not God’s Religion.

It is not uncommon in communities that believe in reincarnation to witness a self that suffered sudden death in her previous life by murder or an accident, recalling her past life during the early childhood years and talking about it. Communities which do not believe dismiss reincarnation as an explanation of this phenomenon and embrace atheistic ones, even though a lot of evidence has been gathered by researchers in modern times supporting the concept.

The continuum of life as a projection of the ubiquity of Existence is of God’s Paragons, verse 73 is a window into that Vastness, from within the darkness of the physical world. The intellect will be more than satisfied by an analysis of the words, but only the soul that still has wings can fly between her Lord’s Hands upon experiencing this verse, perhaps for only a few seconds, a few seconds which blow away the bodily bowing and gesturing of ritualistic practices of the entire humanity of all the monotheistic creeds, from the beginning of time to the present.]

74. And your hearts hardened thenceforth, so they are like stones or even harder, and from some stones rivers spring, and some crack and water seeps out of them, and some of them fall (from  the sky) of awe of God, and God is not oblivious of what you do.

75. So are you (the messengers) hopeful that they believe in you, and one party of them listened to God’s Word (referring to the Qur’an and to previous Books), then they would tamper it after discerning it while they knew?

76. When they met with those who believed they said: “we have believed”, and when they met one another privately, they said: “do you talk to them about what God has opened to you, so they use it as testimony against you in your Lord, do you not think?”

77. Know they not that God knows what they secret and what they declare?

78. And amongst them are some illiterate ones, they understand not The Book, except as wishfulness, and they are only reckoning.

79. Woe to those who write The Book with their own hands and then say this is from God, to exchange it for petty gain; woe to them of what their hands have written, woe to them of what they gain.

80. And they said fire will not contact us except for numerable days, say: “have you taken an oath in God? God will not break His Oath; or, do you say of God what you know not?”

81. Yea, he who has committed an evil deed, and his sin surrounds him; those are the people of hell, they are in it eternally.

82. And those who believed and did good, those are the people of the Garden, they are in it eternally.

83. And We took a Covenant from the people of Israel, you (the people of Israel) worship none but God, radiantly with The Parents (Gabriel and Michael), the close ones (to the heavens, by knowledge), the orphaned (those who have abandoned worldly affairs in their seclusion) and the poor (those who have given up all their material possessions), talk rightfully with the people, keep the prayers, perform the purification (from the burdens and illusions of physicality), then you shunned, except a few of you, and you rejected.

84. And We took your Oath, that nay: you shed your own blood; nay: you bring out your selves from your dwellings, and you acceded while you witnessed.

[The verbs to shed and to bring in the last verse are not in the negative imperative mode, as interpreters and scholars would like us to believe; basic knowledge of the Arabic language grammar confirms this.

The verse in reality is not referring to physical blood and dwellings, but to the death of the physical self, and hence the freedom from the physical body, in the culmination of the philosophical and spiritual journey that is referred to, in far eastern religions as Nirvana, and in the Gospel as the carrying of one’s cross, that it one’s physical body, expressing metaphorically freedom therefrom.

But the verse had to be phrased so that it also makes physical sense at the low projection, introducing the next verse.]

85. Then you are these people: you kill yourselves (one another, referring to the wars which took place between different Hebrew tribes, namely the Philistines and the other tribes, during the rule of king David and before) and you drive a group of you out of their homes, demonstrating sinfulness and aggressiveness, and if they come to you as captives you ransom them; and this is forbidden to you, to exile them, so do you believe in a part of The Book and disbelieve another? The sanction to anyone of you who does this is none but humiliation in the low lives, and the Day of the Uprise they will be returned to the most severe suffering, God is not oblivious of what you do.

[And we will clarify in future writings that the Philistines were none but Hebrew tribes who came back from Egypt across the Mediterranean Sea, without completing the holy journey across the desert; they were treated by the those who did complete the holy journey as outsiders, hence their name. And it was the Philistines - who believed that they adhered strictly to Mosaic law - who called the other Hebrew “uncircumcised”, derogatively, as they noticed their deviation from the oral law that they claimed to have, and hence claimed exclusive right to the holy land.

The phenomenon of the Philistines was the first of its kind in this orb of human existence: whereby God’s Law was taken as rules of action; and inquisition, ethics and knowledge were hence dropped. This ideology was fought fervently by Christianity, but came back after Islam, when Abu al-Hassan al-Ash’ary declared that if reason and the Shariah conflicted, then the Shariah must have the preponderance; but al-Ash’ari and his followers as well as his opponents, the Mu’atazilah, missed to notice that what al-Ash’ari saw as “Shariah” was his own interpretation thereof, and no written law and no word has an existence outside man’s mind, and different people have each their own version of what is a literal interpretation of any law.

Thus literal interpretations of the Books became the creed of various schools of thought in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the verses of transcendence and the spiritual law and guidance were reduced to a system of reward and punishment and a mundane law; we call on the believers of them to fight this ideology, in their hearts and minds, fervently, and only then the conflicts which are tearing the world apart, and causing suffering to all, will end. For this is the time when deeds deliver their consequences swiftly, whether good or evil, and evil must be cast out of people’s hearts and minds first, before the world can settle in peace.

After the exodus, the Hebrew who had apostatised and the Philistines reconciled for the sake of one Hebrew identity, and the Philistines thence were named euphemistically Pharisees.]

86. Those are the ones who exchanged the other life for the low lives, the suffering will not be mitigated for them and they will not be cherished.

87. And We gave Moses The Book, and We followed him up by the messengers, and We gave Jesus the son of Mary the dividers, and We held his hand by the Holy Spirit, so every time a messenger comes to you with what your selves do not covet you turn away arrogantly, some of them you falsified and some you have killed?

[The word that we translated to “dividers” is “al-bayynaat”, which is derived from the etymon of baana, which means to distance, to stand out, to become obvious. In this context, the distance is the intended meaning, for as you have seen in other writings, Jesus the son of Joseph and Mary is not the Messiah, but claimed prophethood on the legacy of John the Baptist and the Messiah, the Holy Spirit.]

88. And they said: “our hearts are wrapped”, but God has doomed them for their darkness, for they believe little.

89. And when a Book came to them from God, conforming to what they have, and they had expected victory over those who disbelieved previously, so when came to them what they knew, they falsified it, doomed by God are the darkened ones.

[Referring to the messages that were delivered to them by Samuel and later by the Messiah]

90. Low-down is what they exchanged their selves for, that they treacherously disbelieved what God descended; that God descends His Grace upon whomever He will of His servants, so they were doomed to fury upon fury, humiliating suffering is for the darkened ones.

91. And when they were told: “believe what God has descended”, they said: “we believe what was descended to us”, and they disbelieve what preceded it, and it is The Law, confirming what they have, say: “so why do you kill God’s prophets of before if you were believers?”

[And this is a reference of the people of Mohammad too, who rejected the Books which descended before the Qur’an - although believing all the Books is one of their Pillars of Faith - on the premise that they were tampered. So as we read the Qur’an now correctly, we hope that they realize that all the Books were subjected to tampering, if not literally, by interpretation.]

92. And Moses has brought to you the dividers, then you took the Bull after him, and you are darkened.

93. And when We took your Oath and raised The Tor above you, take what We have given you by Power and listen, they said: “we listened and disobeyed”, and their hearts were replenished of the Bull in their darkness, say: “low-down is what your belief commands you, if you were believers”.

94. Say: “if the final Home was yours entirely in God, excluding the people, wish for death if you were honest”.

95. And they will not wish it ever, with what their hands have brought; God is The Knower of the darkened ones.

96. You will find them most protective of their lives amongst the people, and of those who have affixed one wishes that he age a thousand years, and He removes him not one iota from the suffering that he ages, and God is seer of what they do.

[The word mushrek that simplistically translates to polytheist, is of the etymon of sharaka, which points to: to attach, to fix something onto another, to trap... in both its transitive and intransitive usages.

Forthcoming verses and Surahs will shed light on the ideology of ishrak that we have translated to “affixism”, the verb being to affix; for it is the ideology of attributing incidental things to incidental things, while claiming to believe in one god, in a mosaic cosmic structure, thus affixing things to The Law: The Cause of all the causes.

It is a low state of awareness, which cannot be corrected by a verbal admission of the existence of one god, as the affixers would like us to believe.

The verses of a strongly rebukeful tone are addressed primarily to the Israelites who apostatized, and who were meant to take the word delivered to Moses by Power, knowing that the Tor, that is God’s Messenger, was above it. They were meant to guide Moses’ people, who were heathen.  The calls of darkness have the Tor above them, so heathen as well as believers are meant to embrace them, each at their level of existential awareness.

But as it is recounted in both the Torah and the Qur’an, both the Israelites and Moses’ people followed the Bull that is the dark prophet, who diverted them by his lies and falsehood.]

97. Say: “who was an enemy of Gabriel? For, He descended him onto your (the messenger) heart with God’s Leave confirming what is in his (the prophet’s) hands, and a beacon and glad tidings to the believers.”

98. Who was an enemy of God and His angels and messengers, and Gabriel and Michael? God is an enemy of the darkened ones.

99. We have descended to you verses of evidence, no one disbelieves them except the corrupt.

100. So every time they covenanted in a covenant, a group of them rejected it; yea, most of them believe not.

101. And when a messenger from God came to them, confirming what they had, a group of those who were given The Book, God’s Book, they threw it behind their backs, as though they knew nothing.

102. And they followed what the demons announced to Solomon’s Kingdom; never did Solomon disbelieve, but  the demons did, they teach the people sorcery; and what descended to the two angels Harut and Marut in Babylon: the two did not teach anyone until they said: “we (the low world) are only an amazement, so do not darken”; they (those who learn) learn from the two what they used to part between a person and his pair (alpha), and they cause no harm to anyone except by God’s leave; they (darkened people) learn what harms them and benefits them not, and they knew that whosoever acquired it  would not be straightened in the other life, low-down is what they exchanged themselves for, if only they knew.

[Let it be known, God’s angels are not fictitious beings unperceivable to humans, God’s angels are the believers, and His messengers are humans in flesh and blood, they eat food and walk the markets, said The Book. And Gabriel is the messenger who delivered the Qur’an to Mohammad, the Tablets to Moses and the Gospel to Jesus.

And the demons are those people who worship the deity below God, nowadays the laws of nature, to produce the miracles of technology: today’s sorcery.

What empirical science looks at today is a thin sector of the discus of knowledge. Past civilizations had a different sector of knowledge, which was dictated by the different heavens which ruled the world then; their knowledge is alien to modern science, but was not less capable, albeit in a different realm.

The great works of architecture of ancient times, and ancient medical disciplines are a testimony of high expertise, they baffle the modern mind, and only arrogant people look down on them. And we shall bring to you in future writings, The Lord willing, some memories of some past Orbs of humanity, some are hard to be discerned by your minds of the present, looking at a sector of the Discus, the other sectors are invisible, they can only be imagined. And many a legend and a fairy tale that you now tell were actuality of past Orbs, and you will witness their records, and your records will be witnessed too.

As for the parting between man and his pair, i.e. his alpha, it is the culmination of the journey of self-knowledge, when the free self returns to her Lord, content in Contentment.

But demons of ancient times and present, have their vision narrowed to the physical world, and wish to reside in it eternally; they suspect they can exist independently of the heavens, by widening the gulf between man and his alpha, to live in an illusion of being in control of one’s destiny and the world.

Such ideologies keep coming back in various forms: modern technology and so called New Age ideologies are such examples.

What man is capable of controlling is a narrow scope of nature, by the laws of The Law, and man himself is only a narrow scope of nature, until he returns to The Law, that he cease to be.]

108. Or do you want to demand from your messenger such as what was demanded from Moses before? And, he who exchanges faith for darkness has lost the straight path.

109. They wished, quite a number of the people of The Book, if they could turn you darkened after you have believed, of envy in their selves, after The Law was distanced to them; so forgive and forget, until God comes with His Aim, God is capable of all things.

110. And keep the prayers and perform the purification, and whatever good you offer to your selves, you find it in God, God is all Seer of what you do.

111. And they said: “no one enters the Garden except who was a Jew or a Nazareen (Christian)”, these are their hopes, say: “provide your proof if you were honest”.

112. Yea, he who surrenders his face to God while He is Effulgent has his reward in his Lord, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

113. And the Jews said the Nazareens are about nothing, and the Nazareens said the Jews are about nothing, and they announce The Book, and such as this said those before who did not know, God judges between them The Day of The Uprise about their disputes.

[The interpreters of the Qur’an who follow the various sects of Islam see themselves exempt from the ruling of verses 111 and 113, only because their names are not mentioned therein. But verse 112, which they never read correctly, by-passing the Lightening and the Thunder of His Pronoun, puts them exactly where they belong: in the group of verses 111 and 113.]

114. And who is darker than him, who forbade the remembrance of God’s Summum (God’s Dimensions: His radiant messengers) upon bowing, and endeavoured to destroy it (the bowing to God in one’s heart)? Those were not to enter it (the horizon of transcendence), unless fearful, they have humility in the low life and great suffering in the other.

[For, those who practise rituals have lost their connections to the heavens, the heavens are now a frightening place to them; fallacies are their belief, and suffering in ignorance and helplessness is their destiny. The bowing to The Lord in one’s heart is an experience that cannot be explained in words, so the darkened ones have always forbidden it. ]

115. To God the Sunrise and the Sunset, wherever you turn is God’s Countenance, God is Vast and Knower of all.

116. And they said: “God had a son”, transcends He, but He has all that is in the heaven and the earth, all submit to Him.

117. Beginner of the heavens and the earth, when He rules an Aim, that so, He says to it: “Be”, and it becomes.

118. Said those who do not know: “if God talked to us, or sent to us a verse”, said those similar say, before them; their hearts resemble, We have revealed the verses to the people who discern.

119. We have sent you (the messenger) by The Law, to deliver glad tidings and warning, you are not questioned about the people of hell.

120. Neither the Jews and nor the Nazareens will be convinced with you, until you follow their creed, say: “God’s Guidance is The Guidance”, and if you followed their passions after what became to you of knowledge, you have not of God neither a Patron nor a Support.

121. Those to whom We brought The Book, they read it correct reading and believe in it, and those who disbelieve it are the losers.

[Verses 4 and 91 and other verses forthcoming, state in no uncertain terms that the believers believe all the messages and all The Books, and in the light of this it becomes clear that the term “the people of the Book” (ahlu al-kitaab) refers to those who believe one book exclusively, such as those believing the Torah only, or the Bible only, or the Qur’an only.

The Qur’an is “The Book unquestionably”, those who believe the Qur’an exclusively are, therefore, a people of the Book, whether this suits the agendas of the preachers of religious bigotry and division or not.

A believer needs not to make much effort to see that the messages are one message, and that The Book is one Book, even though some verses in one Book may not have parallels in other Books, or may sound in disaccord with other Books. Bearing in mind the different circumstances in which the messages were delivered, and the different languages in which they were delivered, the spirit of the messages remains the same for those who discern.

Preachers and interpreters have given false interpretations of the Books, and this has resulted in the seemingly complete inconformity between the messages.

The Qur’an would not have stipulated that the believers believe in previous descents of The Book, had these descents been totally distorted, like some would like us to believe; or are we told to  believe books that we do not have? If so, belief and the lack of it equal.

Preachers and interpreters did not want, or were unable to discern the message, in whichever Book they read it, so little wonder why they saw only difference; for if you present to a child a five-dollar note on one hand, and five dollars in coins, on the other, and ask him to choose, on what basis will he make his choice?

So let it be known, that the word “believers” or “abiders in God”, in whichever language or Book, does not refer to the people who believe only The Torah, or only the Bible or only the Qur’an. This is the test that the believers have had to take across place and time; if they pass it they have embraced God’s Religion, and freed their minds from their self-imposed narrow vision.

The people of the Book ridicule each other’s beliefs, but the believers see them all alike: they all bow to stones, places and symbols; they all have shed blood and despoiled the earth; their faith, all, is in irrationality, and they are captives of their physicality; and these are major sins for those who understand.

And as we read the verses of this Grand Book correctly, the believers wherever they are, will see that behind the surface is Truth, and they will say: “this is our belief, this is our Book, we have been waiting for this, and at long last it has come, God’s Promise is truth.”

They were told by the preachers of darkness that they were non-believers, but they will discover that in fact it is them who are: because they have faith in their innate light, their innate light which lights up their minds; they will be proud of themselves that they have trusted that light, and guarded themselves from falling in the traps of irrationality, and its ideologies and creeds and bigotry; and this, they will be certain, is faith, this is the greatest achievement of all.]

122. O people of Israel, remember My Providence that I bestowed on you, and that I raised you above the worlds.

123. Refuge from a day when no self fends off anything for another self, no vindication is taken for her and no intercession is accepted for her, and they will not be made triumphant.

124. And when The Lord tried Abraham by words, so he accomplished them, said He: “I am making you an aim for the people”, said he: “and of my off-springs?” said He: “darkened people get not My  Covenant.”

125. And when We made The House a retreat for the people and a sanctuary, and (We said:) “take of Abraham’s station a scorcher”, and We committed Abraham and Ismael that: “keep My House aloof to those who circle around and aggregate, and the kneeling bowers”.

126. And when Abraham said: “Lord, make this country safe, and provide its people with the fruit, whoever believe o f them in God and the Last Day, said He: “and he who darkens I give them a little pleasure, then I oblige them to the suffering of hell, and the worst destiny”.

127. And as Abraham and Ismael lift up the sitters from The House: (they said) “Lord, accept from us, You hear all, You are The Knower of all”.

128. “Lord, and make us surrenderers (muslims) to You, and of our off-springs: a nation of surrnederers to you, show us our rituals, forgive us, you are The Forgiver, The Compassionate.”

129. “Lord, and remit amongst them a messenger from them, to announce Your verses, and to educate them in The Book and The Philosophy, and to purify them, Thou art The Exalted The Ruler.”

130. And he who shuns from Abraham’s creed - except who stultified himself -  and We have sanctified him in the low life, and in the hereafter he is of the righteous ones.

131. When his Lord said to him: “surrender”, said he: “I surrender to the Lord of the worlds”.

[Verse 131 is the basis of all monotheist creeds: God talks to Abraham in the second person, and Abraham answers in the third person.

And nowadays, a group of them say: “I witness that there is no deity except God”, to confirm their faith; and the verb “to witness” is an act that is performed by the vision, not the tongue.

That is because monotheism is based on a concept; it is a conviction; it is the surrender to a presumed creator and the acceptance of an argument that cannot be disproven; and God created all the concepts and the arguments, transcends He all that He created, and hence monotheism is affixism.

As for those who believe that God was born as a human: they commit a grave error, for they too perceive God, transcends He, as a thing that He created.

The belief in God is an existential rank and awareness, and the abidance in God is not the practice of rituals or the lineage to certain races or prophets, and nor is it a verbal admission.

Every action can be worship, if aimed at knowledge and dedicated only to The Lord, and “you threw not when you threw, but it was God Who threw” said The Mighty Book.

With Abraham, a series of dark calls were due: laws were due because humanity distanced from The Law; and rituals were due, because humanity forgot to worship.

This is the “scorcher” from which verse 125 warns, and the etymon “sala” of the word “musallaa” points to being grilled by fire. All places of rituals are in fact places of fire: they delude the people and trap them in irrationality.

 Abraham and his descendants spread the messages of monotheism, a few  of them believed, as for those who did not: here they are after thousands of years, still bowing to stones, engaged in endless tribal wars with one another, taking faith in irrationality, and living to glorify their physicality.

The monotheists were barred therefore from God’s House in al-Quds, Lebanon, Arabia and Egypt at different stages in history, last of which was when King David (Ismael) built a wall for his followers in al-Quds, to bar them from God’s House, and when Abraham (Omar bin al-Khattab) built a mosque in al-Quds to point them away from it.

Monotheists are not going to like what we have put to them, but in the bright light of the Existential Sun only the Truth can be seen, and falsehood will expire, regardless of people’s feelings and pride.

And the purpose of the low life is not to glorify the low life, rather to abide in God; for God created man to bestow on him the joy of all the joys of knowing Him, and this has to be earned by worship and purification; to His Glory transcends all that is in the heaven and the earth; blessed are those who still have wings, He extend their wings so they can wing to the heights unreachable, even to the imagination of the darkened ones; blessed are those who climb their Mount Knowledge (Arafat), with His bare feet and hands, to stand up triumphant on the top of the worlds; blessed are those who sail their ship across the tumultuous ocean of causality and relativity, riding its mountain-like swells unwavering, to land on His Lotus Feet; blessed are the knower and the known.

And we say to those who trust the light of their mind and the love in the hearts that attract them to the Beauty of The Truth: throw the falsehood of the atheists and the monotheists behind you, you are the believers, and rejoice, for our time is coming soon.]

132. And Abraham commanded his sons of it, and so did Jacob: “my sons, God has cleared to you the religion, so die not except as surrenderers (Muslims)”.

133. Or were you witness when death came to Jacob, when he said to his sons: “what do you worship after me?” said they: “we worship your deity, and your ancestors’ deity, Abraham, Ismael and Isaac, one deity, and to him we surrender.”

134. That is a nation gone, she had what she earned, and you have what you earned, and you are not questioned about what they were doing.

135. And they said: “become Jewish or Nazareen and be guided”, say: “rather, Abraham’s creed, curved, and what he was of the affixers”.

136. Say (the believers): “ we have believed in God, and what was descended to us, and what descended to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and what was given to Moses, Jesus and the prophets from their Lord, we differentiate not between any of them, and to Him we are surrenderers (Muslims)”.

[All through, we have translated the glorious word of Allah to God; only the people of the Book insist on using one word exclusively, to insinuate difference and bigotry, and God created all the languages, and all His Glorious Names are His, in all the languages.

The word ilah on the other hand, can be translated to deity. Verses 133 and 136 are meant to highlight the difference between monotheistic creeds and abidance in God, so the word ilah in verse 133 translates appropriately to deity. And Jacob’s questions did not infer the answer, although the answer assumed that it did, that is why verse 134; and these verses, like the others, are the reflection of what is in people’s hearts.

Note also that that Abraham’s belief is referred to as “millah”, which we translated to creed.

The people of the Book will be furious that these verses mean the opposite of what scholars and interpreters have given them, so now is the time to turn their up-side up, and let their truth be known.

The believers, during the millennia of darkness, were able to sense the truth in all the descents of The Book which were delivered to the prophets. But the believers were also given The Sacred Philosophy (al-Hikmah), most of which is kept secret in their hands and given only to those who demonstrate philosophical and moral maturity.

The Sacred Philosophy ought to remain aloof to the non-believers and ignorant people, for he who cannot discern The Book cannot discern The Philosophy.

The Philosophy has been guarded from dark hands, for it has no apparel within which it shelters from the physical eye, as has The Book.

The Book is addressed to all humanity, dark and radiant, its miracle is that it is the mirror of one’s heart, so what do you read in The Book?

The people who have The Sacred Philosophy were persecuted and brought almost to annihilation at the hands of the people of the Book, at numerous stages of the history of the Middle-East, the Subcontinent and Europe. They have had to take the esoteric path because The Philosophy is a “hefty say” on the ears of those who cannot discern it. So verse 13 tells the story of the believers briefly, every time a message was delivered to humanity it was them who adopted it, and they were accused of being “fools” by the people who clung to their heathen traditions.

The people of the Sacred Philosophy do not practise rituals and never had institutes representing them, and they never reduced God’s Law to a set of rules of activity; they have been believers since their manifestation, before time began, as demonstrates this glorious Qur’an; in their lives they are guided by their own light, the messengers’ teaching rekindles their own light.]

137. So if they believe, as you (the believers) have believed, they have been guided, and if they turn away, then they are in a gap, so God will guard you from them, He hears all, and He is The Knower of all,

138. By God’s Figure, and who has a better Figure than God? And in Him we abide.

139. Say: “do you dispute with us about God? And He is our Lord and your Lord, we have our deeds and you have your deeds, and to Him we are faithful”.

140. “Or do you say that Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes were Jewish or Nazareen?” Say (the messenger): “who is darker than he who concealed a witness that he has of God?” And God is not oblivious of what you do.

141. That is a nation gone, she had what she earned and you have what you earned, and you are not questioned about what they were doing.

142. The fools of the people will say: “what turned them away from their orientation (Qiblah) that they were on?” Say: “to God is the east and the west, He guides whomever He will to the straight path.”

143. And thus We have made you (the believers) a nation mediate, to be witness of the people, and for the messenger to be witness of you, and We did not make the orientation on which you (the messenger) were but to know who follows the messenger from those who turn their backs, and it was a big ask, except for those whom God had guided, God is not to waste your faith, God is all Kind to the people and Compassionate.

144. As We see the returns of your (the messenger) countenance in the heaven, We consign you to an orientation that contents you, so turn your countenance aside the forbidden house, and wherever you (the believers) are, turn your faces aside it, and those who were given The Book they know that it is The Law of their Lord, God is not oblivious of what they do.

145. And if you (the messenger) bring every verse to those who were given the Book, they would not follow your orientation, and you do not follow theirs, and they do not follow each other’s orientation, and if you followed their passions after what was given to you of knowledge you are thence a darkened one.

146. Those to whom We gave the Book know it as they know their sons, and a group of them conceal The Law knowingly.

[The similitude of the knowledge of the Book and one’s children is degrading of the Book, hence the verse continues as it does.

And how often have you heard preachers and interpreters declaring that the Qur’an cannot be understood by any one. So how can the Book guide humanity if it cannot be discerned by humanity, we ask? It is their own shortcoming that they have been unable to discern it, and despite the wealth of human knowledge and information nowadays, and the availability of all the sacred books of the world, of which the Qur’an has been the crowning.]

147. The Law is of your Lord, so be not of the outcast.

148. And to everyone is a direction that he turns to, so anticipate The Good wherever you (the believers) are; God brings you altogether, God is Capable of all things.

149. And from wherever you have exited, turn your countenance aside the forbidden house, and this is indeed The Law of your Lord, God is not oblivious of what you do.

150. And from wherever you have exited, turn your countenance aside the forbidden house, and wherever you are turn your faces aside it, so that the people have no pretext against you, except those amongst them that have darkened, so fear them not and fear Me, so I complete My Providence to you, and may you be guided.

151. As We sent to you (the believers) a messenger amongst you, announcing Our Verses to you and purifying you, and educating you in The Book and The Philosophy, and teaching you what you could not have known.

152. So remember Me, I remember you, and be thankful to Me and darken not.

[And we would not have been able to uncover the truth of these verses to you, had they not been phrased as they are; so go back to your Arabic dictionaries if you are in doubt, and ask yourselves: why were those words used instead of plain and unequivocal ones, which are plentiful in Arabic?

Indeed, some verses are exact (muhkamaaton) and some are alluding (mutashaabihaton); so the fact that the immediate meaning of those alluding verses is commonly accepted as the correct meaning, does imply that it is the correct meaning.

Forthcoming verse 177 is in accord with our reading.

For a place in which paganism was established and practiced is indeed a forbidden house to the believers, and a change of the engravings on it does not change it into a holy house, can any ingredient added to putrid food turn it wholesome?

In a future book we will bring you history that has been long forgotten, to tell you why the forbidden house was named such.]

153. O believers, beseech to look by forbearance and prayers, God is with those who forbear.

154. Say not of those who were killed in God’s Way dead, rather alive, but you feel not.

[And if there is a shimmer of light left in your mind, you are now beginning to see that the Book is not the work of an “insane poet”, and neither was it delivered by a winged man who descended in the three-dimensional space; so now you are beginning to read God’s Word, transcends He all, for it is the Light of your mind, the Love of your heart and the Joy of your soul.

And the death (verse 154) is not physical, it is rather the death of the physical, so true life returns after lives upon lives in the world of darkness upon darkness; and the Master The Messiah said: he who believes in me is alive, although he is dead; but this proved to be a “hefty say” on the ears of those who have narrowed their existence to the physical one.

And in the Ghita and the Dhamma, it is the nirvana, and that is not one’s consciousness vanishing in nothingness, but indeed one’s consciousness realising Existence.]

155. And We will try you by some fear and famine and lack of substance, people and produce; and pass the glad tidings to the forbearing.

156. Those, when struck by calamity, say we are to God, and to Him we return.

157. Those have God’s connections to them and Compassion, those are the guided ones.

158. The Safa and  the Marwah are of God’s rituals, he who pilgrims to the house or visits, is not in error if he moves in both of them, and he who volunteers a good deed, God is The Thankful, The Knower.

159. Those who conceal what We have descended of evidence and guidance, after what We have demonstrated to the people in the Book, those, God damns them and the damners damn them all.

160. Except those who repented and reformed and demonstrated, those, I forgive them, I am The Forgiver The Compassionate.

161. Those darkened and died darkened, those, upon them is God’s damnation and the angels’ and all the people’s altogether.

162. Eternal in it, the suffering is not mitigated for them, and they are not looked.

163. Your God is One God, there is no god but He, Compassion The Compassionate.

164. Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the consecution of the day and the night, and the stars which orbit the sea (of the heavens) of what is beneficial to the people, and what God descended from the skies of water, so He enlivened by it the earth after its death, and He sprawled in it of every moving creature, and the air currents, and the clouds consecrated between the heavens and the earth...  indeed are paragons to the people who discern.

165. And of the people are who take below God equals, they love them as they love God, and those who have believed are most loving of God, and if only those who darkened see, when they see the suffering, the Power is God’s entirely, and God has the suffering severe.

[To help you transcend in this verse: suffering and pleasure which one brings onto oneself are equally steps towards the realisation of Reality, but those who have darkened see only the favourable  events as their connection with the heavens, thus they take deity below God.]

166. When those who were followed wash their hands off those who followed, and they say the suffering, and all their connections are severed.

167. And when those who followed said: “if only we had another turn we clear from them as they cleared from us”, and thus God shows them their deeds as sorrow on them, they depart not from hell.

168. O people, eat what is in the earth, wholesome and good, follow not the footsteps of Satan, he is to you a divisive enemy.

169. That so, he commands you of vice and obscenity, and to say of God what you know not.

170. And when told to follow what God has descended, they said: “but we follow what we chanced upon in our fathers”, and even if their fathers discerned not and were not guided?

171. The model of those who darkened is like one who honks to what hears nothing but pleas and cries, deaf dumb blind they discern not.

[Those who see their god only as an agent who supplies money, health, off-springs, and want him to harm their enemies, read this verse (171) up-side-down, if you check their interpretation, so you know who this verse is referring to.]

172. O people who believe, eat of the good that We provide you, and be thankful to God, if you were abiding in Him.

173. What is forbidden to you is the dead, the blood, and the flesh of the pig, and what was intended not to God, and he who is compelled in necessity, not disobedient, and nor transgressing, no sin is on him, God is The Forgiving The Compassionate.

174. Those who conceal what God descended of the Book, and exchange it for petty gain, those eat none but fire in their stomachs; God speaks not to them the day of The Uprise, and purifies them not, to them is a great suffering.

175. Those who exchanged guidance for bewilderment, and forgiveness for suffering, how patient to hell are they.

[Islamic scholars and preachers have written volumes about verse 173.

The believers understand that there are laws for everything, including health and wellbeing, so they take verses 168 and 173 as pointers to a pure and healthy diet, and medical science of ancient and modern times offer a plenty of evidence to the benefits of pure and healthy food, to the body and the mind equally, and God is the Creator of man’s knowledge.

Verse 168 can be taken as a recommendation of a vegetarian diet, as are some verses of the Ghita, which were taken to some extreme.

Man bears the consequences of his own deeds, every action triggers a chain of reactions and more action, and by being heedless one can only bring about difficulty and suffering to oneself, arbitrariness and avenge are only in darkened people’s minds, they are the attributes of pagan gods.

Verses 165 and 171 deserve a lot more attention than 173, but interpreters were blinded to them, so they concealed them, as verse 174 tells; this is the miracle of the Book, it is the mirror of your heart, so what do you read in the Book?

So we invite the believers to read slowly and thoughtfully, in the early morning hours or in the evening through to midnight; these are the times when knowledge is most accessible to the unfettered minds; so trust that light, it is your providence and your wholesome food; it translates to the love of wisdom and awareness.

The physical things are only the low projection of the existential truths, and behind verse 173 is a commandment to the believers not to die, but to strive for salvation and redemption; not to humiliate their souls in physicality; and not to darken or they will be reborn void of any spirit, like pigs, whose only pleasure is the satisfaction of their physical needs, barred from knowledge; and not to engage in any activity that is aimed at worldly aims, distracting themselves from the purpose of their lives: the worship of God: every action that the believers do aims at bridging the distance between themselves and the truth.

And the Surah of “The Fig Tree” hints: “We created man in the most radiant genesis; then We turned him the basest of the base ones, except those who believed and did good”.

And the Ghita hints: “I remit them in the wombs of demons” speaking of darkened souls.

And we will leave it to the enlightened reader now to go back to verses 137 and 138, for now he can make sense of them, if he was unable before.]

176. That, because God descended the Book by The Law, and those who have disputed about the Book are in a far gap.

177. Fidelity is not to turn your faces to the east or the west, but fidelity is who believed in God and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the prophets, and donated money for His love to the close ones, the orphans, the poor, and the one on the way of God, those who question, and the chained necks, and who keep the prayers and perform the purification, and who kept their covenant when they covenanted, and the forbearing in hardship and calamity and in ill times, those are the honest ones, those are the ones who refuge.

[This is confirmation that physical orientation (qiblah) is not what matters, but it is the honest belief that does; and honest belief is not a statement made by the person, or an act performed by him or upon him.

The believers believe in all the messengers and the good prophets, the angels, the Book and the Last Day, and all these exist and are true and have a physical presence that they recognize; the believers know The Law, The Law that sustains the continuum of life and the cycle of regeneration, belief is not mere surrender.

And note that the word qibala is used in this verse, which we translated to “to”, as opposed to the word shatra in the previous verses, which we translated to “aside”.]

178. O people who believe, contribution is prescribed to you in the killed ones, a free man for a free man, and a servant for a servant, and a female for a female, and he who was reprieved by his brother of something is to follow righteously, and fulfil to him correctly, this is mitigation from your Lord and compassion, and he who transgresses after this has the most severe suffering.

[This is not an affirmation of the law of vendetta, as interpreters have read it. Interpreters have used the most glamorous words to describe their law in order to avoid using the word “vendetta”, but it is not the wording that counts, it is the spirit; and the evil spirit of vendetta is very present in their interpretation, however they word it.

For in their interpretation, if a free man kills a slave or a female, for example, then an innocent person has to be punished by execution, otherwise the law is violated, there is no escape from this logical fact.

So when we dispute their limited understanding we affirm our belief, for God bestowed on man the faculty of logical reasoning so he can discern His Word; God’s Word is Truth, and darkened people’s understanding is sheer lawlessness, and the Book was not descended to affirm the laws of heathenry or to ameliorate them, but to raise humanity above them and destroy them.

But the “killed ones” are not physically dead, they are those who killed their selves: their physical egos, and the verse calls on the believers to support one another in the killed ones, and this is why our choice of the word “contribution” to translate the word “qisas”, which interpreters interpret as “punishment”, and the root of the word in Arabic does allow for our translation.

High levels of awareness can only be expressed symbolically and metaphorically, because the physical world is a low projection of a higher reality. Old Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures were worded in such a way too, and misinterpreted by the Pharisees and by the Christians later.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are such a model: they were given to modern scholars of high intelligence and elaborate academic skills, who were able to read in them none but a strict law of domestic management, hygiene and laws of combat.

Existential awareness can be fostered and developed only in the self that has an alpha that beams back to the Origin. Otherwise, however high one’s Intelligence Quotient is, and however advanced one’s academic skills are, one can only explore the surface of the sphere; only those who have wings can hover.

Those who have wings have been depicted in ancient engravings and paintings that archaeologists have spent centuries trying to decipher, such as the angels and the cherubim, and the people of the book have woven fairy tales about them.]

179. And you have lives in the contribution O people with a heart, may you refuge.

180. It is prescribed to you, that if death presents itself to one of you, if he relinquishes (possessions), it is better, the will is to the parents and the akin in righteousness, due on those who refuge.

181. And he who changes him (the one who shows preparedness to abandon the low world to seek enlightenment), his sin is on those who changed him, God is all Hearing and all Knowing.

182. So he who fears bias on the testator, or sin, and he reconciles between them is not sinful, God is The Forgiving, The Compassionate.

[Those, and verses yet to come, are worded to have two layers of meaning, as the astute reader can now see. The Shariah was thus derived at both physical and spiritual levels.]

183. O believers, it is prescribed to you to abstain as it was prescribed to those before you, may you refuge,

184. For numerable days; he of you who is ill (in the heart and mind) or on travel (hankering after worldly aims), then, numerable other days, and on those who are capable of it: a sacrifice of feeding a poor, and he who volunteers good this is good for him, and that you abstain is good for you, if you were knowledgeable,

185. The month of Ramadan, in which the Qur’an was descended, guidance to the people and discrimination between guidance and partition, so he who witnesses the month is to abstain in it, and he who is ill (in the heart and mind) or on travel (hankering after worldly aims), numerable other days, God wants for your ease and wants not hindrance, and that you complete the numerum (the days of the month), and that you venerate God for that He guided you, and may you be thankful.

186.And if My servants ask you (the messenger) about Me, I am near, I respond to the call of the caller when he calls, so that they respond to Me, may they be directed.

187. It is allowed to you the night of the abstinence to chat with your wives, they are a confinement to you and you are a confinement to them, God knew that you were betraying yourselves, so He gave you repentance and forgave you, so now initiate to them, and aim for what God prescribed to you and eat and drink, until the white thread is distinguishable to you from  the black thread of the dawn, and complete the abstinence till the night, and initiate not (a chat) to them (your wives) while in retreat in bowing: these are God’s Dimensions; so approach it (lust) not, thus God demonstrates His Paragons to the people, may they refuge.

[The Book was descended to humanity, dark and radiant, to guide all to the way of God; and even when read at its low projection its verses open windows in the reader’s mind, from which light pours down, and like fire heats the steel until it glows , God’s Word lights up people’s minds until they become self-luminous once again.

The hand by which we have written was a guest in a dark cave amongst blind people, lest they say his fathers taught him, and to show them that with His bare hands you can dig your way out to the light, and with His bare feet you can climb up your Mount Knowledge (Arafat), to stand up on its top triumphant, for this is God’s Will.

God’s Commandments point you to Direction, if followed honestly; there is a way to freedom from every cave, this is the Miracle of God’s Glorious Creation.

But they preferred the low lives, so now their vision can vision nothing but the low lives, so they have turned God’s Commandments of Virtue to rules of action, and Worship to rituals, thinking that religion is a trade that buys them eternity in another low life, low down is such a station.

The practice of abstinence was prescribed to humanity in all the messages, across the ages, from the east to the west, and was turned to ritualistic practices by darkened people every time; abstinence from speech, sexual courses and all worldly pleasures and affairs, to eat and drink little and live a simple life, for numerable days every year, to help you purify yourselves from the muddiness of the low life; and once again it was prescribed in the Qur’an, and once again it was turned into a ritual that glorifies indulgence in sensual pleasures and worldly aims, according to certain rules: and swimming in muddied waters will muddy you, whether you swim according to any rules or not; and animality is animality even if exercised under the auspices of religious rites, brine turns not into fresh drinking water if served in a drinking jug.

So they should go back to their Arabic dictionaries if they have doubts about  our reading, and we say once again, that the Mighty Book is the mirror of one’s heart, so what do you read in the Book?

So strengthen your heart and mind by God’s Aliment, until you can distinguish the good line from the evil one, and the white thread from the dark one. ]

188. And consume not your monies amongst one another wrongfully, and lay it (your plight) to the rulers, so that you may eat a part of the people’s monies sinfully, while you know.

[This verse, if it is taken as a law restricting bribery, as interpreters have interpreted, then a number of loopholes can be found in it: firstly, if the money that is used as a bribe was earned by the briber righteously, then the bribery is legitimate; secondly, if the bribe is not made to a “ruler”, then it is legitimate; and thirdly, and perhaps not lastly, if the purpose of the bribe is not to earn money “sinfully”, then it is legitimate: such as bribery that is aimed at gaining advantage over others, by persuading government or private enterprise officers, for example, to break their rules in order to advantage the briber.

Moreover, the Arabic word that we translated to “consume” is from the root of akala which literally means to eat; and this is another logical hole in their interpretation: for how can one give something that one has consumed; but they will hasten to say that the eating is metaphorical of earning; but in any case, bribery as such is legal under certain conditions in their interpretation.

By an honest sense of virtue, bribery is wrong and can be easily identified as bribery, no matter which words are chosen to describe it, and those who practise it are sinful, at both ends of the transaction.

Virtue is an intuitive thing in honest people’s minds, and therefore not definable: Socrates proved to his debaters in The Republic that justice could not be defined, but his proof has fallen on the deaf ears of those whose hearts are devoid of virtue, those who are in need of written laws and definitions to fill that void, those who take the laws as an embellishment of vice.

Honest people see the laws as pointers to justice, equality, compassion and cooperation between the people, darkened people see the laws as a facilitator of greed, selfishness and base aims.

Bribery is an evil from which other evils emerge in the world today, but the people of the Book do not see that, because bribery was not explicitly banned by any laws or commandments, so they see some forms of bribery legitimate, and many do not do the duties assigned to them unless bribed; and their preachers and religious leaders do not seem concerned, perhaps because they are not capable of understanding the laws of cause and effect, this requires honesty and logical reasoning which they lack.

So if you are a wealthy man, you are capable of bribing an officer of some organisation, who is not a “ruler”, to grant your son a job, thus depriving another young man the opportunity to earn a living, as his father is not capable of bribing;

Then you set three percent of your income for charity, which is nowhere near what that young man would have earned, had he had the job;

And you distribute it to your needy relatives, by the rules, and that young man has no wealthy relatives, so he is still disadvantaged, even after all the laws of dark understanding of justice are applied;

And this is but one of many situations that arise amongst the people of the Book who legitimise bribery, sham is such justice and spirituality.

So what do dark preachers prescribe to remedy social ailments and injustice? Of course, the practice of rituals, so they urge their followers to hurl themselves onto their houses of rituals, as did their pagan ancestors, to indulge in irrationality: an exercise that is futile by the laws of nature: and the vicious circle is thus accelerated, and extremism is now rife all around the world, all believing that the more irrational they can be the happier their god will be, can you believe such insanity?

On the other hand, some countries have allowed business corporations and wealthy individuals to bribe political parties to influence government policies; they call it donations, we call it bribery; their euphemism does not change its evil nature;

In such countries you can never know what government officials really believe and neither can you know which policies are really good for the people. This partnership between government and big business is not transparent, and its main aim is to boost the profit of big business, and human life and well-being feature only in the public relations rhetoric.

The people of the Book can quickly see other’s faults while completely blinded to their own, and they constantly brag about their moral superiority and high values, when anyone with a grain of humanity left in their minds would not let the beasts of the jungle come anywhere near them, of the fear that they may corrupt them.

The millennia of monotheism have proven the futility of handing down any laws to the people of darkness.

Our reading of verse 188 is a commandment banning the abuse of social security systems, whether community or government based, and whether private or public, by hiding money or spending it  wrongfully, to appear disadvantaged, in order to qualify for assistance; an immoral practice that has been practiced across the ages.

And again, the people of the Book do not see any evil in this practice, and their preachers do not seem to take notice of it, so they practice it unashamedly, especially in countries where social security and private insurance are elaborate, and this is theft and a cause of injustices in a virtuous person’s view;

Virtuous men do not wait for a winged man or a god’s son to descend to them from the three dimensional heaven to deliver to them a system of definitional morality; virtuous men know The Law, the light of their minds that guides them to the straight path of the Truth, to lift them far above the reaches of the laws of place and time; God created the laws of place and time, God created place and time, by Him only we abide.]

189. They ask you about the crescents, say: “these are timings for the people and The Proof (al-hajj), and fidelity is not to come to The Houses upon their (the crescents) appearance, but fidelity is for him who refuge in his Lord, and come to The Houses through their doors”, and refuge in God, may you be achievers.

[This is yet another test of faith that interpreters have failed over the ages; the low projection of this grand verse that the people-of-the-Book read is in incoherent and meaningless, no matter how eloquently they word it.

For, no one enters private homes or any homes, for that matter, from their “backs” - which in Arabic denotes the roofs, and not the “backdoors” - except thieves, so what relevance does this banning of intrusion to houses have to the hajj? We ask.

On the other hand, the word “hajj” in Arabic, in its etymon of “hajja” means to prove or to find proof. This is the true purpose of the pilgrimage to God’s House; but the word pilgrimage, as in visit, has been confused with “hajj”, as in proof, because neither of the people of Mohammad and nor the people of Moses were able to understand what they had to achieve when they were told to enter that city and say at its door: “abandoned” (hittaton) (verse 58), that is to abandoning of worldly affairs, so they can witness the Proof of The Truth in their hearts: the ultimate purpose of the philosophical and spiritual and moral journey that the believers undertake, to fulfil the purpose of their lives.

So even though the crescents are signs of periods of the year during which the Proof is closer, only those who have achieved philosophical and spiritual and moral maturity must attempt, otherwise the journey to The Houses becomes ritualistic and devoid of a real purpose, as a following verse will say.]

190. And fight in the way of God those who fight you, and transgress not, God loves not the transgressors.

191. And kill them wherever you indentify them, and bring them out, wherever they brought you out, and allurement is worse than killing, and fight them not at the forbidden house, until they fight you about it, so if they fight you kill them, thus is the punishment for the darkened ones.

192. And if they refrain, God is The Forgiver, The Compassionate.

193. And fight them so that there is not allurement, and that the Religion is God’s, and if they refrain, there is no transgression, except on the darkened ones,

194. A forbidden month by a forbidden month, and the prohibitions are a punishment, and whoever transgress you, you transgress them similarly to what they transgressed you, and refuge to God and know that God is with those who refuge.

[The astute reader can sense now that the fighting mentioned in those verses is not physical, rather ideological and philosophical, and the allurement is that of the mind and the heart: when a person, for example, at times of hardship and weakness, might resort to ritualistic practices or irrationality, tempted by darkened people, who prey on vulnerable people, they promise them heaven on  earth and earth in heaven, to trap their souls in the low lives, so they tell them to bear with blindness and deafness and ignorance, and constant suffering, in anticipation of a few moments of worldly pleasure, in a low station of awareness.

Verse 194 is a continuation of verse 193, saying that darkened people are in constant darkness, month by month, and what they are prohibited from, such as closeness to the believers, visits to God’s House, philosophical teaching and knowledge... is their punishment.

The transgressors in verse 194 must in all its implications, whether physical or ideological, for the right of self-defence is a natural law, that only the believers can exercise righteously, and the savage wars flaring around the world today, between the creeds of the people of the Book, can be called anything but self-defence, which all claim;

Do the people of the Book believe that God takes their side in their tribal wars? And their being on it is accidental, if they had a grain of intelligence.]

195. And expend in the way of God, and throw not your hands in detriment, and be radiant, verily God loves the radiant ones.

196. And complete the Proof and the pilgrimage to God, and if you fall short, whatever is achieved of guidance, and shave not your heads until the guidance has matured, so he of you who is ill or with an ailment in his head, that he sacrifice in abstinence or charity or isolation; and if you are safe, he who enjoys the pilgrimage to the Proof, whatever is achieved of guidance, and he who finds none, then abstinence for three days in the pilgrimage, and seven when you return, that is a whole ten and that is for him whose parents were not present at the forbidden house, and refuge to God, and know that God’s punishment is severe.

[And we will leave it to the astute reader once again, now that you know what the pilgrimage to God’s House truly is.

The shaving of the head is a practice that goes millennia back, in the Far East it is still being practiced, as a sign of achieving freedom and enlightenment. And you can figure now that the illness and ailment mentioned in the context of the pilgrimage and the abstinence during the month of Ramadan are not physical. Attachment to worldly things, unfulfilled desires, negative emotions of hatred, envy, avenge, fear... are illnesses of the soul, they bar her from the door steps of the truth, pulling her down to the low world.

And since the Sea was parted in the Israelites, believers were being born to believing parents, and likewise for non-believers, and this is why those whose parents had visited the forbidden house should not be allowed to pilgrim to God’s House, as their station was still questionable.

Yet, this partition has started to fade in the present time, and the two waters are mingling once again, and they will be separated once again at a future time, the day when some faces are darkened and some are made radiant, as said the Book, all will witness this great day.]

197. The Proof is in known months, he who undertakes during them the Proof: no chatting, no impropriety and no disputation in the (months of the) Proof, and whatever you do of good God knows it, and provide yourselves, for the best provision is the refuge, and refuge in Me, O people with a heart.

198. You are not in error when you ask for your Lord’s Providence, so as you are satisfied of knowledge (Mount Arafat symbolically), remember God by the forbidden ritual, and remember Him as He guided you, as you were before amongst the bewildered ones,

199. Then retreat from where the (bewildered) people retreat, and ask God for forgiveness, God is all Forgiving Compassionate.

200. So when you have accomplished your worship remember God as you remember your livelihoods or even a stronger remembrance, for some people say: “God, provide us in the low life” and he has in the hereafter no remnants.

201. And some say: “God, give us good in the low life and good in the hereafter, and shelter us from the suffering of hell”.

202. Those have their share of what they earned, and God has the judgement readily.

203. And remember God in numerable days, and he who hastens in two days, no sin falls upon him, and he who is belated, no sin falls upon him who refuge;  and refuge in God, and know that to Him you will be gathered.

[And some will be wondering, why is the message put enigmatically and made difficult to understand?

The message in fact was put boldly, explicitly, plainly... many times over, but the people took its lowest projection time after time; so those had their share of it, that is the laws and the rituals; and those who took it by Power were able to penetrate their light through its lines, and receive its light through its lines.

The Far East has been a different experience, where Krishna’s Word has been preserved by the Ghita, the Song of God, and by the discourse of the Buddha from thousands of years; but those too were reduced by dark prophets and their servants to rituals and fallacies.

Verses 200, 201 and 202 expose the ideology of monotheism once again, in which the worship of one supposed god guarantees heaven on earth and earth in the heavens;

And verse 203 is not about rushing the pilgrimage in two days, as interpreters have interpreted, but it is about the life journeys that man takes in the continuous life, death and life, and their culmination, for those who understand.]

204. And of the people are those who please you in their say in the low lives, and God witnesses what is in his heart, for he is the staunchest enemy,

205. As he turns away he pursues in the earth to despoil it and destroy the inquisition and the seed, and God likes not the spoil.

206. And when told to refuge in God, he is taken by pride and sinfulness, the low world suffices him, bad is his dwelling.

207. And of the people are those who give up their selves seeking God’s Bliss, and God is Kind to His servants.

208. O people who have believed, enter in The Peace altogether, follow not the footsteps of Satan, he is to you a divisive enemy.

209. So if you trip after the dividers have come to you, know that God is The Glorious, The Sovereign,

210. Do they wait until God comes in shades of light clouds with the angels, and the Aim is accomplished? And to God all the aims are referred.

211. Ask the people of Israel, how many decisive verses did We give them, and he who exchanges God’s bestowment after it was given to him, God has the severe punishment.

212. The low lives have been embellished to the darkened ones, and they deride the believers, but those who refuge are above them the day of the Uprise, and God provides whomever He will gratuitously.

213. The people were one nation, and God sent the prophets to warn and deliver glad tidings, and He descended with them the Book by The Law to judge between the people in what they differed about it, and no one differed about it except those who were given it after the dividers had come to them, in wickedness amongst one another; so God guided those who believed to what they (those who differed) differed about of The Law by His Leave, and God guides whomever he will to the straight path.

[The question in verse 210 is not rhetorical.

Were they not told in this very glorious Book that they will encounter their Lord at the end of days? So why do they cover facts by falsehood? They are those people that they would like to think that they are not, and falsehood is being exposed now by a spark of the light of the Existential Sun that has arisen, all lies expire in its dazzling Light.

Verse 213 tells their story once again, and they covered it by a lie once again; we have read it to you correctly O believers, for the Book is the mirror of your hearts.

The Book was descended to the prophets by The Law, so the people differed about it, because they were blinded to The Law, and they followed the footsteps of the evil one, contrary to the commandment in verses 204 to 208.

So we give you the evidence in this very Book, in verse 209, so you know where you stand in verse 210.

This is God’s Grand Existential Journey of human inquisition, of philosophy, of conception of perception of recognition of the truth, knowledge is the ultimate joy, below which all the joys of the eye fade in insignificance.]

214. Or did you (the believers) think that you enter the Garden, and the trial of those who vacated (the low world) before you has not come to you yet? They were touched by hardship and adversity, they were shaken, until the messenger and those who believed with him said: “when is God’s Triumph?” verily, God’s Triumph is near.

215. They ask you (the messenger): what should they expend, say: “what you expend of good is for the Parents, the akin, the orphans, the poor and the one on the way, and whatever good your do God of it is The Knower.”

216. It is prescribed to you to fight and it is detestability to you, and you may detest something which is good for you, and you may like something which is evil for you, and God knows and you know not.

217.They ask you about  the forbidden month, about fighting in it, say: “great fighting in it, and barring from the way of God, and darkening about Him by the forbidden bowing, and driving out His family from Him is greater than killing”, and they persistently fight you until they convert you from your religion if they could, and he who converts from his religion amongst you, and dies darkened: those, their deeds are frustrated in the low life and the hereafter, they are the dwellers of hell , they are in it eternally.

218. Those who have believed, and have forsaken (the passions and the affairs of the low world), and strive in the way of God, those yearn for God’s Compassion, and God is Forgiving Compassionate.

[And the Ghita says that there are two ways, one starts with sweetness and ends with poison, and the other starts with bitterness and ends with the sweetest joy of all.

This is the fight that is prescribed to the believers in verse 216.

Or do they think that it is god taking their side?

All they need is a grain of intelligence: They and their enemies are people of the Book, and each group read this verse in their place and time, the same way.

Their being on their side is incidental; God created incidentalness, to attribute incidentalness to god’s religion is a grave error, if they discern.

Since the dividers came to them, they started to confuse incidentalness with absoluteness, and possibility with certainty; only the believers can hover above this quagmire, and when they recount what they see they are not understood.

And let it be known, the people have chosen their beliefs a long time ago, religion is not compellable, and the Books are now available to whoever wants to read them.

All the wars that the people of the Book have waged against one another, in the past and the present, are tribal wars of heathenry, they will not bring the heaven closer to the earth, and  nor will they take the earth closer to heaven; people are meant live in peace with one another to learn from one another, said the Qur’an; the heavens can be earned by those who fight in the way of God, God created the earth and created His Way, those who choose the earth remain therein, and those who choose God’s Way come close to Him.

God’s messengers and angels are His Arms, by them His Will is materialised, and they throw not when they throw, but it is Him Who throws, for they have gone God’s Way of Knowledge, until the border between incidentalness and design faded in Existence, blessed are they; thus knowledge is distanced to those who do not discern.]

219. They ask you (the messenger) about hoarding and gambling, say: “there is a great sin in them and benefits for the people, and their sin is greater than their benefit”, and they ask you what to expend, say: “the cream”, thus God distances the verses for you (the people), may you reflect,

220. In the low lives and the hereafter; and they ask you about the orphans, say: “reformation for them is good, and if you are to mix with them then they are your brothers”, and God knows the spoiler from the reformer, and will God, he (the spoiler) would have corrupted you, God is Exalted Sovereign.

[In the Gospel it is easier for a camel to penetrate a needle’s eye, than for a wealthy man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

For, where you lock up your fortunes, you also lock up your hearts.

Deus Money is a deity that all darkened people worship, whatever their creed.

On top of pointing its owner in the wrong direction, hoarding is a major cause of injustice in the world.

So if you have some savings, you buy shares in a company that manufactures goods, often in poor countries, where people slave to earn a basic living; and by being ruthless to its small competitors and its employees, the company succeeds in raising the value of its shares, and so you have made a profit from the destruction of smaller companies and the pain and tears of needy and helpless people; and this is ethical, legal, kosher and halal, in today’s laws, because the laws and commandments that were handed to the people of the Book have taught them very little.

And this only one example of hoarding, and if one looks around, the world today is being torn apart by a handful of scavengers, every scavenger tries to bite the biggest bite, and the rest who have nothing to bite on to are just being crushed in the stampede.

Hoarding and gambling are not mentioned beside one another in the same verse for no reason: they are two evils of similar natures: where some possession is invested somewhere, in the hope that the circumstances will multiply its value, which, if it happens, it does at the expense of another party’s fortune or labour.

And those who hoard to buy security for themselves are never secure, insecurity is an illness of the heart that money cannot cure, and a puff of wind can blow their hoard away.

Each creed of the people of the Book pride themselves with the commandments and the laws which were handed to them, little do they realise that the commandments and the laws were meant to fill the void of their hearts.

Nature bestows its bounties on people by The Law, without a price tag attached to them, it is man’s greed that sets the financial value of things; and when people need something for their survival that you happen to have, this thing belongs not to you, it belongs to them by the laws of nature, and if you need it for your survival too, share it with them, and if you keep it from them or ask for money in return for it, then you are steeling nature’s bounty, this is sinful and brings bad karma and instils fear and insecurity in your heart, stay away from such evil courses, this is why the verse says give “the cream”.

And our reading of this verse does not lift the prohibition of alcohol drinking (the people of the Book read the word which we translated to “hoarding” as “wine”, both meanings are linguistically correct); in fact, the intake of any substance that intoxicates the body and the mind is illegitimate and haram (opposite of halal) to an honest believer, and that includes the use of tobacco in any form.

The timelessness of God’s message translates to living in the past in the people-of-the-Book’s mind, while oblivious to the presents’ evils and indulging in its sins; had they learned virtue from the Book, they would have identified evil in its past and present shapes, for it is virtue that is in reality timeless, and not the particular laws that point to it in place and time, but little do they understand.]

221. Marry not the affixing females until they have believed, and a believing slave female is better than an affixing one, even if you like her; and have not affixing males marry your women, until they have believed, and a believing slave male is better than an affixing one, even if you like him; those call to hell, and God calls to the Garden and to Forgiveness by His Leave, and He distances his verses to the people, may they remember.

222. They ask you about menstruation, say: “it has harm, so avoid the women in their menstruation until they are cleansed, and when they are, have them from where God commanded you, God loves the repentant and the purified people.”

223. Your women are an examination for your, so take your examination anyhow you wish, and advance to yourselves, and refuge in God and know that you are encountering Him, and give the glad tidings to the believers.

224. And make not of God an exhibit of your faith, that you have fidelity and you refuge, and reform between the people; and God is All Hearing and Knowing.

225. God reproaches you not about verbosity in your faith, but reproaches you about what your hearts have earned, and God is All Forgiving Compassionate.

[Monotheists do recognize that Adam’s and Eve’s becoming aware of their genitals marked the commencement of evil, so why do they glorify man’s sexuality and tell the world that it is God’s blessing on humanity? They will say that God ordained it to be exercised according to His rules, we say that this does not change the fact that sexuality was the consequence of tasting the evil tree; so is it the case that evil will turn into good if done according to set rules? This is an argument that an honest and logical person cannot accept, for it opens the doors wide to grave arguments.

Every time the monotheists find themselves in a logical corner they resort to the same answer that is meant to blind the inquisitor: that god is an arbitrary ruler, question not his rule, and this is faith in their view.

We say: this is monotheism. Faith is rationality, and this is why God’s message to mankind.

On the other hand, the atheists tell you that man’s sexuality is a by-product of chemical chaos and random events.

We say:  those who believe that love and beauty are chemicals in their brains will always believe so, though they will never prove it: for they do not know what it is that they are supposed to prove, in the first place. And they will have laws and values based on such economics, and man’s skin is a bag of rotting viscera: the laws of nature will swap for new ones, whether they believe or not.

This is the examination of one’s self that one should take, but interpreters read verse 223 as an invitation to have sex, as if man needs one; but one reads in the Book whatever is in one’s mind, we said before.

And they read verse 224 as an invitation to swear by God’s Glorious Name left, right and centre, and to change one’s mind thereafter, if need be, when in fact it is a commandment not to mention His Glorious Name in an exhibition of faith; faithful people are recognized by their intelligence and high moral standards (al-ma3roof), and their tongue freezes when they need to mention God’s Glorious Name, until He permits. Darkened people use God’s Name to back up their lies and deceit, and they take verse 224 as a permit to do that; dishonesty and treachery are rife amongst them, low is their understanding.]

226. For those who decline from their wives, a cooling period of four months, and if they revert, God is forgiving Compassionate.

227. And if they are determined on dissolution, God is All Hearing and Knowing.

228. The forgone women cool off for three periods, and it is not legitimate to them to conceal what God has created in their wombs if they are believers in God and the last day, and their husbands have the right to return them about this, if they want reform; and they (the women) have rights similarly to what is due on them by the Highest Standard, and men have one degree (of dues) higher, and God is Exalted Sovereign.

229. Dissolution is two: either holding on by the Highest Standard, or relinquishing in good; and it is not legitimate to you (the people who witness and facilitate the dissolution) to take back what you gave them (the forgone women), anything, except that they (the couple) fear that they will not maintain God’s Limits, so if you (the people) fear that they will not maintain God’s Limits, they (the couple) are not in error in (keeping) what she was ransomed; these are God’s Limits, transgress them not, and he who transgresses God’s Limits, those are the darkened ones.

230. So if he forgoes her, she is not legitimate to him, so she may remarry another man; if he (the first husband) forwent her, they are not in error if they revert if they are in doubt about maintaining God’s Limits, these are God’s Limits; God clarifies them to the people who know.

231. And when you forgo women and they have reached their term (of three periods), hold on to them by the Highest Standard, or relinquish them by the Highest Standard, and hold not on to them harmfully so you may transgress; he who does this has darkened himself, take not God’s verses derisively, and remember God’s Bestowment on you, and what He descended to you of The Book and The Philosophy, to advise you by it, and refuge to God, and Know that God is The Knower of all things.

232. And if you (the people) separate women and they have reached their term, prevent them not forcibly from intercourse with their husbands, if they are on agreement by the Highest Standard, this is advised to those of you who believe in God and the Last Day, this is purer to you and more noble, and God knows and you know not.

[Let it be known, divorce is not legitimate in God’s Religion.

The marriage of a man and a woman is a journey of cooperation and self-examination, and a reminiscence of past eras of human experience; the interaction of the couple, the pregnancy if it happens, the birth of a child, the development of the child, the love in the family, the spirit of the family, the honour and the pride of the family... are all of God’s paragons, and lessons in self-knowledge.

But darkened people of heathen times and present, take marriage as a means of satisfaction of their ego’s needs, so when their egos are not satisfied, and they never are, they resort to divorce, and they start to look for new partners, and the cycle of marriage and divorce may never end.

God’s Book teaches forbearance and sacrifice: virtues which lift man above his animality, not to mention the good karma they bring about.

But atheist prophets of modern times promote divorce as a new stage in human evolution, because the hearts that are void except of thick blood can pump only lust and rage.

In the old and modern times, some indulged in their animality unashamedly, and those who followed them glorify their licentiousness and say that it is holiness, can you believe such blindness.

The dissolution that the previous verses legislate is the decision of married couples to abstain from sexual intercourse, to live a life of celibacy on the way of self-examination. The verses set guidelines for the men and the women who wish to follow such a path, and the communities which support them.

The journey of self-examination is a long and arduous journey that only magnanimous selves dare, and the mere deprivation which is practiced in the some religions leads to confusion and illusion, for it is The Philosophy: the love of wisdom that should be the guide and the ultimate goal.

The people of the Book have taken these verses and especially verse 230 as an invitation to marry and remarry multiples of times, following their heathen traditions after they were given God’s Book.]

233. And the mothers nurse their children two whole years, for those who wish to complete the nursing, and the father has the dues of their support and shelter by the Highest Standard, no self is charged over her capacity and no mother is a harmed about her child, and neither is a man about his child, and similarly to whomever  takes over, so if they wished separation by consent of both and consultation they are not in error, and if you want to have your children nursed (by other women) you are not in error if you insured what you committed by the Highest Standard, and refuge in God, and know that God is Seer of what you do.

234. And those of you who are redeemed leaving spouses, the females wait in suspense for four months and ten days when they may have arrived to their destiny, and you are not in error in what they do with their selves, by the Highest Standard, and God in what you do is All Informed.

235. And you are not in error in what you expose in speech to the women, or what you hold in your hearts, God knew that you would remember them, but make no secret appointments with them, so that you may say known say, and be not determined about tying up the intercourse until the prescription has reached maturity, and know that God knows what is in your selves, so be cautious of it (what is in yourself), and know that God is Forgiving Loving.

236. And you are not in error if you forgo the women, so long as you have not touched them, or else, you set a due for them and satisfy them, the resourceful proportionally and the lacking proportionally, satisfaction of the Highest Standard is due on the good doers.

237. And if you forgo them before you have touched them and you have set a due for them, then half of what you have set, unless they (the people) overlook (this ruling, so that the full dues are given), or they both (the couple) overlook him/her, who has the tie of the intercourse, and if you overlook, it is closer to refuge, and forget not the honour between yourselves, God is The Seer of what you do.

[And remember that the laws are guidelines, and the people o f the Highest Standard: the abiders in God: use those laws to subdue their philanthropy, while darkened people need them to rein their bastardy.

Darkened people do not believe that the people of the Highest Standard exist, and when they encounter them they do not recognize them and do not appreciate their honesty.

The laws delivered in this Surah are seen by the people of the Book as the core of their ideology, they have written volumes about them; and they are seen by the believers as a mere necessity in that place and time, therefore their two layers of allusion were inevitable.

Love between the souls is forced upon people in the ambiance of the family; but even then darkened people fail to experience it, while believers are capable of extending the boundaries of their family to engulf the entire creation, and The Master said: “love thy enemies”.

Love breaks out from the boundaries of physical encasement, so physical interaction is tied up, and true love is experienced, reminiscent of old times.

Dark prophets are unable to look up to such a station, their hearts are trapped in their skin.

Verse 234 and 235 are about the love between the souls who help one another, and during the four moon months preceding Dhu ‘l’Hijjah the Moon is closest.]

238. Maintain the prayers, and prayers are the Mediator, and rise up to God contemplatively.

239. And if you fear (the transcendental experience, as beginners), then as you walk or as you ride (transcendence can occur amidst activity), and if secure (in your arrival or first steps) remember God as He taught you what you would not have known.

[And those who are bewildered by the illusion do not want a Mediator, therefore they read the word mediator in verse 238 as a physical middle.

And those who recognise the Truth have not severed their connections, so they do not mimic the gestures of others or require instructions; in their honesty, if their wings have not yet matured they do not venture in strong currents; but providence comes to them unexpectedly and sometimes in the middle of their daily activity, so they hover as high as they can and demand more.]

240. And those of you who are redeemed, leaving spouses, a commandment to their spouses: enjoyment in the Circle without reverting; and if they revert you are not in error in what they do to their selves of the Highest Standard, and God is exalted Ruler.

241. And to the forgone, satisfaction by the Highest Standard is due on those who refuge.

242. Thus God distances His Verses to you, may you discern.

[And although we have put those verses in their correct reading, they are still very distant to those who do not discern: those who have stultified themselves, life after life.

So by their reading of verse 240, if a man dies, his widow is allowed to stay in his house for one year only, and if she is a childless old woman whose relatives are poor and far, and if he was not a wealthy man and had brothers, she gets very little of the little that he left, but she cannot stay in his house, her house, for longer than a year, she will be homeless, because this is dark justice.

And by their reading of verse 230, if a couple divorce, then change their minds: which should be taken as a positive development: they cannot remarry, until she has married another man and divorced him; and if they happen to have children: what kind of family values are demonstrated to the children? Not to mention the trauma to their vulnerable souls.

They will hasten to say that this is a deterrent, but is it, in a rage of passion and anger? Or has it ever worked?

Such interpretations encourage licentiousness, people with a grain of decency would shun from them.

Although, verse 230, if read in the context of divorce: if the pronouns in it are referred properly as we read them, a level of decency can be restored.

But they will be furious and will jump up and say: do you know better than god? And they actually mean:  are you not ignorant like us?

For they have been instructed so surrender to their preachers, and not to think, so now they take the interpretations of those preachers as their god’s word, thus God’s Word has been distanced to them.

All human virtues are from God, justice is from God, decency is from God, rationality is from God; but the evil one has told them time after time that god’s rule is arbitrary, so he can insinuate his evil, indeed man is intelligent by nature, stupid by choice.

The people of the Book believe that their interpretation of The Book is the highest source of legislation, but had they not been bewildered by darkness, they would have seen that The Book is the path to the mind from the mind, and not a path to their interpretation from their interpretation; for it is man who reads it, and it is man who recognises the miracle of its verses, and were it not man who interprets it, there would not be numerous such interpretations; but lost are those who have been bewildered by potentiality, they took it for certainty, they confused the cause with the effect, and the creator with the creation, and they did not realize their humanity by the virtue of rationality,  they clung to a place and time. ]

243. Have you not seen those who went out of their dwellings gravitating (to their Lord) of caution of death (in their physicality), so God said to them: die, then He enlivened them, verily, God is Gracious to the people, but most people appreciate not.

244. And fight (the illusions of darkness and its ideologies) in the way of God, and know that God is All Hearing and Knowing.

245. Whosoever credits God a credit of Good He multiplies it for him many multiples, God retracts and expands and to Him you will be returned.

[Do they think that God’s Book was sent to fuel tribal wars?

So when two tribes engage in a fight, going by the same verses, what can they do to persuade god to take their side in this heavenly farce?]

246. Have you not seen the people in command of the people of Israel after Moses, when they said to a prophet of theirs: “send to us a king so we fight in God’s Way”, said he: “perhaps if fighting is prescribed to you, you will not fight”, said they: “and why will we not fight in the way of God, and we have been driven out of our dwellings and our children”, so when fighting was prescribed to them they turned away, except a few of them, and God is The knower of the darkened ones.

247. And their prophet said to them: “God has sent you David as King”, said they: “since when has he the kingdom of ours, and we have more right to the kingdom than him, and he has not capacity in money”, said he: “God has selected him over you and increased him in knowledge and body expanse, and God brings His Kingdom to whomever He will, God is Vast and knower of all.”

248. And their prophet said to them: “the paragon of his Kingdom is that he brings you Redemption, in it is equanimity from your Lord, and a remanent of what Moses’ people and Aaron’s people left, carried to you by the angels, in this is a paragon for you, if you were believers.”

249. So when David separated the soldiers said he: “God is trying you by a river, whoever drinks from it belongs not to me, and whoever tastes it not does belong to me, except those who scoop with their hand a handful”, so they drank from it, except a few of them, so when he passed: he and those who believed with him, they [those who drank] said: “we have no capacity for Goliath and his soldiers”, said those who believed that they would encounter God: “how many a small army conquered big armies by God’s leave, and God is with those who forbear”.

250. So when they advanced to Goliath and his soldiers said they: “our Lord, pour down forbearance on us and affirm our feet and make us conquer the darkened people”.

251. So they conquered them by God’s Leave, and David killed Goliath, and God gave him the Kingdom and the Philosophy, and educated him in what He will, and if it was not for God’s pushing of the people by one another the earth would have ruined, but God is Gracious to the two Worlds.

[Those events took place during a decisive time for the Israelites, who had now adopted the laws of Moses, and mixed with the Hebrew people. Some of them completed the holy journey across the deserts to settle in the holy land close to Mount Light, and they were driven out of their homes by those who sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to settle in the same land, and were hence named Philistines.

Tribal wars flared between the two groups, and those verses as well as previous ones hint to those wars.

So there was now a wide division in the Israelites’ existential awareness, it was meant to test each self’s reaction to the division that was based on the monotheistic belief in one presumed god and  the laws that he descended in the three dimensional space, in the wide gulf of duality.

So as the Israelites had now been exposed to such ideology, they were facing a difficult time, they demanded of their prophet (Samuel) to command them to make a sacrifice, for the purpose of overcoming their hardship, which they did not all understand at a philosophical level, this is why the dialogue between them and their prophet was more like a dialogue in two different languages.

So when Samuel gave them the glad tidings of the coming of David, rejection was their immediate response, for David did not fit their criteria of prophethood. And neither did they recognise Samuel, who was the Messiah, himself, glorified be his name. They did not recognize the Messiah, and nor did they recognize David, who was an incarnation their prophet Josef, peace be upon him. For their awareness was more focused on worldly affairs than it was on the truth that was above their understanding of the laws that were descended to them, by those messengers themselves, in their previous comings.

So they were reminded of the Redemption and equanimity of the soul in enlightenment and her return home; and this was spoken of in Moses’ and Aaron’s message, which the believers were able to discern, if they were firm in belief: can the soul break the darkness to witness through it the light? Can they remove the dark hand to see behind it the good white hand? For, it is God only, and only God who created darkness and light, and separated darkness from light.

So David separated those who still had a shimmer of faith, and warned them of yet a new trial that they had to take, by the coming of a dark one, Goliath, who was going to lure them by material affluence, giving them a false sense of control over their destinies.

The warning from David was that they should not let their souls be poisoned by such ideology, and if they needed the material assistance, they could have it in their hands, as long as their hearts remained pure and untainted.

Those who adopted that ideology were now feeling helpless before Goliath in balancing the equations of economics and war; those failed the test, and became deluded by the falsehood of a seeming independence of The Law: lost between the arbitrariness of god’s rule and the inevitable laws of cause-and-effect.

The Ghita teaches the yoga of the delicate balance between activity and inertia, surrender and initiation, fatalism and choiceness: only on the Summum do the fine lines separating opposing concepts fade in irrelevance, thence nothing is perceived but the truth.

So David killed the evil one and the evil one became one-eyed, and he guided the Israelites to the straight path, by the Power of his Master Samuel, God’s Summum.

We see that the name of Taloot which featured in those verses is actually the name David, read incorrectly in the old texts, before the Othmanic writing was introduced.

Samuel guided mankind to his straight path, he bowed to his Lord for days upon days, shining His light to the entire creation; he visited every soul and shined to all, of Love of Him and Compassion, but only a few accepted his light and freed themselves.

And every time there is bewilderment and confusion in people’s minds, it is reflected in a major hardship, calamity and conflict: these highlight people’s convictions and beliefs; they can be overcome when convictions and beliefs are examined honestly and rationally, with the mind focused on Existence only, so the truth can triumph and the people remember the truth, and the hardship, calamity and the conflict hence fade away, in the joy of victory over the wild and aimless currents of human reckoning. And this is a call to all, after the long night sleep, to look again, God’s Creation is a Grand Thing, and transcends He human reckoning, transcends He all.

But those who followed the other King David the concubinary, who promised them salvation in the world by the establishment of the kingdom of Israel, he re-built for them a wooden box surmounted by a beast with two wings, he put in it some scriptures, and said to them that it was the Ark of the Covenant that would grant their wishes, and idolatry came back in the name of monotheism.

Wrath from God fell upon them in the past when they believed this falsehood that he had given them before when he was Aaron, and God’s Wrath fell upon them again when they followed David the concubinary, and bad was their destiny.

And they took Goliath’s six headed star as their symbol, it was used for accounting and hoarding of money that Goliath had taught them.

And Goliath came back amongst the Druze of Lebanon in the twentieth century to delude them, also came David the concubinary and similar trials thus have been taking place; they deluded them by the causes of politics; many have followed them, we call on them to dump them and all those who make of the causes of the low world a cause of their lives. The believers’ lives are worth a lot more than the worlds and everything that jingles in them.

And in this present time, there are those who try to reduce The Sacred Philosophy to information; and intellectual concepts are easy to understand by well-educated people, who have spent years of their lives training their intellect in logical and abstract thinking. Yet, this is The Philosophy: The Love of Wisdom, The Love of The Truth. The intellect can only speak of it, but cannot discern it and cannot experience it, like a photograph in two dimensions depicts the three dimensions. Only those who have flown can help you fly, if you still have wings.

 Thus, The Sacred Philosophy warns them from everyone who “has learned and hence taught, bewildered himself and hence bewildered others”.

 The Sacred Philosophy is the Summing Knowledge (al-3ilm al-khaames), that is the Essence of the Message: The Eternal Reference: Mount Eternal (al-sanad al-azalyy): the Mount which all the believers climbed in their early experiences of Existence. We are reminded to remind, and a Nadheer (a warner) we are told in no uncertain terms.

The Sacred Philosophy is not a science, and certainly not a Fifth Science, nor is it a first science and nor a science of any numeration for that matter; such words signify little.

 The words inspired by Him point to Essence, Essence that is hidden deep in your Mind. Only the believers have recognised that Essence, thus they have shunned from the decorations (al-zakhaaref), this is their high station, in the highest highs (a3laa 3illyyeen). Tell them to waste not their endeavour. ]

252. These are God’s Verses, We announce them to you (the messenger) by The Law; indeed you are of the messengers.

253.  These messengers, We raised some above some, to some of whom God spoke, and He elevated them in levels, and We gave Jesus the son of Mary the dividers and We held his hand by the Holy Spirit, and will God, those after them would not have fought (in God’s Way), after the dividers (dark messages) came to them, but they differed, some believed and some darkened, and will God, they would not have fought, but God doeth what he wanteth.

[And dark prophets were spoken to because they were unable to witness the truth, as in verse 140; for witnessing the truth is the highest station of existential awareness, witnessing is believing; and some were not even spoken to.

So while the Messiah, The Master, was calling on humanity to witness the Holy Spirit, the dark one was calling the people to surrender to his image, and to see the truth in one image cannot be proven, cannot be seen, can they not see?

And the people of Moses and the people of Mohammad take their interpretation of the Book as The Law, and The Law projects all the interpretations, so they affix to God the projections of The Law in place and time, and God encompasses the worlds, transcends He all.

These are the dividers which are sent to humanity, so the grand existential journey is fulfilled, and the joy of witnessing the truth across the tract of becoming is earned by a relentless fight and honest love, the joy below which all worldly joys retire.

And this is how far the words can take one’s mind, and the mind reaches where the words fall short, where lives on only the mind.]

254. O believers, expend what We have provided you, before a day comes when no trading takes place, there are no friendships and no intercessions, and the darkened ones are darkened.

255. God, there is no god But He, The All Live The Ubiquitous, not taken by sleep or unconsciousness, to Him what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, who is to suffix (in duality) in Him except by His Leave? He knoweth what is in their hands and what succeeds them, and they attain none of His Knowledge except what He will, His Chair encompasses the heavens and the earth, and He is burdened not by their maintenance, He is The Lofty The All Mighty.

[This grand verse has been calligraphed, framed and hung on almost every wall in every household in the Islamic world; by its simple words an existential vision is called upon to go beyond atheism, monotheism and pantheism, to bring back the memories of Garden Dominum to those who remember.

Transcends He, Who hath the Manifestations of His Lofty Figures in The Effulgence of their Manifestations, He was the Truth Apparent in Garden Dominum, He dressed in the cosmii, He wore two slippers, He walked His Straight Path, and those who looked proved, transcends He, transcends He, Abode of The Cause and The Spirit. (A quote from The Sacred Philosophy)]

256. Religion is not compellable, direction is distinguished from delusion, he who disbelieves the Tyrannum and believes in God has held on to the assured handhold that severs not, and God is Hearer and Knower of all.

257. God is The Patron of those who believed, He brings them out of darkness into the light, and those who darkened, their patron is the Tyrannum, they take them out of the light into darkness, those are the people of hell, they are in it eternally.

258. Have you (the messenger) not seen the one (one of “Abraham’s guests”) who refuted Abraham about his lord, that it was God who gave him (Abraham) the reign, when Abraham said: “it is my lord who enlivens and deadens”, (The Lord spoke to him) said He: “I enliven and deaden”, (Abraham did not recognize the Voice) said He: “Abraham, that so, God cometh by the Sun from the Sunrise, come you by it from the Sunset”, so was confused he who darkened, and God guides not the darkened people.

259. Or like the one (Abraham, in another life)who passed by a country deserted to its thrones, said he: “think not God will revive this after its death”, so God deadened him one hundred years and remitted him, said He: “how long have you stayed?” he said: “one day or about one day”, said He: “but you have stayed one hundred years, look your food and your drink did not rot, look your donkey, We will make you a paragon to the people, look at the bones, how do We reconstruct them and dress them with flesh?”, so when it was clear to him he said: “ I know that God is Capable of all things”.

260. And when Abraham said: “my Lord, show me how you enliven the dead”, said He: “so have you not believed?” he said: “yea, but to quieten my heart”, said He: “then take four birds, domesticate them to you, then put on each mountain one part of them, then call them, they will come to you eagerly, and know that God is The Exalted Ruler”.

[Monotheists will not like the correct reading of these verses, and there are more to come, and if it was not for God’s Providence we would not be able to re-live those moments, for we were witness then, and we are witness now, and God creates time, place and events by The Law, God is Capable of all things.

And when you realise that whatever you do you do it in The Law, you free yourself from the illusion that you are the doer. So the Ghita taught, and so taught the Qur’an, and Abraham was unable to attain such knowledge, so was verse 258.

What Abraham said was not blasphemous in monotheist ideologies: he achieved things by his own initiation and effort, by God’s help, and if asked he would say: “it is my lord who enlivens and deadens”, but had he been honest he would have recognised The Sayer of those Mighty Words that were said to him. But neither he and nor his followers after thousands of years did, because when existence is confused with non-existence then belief and the lack of it equal. So sunset was doomed and darkness is the time of dark prophets and their calls.

What exists in reality is spirit, and spirit is not an unperceivable supernatural copy of the physical, sprit is existence. So if the dead town is to re-live, would it be the dust or the town that re-lives?

For it is not the dust that makes up the town, and neither is it the flesh and the bones that make up a man or a donkey, and neither is it the chemical compounds that make up the food and the beverage that people consume. And the matter in the living and non-living things is being constantly recycled, anyhow.

But monotheists and materialists alike are caught by the illusion that the physical is the measure of existence, therefore they cannot envisage a resurrection except of matter; such resurrection remains inconceivable to the intellect: which is conceived, shaped and delivered by natural laws: until it is incapacitated by a self-imposed surrender; thus the concept of the miracle being an interruption of the physical laws becomes the basis of monotheist faiths.

And so was Abraham’s statement in verse 259, for dust cannot turn into civilization.

Those major philosophical issues were reduced to fairly tails by interpreters of the Qur’an, monotheists surrendered to them and atheists rejected them.

But the time line has intersections that cross over many lives, and as you go through them you experience a déjà-vu or a sera-vu, or a combination of the two, so you recognise places and people and animals and things, and you experience elation and awe of God’s Grand Creation, if there is existential awareness left in your mind, and you wonder how does time unfold?

And we were witness when Abraham’s birds came back after they died, we were amongst his guests; the birds perched, each on their spots and kept their habits, and although it was a mere display of a natural law manifested by God’s Leave, Abraham could not see it except as a breaking of natural laws, and so do all monotheists today. For, Abraham checked their remains where he buried them, in a pseudo-scientific investigation some were missing, so was his theory of resurrection.

And for millennia after, those who followed Abraham’s creed in Egypt mummified their bodies after death, believing that it was those bodies which would be resurrected at the End-of-Days. And today some monotheist still have this belief, they have woven fairy tales about the residence of the soul in the grave, and the rising of their bones therefrom when the time is due.

Thus the believers have a tradition they have kept secret from the people of the Book, they dig out the bones and the dust of their graves and let their children watch and play with it, so when they see the bones and the dust, they see the fairy tales. They return the dust to the dust and new graves are then dug. The people of the Book would see this practice disrespectful to the dead, fearful of the supernatural of their imagination, they worship dust, and dust is their residence and destiny.

And the Day will come soon when your apex (al-soor) will be blown into, and the doors of your memory will be wide open, and you will ask: so how long have we been here? And those who know will say: a lot longer than you have thought, and the Book has warned you. This is the time when deniers can deny no more, and contrition helps not. ]

261. The model of those who expend their money in the way of God is like the model of a grain, it sprouted seven stems, in each stem are one hundred grains, God multiplies to whomever He will, and God is Vast and Knower of all.

262. Those who expend their money in the way of God, then do not follow up what they expend from Us, no harm gets them, their reward is in their Lord, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

[This is what the Ghita calls Karma Yoga, whereby action is performed without the expectation of a reward, but rather in the way of God.

What the Ghita calls faith in the nature of tamas can be translated today to monotheism; and faith in the nature of rajas is atheism; faith in the nature of satwa of enlightened people is true faith.

The people of the Book read verse 262 in the mode of tamas or rajas, therefore it translates in their minds to a reward system.

The correct reading that we have demonstrated is hard to discern for the people of the Book, even as we put it plainly as we did, because they cannot see how a reward can be a set-back to their souls, and true reward is the freedom from karmic laws.]

263. A say of the Highest Standard, and forgiveness are better than a donation followed by harm, and God is Needless and Loving.

264. O people who believe, annul not your donations by obligation and harm, like those who expend their money in exhibition to the people and believe not in God and The Last Day, their model is like a boulder, on it is earth, a torrent of rain hit it and left it barren, they hold none of what they have earned, and God guides not darkened people.

265. And the model of those who expend their money seeking God’s Bliss and assurance of themselves, is like a garden, it yielded its produce two fold, if it was not a torrent that hit it, it would be a drizzle, and God is Seer of all that they do.

266. Does one of you wish one had a garden of palm trees and grape vines, rivers streaming underneath it, one had in it all the fruit, then one aged and had descendants weak, then a tempest hit it, in it was fire, so it incinerated, thus God shows you the paragons, may you reflect.

267. O people who believe, expend the good that you have earned, and what We produced for you from the earth, aim not for evil to expend from it, and you take it not unless blinded in it, and know that God is Needless and Gracious.

268. Satan promises you neediness and commands you of sin, God promises you forgiveness from Him and a high station, God is Vast and Knower of all.

269. He brings The Philosophy to whomever He will, and he who is given The Philosophy is given a plenty of good, and no one remembers except those who have a heart.

[And because the people of the Book anticipate material things only, they cannot read in verse 168 and 267 except food and money.

When in reality those verses refer to God’s Providence, and no matter which words are used to point to the good, if the good in your heart is material, there is no room in your heart for the good.

And God brings clouds in the sky, the clouds drop rain, the rain produces the good from the earth: God’s Word which descended to His messengers.

And dark prophets promise heaven on earth and earth in the heavens, they have crushed the world in the hands of a needy handful of people, who will fight the whole world, and fight one another to possess every drop of rain, every puff of air, and every grain, and even when they do they have not enough: they will go to the moon and the planets, and the rest of the people slave and labour for them happily, of stupidity and weakness of themselves; this is the Tyrannum that numbs people’s  suffering by the promises of neediness and the commandments of sin: the neediness of the low lives when they become the aim of themselves, and the sin of trading life for death and death for life.]

270. What you expend of expenditure or devote of devotion God Knows it, and the darkened ones have no supporters.

271. If you reveal your donations beneficial they still are, and if you conceal them and offer them to the poor it is best for you, He will cover your errors, and God is The Knower of what you do.

272.  You (the messenger)are not in charge of guiding them, but it is God who guides whomever He will, and what you expend of good  it is for your own selves, and you expend none except in the pursuit of God’s Countenance, and what you expend of good will be redeemed to you and you will not be wronged,

273. To the poor who are restricted in the Way of God, they can affect none in the earth, the ignorant reckons them wealthy of their magnanimity, they recognise them by their radiance, they beg not the people importunately, and what you expend of the good, God is the Knower of it all.

274. Those who expend their money by the day and the night, secretly and openly, they have their reward in their Lord, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

[The parallels of these verses in all the Books are plentiful, and the people of the Book cannot understand why would anyone choose poverty over wealth, as they believe that God’s providence is material in the low world as well the afterlife.

Those who restrict their activity in the earth, of the fear they might cause harm to God’s creation, they are the meek in the earth, those are wealthy in knowledge, and their love of their Lord has taken over their hearts and minds, leaving no room for flesh and blood in them.

So the people of the Book have come up with interpretations of these verses legitimizing inequality and instating it as a fact of life and a natural law, so as to make charity practicable, so that those who commit the sins of greed, hoarding, avarice, monopoly, injustice... can donate from the camel its ears, to appear holy and benevolent.

If they were believers of any Book, poverty should be abolished in their communities, and charity as practised today becomes unnecessary. Charity all around the world today give the poor a fraction of what belongs to them naturally.

The Gospel and the Qur’an teach equality and compassion, they remind the believers constantly of the brevity of life and the impermanence of matter, but the people of the Book have based their ideologies on the legitimacy of greed, they have impoverished the helpless, and they want gratitude from the earth and the heavens for their donations? Their donations are no more than a means to promote their creed and ideologies, and their political and business agendas; and the Qur’an puts in no uncertain terms: annul not your donations by obligation and harm.]

275. Those who consume profit cannot stand up except as the one bashed by Satan stands up, from madness, that because they said that indeed trade is similar to profit, and God sanctioned trade and prohibited profit, so he who received advice from his Lord and refrained, he has what has passed, his case is to God, and he who returned (to earning profit) those are the dwellers of hell, they are in it eternally.

276. God’s wipes out profit and increases donation, God loves not the darkened sinning ones.

277. Those who believed and did good and kept the prayers and performed the purification, they have their reward in their Lord, no fear takes them and they grieve not.

278. O people who believe, refuge to God and abandon all outstanding profit, if you are believers.

279. And if you do not, then await a war from God and His messenger, if you  repent you get your capitals back, not being wrongful not being wronged.

280. And if he (the creditor) is in (financial) difficulty, it is awaiting (financial) ease, and if you donate it is good for you, if you were knowledgeable.

281. And be mindful of a day when you are returned to God, then every self is redeemed by what she has earned, and they are not wronged.

[So there is no room for confusion: all profit is usury, and we have translated the word “riba” to profit, because the root of the word means to grow, and old Arabic dictionaries allow this reading.

Trade, practised righteously and honestly, does not incur neither profit nor loss, and if it has to incur profit, the profit must not be accumulated, it must be donated.

And how often, and despite the planning, and despite abiding by the laws, be they secular or religious, does money get blown away as if it never was there?

And even when it is preserved, can it buy contentment and happiness? For, these are the treasures that never run out.

This is a lesson that has been being taught since the dawn of history, in every book and parable, and in every folk song, and by every elderly man and woman who have learned it by experience; knowledge is available, you just have to want it, and be modest to accept it.

So where have the Christ’s teaching, and Krishna’s and the Buddha’s gone, and where are the verses of the Mighty Qur’an?

They are engravings decorating the walls of the places of rituals, and the palaces of the rich and powerful; they are the sweet says that sweeten the rhetoric of political and religious leaders: poison sweetened is more poisonous than the one which is not, for you will swallow more of it.

How easy it is to recite mighty words when one does not understand them.

The people of the Book and the atheists have economic system of all names and colours, they say they base them on their values of fairness and justice, heavenly and mundane, and on science and accountancy, and now the world’s natural resources  and human labour are in the hands of a needy handful: the more they have the more they want, and the rest spend their lives slaving to make those wealthy few wealthier, while they can barely survive; and when they do survive, they are in constant fear that their luck may be run over by the strike of a pen of the wealthy ones at any time.

Nature’s bounties and human labour are not any one man’s property or any group’s property, and if you happen to be in charge of it, it is so you practice your humanity and distribute it to those who need it, and if you do not, you will instil fear in your heart that will haunt you: this is not God’s avenge, this is a natural law.

Those who have killed the spirit in their hearts will never feel secure, even if they owned the world, they breathe fear and sleep in hatred, and verse 277 is not there to fill up space, take not God’s Word derisively.

Profit is usury, because it is an exploitation of need, so one gets fatter from the meagreness of another. And do they think that they are given a carte blanche to do whatever they want? Do they not know the law of cause-and-effect? The economic crises which have strangled the world today are only a taste of what is yet to come.

The people of the Book have hearts devoid of virtue, they do not believe that honest trade can exist, they follow their dark prophets’ models, who were business men, politicians and men of worldly aims, they follow the law of the jungle written in glamorous words by magicians in all shapes and attires, let it be known,

That God’s message is not to certify the law of the jungle: the beasts go by it needlessly of God’s message: God’s message is to help the people overcome the beast and his laws, the beast’s law is a cycle of death and death, and God’s Law is life eternal.]

282. O people who believe, if you commit yourselves to a commitment for an allotted term write it, and have a writer write between you in justice, and a writer refuses not to write as God educated him, so that he write, and that he who has committed dictates, and that he refuge to God, and that he diminish none from it (the commitment), and if the one who has committed is a fool or weak, or cannot dictate, then his guardian dictates in justice, and have two witnesses of your men, and if not two men then a man and two women whom you accept as witnesses, that one of them might bewilder, the other reminds her, and the witnesses refuse not if called upon, and tire not to write, (for the) young or old, to its term, this is more just in God, and upholding of the witness (of God), and more likely that you are not confused, except if it is a trade of the present that you manage between yourselves, so you are not in error if you do not write it, and have witnesses if you trade between one another, and no writer is to be harmed and neither a witness, and if you do, it is of aberration in you, and refuge to God , God educates you, God is the Knower of all.

283. And if you are on travel and can find no writer, then (his soul is) a captured pledge, so if you trust one another, he who was entrusted is to fulfil his trust, and he refuge to God and conceal not a witness, he who conceals it: his heart is sinful, and God is The Knower of what you do.

[At their existential level, these verses are about the induction into God’s Religion, when The Call to God’s Religion was still open to all the people, and the last phrases of verse 282 starting with “except if it is a trade...” confirm our reading.

People used to take an oath, old copies of which are in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the oath and the covenant which are mentioned in the Qur’an are not metaphorical as the interpreters would like us to believe. They are the oath and the covenant that the Israelites took before, but those too broke their oath and covenant and worshipped a wooden box surmounted by a winged beast, inside it were tablets, they were told that it granted their wishes, and idolatry was revived in the name of monotheism. Thus the oath and covenant were withdrawn from the Qur’an.

The people of the Book have forbidden the witness of God, and God manifests to those who know Him and love only Him, but people have distanced themselves, what they see now in their skies is only darkness, and soon when He will approach, two cubits or even closer, as said the Qur’an, those who denied the witness of God will be contrite, when contrition helps not.

They covered God’s Word by their falsehood, they say it does not mean what it says, those who have edged God’s Word about its locations in people’s minds will be the biggest losers, but they know none, and God did come with his armies of Angels in arrayed arrays, but they saw none.

Far from being a ritual of initiation, the taking of the oath is the most serious commitment that a person takes upon him/herself, declaring and confirming his/her faith, in The One God, The Highest The Loftiest, upon his/ her witness, and taking a witness over his/her soul in all her future comings, until the term of the cycle of life and death is over for him/her, whether it is by redemption or death.

 The soul thus covenants her Lord to follow His messengers’ teaching, to be sincere to them in all circumstances, to dedicate her lives to their service and to the pursuit of knowledge, to offer all her powers, bodies and possessions to this pursuit, to shun from the ideologies of darkness, old and new, and from all that God prohibits, asking her Lord to help her in her struggle, so she remains a believer in all her lives to come.

 The etymon of “daana” in Arabic has a number of derivatives, including “debt” and “religion”, this is how the two layers of reading; and the witness mentioned in verse 283 emphasises our reading. So we have used the word “commitment”, so both readings can be represented.

And if a person wants to take an oath, and he has not witnessed, then another person must sit, so they remind one another, if in the future they bewilder. Those who have not witnessed are referred to as “women”: the soul captured in the ego of her body: the symbolism of male and female, being that of power or the lack of it, in the understanding of the culture of that time and place.

The people of the Book took this statement as a declaration of intellectual inequality between men and women, to keep their heathen traditions alive and well. But logical analysis could have proven to them the falsehood of their reading, if they were honest: firstly, how can two half-capable persons replace one capable one, we ask? Being a witness is quality, not a measurable quantity; thus two half witnesses cannot be combined to make up a whole one. Two half-glasses of water can be combined to make one full one, but two half-seeds cannot be combined to make a whole seed.

As the verse goes: if one of them bewilders... which they interpret as: if one of them forgets... : so if one has forgotten, there is inconsistency between their witnesses, how do we know which is the one that has and which Is the one that has not? The presence of a male witness beside the two females does not answer this question; for his witness is supported by one of two witnesses which is probably false or an incomplete;

Secondly, if one of them bewilders, the verse goes, the other reminds her: so if one has forgotten, as they interpret, of what use is it to remind her? Is not the presence of two a kind of back-up, so at least one can give witness? And if the one that has forgotten has been “reminded”, how reliable is her witness then, in case there is a dispute?

Those who work in the legal profession in countries which do not prosecute such a law, can see the uselessness of it, and they know too well that women’s memory is not half capable as men’s, but some of them believe this law nevertheless, believing it is from god; but it is from their interpreters and preachers and their heathen traditions.

But the last millennia were the millennia of darkness, during which the people of the Book were able to tell the world that their understanding of the Book was god’s law.

The trials that the Israelites underwent, as recounted in the Qur’an, are not unlike the trials that they are undergoing today.

As far as philosophy is concerned, people find themselves torn between two opposing opinions: one says that it is God who makes the sun rise and set; and the other says that it is a physical phenomenon, and its laws can be explained.

While both opinions are correct, none of them is the truth: the former ignores the physical laws, and the latter looks no further than the physical phenomenon, giving incidentalness a station of certainty; both are intellectual concepts outcome of perception in duality.

The believers agree with both arguments, and they see the truth in The Law, The Law which created both arguments as well as the physical phenomena, so the Qur’an tells them they are a “nation mediate” to witness the people.

Intellectual arguments are expressed in man’s mind in a linear fashion in place and time, all of whose specifics are potentialities in the mind, and the mind alone can view the whole, for the whole is only in the mind.

So as you go high on the echelons of existence, you would have to shed off the loads of specifics, to arrive at some abstract that is solid rock, then all the abstracts will emplode in One Infinite Point that is Mere Existence, and if it is not this high it is circular.

Only the mind can reach such heights, some have demonstrated it, they gesture with symbols, their minds are in a euphoria that surpasses human reckoning, but the symbolism was taken symbolically, and analysed intellectually, only to be pinned down to a low level of specifics and the linear intellectual tracks, to lead to confusion for those who cannot look back to where everything returns.

On such heights relativity vanishes, for relativity is a bi-product of duality. The world can be viewed in duality, so long as the whole is in mind, so God’s Creation can be enjoyed truthfully, and admired.

But when duality is taken for truth, the one is two, and this is dualism, form which monotheism and atheism and the mid-ways between the two spring; but neither of the two is one, the truth is one.]

284. To God what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and whether you disclose what is in your selves or hide it, you are accountable to God about  it, so He forgives whomever He will and punishes whomever He will, and God is Capable of all things.

[Deeds are carried out by their laws, and their outcome too submits to its own laws, and God’s Law encompasses the heavens and the earth, if the waters were ink they would run out before God’s Word is written, how pathetic that God’s Law is seen as a list of do’s-and-do-not’s in some people’s minds; if the gods were idols their lists of do’s-and-do-not’s suffice as laws.

How did they become blind to the Expanse of God’s Creation and the life in it? Did God create the world so He tosses a coin in it? Transcends He human thinking.

The whales sing to the Glory of The Lord, so do the birds, the stars and the galaxies, the wind and the thunder when it echoes in the clouds, all are in awe of His Beauty and Majesty.

But man who has been given the thinking mind, the vision and the hearing, chooses to be a circus animal, performing actions that he knows not why he has to perform them, at the threat of a whip, to take a reward of food.

God accepts not people’s errors, and neither does He need their piety; what is in people’s hearts attracts them to where they belong: this is accountability; to God is all that is in the heavens and the earth, it is man who needs Gods, and He needs none.

Far from God he is a captive of his own footprints, and close to Him he is free in God’s Existence.

God’s Existence has to be earned: in the high voltage the thin wires fuse; in bright light the eyes that have seen only candle light dazzle and blind; the world Is symbolism of God’s Symbolism, and God created man only that he may have the joy of abiding in Him, to Him all return.]

285. The messenger has believed in what was descended to him from his Lord, and so did the believers, each has believed in God and the angels and His Books and His messengers, We differentiate not between any of His messengers, and they said: “we have heard and obeyed, Lord, Thy Forgiveness we request, Thou art our Destiny.”

286. God charges no self except her capacity, she has what she earns, and she owes what she commits, “our Lord, forgive us if we forget or err, our Lord carry no guilt on us, like You carried on those before us, our Lord Burden us not with things for which we have no power, pardon us and forgive us, Thou art our Master, support us against the darkened people.”


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word. 




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