Surah 30
The Rumm

1. Alef Lam Meem (A L M)

2. The Rumm are overrun,

3. In the lowest land, and after their being overrun, they will overrun,

4. In a few years, to God is the Aim, before and after, and hence the believers rejoice,

5. By God’s Support, He supports whomever He will, He is Exalted Compassionate,

6. God’s Promise, God breaks not a promise, but most people know not.

7. They know a manifestation of the low lives, and they are about the hereafter, they are dormant.

[This is the history of humanity that we are reading, before and after, or it is not God’s Book that they are reading, but their own.

The word which we read as “rumm” does not have the vowel owo, but only the consonants ra’ and meem,

The owo was introduced between ra’ and meem instead of a ddammah, or the word would not make sense to them in its context.

The rumm with a ddammah refers in Arabic to the rubbish of the earth, and linguists will debate whether the ddammah should be fat-hah or kasrah to mean “rubbish of the earth”,

So we refer to the Muss-haf of The Solitary That: the word rumm refers to the Gone people (al-jin),

These verses tell briefly the early history of humanity, and what is becoming at present and what is yet to become, and to God is the Aim of the creation, God is Doer of what He will.

So let us tell you some of this history once again, of which very little is known,

The people who are called in the Qur’an “the people of the Gap, or the deep valley”, (as-haab al-ukhdood) were the humanity which, as we recounted before, went to the edges of the planets, and turned up-side-down in the reflection in the secondary Helium,

By their passion of the low world, the low world became more and more conspicuous, of their making,

Beautiful in its own right and curious, the hovering humans went down to experience it,

This was the major cause of the world then: the understanding of the direction of up and down, for it symbolised existential truths, and the direction of gravity which they wanted to adopt,

Those who preferred the inferno stayed in it. In it they developed their world, expounded their sources of sustenance and pleasure, and discovered their ability to produce by sexual union … to eventually declare what they perceived as independence of The Law,

It is there that all the ideologies of illusion that you know today were born: of paganism, materialism, and false spirituality,

Until the gravity of the inferno became too strong, and the cosmos was drowned, died and reincarnated in the low world, up-side-down, and the planets were rounded, and the two oceans were thus parted by a tract so they could not overstep, and darkened souls were sentenced to reside in the inferno, hence their defeat.

This was taken by the darkened peoples as victory; for, humanity dark and radiant had to reside in the inferno for an allotted term, for the servants of darkness to call their calls and rule the low world by their laws,

The king’s dream that prophet Josef interpreted alludes to those six orbs of human existence when darkness rules,

During which dark servants are given an upper hand, hence their plots have worked so far, and falsehood and fallacies took the station of reality in people’s minds, and still do,

And even language nowadays, it points to their concepts, away from its locations in the cosmic mind,

And humanity still struggles to understand the concepts of Up and Down,

Since empirical science stepped in to prove that there is no physical up or down, except as a relative perception of the perceiver,

Religious terms were hence rejected,

And humanity hence measures by matter, and its morality is that of dust:

Bound to drown: dust to dust, ashes to ashes, bones to bones,

Those who were born in the inferno cannot exit from it. They have chosen a destiny suiting their nature: clay returns to its construct of clay,

As for those who were salvaged by Noah’s floating planets and ships, they docked at the Joodyy, where The Lord manifested to the Mount the first time since the first orb of human existence, transcends He, so the believers witnessed,

And at the beginning of the present orb, and after the angels were told that a descendant would be made in the earth, The Lord, transcends He, manifested again to the Mount: Mount Light (ttoor seeneen); only the believers were able to witness,

The witness of The Lord is an existential, cognizant, spiritual rank,

It cannot be taught by any means or any process or any belief or any labour of any kind,

This is what the believers know but cannot express,

It is their reward which they will not swap for the entire cosmos, and what is yet to come,

They come to play, enjoy, examine, and learn about the Might of their Lord’s whatever they can learn … to experience the zest of Existence (al zama3 al-wojoodyy),

They come to serve their Lord,

Those who know their Lord do not want anything,

A Look of His Eye, and transcends He all.

Those are the believers across the ages, who accepted all the Calls to God’s Religion, last of which was the Call of al-Darazy and al-Hakim bi Amr Allah.

And The Lord manifested again to the entire of humanity, many witnessed and martyred and were taken to home,

He, transcends He, appeared in a human image, to people, in their gatherings, at their homes,

They told us and we told them, and they covenanted Him,

With a red fez without the tassel, a charcoal coloured jacket, a cream white woollen shirt, a charcoal coloured sharwal, and a pair of black slippers,

Those who thought they saw a human saw a human, and The Lord transcends all,

He is The One The Unity, The Numberless Oneness, The Manifestus Ubiquitous, neither does He conceive, and nor is He conceived, and no description describes Him.

And in Garden Dominium, He, transcends He, manifested to His messengers amongst them, He brought them food, transcends He, He showed them what they were going to expand in His Kingdom in the earth, of His Teaching, knows He what is between their hands and what succeeds them,

He dressed in the cosmii, He wore two slippers, He walked His Straight Path across and they witnessed Him, He taught man what man could not have learned.

And those who had darkened in the Gap remained darkened.]

8. Have they not reflected to themselves? God created not the heavens and the earth and what is between them except by The Law, and to an allotted term; and verily a lot of people, of the Encounter of their Lord, are disbelievers.

9. Have they not walked the earth to look what was the consequence to those before them? They had more power, they turned the earth, they urbanised it more than they urbanised it, and came to them their messengers with the evidence, so God was not to wrong them, but they themselves wronged.

10. And the consequence to those who sinned the sin, they falsified God’s Paragons, and they are of them derisory.

[Those who projected their consciousness downward to their dark spots, they thus initiated what humanity nowadays calls sex,

And this has to result in conception and procreation, by the law of existence at first,

Those adopt a false sense of independence of The Law and the Paragons, they thus are derisive of God’s Summa and prophets, believing they know better.

And we say it again, that humanity is now being tempted to separate sex from procreation, so that sex becomes an activity and procreation a choice,

By charlatans and wizards and witches who did similarly before,

They disguise in religion, science, politics, law, ethics, all to appear wise, caring and loving of humanity and desirous to help,

Some prescribe self-deprivation, only to emphasize lust,

Some prescribe promiscuity, to create lust where lust is not,

What they offer to humanity is their grudge and fear of God’s Creation, and their desire to destroy it,

Breaking a law, will not exonerate them from its consequences in one life time or subsequent ones,

And the water of life is not matter, but it is the helium that is the primary matter,

And the dark matter is yet to become the matter, when its gravity is strong sufficiently, it will devour this universe, regardless of human theories and prayers, the universe dies and reincarnates, the Buddha warned and we are only reminding.]

11. God begins the creation and iterates it, then to Him you will be returned.

12. And the Day that the Hour rises, the criminals despair.

13. They have not intercessors of their affixes, and they are in their affixes disbelievers.

14. And the Day that the Hour rises, the criminals disperse.

15. As for those who believed and did good, they are in a Garden dignified.

16. As for those who darkened and falsified Our Paragons, and disbelieved the encounter of the hereafter, those are presented to the suffering.

17. Transcendent is God when Evening sets and when Morning rises.

18.The Homage is to Him in the heavens and the earth, and in concealment and when you are manifested.

19. Brings He the living from the dead, brings He the dead from the living, enlivens He the earth after the death of it, and hence you are brought out.

20. Of His Paragons, that He created you from Substance, then you are humans spreading.

21. Of His Paragons, that He created for you pairs from your selves, so you retire in them [your selves], He made between you yearning and compassion, indeed in this are paragons to those who reflect [who, one day will look in their mirrors to themselves to cognise him, after the long journey, and he will deliver them to their Lord.]

22. Of His Paragons is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your tongues and colours, indeed in this are paragons to the knowledgeable ones.

23. Of His Paragons is your dormancy at night and at day, and your begging of His Loftiness, indeed in this are paragons to those who hearken.

24. Of His Paragons, He shows you the lightening, of awe and longing, and He drops from the sky water, He enlivens the earth after the death of it, in this are paragons for those who discern.

25. Of His Paragons that the heavens and the earth arise by His Aim, then when He calls you The Call from the earth, then you come out.

[So listen you who have ears which hear.]

26. Has He all that is in the heavens and the earth, all are contemplative in Him.

27. ‘T is He, who begins the creation and iterates it, it [the creation] is inferior (facile) to Him, to Him the Loftiest Model, in the heavens and the earth, He is Exalted Sovereign.

28. He drew for you a model from your own selves: have you, in what your alphas (right hands) possess, partners in what We provided you, so you are equal in it, fearing them as you fear your own selves? Thus We set the verses for those who discern.

[So we leave it to the astute reader to read that people fear their own selves, and those who know take refuge in the Compassion of their Lord.]

29. Contrarily, those who darkened have followed their own passions without knowledge, so who is to guide those whom God has bewildered? And they have no supporters.

30. So raise your face to religion evasively: God’s Illustration, by which He illustrated mankind, no alteration [can be] to God’s Creation: this is The Religion Ubiquitous [which has no variations in place and time], but most people know not.

[And if you have not felt the shudders of the earth upon reading those Declarations, then you will, one day, despite yourself.]

31. Retiring in Him, taking refuge in Him, keep up the prayers, be not amongst the affixers,

32. Of those who have split up their religion and became factions, each party rejoicing in what they have.

33. And if calamity touches the people, they invoke their Lord retiring in Him, and then when He makes them experience Compassion from Him, a group of them affix to their Lord,

34. To darken in what We forwarded to them; rejoice, for you will know.

35. Or have We [have We not] descended to them Authority, so he speaks of That to which they affixed?

 36. And when We make people experience compassion they delight in it, and when ill strikes them: of what their hands have forwarded, they despair.

37. Have they not seen that God puts forth the Providence to whomever He will? And He measures, indeed in this are paragons to those who are faithful.

38. So give the close one his dues, and the poor [of abandoning worldly pursuits], and the one on the Way; this is good for those who seek God’s Countenance, those are the achievers.

39. And what you put of investment to appreciate in people’s money, it appreciates not in God, and what you put of purification, seeking God’s Countenance, this is multiplied.

[And those who believe that money multiplied and donations given, by their definitions is righteous, by their definitions is sinful, and only purification from money can bring them closer to the Kingdom of God,

Those affix money on their hearts, money is their god, money is their abode.]

40. ‘T is God who created you then provided you, then He deadens you, then He enlivens you, does any of your affixes do any of this at all? Transcends He, High above what they affix.

41. Degradation has appeared in the land and in the Ocean, of what people’s hands have earned, so He makes them experience some of what they have committed, may they return.

42. Say: “walk in the earth and look what was the consequence for those before, most of them were affixers.”

43. So rise up your face to the Religion Ubiquitous, before a day of no turning back comes from God, thence they shudder.

44. He who darkens, his darkness is on him, and he who did good, it is for their own selves that they paved the Way.

45. To reward those who believed and did good, of His Loftiness, He loves not the darkened ones.

46. Of His Paragons that He sends the Spirits of glad tidings, to make you experience His Compassion, and for the planets to orbit by His Aim, and for you to beg for His Loftiness, and may you be thankful.

47. And We sent before you [the messenger] messengers to their people, they came to them with the evidence, and Our retribution came to those who wronged and it was due on Us to support the faithful ones.

48. ‘T is God Who sends the wind, it stirs up clouds, He expands them in the sky however He will, He breaks them up, and you see the rain coming through it, He delivers it to whomever He will of His abiders, and so they rejoice.

49. Even if, before His forthcoming descended to them, they despaired.

50. So look at the effect of God’s Compassion, how He enlivens the earth after its death, verily this is Him Who enlivens the dead, Capable of all things is He.

51. And even if We sent the Spirit, and they saw Him circular (yellow), they would remain after Him darkened.

52. For you [the messenger] cannot make the dead hear, nor can you make the deaf hear the Call, when they turn back away.

53. Neither are you guider of the blind in their bewilderment, for you can only make those who believe in Our Paragons hear, they are Muslims (Surrenderers).

54. ‘T is God Who created you from a Double, then He made Power from  Malleability, then He made Malleability from Power, and a Tarnish, creates He what He will, He is All Knowing All Capable.

[The Image in the Mirror, and the Quadrants of the Circle are all of Points and Circles, also point darkness that is in every liberated living thing.]

55.  And the Day the Hour rises, the criminals swear they have stayed but one hour, thus they used to lie.

56. And said those who are given the knowledge and the faith: “you have stayed until resurrection Day, and this is resurrection Day, but you did not know.”

57. Excuse then benefits not those who darkened, nor will they be summoned [to apologise].

58. And We have drawn in this Lectrum (Qur’an) of every model for the people, and if you [the messenger] bring to them a verse, verily, those who have darkened will say: “you are only falsifying [our belief].”

59. Thus God imprints on the hearts of those who know not,

60. So be forbearing, God’s Promise is Truth, let not those, who are not of certitude, agitate you.


Truthful is God’s Mighty Word.


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